Top 10 Best Bear Sprays For Hiking & Camping In 2020 Reviews

Bears are definitely the cutest to look at if they are kept at home in the form of teddy bears. But in the wilderness, a real bear can be just the opposite. Bears are animals with wild instincts and will definitely attack if they feel endangered. Even without any provocation of committing any mistake, bears can still pounce on you simply due to the fact that it’s their defensive nature.

Killing bears or any other wild animal is a punishable act no matter what the reason is and hence bear spray got invented. These sprays provide the ideal solution to this problem and save the lives of both the man and the bear. If you are looking for the perfect bear sprays then you are at the right place! Read on to know about the best bear sprays for 2020.


Things to Consider Before Buying Best Bear Sprays

Ease of application

Bear spray cans are generally equipped with safety locks for avoiding accidental sprays and unnecessary wastage of the product. These locks are built from the safety point of view but should not be too tight to get off while using. The trigger should be easy to pull and the spray should occur in one smooth motion. There should be no requirement of shaking the can either. 


The effectiveness of a bear spray includes quite a number of things. The first one being the pepper content. It is much better if the spray contains the maximum allowed content of pepper. The next thing to consider is the range of spray. The longest the range the better it is for shooing away bears even from a distance.  

Safe for the animal

Killing or injuring bears is a punishable act and needs to be avoided at all costs. The pepper spray should not be harmful to the animal in the long term and should not cause any permanent injury. Unlike humans, bears do not have any facilities for first aid and they should be just deterred away and not harmed. 

Safe for yourself

There is always a great chance of getting a blowback due to wind action while you are spraying the animal. Hence, these sprays should be safe for human beings and should not cause any permanent harm. Even if it gets in contact it should be easily washable and should not irritate the eyes for a long duration. 

Ease of carrying

Carrying a spray can in the wilderness Schuh that it is easily accessible is quite a task. Hence, good and durable holsters are a must for carrying these. The holsters should not be loose lest you drop the can in the dark. Also, make sure the can is not too heavy to carry.  Hence a can with a complimentary holster is a must.  


Top 10 Best Bear Sprays For Black Bears On The Market


Best Bear Sprays Reviews

#1 Counter Assault -Bear Repellent Spray

Top 10 Best Bear Sprays For Hiking & Camping In 2020 Reviews 11


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Used by most professionals, wildlife tour guides, and even in wildlife parks, Counter Assault is the first brand that comes to the mind for buying an effective bear deterrent spray. Not only is this brand‘s formula EPA certified it also does not have any permanent effect on the animal. If you fear or don’t like the idea of injuring the bears or yourself, this product is definitely for you.

To add to this, it comes with a velcro strap holster so that you have close access to the cans at all times. They can also have a safety clip to prevent any accidental sprays. Expiration duration is quite long and one can be used multiple times depending on the duration you used it in the previous spray. It is quite handy and has a good range of activities and is surely recommended.   


  • This product is EPA Certified
  • It does not cause any long term harm
  • It  has a good range of action
  • It is also effective to deter away other animals
  • It is quite easy to aim and spray
  • It has a safety grip for safe storage
  • It comes with a belt holster
  • The holster has an effective velcro strap for the can
  • It has a four-year expiration date
  • The can is perfectly sealed and doesn’t leak
  • The holster is easily attachable to the clothes
  • The attack is quite effective
  • It is a tried and tested product
  • The can is an ideal fit for the hand


  • It is a bit expensive


#2 Tornado Bear Repellent Pepper Spray

Top 10 Best Bear Sprays For Hiking & Camping In 2020 Reviews 12

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Tornado Bear repellant spray is a great and effective pepper spray with the capsaicin content within the certified limit. It is not only ideal for outdoor use but also effective if you live in an area with active bears. The packaging is good and the can is lightweight making it easier to carry and lift. The action is instantaneous and access to the nozzle is also excellent. The shelf life of the product is long and this can be used for a considerable duration of time.

Extremely safe for use and storage as the can is nonflammable. The spray is heavy-duty and usually, two or three short sprays are enough to deter away bears. Moreover, the effect is a temporary one and you can rest assured that the animal will not face any permanent damage. Although the pricing is a bit higher, it is still cheaper than some of its peers. Overall this is easy to carry and use pepper spray with considerable effectiveness.  



