Top 10 Best Backpacking Fishing Poles/Rods In 2021 Reviews

One cannot agree more to the fact that if one needs to relax on a quiet weekend, with just some friends, snacks and a couple of beers, there is nothing better to do other than go on a fishing trip with your friends or family. The serene natural environment replenishes one’s energy and relaxes oneself due to being away from the noise and rat race in the urban centers of a country. A well-stocked lake, a stream, or a collected water body like a pond, is usually the ideal spot for fishing. Of course, if you live on the coast, with appropriate licenses, one can also fish in the ocean.

While considering a backpacking fishing pole, there are several factors one needs to keep in mind. These include the size and weight of the fish one is expecting to catch as well as the type of water body one is planning to fish in. All of the choices and considerations mentioned before are nothing but a headache for amateurs as well as for people who fish quite often. Therefore, we are here to help you decide which fishing rod would suit you the best so that you may have the fun fishing trip you were planning all along with ease.


Things to Consider Before Buying Best Backpacking Fishing Pole:

Rod Length:

There are numerous factors that influence your decision of buying the appropriate fishing rod. Rod length is generally measured from the end of your handle to the end of your rod’s tip and can heavily influence your casting abilities. We can never say which type is the best one, cause diff lengths have different purposes according to your needs.

When you want close combat, a short length is the one to buy. If you want to catch a heavier one, you should definitely go for the less bent,i.e. the short rods. If deep fishing and deeper water are your types than go for the long lengths. The fishing environment, the species that you want for yourself are the factors that determine length, however, it’s recommended for beginners that they should be looking for an 8-10 feet rod. Till they work on their fishing and get better.

Rod Power:

Rod power is an extremely essential part that you will have to consider before buying a fishing pole. In layman’s terms, it’s the resistance shown by the rod to the bending. The size of bait and lure are also designated through the power of the pole. It varies from ultra-light to ultra-heavy, light ones being for trout or panfish and heavier ones for the deep sea fishing escapades.
The amateurs into fishing who would just want to fish along the banks of the rivers, backpack, and enjoying time with their family, medium to medium-light rods are good-to-go. The bait is the deciding factor for most of backpackers nowadays. The weight of the bait plays a role in deciding the bending of the rod permissible. 

  • Ultralight – used with the smallest lures, usually compact rods
  • Light – used with lightweight lures
  • Medium – universal rod power useful for a broad range of fishing
  • Heavy – for lures near 1 ounce

Rod Action:

Rod’s action and power combined together to decide your fishing experience as a whole, they work in union to affect the way your pole works. “Slow” action rods bend closer to the handle, having much larger flexibility and whip, best suited for lighter lures and smaller baits. “Fast” action, on the other hand, bends only near the tip of your pole, much more rigid and stronger, used ideally when you would want to throw heavy baits or in water thick vegetative cover around. It’s easier to feel bites when using fast action. It gets a little trickier in the slow action rods. 

Once you get the hang of it, for obvious reasons you know every factor that can decide your fishing pole shopping, but as a beginner, we would suggest you buy the medium action rods. They are a versatile option between the two. Rod action largely along with the rod power gets decided on the basis of the fishing you want to do, lures you what to use, and the methods which drive your experience to another level.

No of parts:

It’s important that you check how portable your fishing rod is. You should buy one with multiple parts so that you can easily carry it around, It will much easier to backpack when you don’t have a very large, heavy 1 or 2 piece fishing rod to get along with you.


Types of Fishing Rods:

Look at the plan, the venue, the environment, and the species you are after. After putting your brains to how much length and power action, the last thing you need to focus on is what style of rod do you wish to buy. 

Casting Rods:

There are two more types of casting rods. Spincasting and Baitcasting, the difference being the guide size is closest to the reel seat. Baitcasting will have a smaller guide size which can enhance the path. The guides are on top of the blank and casting rods are very helpful for fishermen as these place the casts with more accuracy and precision, making the work easier. These are generally recommended for the experienced fishermen. 

