Best Back Support Belt For Lower Back Pain 2020 Reviews

Back pain is the most common problem among all ages nowadays and can turn into a debilitating condition. It can be caused by a lot of different things, for example, when you push yourself too hard while weightlifting or the most common cause in today’s life is spending a lot of time working in front of the computer. With these situations in your daily life, chances are that you will suffer from some kind of back pain sooner or later.

When that stage arrives, you won’t be able to do the simplest of things, what was once seemingly easy such as sitting, driving, lifting, bending over, and will turn into horrendously painful activities.

In such a situation, you would want some kind of support that will give you some relief and help in the process of healing. Inactivity and underuse of your muscles only lead to them becoming weaker and stiffer over time, intensifying the pain and prolonging it. Such an instrument is a back brace that can be of great use.

A comfortable, properly fitted back brace limits the movement of the spine and keeps you from aggravating any existing injuries. It will not just provide support to your back, but will also help in keeping the backbone in the proper position and posture and will also relieve the pressure on your nerves and muscles that caused the pain in the first place.

There are different kinds of back braces available in the market, and each has its own function and specifications. We have tried to pick some of the top-rated back braces which will help you deal with various back problems, keep you protected from injury, provide comfort, improve your posture and relieve the pain from your back.


Best Back Supports Belt For Lower Back Pain While Camping Buyer’s Guide 

There are some points that you need to consider before actually investing in a good quality back brace or support. These factors determine whether you are selecting the perfect belt for your body type or not. These points are as follows:

Types of Back Supports

There are different kinds of back braces and each has its own functions. The most common kind is a lower back brace, which helps supports your lumbar spine and can be hard or soft; soft braces are made from an elastic material, and serve to prevent forward spine motion, provide some extra support too. Some are even made from cotton. The other kind is the hard brace, which is usually made from rigid plastic, and function by keeping the spine and lower back as stiff as a possible and restricting movement.

These are best for recovery from injuries, where you must limit bending and movements to avoid aggravating the condition. Other types are upper back and shoulder braces. These are meant to provide support for your upper back and the thoracic region and improve posture through support and muscle memory. These can be especially useful for those of us who sit slumped over a desk all day.

They look a lot like corset (but, are obviously the opposite in functioning). What lower bak support belts do is they apply light pressure to the bottom of our torso which essentially aids in adjusting posture by shifting weight off of the spinal column, or the lumbar region as we said before.

Size of the Support

One should always think of the size of the instrument when you are about to buy a good quality back support for anyone. The shape and size of body matters from person to person and so do the curve of lumbar muscles, making it important for you to keep the size or shape of the body well in mind at the time of buying the product.

Good back support must fit in that curve for best results and such results can come only with the perfect fit and perfect sized back support. Hence, at the time of buying back support, you should definitely check the size of the instrument to get the most comfort from it.


One thing to understand here is that your back should not specifically be aching in order for you to think of getting a lower back support belt. These are often times used to correct postures. Our aforementioned example of constantly working on computers can hamper with the original shape of our spine. And, who sincerely sits straight while typing? It is definitely difficult, which is why, nowadays, people wearing such kinds of belts- correcting posture whilst working!

Different person has different body size and shape. Thus, the posture of the back i.e., the curve of the lumbar muscles also changes from person to person. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to find the proper back support, as even the perfect size might not fit properly to the curve of the back.

Thus, you should make it on the top of the checklist to test the posture of your body as well as the back support, before buying one. People who have deeper back, need to have shallower or D-shaped back support while who have got flatter back, need to have a bit flat back support that would easily snug to the back of the user.


Whenever you feel like moving your body and you need to change your posture or body movement, you need a belt that will do the job. An adjustable belt according to your body size should always be considered and preferred over the non-adjustable ones.

Thus, at the time of buying, one should give their movement routine an equal consideration and should buy back support accordingly. Choose the ones that will fit your requirement in every aspect and then purchase it accordingly. Read articles to understand what your need is- the size of support you require, the type of support you are in need of (lower back, upper back, or shoulders). 


We cannot emphasis enough on this one. The belt is to relieve you from your pain, and not add to your troubles. Thinking that it is supposed to pain in the beginning, or back support belts are mostly uncomfortable, are mere hoaxes.