  • It has a great range of action
  • It is suitable for home defense as well
  • The capsaicin content is within the allowed limit
  • It comes with a safety lock
  • Its effect is temporary and does not cause permanent damage
  • It is easy to access 
  • Its effect begins to show quickly
  • The container is quite light
  • It has a long shelf life
  • It offers a heavy fog delivery
  • It is non-flammable
  • It fires a wide cone pattern


  • It is on the pricier side


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#3 SABRE Frontiersman Bear Spray 7.9 oz

Top 10 Best Bear Sprays For Hiking & Camping In 2020 Reviews 13


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This SABRE bear spray comes from a brand that manufactures similar products for defense and security forces and is definitely trustworthy. Starting off with the packaging and sealing of this product, it is quite reliable and doesn’t leak easily. The amount of pepper spray delivered in a one-second spray is much more compared to other brands, which is definitely a good thing.

Not only this, but this spray also contains the maximum allowed amount of capsaicin and is hence more effective than others with fewer quantities. You don’t need to wait for the spray to start its action as it starts working immediately helping a lot if the reaction time is not short enough. Most importantly it just deters the bear away and does not cause any permanent injuries.

This formula is much more reliable than other brands and this has been proven again and again by trusted users. Last but not the least, it also comes equipped with a holster, making it much easier to carry around.   



  • It is twice as effective than a pepper spray
  • It comes with a belt holster
  • It has glow in the dark safeties for night visibility
  • The range of effect is great
  • It delivers a considerable amount of pepper in one second
  • It has the maximum allowed amount of capsaicin
  • It is a tried and tested spray
  • It is effective against all types of bears
  • Its formula is much reliable than other brands
  • It is safe for the user as the range is good
  • It does not harm the animal permanently 
  • It works instantaneously and effectively


  • It is heavy to carry


#4 Guard Alaska Bear Spray with Nylon Holster

Top 10 Best Bear Sprays For Hiking & Camping In 2020 Reviews 14


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An environmentally friendly bear spray, this Guard Alaska product is not just safe for you but also won’t permanently harm the animal. It is a tried and tested product with a long spraying range. The price at which it comes is also quite reasonable and can also be considered cheaper than a few more brands provided that it also comes at with a durable nylon holster. Made with good quality nylon, this holster gets easily attached to your waist belt or chest belt.

The shelf life is also considerably longer and ensures that you don’t waste any product. Safety locks have been provided for avoiding accidental spray, however, this lock might be too tight and difficult to remove. But this slight delay can be well compensated by its easy-release trigger. This product is known to give effective bear protection from all types of bears and is easy to use as well.   


  • It is environmentally friendly
  • It is lightweight
  • It is quite easy to carry around
  • It is suitable for deterring dogs and other similar animals
  • It has a long spray range
  • It is a tested and proven product
  • It gives effective bear protection
  • It nearly has a four-year shelf life
  • It gives an orange-colored cloud for distinguishability
  • It has an easy release trigger to avoid delay
  • It comes with a good quality nylon holster
  • It comes with a safety lock
  • It has value for money
  • It is an affordable product 


  • The safety lock is a bit hard to release


#5 SABRE Frontiersman Bear Spray 7.9 oz

Top 10 Best Bear Sprays For Hiking & Camping In 2020 Reviews 15


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SABRE Frontiersman Bear Spray comes at a reasonable price and definitely gets your job done. This brand is highly recommended as it has the maximum allowed deterrent content in it and is quite effective.

SABRE also manufactures similar items for the official defense forces and is a tried and tested brand. It is thoroughly safe, both for the animals as well as human beings. The spray works quick and even one spray is enough most of the time. The only drawback is that you will need to purchase a separate holster but that’s about it and overall this is an amazing product.      


  • It does not cause any injury to the animal
  • It comes with a glow in the dark safety clip
  • It gives a heavy fog in one spray
  • It is not very pricey
  • It has the maximum allowed deterrent content
  • This product is long-lasting
  • This is a field-tested product
  • It has a three-year service life
  • It works instantaneously and effectively


  • A separate holster needs to be bought


#6 Udap Bear Spray with Camo Hip Holster

Top 10 Best Bear Sprays For Hiking & Camping In 2020 Reviews 16


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This one is not just effective in its function but also a cool looking spray can. The camouflage hip holster is not only ideal for quick access but also has an amazing look to it. So if you are a person who doesn’t want to compromise on your fashion sense even on your trips this one will surely please.

Now coming to the actual functioning of the spray can, it is ideal for carrying in the hand and is perfectly sized. The spray itself is tried and tested and has been declared successful. The formula used in it is quite potent and even a few sprays are enough to get the work done. Overall this is a great product for even dense wilderness. 


