Bear Butt Hammock Review, Pros & Cons

If you are looking forward to a perfect getaway be it for a camping trip or a backpacking adventure: you would require a good tent and with that, a portable hammock as well. In order to make a proper investment in any product, detailed planning, and research go into it; many factors come into play when choosing the one that would suit a person and his needs the most.

Spending hours to find such a product can be exhausting and time-consuming. Following this, people tend to lose patience and end up buying something that they regret later and it is a waste of money as well. Hammocks might not be a favorite for everyone but they can prove to be a good companion when you are off on adventures. These are comfortable to sleep and relax in and provide a great experience when you are out in the wild.

They are super easy to set up and you do not need to spend a lot of time in making sure it has been assembled well. They are cheaper than tents and can be put up almost anywhere without much hassle. The Bear Butt camping hammocks are the perfect companion for you because it is going to prove to be an indispensable gear that you will not regret purchasing. 

review of bear butt hammock

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This particular hammock by Bear Butt is a double portable hammock that has dimensions 10 feet in length and 6 feet in width. Tall people can easily fit in this comfortably. The Bear Butt hammocks are made from a specially formulated 210 T 75 D Nylon Taffeta which is unique.

The nylon is enhanced to make sure that the fabric is breathable and comfortable. It is one of the strongest fabrics used in making tents and hammocks; it is durable and a better choice than any other net or mesh. 

The 210 thread count ensures you get a bedsheet like softness with this Bear Butt hammock. The Bear Butt hammocks panels have been reinforced with triple stitching so that it provides you with extra strength and that it is durable as well. Usually, the weak points are the end ropes that hold up the hammock.

These are also specially formulated and have been reinforced with polyester so that they are able to carry a weight of around 1000 pounds effortlessly. You can rest easy knowing that these straps will not break simply. The Bear Butt hammocks are water-resistant too and the fabric dries fast.

You can use it throughout the year. This particular hammock does not come with a mosquito or a bug net. This Bear Butt hammock is not suited to be used in the rain because it cannot protect you from the downpour as it is not equipped with a rainfly.

This outdoor portable hammock has been equipped with high-quality tactical grade rope suspensions those having dimensions 10 feet in length and 2 feet in width. The Bear Butt hammocks also have a set of two solid D-shaped steel carabiners which is a type of a shackle or a metal loop.

The Bear Butt hammocks are durable as well as trustworthy. You can also choose from a number of colors for this particular Bear Butt hammocks. It comes in around 9 two-color options from blue to green and maroon and pink. The material is durable and you can be assured that this bear Butt hammock will last you many years.


This portable double Bear Butt hammock does not require a special stand or equipment for it to be mounted upon. It can be set up easily both indoors as well as outdoors and will be assembled in less than 10 minutes and you do not even require any kind of tools in order to assemble it. All you require is two poles or two trees between which the hammock will be set up for you to sleep in!

The two poles or trees should be about 12 feet apart. The ropes must be tied around them and made sure that they are pulled tight and that they remain taut. The Bear Butt hammocks need to be attached with the carabiners securely after that. Then all you need to do is get into the hammock and enjoy the rest of your day without any worries.

This hammock may be adjusted as per the users’ preferences. The loops may be of a variable length so that the height can be changed accordingly, yet these straps may need to be purchased separately. 


This particular Bear Butt hammock has an attached stuff sack that can store all your personal and miscellaneous items comfortably. The dimensions of this sack are 7 inches x 4 inches x 4 inches. Be it your mobile phone or books and water bottles; you can store these items when you are lying in the hammock. The sack can also be used as the carrying bag for the hammock when it is folded and packed up.

The sack will never get lost for it is attached and stitched to the hammock securely. The packed hammock is around 7 inches by 5 inches in dimensions. This makes it super easy to carry the hammock and stash it in your backpack or in your car when you are traveling. The Bear Butt hammocks can accommodate your sleeping pad as well efficiently so that you get an added layer of comfort when you are lying down.

It will also keep you insulated if the surrounding temperatures drop. You can also additionally purchase a hammock under-quilt that will keep you cozy.


The Bear Butt hammocks have a maximum carrying capacity of 500 pounds but it can also carry around 700 pounds on testing it under suitable conditions. Hence, it can comfortably hold one to two people when it has been thoroughly set up. This lightweight hammock weighs only 1.5 pounds and it is easy to fold and store as well. It can be packed into a compact and small size efficiently so that you can store it without much trouble when it is not being used. The total product weighs around 2 pounds inclusive of the ropes and if you do not mind this additional weight then it can be a good companion for your travels.


This double camping Bear Butt hammock is perfect for anyone who loves to travel and go on adventures. If you are looking for a hammock that you may want to put up in your backyard or on the patio porch then no worries because this Bear Butt hammock will let you do even that. It is extremely comfortable and you can easily take a nap wherever this is put up. 


bear butt hammock reviews

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Bear Butt Hammock Review, Pros & Cons 1


  1. The Bear Butt hammock is lightweight and spacious; it can accommodate two adults comfortably.
  2. The Bear Butt hammock is durable and water-resistant as well.
  3. Comfortable and soft like a bed sheet because of its material.
  4. Breathable material makes sure you can spend hours lounging in this with a relaxed mind.
  5. The Bear Butt hammock is easy to set up and comes with durable ropes and D-shaped carabiners to hold the hammock in place.
  6. It can be folded and packed to carry easily.
  7. It comes with an attached sack to keep miscellaneous items or it can be used as the carrying case when the hammock is not set up.
Bear Butt Hammock Review, Pros & Cons 2


  1. The Bear Butt hammock is not double thick.
  2. Extra space if only a single person is using it; can be a bit annoying.
  3. Bug net and mesh must be attached separately.
  4. The Bear Butt hammock should not be sprayed with any kind of solution or bug repellent; it might leave stains and residues that are tough to remove.
  5. Straps might need to be upgraded every few months else they tend to wear out and can break. 
  6. No rainfly to protect you from rain and thunderstorms in the open.
  7. It can become hot if it is kept under the sun for long hours and might be a little uncomfortable to lie in.
  8. The ropes and the suspension system tend to damage trees so purchasing trunk straps can be helpful.


Bear Butt Hammock Review:

The Bear Butt hammock is affordable because the manufacturers promise high-quality products for everyone while keeping in mind not to put an exorbitant price tag on the said items. This Bear Butt hammock is easily one of the best-rated hammocks to be found in the market. This is why this can also be considered as a perfect gift to give to your family and friends.

The Bear Butt hammock is perfect for use for everyone and is more durable than most other models found in the market. It is a good value for money investment and is not going to disappoint with its performance and comfort. It is comparatively larger than the usual standard sized hammocks found but it is lightweight and easy to carry. This Bear Butt hammock is easy to set up and very comfortable to lie in. it is equipped with high-quality ropes that will secure it well wherever you may put it up.

You can accessorize it with bug meshes and rain flies to give you protection against bugs, mosquitoes, and even rainstorms when you are enjoying out in the open. If you wish to buy trunk straps and Kodiak straps which can help in assembling the hammock even better. That will help you to make the necessary adjustments as well. The material of the Bear Butt hammock ensures that it is soft, comfortable as well as breathable with the fabric having a faster drying rate.

Yet, if it is kept under the sun for too long then it might get heated up quickly and become a bit sweaty. This Bear Butt hammock is comfortable and sturdy and no doubt will be a good investment for all. We hope that with this product you will be able to make a well-informed decision and will then buy it at your convenience. The people at the Bear Butt manufacturing company made sure that their consumers received the best quality items that too at an affordable price. The brand is trusted and has been faithful to people all over the world.

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