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The back braces need to be always comfortable when you are wearing it. Find a brace that can move as per your movements and doesn’t pinch or irritates the skin when you are walking, or bending over. There is no point in buying a brace that is uncomfortable and can cause you pain.

Good quality back or shoulder support also needs to be supportive and provide you with some pain relief as it is one of the main reasons people end up buying such products.


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Top Back Support Belts For The Money [Lower Back & Shoulder Pain]


Best Back Support Belt For Lower Back & Shoulder Pain Reviews

#1 Mueller 255 Lumbar Support Back Brace

Mueller 255 Lumbar Support Back Brace

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The Mueller 255 back brace can be said to be one of the premium back braces that will surely help you find relief from lower back pains that arise from strains, sprains, and muscle spasms. Its double layer design allows you to make space for custom fit & adjust compression to abdomen & lower back.

The internal molded plastic component eliminates brace rolling or bunching, helping you to use the belt comfortably. The belt has removable lumbar pad cushions and compresses the lower back for concentrated support. It also features additional stability from the steel springs that conform to your back.

This brace also helps in providing further relief in case of any injury and strenuous activity to keep you active and alive with fun and energy. The brace is made with a breathable fabric for helping your body to wear it comfortably and that also acts as an all-day wear belt. You should always be aware of the size and adjustability of the belt before buying it. This back brace is very versatile and will fit your body type with complete ease.


  • Available in 2 different sizes
  • Steel springs to add stability to your back
  • Comes with lumbar pads cushions


  • It can be too tall sometimes


#2 Flex Guard Back Brace Posture Corrector

Back Brace Posture Corrector L

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The Flex Guard back brace posture corrector has a proper posture brace, as suggested in the name. It works by training your muscles and spine to return to their natural alignment. There is an added booklet included in the package that provides additional information and exercises. A bad posture, if left unchecked, can cause pain and can even lead to nerve damage.

The Flex Guard back brace, when coupled with physical therapy, helps in aiding the treatment of back pain, thoracic outlet syndrome and many more problems. The model is durable and quite comfortable in the design section that also allows effective assistance to cure back problems. The cushioned straps will pull your shoulders back while the waistband supports the middle and lower back.

With the support posture brace, you can train your spine and muscles to return to their natural alignment, which allows greater energy flow. It also has supportive cushioned straps, that pull your shoulders back and keep your lumbar firm. Even if you slump, you’ll feel the posture support resistance with the help of the brace, which reflexively straightens you up. This brace is like a pro base and will help you discover lots of health and posture tips.


  • Durable and comfortable to wear
  • Cushioned straps for extra comfort
  • Added booklet for extra instructions


  • The side buckle can be uncomfortable


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#3 Comfy Med Back Brace

ComfyMed Premium Quality Back Brace

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The Comfy Med Back Brace is one of the Best Back Support Belt you can currently buy in the market that can effectively and naturally help you in relieving back pain in the lower back region causing various conditions. It is made from the finest quality materials that make it durable in nature.

The double pull compression band together with 3 supportive bones, present on each side give you full support that you would want in your life. Even after all the supports, it contains, the belt will not restrict the freedom of movement. The additional lumbar pad inside the brace can be removed and put anywhere as per your requirements, for extra support in your lumbar area.

There are also two D-rings that will make it much easier for you to put on and take off the brace with minimal effort. Provides therapeutic warmth. Back pain is a really common problem, and ignoring it will just increase the same problem over and over, Therefore, getting the correct medical care for back pain is important as it can get much worse if left untreated, which is why such back braces are crucial in saving your day of pain.

The Comfy Med back brace will take care of your back in a natural way and will in no way come around your schedule set for the day. In other words, you can simply wear the belt during your daily activities, such as; household chores like cleaning or gardening, fitness, and exercise or any outdoor sports such as golf and you can even do the heavy lifting. This belt is the way to go when you want something comfortable and affordable.