Spinning Rods:

These are much smaller and lighter than the casting rods, which works for their advantage. Being quite opposite they have their guides at the bottom. My beginner friends,  spinning rods are the way to go for you right now, as they are easier and better to handle, comfortable, and will make fishing, not a very cumbersome task for you a few times. Spinning reels also are an enhancement you should buy, if it doesn’t come with the rod.

They work best with lightweight lures like spinners and spoons. They have a disadvantage whatsoever, they cause kink over time. Spinning reels/rods have a type that is very beneficial for fishermen in saltwater. Surf rods, they perform excellently in saltwater and are modeled so that they can handle large baits and long casting, ultimately resulting in a comfortable and easy way of fishing in deep saltwater areas.

Now, since there are so many compatibilities that you have to check and features to look for and to choose from, it can be difficult to find the best model to suit your needs. We are here, to help you find the best backpacking fishing rod for your trip, making your fishing experiences successful and adventurous. These are the top 10 reviewed fishing poles having the best of the features and prices that don’t make a hole in your wallet. 


Top 10 Backpacking Fishing Poles On The Market


Best Backpacking Fishing Poles in India

#1 DRAGONtail Shadowfire Tenkara Fly Fishing Rod

Top 10 Best Backpacking Fishing Poles/Rods In 2021 Reviews 11


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These are very versatile and high-performance fly-fishing rods with a compatible price for all the qualities. These are soft action, ideally made for small streams and rivers, where your species should be as small as around 4-5 inches. It is made for small to medium-sized fishes. If you have some extraordinary skills your fighting and Shadowfire can both work and get you a fish as long as 18 inches.

These rods are made from traditional and conventional means, marking its history back to many years ago in villages of mountains of Japan, where the villagers resorted to bamboo flies made with animal fur and other home-made materials. They are very authentic in nature, but the sturdiness and high-quality is always promised. 

The minimalist material used in the formation of Tenkara fishing rods, makes it uniquely lightweight and easily portable, for you to backpack and go wherever you want to. You won’t most likely even feel that you’re carrying around any fishing kit with you. It has a carbon fiber rod case and a smooth casting, allowing you good balance along the rod sections, concludingly eliminating hinging and the points of pressure when you’re catching the species. 

The shape is designed to reduce hand fatigue, allowing you to hold it for many hours with ease, even when you aren’t seeing a lot of luck in the water. It has the classic camel double hump shape which gives you an abundance of ways of making the grip and using it in various positions.

  • Rod length: 368 cm (about 12 feet) with 8 segments
  • Soft 6:4 action
  • Rod weight: about 2.9 oz
Top 10 Best Backpacking Fishing Poles/Rods In 2021 Reviews 12


  • 2 Tip caps styles included.
  • Carbon fiber rod tube case. (Allowing great protection)
  • Swivel Tip Lillian (Extremely thin 2nd section – Good cleaning)
  • The rod flex is of premium quality and balances out the pressure throughout.
Top 10 Best Backpacking Fishing Poles/Rods In 2021 Reviews 13


  • Not recommended or inability of handling deep sea and large species.
  • The Graphiterod is better than the carbon rod.


#2 Trailmaster Spin-Fly Rod

Top 10 Best Backpacking Fishing Poles/Rods In 2021 Reviews 14

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This work of art by Eagle Claw is one of the greatest recommendations as it is sturdy, long-lasting, and durable, never leaving your side even in tough fishing environments. This has 6 segments, making it uniquely portable for the backpacking trip where you would not want to carry a lot of luggage with you. This beautiful IM-7 complex composite blank construction has material as Graphite, which makes it highly long-lasting. 

The power and action which define your fishing experience along with a few factors, are pretty good, ranging from medium light-to-high. The guides have engraved bronze reel seats and custom silk winding, handling a lure weight of around ⅛-½. This piece on amazon comes with a beautifully knit and designed travel case. 

  • Rod length – 7 feet with 6 segments.
  • Line weight – 4-8
  • Action – Light action spin/fly rod. 


Top 10 Best Backpacking Fishing Poles/Rods In 2021 Reviews 12


  • Graphite rod used.
  • It comes with a beautiful travel case.
  • No of guides: 7+1
  • Saltwater and freshwater, durable in both. 
Top 10 Best Backpacking Fishing Poles/Rods In 2021 Reviews 13


  • High maintenance
  • The ferrule tip is not of good quality sometimes. 


