Bat-Caddy x4r Electric Golf Cart Review 2021

This article is filled with information about the amazing Bat-Caddy x4r Golf Cart. It is a great upgrade for those who are ready to go till 18 holes and are looking for a conveniently portable golf cart. If you are sick and tired of the traditional golf pushcart and don’t want to burden yourself from all the amazing golf clubs you have, then worry no more. You have come to the right place. 

Bat-Caddy has myriad Golf Carts, all with top-class features and capabilities. The x4r Electric Golf Cart is yet another superb product launched by the company. It is an upgrade from the previous x3r Golf Cart as the company has definitely brought in its A-game for this one. No wonder it is one of the highest selling golf carts in the entire North America. The x4r differentiates itself from the x3r by the innovative, European inspired frame design with adjustable handle height, its slightly more compact size, as well as its remarkable agility. Both caddies share the same, proven key components, such as motors, batteries, electronics, and remote control systems.

The Bat-Caddy x4r Electric Golf Cart is a worthy investment for serious golfers and will surely make your life easier, if you are thinking of getting it. Let’s start with its performance and features.

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Bat-Caddy X4R Electric Golf Cart Powered Caddie Bat Caddy GolfCart

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Features included in the Bat-Caddy x4r Electric Golf Cart

The Bat-Caddy x4r Electric Golf Cart is a high-quality golf cart. To call this golf cart your very own PA is probably the right thing to do. It has a sleek and compact design structure, almost making it look like a stroller. But then again, we get that your golf clubs are your babies! The Bat-Caddy x4r Electric Golf Cart can be very conveniently kept in the sleeping position for extra storing capacity and also like a trolley for pushing your golf items around. 

It is available in Silver, Black or White with a front wheel colour to match. You can even mix or match the frame colour and rear wheel colour. You also get a one year warrantee on the caddy, parts and labour, and electronics. The product also comes with one year warrantee on the SLA battery and two year prorated warrantee on the Lithium battery.

The engine is run by two powerful independently controlled quiet 200W motors, which are inconspicuously hidden and protected in a small aluminium tube. You will be able to be in total control of the golf cart for about 90-120 yards, using the FCC authorized remote control system. Manual operation is also possible in this golf cart, using the rheostat and cruise control. It works even without a battery. The battery provided in this one is a powerful, compact, and environment-friendly Lithium battery. 

A lot of serious golf lovers have invested in this beauty and that too, without hesitation. It is a step up from the regular, standard golf carts with great functionality and ease of use. Here is a summary of all the great features of the Bat-Caddy x4r Electric Golf Cart:

  • adjustable handle height
  • sturdiness
  • compact size
  • the foldable frame provides easy portability
  • remote and manual speed control
  • easy two-click fold design
  • one-year warranty
  • larger diameter rear drive wheels
  • remote and manual speed control
  • a dual-motor concealed in a small aluminum tube
  • high-grade aluminum and stainless steel components
  • 30+ degrees climbing ability
  • electronic brake system and off-power freewheeling mode feature
  • lightweight
  • quick-release wheels for cleaning/storage purposes

Let’s dig a little deeper into these features.



The storage capacity of the Bat-Caddy x4r Electric Golf Cart is great. When with friends, or when preparing for an 18-hole game, this is the perfect Golf Caddy or pushcart, however, you want to use it. Not just golf clubs, you can ask this little one to carry even your bags and medium-sized items if you want to make your day out with friends into a picnic.

It can be kept in both sleeping and trolley position as per preference and convenience. It is also equipped with good-looking bungee cord extensions for safer storage purposes. The frame is aluminum which has increased its carrying capacity. 



The Bat-Caddy x4r Electric Golf Cart is capable of running smoothly even on steep terrains, up to 30˚. This is more than adequate considering most golf courses are not even on a 30˚ angle. Moving the cart (remotely or manually) on flat terrain is extremely easy, as expected. This is one of the most loved features of the Bat-Caddy x4r Electric Golf Cart, attested by professionals.  The caddy has a new adjustable handle design, which offers seamless adjustment from 33-45″ in height for various body types of preferences. 


The aluminum alloy used in the making of this Electric Golf Cart gives it a convenient weight. We mentioned above that the cart is able to climb terrains at 30˚, which is quite a unique feature but is still found in some of the most expensive golf carts. What contributes to the uniqueness of this feature is it’s ultra-lightweight.

Letting it climb by itself (controlled by us via remote control) is thereby safe with this one. The lightness also makes it easy to fold and store at a higher place. When folded, it measures just 33” x 21” x 10”, which can be quite conveniently stored in smaller car bunks. 


The aluminum alloy also contributes to the durability of the Bat-Caddy x4r Electric Golf Cart. The wheels of the cart are covered with rubberized threads. This adds to their firm grip and resistance. This is also what makes it safe to control remotely when on steep land. 

Dual Motors

If you are using the Bat-Caddy x4r Electric Golf Cart on its battery, it will easily last 18 holes. It is reliable for the task considering it is powered by two powerful motors. It is equipped with a torque mechanism to avoid motor failures or sudden jumps. Even if the battery shuts down, you can manually operate the cart, which has essentially no chance of happening. 

Remote Control

Just pushing a few buttons is all you have to do when operating the machine on battery. This way, you can enjoy a highly competitive game with your fellow golf-lovers without having to worry about how you are going to carry a heavy load of clubs and bags back! Very conveniently, remote forward, backward, left & right, and stop. You set the pace up to 100-120 yards range (10-20 yards operating range is recommended). You get to seamlessly adjust the speed on both the handle and the remote control. Also timed advance forward feature (10, 20, 30 yards/meter) via remote control.