  • Removable lumbar support
  • Soft against skin and sturdy
  • Comfortable and durable


  • Is more sweaty than other similar brands


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#4 Holisouse Stabilizing Lower Back Brace

Holisouse Stabilizing Lower Back Brace Lumbar Support Belt

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The Holisouse stabilizing lower back brace is an affordable brace that is made from polyester mesh panels, that helps it boast great breathability and give you a soft and comfortable touch against the skin. You don’t have to worry about sweating too much in summers, as it will still provide you a cool experience than you might wonder.

The lower back brace is designed with 3 advanced memory alloys, that can reduce the stress of your waist to straighten the overall posture and also correct the lumbar vertebra.

It’s also designed to fit your spine and become a more humanistic and comfortable inexperience. The strongback support can keep your spine aligned and improve your posture and that is what this back brace does for you with its back protector that lies well and fits tightly to your body even when you are exercising. Not just while in action does this back brace help you keeping everything aligned, but also improves your back during everyday activities and helps you stay away from back pain.

The dual adjustment straps provide customized fit and compression and you can also adjust the position you like.
This back brace comes extended and widened, 360º that surrounds your back completely and can cover your flab comprehensively to shape and support your back.


  • Well-constructed brace
  • Sturdy materials
  • Durable in nature
  • Good breathable mesh support


  • Expensive



#5 Back Brace Lumbar Support

Back Brace Lumbar Support with Adjustable Suspenders

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This back support is a wide and lengthy brace that comes with adjustable suspenders to help you adjust the belt as per your requirement. This is mainly an industrial adjustable knit suspender that features a unique design that comprises of two main parts, the inner section that is made of spandex and the outer section that comes with two heavy-duty reinforced adjustable elastic bands.

The inner section has 5 reinforced bars sewn in to provide extra support as in a corset. It also comes with a front Hook-and-Loop closure to provide for easy and quick fastening from the front panels.

This in turn also makes it easier for wearing, tightening and removing the brace, also helping in saving the undesirable ridging of skin that causes pain when bending and sitting. The back panel comes with a breathable spandex material and four rubber-stitched gripper strips that keep the support from riding and rolling.

This model has an improved aeration ability that minimizes the development of heat around the back panel for extra comfort and also has removable knit suspenders that enhance comfort while doing anything top to bottom. The brace has removable suspenders to accommodate different postures throughout the day to enhance comfort.
Such back belts are always ideal for daily use during work or household chores.

Such belts can also help prevent chronic back pain, treats lumbar strains, muscle strains, pain from overuse and develop better back posture for sitting and working.


  • More width and length
  • Provides extra support
  • Hook and Loop closure system for quick wear
  • Durable in nature


  • Not very body supportive
  • Maybe a little too soft on skin

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#6 TOROS-GROUP Comfort Shoulder and Back Brace

TOROS-GROUP Comfort Posture Corrector

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The Toros shoulder and back brace is a unique brace that has an ergonomic design, made to last. It is made from a 100% cotton liner that makes it feel soft against your skin to avoid any form of rashes or skin allergies. This back and shoulder brace will impose a semi-rigid fixation of spine and help you with a comfortable posture correction throughout the day.

It also has an adjustable waist belt and shoulder straps to help you move and adjust it according to your will and requirement. The brace comes in both male and female friendly design and is definitely considered and approved to be a certified class 1 medical device. This model claims to be the only brace that you can put on and adjust by yourself, with absolutely no help from outside.

The adjustable back brace with a lumbar pad helps provide relief from injuries and strenuous activity to keep you active and alive. Such braces are recommended to help relieve lower back pain from strains, sprains and muscle spasms.


  • Made from the soft cotton liner
  • The adjustable waist belt and shoulder straps
  • Comes with lumbar padding


  • Quality could be better


#7 Aid Brace Back Brace Support Belt

AidBrace Back Brace Support Belt

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The Aid Brace lumbar support belt is the one belt that you would want to buy as it provides lasting relief from several back conditions such as herniated disc, sciatica, scoliosis, and degenerative disc disease. The support belt is designed to provide extra support in the lower lumbar area with an adjustable lumbar pad to help provide a proper posture for your lower back as well as for the entire body.

The integrated stabilizing support stays, help your lower back the most when you need the support. Then there is the back-support belt that helps provide the best comfort with its unique curved side design that will help to reduce the pressure in the side abdominal areas. The belt is made up of breathable vented mesh backing that will help you keep cool and your back dry, making it comfortable even in summers.