#3 Wild Water Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Starter Package

Top 10 Best Backpacking Fishing Poles/Rods In 2021 Reviews 17

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This wild water’s ⅚ weight fly rod is 9 feet and made up of 4 segments. The rod is made up of IM8 Graphite material. The rod has got three stainless steel stripper guides with silicon carbide rings, stainless single foot guides, and a tip-top. The reel seat is made up of aluminum with double lock rings and laser etched butt cap, with a western-style cork handle, making your fly-fishing a beyond easy and smooth, unique experience. 

The rod comes with a hard tube case, reel pouch, and side storage pouch with zipper. The case is capable of holding the rod, reel, all the accessories, and the fly box. It comes with a very handy and cool carry strap also, making it very convenient for you to carry around.

The die-cast aluminum reel has an 85mm diameter spool and an adjustable disc drag, which can easily be changed from left-handed to right-handed retrieve, making the casting opportunities very easy for you. This kit comes with a trendy fly box, which can hold up to 9 flies. 

Top 10 Best Backpacking Fishing Poles/Rods In 2021 Reviews 12


  • Wild Water’s Tapered Monofilament 5X 9′ Leader.
  • Wild Water’s Die Cast Aluminum Fly Reel.
  • Handle detail for Wild Water’s 5/6 Weight Fly Rod.
  • Retractable reel and line nipper.
Top 10 Best Backpacking Fishing Poles/Rods In 2021 Reviews 13


  • Little expensive.
  • The weight of the fly-line can be a little heavier in some products.


#4 TROUTBOY Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

Top 10 Best Backpacking Fishing Poles/Rods In 2021 Reviews 20

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Troutboy will not disappoint you at all in your fishing expedition. It has great power, perfect elasticity, and sensitivity spinning fishing rod. The material used in these is high-premium quality carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass. The rod is telescopic and the reel is spin-cast type, which allows you a smooth backpacking experience. It makes it easy to carry and store, provides you the ease to travel along with it.  

The environment where you would be comfortable fishing with this Troutboy is  Freshwater Bass Trout Salmon Fishing, Saltwater Freshwater Surf River Lake Reservoir Pond Fishing, or Inshore Fishing. The spinning reel has high strength, T6 double anodized aluminum spool provides a lightweight construction along with additional stability. The additional gear support is a feature you can flaunt your fishing rod has. Double shielded stainless steel ball bearings add great levels of smoothness to your fishing rods, for extraordinary features.  

  • Rod length: 368 cm (about 10 feet) with 7 segments
  • Rod weight: 9.8 oz
Top 10 Best Backpacking Fishing Poles/Rods In 2021 Reviews 12


  • Telescopic rods. 
  • Graphite rod and spin-cast reels
  • High Strength T6 Double Anodized Aluminum Spool 
  • Comfort EVA handles.
Top 10 Best Backpacking Fishing Poles/Rods In 2021 Reviews 13


  • It’s a little on the expensive side.
  • It doesn’t come with the kit. 


#5  Okuma VS-605-20 Voyager Spinning Travel Kit

Top 10 Best Backpacking Fishing Poles/Rods In 2021 Reviews 23

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Okuma delivers the motivation you need to hit the water, and excitement that injects every cast with high expectations and great fun. The dynamic architecture and high-quality technology, help you make the most out of your escapades. Perfect for trout, panfish, bass, catfish, and walleye fishing, the Voyager travel reel features a ball-bearing drive system inside a corrosion-resistant graphite frame, machine cut brass pinion gear and one-piece anodized aluminum spool. The reel handle can be changed from left- to right-hand retrieve, which gives you more wholesome and better fishing experience. 

It has a light action fishing rod, and a length of 6’’, break-able in further 5 segments for convenient packing and traveling. The blank is outfitted with comfortable cork grips, stainless steel hooded reel seats, and durable ceramic guide inserts. All of this comes with a soft padded, and big travel case, to fit in your fishing rod along with a reel travel kit. They have their own padded sections that keep your stuff organized and nicely kept. The dimensions of the bag are 17 x 9 x 3, for easy storage and comfortable travel. 


