Top 10 Best Bow Hunting Backpack 2020 Reviews | Buyer’s Guide

Hunting for humans means being in control and being dominant at the same time. It’s more than just taking a shot and killing an animal. The task requires a lot of patience and you cannot hunt bare hands for sure.

Therefore, having the right weapons in your hunting arsenal determines how successful you will be in the pursuit of the target.

Best bow hunting backpack can be found in various sizes, designs, different ranges of prices, for different terrains, and as per different hunting opportunities. If we look at it in a different way, a backpack might not be a necessary item to go hunting, but it can definitely make the trip easier by storing all your hunting gear in one convenient place, resulting in a successful hunting trip.

The last thing you want to be doing out in the wild is scrambling around in your backpack looking for what you need. That gives rise to a good quality backpack which not only holds all the necessary hunting gear, but it will also securely hold your bow and your arrows in an organized fashion.

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The immense popularity of hunting these days which is also increasing day by day, many people are doing business with hunting accessories and hence it can become a little difficult to find the right backpack for you. You might have to struggle a lot for finding a great one. To ease up the trouble, we have prepared a list of 10 best bow hunting backpacks and reviewed them as well so you buy the best one suited for you.

List Of Top 10 Bow Hunting Backpacks For The Money

Best Bow Hunting Backpack Reviews

#1 ALPS Outdoor Z Pursuit Hunting Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit, Mossy Oak Country

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The Alps Outdoor Z Pursuit hunting bag is built keeping in view the hunter in mind. It’s great for taking on a day’s hunting trip and is designed to hold plenty of gear; with the 2,700 cubic inches of space that it holds, you can carry everything you need for a day or overnight camping trip. It has a large front pocket, the main pocket, an organizational front pocket and a quiver holder to the side which places the arrows conveniently within your reach.

There are also plenty of other pockets for smaller items that are valuable and you might need on the journey and also includes two of them conveniently placed on the supportive belt.

The brushed “raintree” camouflage design on the backpack makes it easy for you to blend into the environment and promotes easy movement. The bag also has an individual opening for a hydration bladder for the water-thirsty beast in you. The bag provides you the needed stability with the help of the internal aluminum frame, especially when you are covering the uneven ground. The bag is designed picturing your safety in mind, and it includes a blaze orange rain fly that will keep your gear dry for those eventual rainy moments.

It weighs just 4 ounces making the overall weight low and making your travel easier and lighter. The body of the pack is made of a brushed mossy oak break-up country fabric that is meant to thrive the harsh outdoor conditions while keeping your safe inside. It takes in the scratches that are bound to happen from things like bushes and branches, but will still escape unscathed. The padded back and waist belt will provide comfort for your back and shoulders while carrying the load and allowing you to go farther.


  • Has a design that fits different types of bows.
  • This backpack provides enough room for all your gear.
  • The padded back and waist belt make it comfortable to carry the backpack.
  • Included blaze orange rain cover to keep water from reaching the contents inside.
  • Can also fit a rifle.,


  • Doesn’t have a meat hauling pocket.
  • The quality of the material can be improved.

#2 ALPS OutdoorZ Pathfinder Hunting Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Brushed Pathfinder Hunting Pack, Realtree Edge | best Bow hunting backpack review

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The ALPS Outdoor Z Pathfinder hunting bag is the epitome of versatility. It is made by hunters, for the hunter in you and is designed like a fanny pack that can still carry a capacity of 800 cubic inches. When you find the size of the bag small for all your hunting gear, the Pathfinder can effortlessly transform from a fanny pack to a daypack just by unrolling the daypack from inside the fanny, giving you an additional 1900 cubic inches of carrying capacity. In total, you’ll have 2700 cubic inches to stuff your gear in.

There is a range of pockets and compartments in the backpack including two side pockets, a front pocket, the main pocket, the fanny pocket, and the day pack pocket for all your necessary items. You also get a bow carrying mode for accommodating whatever type of bow you own, holding the bow securely, giving you easy access to it, and a hauling mode that can be used after switching over from the former mode once you are done hunting and want to store the meat.

For added comfort, the waist belt, and shoulder harness system are padded which will also help distribute the weight evenly across your back making the load seem lighter than it actually is. You can also attach the ALPS Outdoor Z accessory pockets onto the pack for added compartments.


  • A versatile bag pack
  • Can turn from a fanny pack to a daypack
  • The waist belt and shoulder harness system are padded for extra comfort
  • Lightweight.
  • Best bow hunting backpack.