The belt will decompress and give your lower back the ultimate support with the help of a unique removable cushioned lumbar pad that in turn will help in providing quicker recovery from lower back pain.

The belt provides tighter support to your body with the help of double side straps and the curved side design in the belt will ensure the best comfort in any situation. This support brace is quite durable in nature and is made up of only premium materials, giving you the gift of long-lasting life.


  • Made of breathable mesh helping avoid sweat
  • Constructed with good quality material
  • Sturdy and durable in nature


  • The Velcro is quite weak


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#8 Brace UP Stabilizing Lumbar Brace

BraceUP Stabilizing Lumbar Lower Back Brace

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The Brace UP Stabilizing Back Brace is the best option when you are looking for comfortable lumbar support, that will still be allowed for a full range of movement. The curved design helps in minimizing any slipping and bunch, while eight stays provide additional support to the back. These stays hold in place snugly against your back, without adding unnecessary compression or resistance.

The belt is made up of good quality mesh, and the panels are also made up of mesh, allowing for the release of excess heat and moisture. The dual adjustment straps will ensure customized support for the most comfortable fit. This brace is perfect for everyday use, higher intensity workouts, and everything in between, thereby making it quite versatile. This brace is quite lightweight, has a durable design that helps in maintaining the natural shape of your back, and will still allow for a full range of movement.

It also has dual adjustment straps to provide each user with a customized fit that suits their body-type and personalized comfort needs. The silicone straps minimize slipping, so the brace can remains firmly situated on your body even when you are moving. There is also a high-quality Velcro that holds the straps in place without feeling too tight or adding unnecessary pressure. Overall this is a good option to choose for when you are looking for something affordable and worth the money.


  • Has silicone straps to prevent slippage
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Made up of breathable mesh


  • Even though the material is good, it might still be a little difficult to center your back


Frequently Asked Questions

Is wearing a back brace bad for your back?
A common criticism of back braces is that, when worn too often, they can cause your back muscles to weaken and lose their ability to support your back. But this is not necessarily true. While this could possibly happen if you wear the back brace while sleeping or sitting around, wearing a back brace a few hours a day, especially while being active, driving or lifting, will not cause problems for your back. And of course, if you simply wear it all the time and rely on it for all activities at all times, you could run into some issues.
Can you sleep with a back brace?
Unless your doctor tells you to, you shouldn’t do that. Sleep is a time for your body to recover, so you want to give your body a chance to do so.  The additional constriction from the brace might not make sleeping with it a good idea. Also, having the brace on may cause some irritation to your skin. Braces are best worn to recover from back pain, and worn during the day to help with things like walking, exercise, or bending over.
How long should you wear a brace?
You should definitely not wear a brace all the time. The brace is designed to help strengthen muscles when you otherwise can’t. You don’t want to become completely dependent on the brace, let your muscles do the work.
Can you wear the brace under or over clothes?
It is recommended to have some sort of material between your skin and the back brace. It is often seen that people complain about the uneasiness of the belt when worn on naked. In addition, if you sweat, then you are sweating on the brace. It’s easier to throw an undershirt in the laundry than to hand wash the brace and air it out.  So, for comfort and cleanliness, it is suggested to wear an undershirt or wear the brace over your clothes.

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There is a wide variety of Best Back Support Belt For Lower Back Pain is available out there, and it might, therefore, become hard to choose the right one for you, to hopefully help provide the needed relief for lower back pain. Back braces can also provide some added stability when you are recovering from an injury, or doing the heavy lifting. We have reviewed the best ones and after reading this article you will be able to find the right one for you as per your requirements.

Additionally, our recommendation is to always check the comfort and size of the belt beforehand. This pandemic has put some restrictions on this, which is why we came up with a special buyers’ guide for you, ranging from things you should consider before buying and any questions you might have after getting your lower back support belt.

We hope that your search for the next lower back support belt is over now. The list we mentioned in this article contains all sorts of price ranges and has been specifically built with all-inclusive requirements. Wishing you a happy and healthy back here on!

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