Top 10 Best Backpacking Fishing Poles/Rods In 2021 Reviews 12


  • Included Tackle Box
  • Custom travel case
  • Size 20 Voyager Reel.
  • Stainless-steel reels.
  • 6-Foot, 5-Piece Travel Rod
Top 10 Best Backpacking Fishing Poles/Rods In 2021 Reviews 13


  • The body is a little heavy of the rod. 
  • It can have very heavy installation charges.

Ronco Pocket Fisherman Fishing Pole

Top 10 Best Backpacking Fishing Poles/Rods In 2021 Reviews 26

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The upshot is that even kids can learn fishing with these. They have a very easy and smooth construction allowing easy handling. This spin-casting outfit has 2 bonus lures, making it an attractive choice for buyers.  There is an automatic anti-reverse that prevents the handle from turning backward. It can even attach to a belt. 

The pocket fisherman folds in half to be fitted into your pocket or even in your glove compartment, making it travel-easy more than any other fishing rod. There is also a mini tackle box, which requires negligible space in your luggage. Ronco pack also includes a hook, swivel, weight, bobber, practice casting plug, and 2 bonus lures.

 Product Dimensions: 9 x 3 x 3 inches ; 1.1 pounds


Top 10 Best Backpacking Fishing Poles/Rods In 2021 Reviews 12


  • Comes with 2 Bonus Lures
  • Attaches to your belt
  • Automatic Anti-Reverse prevents the handle from turning backward.
  • Fits into your glove compartment
  • 10-year warranty.
Top 10 Best Backpacking Fishing Poles/Rods In 2021 Reviews 13


  • It doesn’t come with a pressure handling rod. 
  • Cannot catch heavy species


#7 PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

Top 10 Best Backpacking Fishing Poles/Rods In 2021 Reviews 29

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The package includes one fishing rod and 1 reel, which is perfectly elastic, high-density carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass to give you a comfortable and hassle-free experience. The stainless steel hooded reel seat is anti-saltwater corrosive, preventing damage and long-life, durable experience. 

You can gift this beauty to any of your close relatives who are into fishing escapades. It also has a deep aluminum spool with double color and one line hole and has a large line capacity too. This has medium power and a medium action. The rod is telescopic and high-portability allows easy backpacking. 

It’s suitable for sea and boat fishing. High-quality carbon fiber collapses for better packing and good durability. 

Top 10 Best Backpacking Fishing Poles/Rods In 2021 Reviews 12


  • Instant anti-reverse
  • Stainless Steel Hooded Reel Seat
  • EVA fore-grip for comfort is also provided.
  • 1 fishing bag also comes free with the kit.
Top 10 Best Backpacking Fishing Poles/Rods In 2021 Reviews 13


  • Maintenance is an issue.
  • Only 1 fishing line and lure available. 


#8 Daiwa ETPSF200-CF3Bi Fishing Rod 

Top 10 Best Backpacking Fishing Poles/Rods In 2021 Reviews 32

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This Daiwa features wilderness in fishing with 6’6’’ spinning/fly rod, with 6 segments for easy packing and convenient backpacking. The EVA grim is manufactured, which is foam grip allowing sturdiness and dynamic control while fishing. The rough and tough construction of the rod is done using graphite fiber which guarantees a hundred percent durability for as long as you use your rod. 

The spool is aluminum-based and ABS machined, which is beneficial for seawater and some of the freshwater fishing too. The reel has additional features for modern usage, i.e. 3 ball bearing plus 1 roller bearing for smooth retrieves. It comes with a removable, miniature tackle box that gives convenient storage for lures, swivels, hooks, etc. And there’s even built-in space for spare spools of line. So you are ready to fish when you get there.


Top 10 Best Backpacking Fishing Poles/Rods In 2021 Reviews 12


  • EVA foam grips
  • Warranty for 1 year.
  • Unlocking reel seat.
Top 10 Best Backpacking Fishing Poles/Rods In 2021 Reviews 13


  • No segments.
  • The briefcase is made of hard quality.