The Bat-Caddy x4r Electric Golf Cart can be used as a caddy, as a trolley, and as a golf pushcart. This is probably one of the greatest upgrades brought in by the company. 


Wheels in this caddy are anti-tip, which means there is a removable rear stabiliser wheel to prevent tipping over on hills is included. The rear wheels are of a larger diameter and are equipped with a strong concave rubber tread. This lowers the chances of vibrations. They can be removed quickly and easily for cleaning or storing purposes.

When turning the cart, there is no irritating beep noise either. It also comes with a removable rear anti-tip wheel which eliminates backward tipping when moving up a hill. In order to optimise tracking, the x4r comes with a front-wheel tracking mechanism. The Bat-Caddy won’t jump or getaway. This is an important feature since many cheap caddies don’t allow you to operate them in a continuous smooth mode via a seamless rheostat control.


There is no special maintenance required for this unit. It does require battery change every now and then, which depends on the usage. Timely cleaning and proper storage of the golf cart will aid in the longevity of the product. It can be very easily collapsed into one piece in seconds to fit into any vehicle truck. The folded caddy is only a 33″ x 21″ x 10″ package and will fit into the truck of even the smallest sports car!


Bat-Caddy X4R Electric Golf Cart Powered Caddie Bat Caddy GolfCart

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Bat-Caddy x4r Electric Golf Cart Buyer’s Guide

Golf Carts just bring so much ease and convenience in our lives. We get to enjoy a great sport without having to worry about the tools needed to enjoy the game. On top of that, if the golf cart is electric like the one we have briefed above (Bat-Caddy x4r Electric Golf Cart), golf will be so much more fun. Here is a list of some things you should know about golf carts.


  • There are two basic types of golf carts you can choose from- gas and electric. Both have their pros and cons. But on a broader note, electric golf carts are coming-of-age and make lives a lot easier when compared with gas golf carts. They are quieter, low-maintenance, and environment-friendly. You don’t have to think about fueling up your golf cart if you have an electric one. Gas golf carts also have their benefits. They are more powerful and can be used longer at one time. 


  • Getting a used golf cart (gas or electric) is common practice. The one rule that is followed in that business is that used gas golf carts have more resale value. Because they are so easy to maintain, golf carts lose their value with age. The other thing that is considered for value is its condition. 


  • Golf being a posh sport, welcomes customizable tools. Golf carts and caddies are also very often personalized as per convenience. You can replace tires with bigger ones, you can add a rooftop to it if is a cart, you can get the logo of your club on it, the list is endless. But, keep in mind, this is a costly business. Golf carts are much smaller than your regular vehicles but they give you a much heftier customizing bill.


  • Size is an important factor to keep in mind when buying a golf caddy or golf cart. The price value increases with size. There is always a scope of upgrading your golf cart so don’t try to invest everything you have in one go. Determine your usage and your commitment to golf and buy accordingly. Check the storage capacity of your purchase and see how often you are going to be using that much storage. 


  • The golf car is not the same as a golf caddy. If you are going to a very big golf course and you know you will require transportation for yourself, that is when you use a golf car. A golf caddy is used when you want a helping hand to carry all your golf clubs and other stuff. The Bat-Caddy x4r Electric Golf Cart is great for 18 holes but a lot of times, people prefer golf cars when playing 18 holes. Golf carts are for smaller plays when walking is not that big a task.


  • Golf Carts are expensive. Even non-customized golf carts sell at $2,000. Getting a used golf cart will be cheap, but only comparatively. This is primarily because golf carts require a good range of functionality. They should be able to run on grass, campuses, on roads, and sometimes even on hilly terrains. The wheels require good shock-absorbent and anti-slip grip. Another plausible reason for the high price is that the customers are usually rich. This creates room for the manufacturers to sell their products at higher prices. Although, this does not conclude that golf carts are unworthy of the investment. 


  • If you are into golf, chances are, you know at least a few people who enjoy golf as much as you do. It is a great networking sport. This also means that looking for good and reputable golf equipment is not too hard. Many companies are tried and tested by your friends/family. Nonetheless, checking for a warranty is a must. If you do end up deciding to buy a used golf cart, make sure it has had fewer accidents in the past and always ask for the reason behind those accidents to ensure that the wheels are in good shape. 



Should I buy a gas golf cart or electric golf cart?
This depends on your usage. Gas golf carts have longer range vis-à-vis how long they can operate for as opposed to electric golf carts which run on battery. On the other hand, electric golf carts are quieter and smoother. They have their own advantages and disadvantages. Check out a detailed explanation for this above.
How often should I charge my electric golf cart?
In general, electric golf carts need to be charged after 4 hours of utility. This does sound intimidating but electric golf carts are a little high maintenance. The Bat-Caddy x4r Electric Golf Cart on the other hand is not that hard to maintain. Its battery can last through a whole 18-hole game without breaking down in between.

How often should I be changing the battery on my Electric Golf cart?
Lithium Batteries often last around 1-3 years. The one on the Bat-Caddy Electric Golf cart does last that long. This is with heavy usage but with proper maintenance. 




If you are serious about golfing, golf caddy or golf cart is a must. If you own a golf course and use it commercially, you are in need of getting the Bat-Caddy x4r Electric Golf Cart. In fact, we are sure that you will crave more of this product once you start using it. Its dual-battery power, compact size, easy two-click foldable design and two types of control (remote and manual) are just a few of the myriad amazing functionality this machine offers. It is a great investment for both beginners and professionals. This is a hot favorite of many golfers. The range of this unit is sure to blow your mind away. Happy golfing!

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