  • The holster is quite sturdy
  • It has a fast dispersion rate
  • It has a camouflage hip holster
  • It has an extremely potent formula
  • It is ideal for emergency self-defense
  • It comes with a safety book included
  • It is ideal for carrying in the hand
  • It comes with a safety lock
  • It has value for money
  • It is a tried and tested spray
  • It is effective against all types of bears
  • It is a fast dispersion speed
  • It is environmentally friendly


  • It can’t be stored in highly heated areas



#7 Mace Brand Bear Attack Survival Kits

Top 10 Best Bear Sprays For Hiking & Camping In 2020 Reviews 17


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Mace is one of the most trusted brands for self-defense products and this is one of the best bear sprays from all points of view. The package includes a can of spray and a tough and durable holster to carry it from where it is the most accessible. What makes it different is the formula used in the spray. The formula used is FDA approved and is not lethal for the bears or any other animal.

Also, it is derived from natural peppers and its environmental effect is minimal. The spray is instantaneous and the range is quite good. Although there is always a chance of wind blowing in your direction while you spray and it might retaliate but that can be taken care of as the range of action is quite large. Even it’s single spray time is longer as quite a few aggressive animals won’t back off with smaller sprays. All in all, this product is unique and highly recommended. 


  • It is great for home defense too
  • It is a trustworthy brand
  • It covers a large area with one spray
  • It does not have a leaky can
  • It comes with a holster
  • The spray range is impressive
  • It has a maximum pepper formula
  • It gives a powerful fogger spray
  • It has a finger loop handle with safety clip
  • It is a fast dispersion speed
  • It is made from naturally derived peppers
  • It is environmentally friendly
  • It uses an FDA approved formula
  • It can be sprayed continuously for a considerably longer duration


  • It can cause wind blowback


#8 SABRE Frontiersman Bear Spray 7.9 oz

Top 10 Best Bear Sprays For Hiking & Camping In 2020 Reviews 18


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This training unit by SABRE is perhaps one of the most intelligent products as it focuses on the most important aspect of using a bear spray and that is practice. Truly enough, practice makes a human perfect and these cans are fabricated to do just that.

The contents of the cans are inert and won’t hurt you whilst giving the feeling of actually holding a can. This is amazing for those who keep wondering about how to practice and do not want or waste the actual product.   


  • It will train you for actual scenarios
  • This product is specially made for practicing the usage of spray
  • There is no danger of self-injury 
  • The can is of the exact same build as the real one
  • It is ideal for practice and boosting the morale
  • The contents of the can are extremely harmless
  • It gives the actual feel of holding and using the can
  • It is ideal for huge training camps 


  • It does not come with a holster


#9 Guard Alaska 9 oz. Bear Spray Repellent

Top 10 Best Bear Sprays For Hiking & Camping In 2020 Reviews 19


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This product is definitely a thing for you if you are going on a trip with your family, live in an active bear area, an area where bear sprays are not easily available or a regular tourist. A pack of four, this set of bear sprays is ideal if there is an excessive need and is good for storage. This product is tried and tested and is certified safe for both the animal and human beings.

Certified by EPA this is also not harmful to the environment. Shelf life is also long and there is no chance that it will not get used before it expires (provided it is bought around the time of its manufacturing). There will be no issues such as leakage and pressure loss due to a change in temperature. Overall, this is not just a good product but also costs much less than buying a single can and is definitely a great deal.


  • The spray duration is long and effective
  • The holsters are sturdy and long-lasting
  • The holsters are effective in carrying the cans safely
  • These are light and easy to carry
  • This is an ideal pack for long trips
  • This is effective for other wild animals as well
  • This pack of four is economical
  • This is ideal for areas with active bears
  • It is ideal for family trips 
  • It is not lethal towards animals
  • It is an EPA checked product
  • The can is perfectly sealed and doesn’t leak 
  • These have a four-year shelf life


  • It can cause wind blowback


#10 Guard Alaska Bear Spray with Nylon Holster

Top 10 Best Bear Sprays For Hiking & Camping In 2020 Reviews 20


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An EPA certified product, this Alaska Bear spray is a highly acclaimed product and is a must carry if you are going into the wilderness for camping or short trips. This spray is completely safe for human contact as well as for the grizzly bears you might encounter. Equipped with a nylon holster, this can package gives you full coverage and ensures quick access for undelayed action. The spray power is commendable and definitely gets the job done. 