#9 Sougayilang Fishing Rod Combos

Top 10 Best Backpacking Fishing Poles/Rods In 2021 Reviews 35


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This one is the best deal for the money we have. The kit includes not just the rod and reel, 12 accessories to help you gain the most out of your fishing experience. ONE Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod + One fishing reel +ONE Carrier Bag + Three fishing lures + One fishing line + Some Necessary Accessories.

The extremely durable rod is made up of high-density carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass making the rod durable. The guides are made lightweight by SIC Ceramic. The coefficient of friction is low to make the fishing the pole and reels more pressure bearing. The guide ring is further supported by an International advanced epoxy resin adhesive to make it more solid. This Reel Has 13 + 1 corrosion resistant smooth ball bearings, Precision Matched Gears and a Powerful 5.5:1 gear ratio. It also comes with the interchangeable right or left-hand CNC machined aluminum handle.

The extraordinary strength and lightweight are because of the aerospace-aluminum grade honeycomb design spool. It’s made extremely comfortable and non-slip with the help of EVA knobs.

Top 10 Best Backpacking Fishing Poles/Rods In 2021 Reviews 12


  • Aluminum spool.
  • Non-slip because of the EVA knob.
  • XY spinning reel has a hardened metal main shaft, 
  • CNC Aluminum Spool
  • Premium Quality Inner Parts
Top 10 Best Backpacking Fishing Poles/Rods In 2021 Reviews 13


  • Hassles of cleaning of the extra parts.
  • Little expensive as it carries the bag also in the combo.


#10 St Croix Triumph Travel Spinning Rods

Top 10 Best Backpacking Fishing Poles/Rods In 2021 Reviews 38

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These spinning rods offer 4-piece designs, built for anglers looking for the best pieces in the market. These are worth their value and performance. The rods come with padded nylon cases, for better protection. This is made up of graphite fiber with a high strain and pressure rating as compared to the common graphite/carbon fiber. The cork handle has an excellent grip for a better experience, without causing you hand fatigue. 

The reel seat is Fuji DPS which comes with a frosted silver hood. The guides are high-quality hard aluminum oxide guides for better sturdiness and robust capture. Two coats of flex-coat slow cure finish are also available in all the models. The action is fast, and the line weight is 2-6lbs. The case for traveling is one beautiful one and robust also for easy traveling. The company offers a 5-year warranty for all the models. 

  • Rod length – 5’6” 
  • Action – Fast
  • Rod segments – 4
  • Rod weight – 2.7oz.
Top 10 Best Backpacking Fishing Poles/Rods In 2021 Reviews 12


  • Premium-grade cork handle. 
  • Hard aluminum-oxide guides with black frames.
  • 5-year warranty. 
  • Mid-Modulus Graphite fiber rods.
Top 10 Best Backpacking Fishing Poles/Rods In 2021 Reviews 13


  • Expensive
  • Designed for specialist fishermen only. 



Should one always buy combo kits?

Depends on the type of backpacking you’re planning, the location of your fishing, the species you will be catching, and lastly the environment which will make you decide the length, action, and power decide this also. Obviously you will consider your budget, but mostly yes, the combo packs are a good deal for money for most of the brands, depending on their reputation and feedback. 

Which poles should the beginners consider?

The ones we mentioned above are definitely all excellent ones. But considering your budget, you should always look for the sturdy ones as you wouldn’t have an exact idea about the lure and the bait sizes, hence, taking a medium action and light-to-medium power ones should be considered by beginners, as they are quite versatile. The ones which are easy to maintain, durable, and use, should be the ones used by beginners. 

Spoiler title

Essentially and most importantly this depends on the need to assemble and break down your rod whenever you pull out to use these. Your preferences also matter a lot. The break-able as the name suggests can be divided and collapsed into some packable-carrying rods, whereas the telescoping ones extend



Always try and buy the fishing rods with uncompromising and long-lasting technology worth its cost. After researching various factors involving the species and the environment, you can go ahead through the reviews and find which ones suit your needs. The combos are generally considered as they give you compatible accessories without investing a lot of extra time in shopping for them. We hope the reviews helped you find your most compatible fishing rod, which makes your experience easier, effortless, and worth enjoying.

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