  • It is recognized by EPA
  • It has a long spray range
  • It has strong capsaicinoid concentration
  • It is effective for all types of bears
  • The can is easy to handle
  • The can is sturdy and won’t get dented 
  • It has a considerable shelf life
  • It is not lethal towards animals
  • This is ideal for areas with active bears
  • It is a tested and proven product


  • The safety lock is a bit tight


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Different Types of  Bear Sprays

There is not much variety as such on types of bear sprays but they can definitely be categorized based on different features. Firstly bear sprays can be in the form of stream spray or foggy spray, although foggy sprays are much more widely used.

The second can be whether the spray is extremely potent or just potent depending on the capsaicin content in it. The maximum allowed level of pepper in such sprays is two percent and many good sprays contain this concentration. Other than this, these can be classified on the basis of their weight and ease of use as well.   


Best Bear Sprays – How to use

Bear sprays are not designed for ordinary purposes and one cannot just go up one day to the wilderness and successfully deter a bear( only and only if it attacks on it’s one). Hence one needs to practice with training cans or water cans beforehand. The following are a few things and steps to keep in mind for effectively using bear spray.

  1.  Firstly do not intentionally tease a bear or use the spray on a calm bear for fun
  2.  Always keep the can away from extreme heat (120°F) and cold (-7°F) 
  3.  Always keep the holster on yourself in such a place where it is completely accessible
  4.  Never forget to practice spraying (with practice cans) at least three times to know the complete mechanism of the spraying can
  5. If you happen to encounter a bear, don’t try to run away or stop still
  6. Hold the can firmly and be quick to open the lock and spray directly in the face of the animal
  7. Always keep the angle of the can a little elevated so that it reaches the face
  8. Keep spraying until the bear/ animal backs off 
  9. After the animal retreats move away quickly in another direction (preferably opposite direction)



Are bear sprays harmful for bears?

Sprays certified by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) are usually not harmful to the bears in the long run. The maximum allowed content for pepper is 2% and must be followed throughout the world. Bear sprays basically work the same way as pepper spray would work on a human being. It attacks the eyes and nose mainly and leaves the animal disabled for a short duration of time such as thirty minutes to an hour giving enough time to you to escape from the scene. Some people might consider it inhumane but this is much better than killing or injuring the bear. After some time the bear will return to its normal state and no permanent injuries due to pepper spray have been recorded.  

Are bear sprays safe for human beings?

Like the bears, these sprays have a similar effect on human beings too. And again the effect will disappear within an hour or so. Washing the eyes and face with cold water will speed up the process of providing relief if you accidentally spray yourself. You could even spray yourself due to a back spray while you are spraying at the animal due to wind direction. There are no permanent effects on the human body but still one must always avoid coming in direct contact with bear sprays.  

How long will a can of bear spray last?

Quite honestly it depends on the timing and the requirement of the use. Different companies have different rates of dispersion and as a result, spray different amounts of peppers in one second. It also depends on the intensity of the attack that you are facing. If the bear is too close you might even need to empty the entire can in one go. Sometimes different bears may take different durations to react to the spray. Hence bear spray is used as per requirement and there is no particular number of uses of a can.

Will a normal pepper spray work instead of bear spray?

The composition of pepper spray and bear spray is quite the same but the intensity of action isn’t. Bears are much more sensitive than human beings in terms of their olfactory senses. Hence they do not require a very strong pepper spray. Also, bear sprays are certified by proper agencies and also by wildlife guidelines. Hence it’s not advisable to use normal pepper sprays on wild animals. Always buy a tried and tested bear spray for best results.   

Why is bear spray necessary?

In areas that are highly inhabited by bears keeping a bear spray is always ideal. If you live in such an area it is definitely a must for you to keep one. Bears are huge wild animals that do not usually attack but if they feel endangered they will definitely attack and they are really quick in doing so. Many people are not able to defend themselves in such conditions while some might use guns and defensively kill the animal. In either cases, there is the loss of life, and bear sprays are a middle path for this situation. It keeps the bear alive and you too. It is the best way to keep away wild bears without lethally hurting it.   



Using a bear spray is perhaps the best solution that one can have for charging and attacking bears. Bear sprays are manufactured with the utmost care and precision and are checked thoroughly in all aspects before going out in the market. Buying a spray that comes in direct contact with living beings should be bought cautiously and with much thought and knowledge. This article aims to tell you about a few of the best bear sprays so that you can pick yourself the most suitable one.

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