  • Clumsy to use.

#3 ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber Day Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Dark Timber Hunting Day Pack | Top 10 bow hunting backpack

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The Alps Outdoor Z Dark Timber day pack is a highly functional bow hunting backpack that allows you to carry your essentials and hunting gear in an organized and accessible manner. The day pack comes with a variety of compartments for storing all your necessities at one place in an organized fashion.

The list includes a large accessory pocket and main storage compartment which offers plenty of organization and storage space; a lower storage pocket, as well as a hydration pocket to keep the water so that you always stay hydrated; side mesh pockets, so you can have everything you require at hand. When you are carrying a lot of things, it might make the bag bulky to carry, but with this bag, you have the option of using the side compression straps to make everything as compact as possible.

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The capacity of this unit is 37 liters, and the backpack itself weighs approximately two pounds making it extremely light so that you can stuff more and more amount of gear you require. One of the most organized features it comes with is the fact that a padded waist belt and padded shoulder straps have been added to its design so as to make carrying it as comfortable as possible.

The side compression straps help to bring the pack’s weight closer to your body, making carrying heavy loads easier and more comfortable. The adjustable sternum strap ensures a comfortable and secure fit to your body and the bartacked webbing creates multiple attachment points on the front of the pack for lashing extra gear, making this product a superb choice for your next day hunting activity.


  • The adjustable sternum strap will ensure a comfortable fit to your body.
  • Both the waist belt and shoulder straps are padded for added comfort
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Lot of compartment to store your gear


  • Not built for tall people.


#4 Tenzing TZ 4000 Backcountry Hunting and Hiking Pack

Tenzing TZ 4000 Hunting Backpack | Hunting Backpacks with bow holder

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The Tenzing TZ 4000 hunting pack is the super-compact backpack that you have been looking for. Don’t fall for the looks of the bag because I will look rather small, however, it will offer a sufficient carrying space of 2500 cubic inches. Even after that, you need more space, the side of the pack reveals expanding compartments that offer an extra 300 cubic inches.
There’s a central meat compartment, in addition, that carries the meat on your way back taking in a staggering 1400 cubic inches.

The bag is endowed with an adjustable torso suspension to be able to carry a whopping load. The TZ 4000 also has an internal aluminum frame that makes it much easier to carry the heavy gear you carry in the pack. With all this, you can still comfortably carry the pack irrespective of body size.

There is an included foldout carrying boot that not only accommodates your bow and arrows but can also carry a gun making the bag ideal for all hunters.  The bag is channeled properly, allowing for an air-cooled back pad that is an ideal choice for you as a hunter or you are willing to go on a hike.


  • Extra compartments for additional space
  • The internal aluminum frame makes it easier to carry a heavy load
  • Foldout carrying boot for all your weapons
  • Air-cooled back pad


  • The bag weighs more than needed.


#5 Eberlestock X1 Euro II

Eberlestock X1 Euro II | best bow hunting backpacks 2019

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The Eberlestock X1 Euro II is simply a beautiful hunting pack that is extremely well laid out. It has a giant top loading area that is complemented by a lower front door giving separate access to the bottom of the pack. The backpack has a patented centreline Back scabbard which is wider with a new compression-style stability feature that holds almost all your hunting rifles stably, from the lever to bolt action to AR-type rifles while maintaining the level of awesomeness a hunter would want on any day.

The backpack features a large main compartment with a new ultralight Molle-10 webbing matrix that helps you with the level of comfort. It has excellent accessibility to the whole interior of the pack, through both top-loading and lower front-loading zippers. There is a fold-down shelf in the bag that allows you to use the upper and lower chambers independently, or as a combined space to keep your things organized or at one place as you require.

Additionally, the bag provides storage pockets to keep your smaller items organized in dedicated spaces. The vertically adjustable shoulder harness allows a custom fit to most torso lengths. It comes with a Gossamer lightweight polycarbonate frame, providing more support which is well suited for packing heavier loads. The material used for the construction of the bag is an NT7 waterproof fabric that won’t allow any drop of water to enter the bag.

The additional compartments that the bag offers are two water bottle pockets and three zippered pockets round out the exterior features with a hydration sleeve on the back wall.


  • New ultralight Molle-10 webbing matrix
  • Top-loading and lower front-loading zippers provides easy accessibility
  • Adjustable shoulder harness allows a custom fit to most torso lengths
  • Water resistant


  • Not meant for a long haul.


#6 Badlands Superday Camouflage Hunting Backpack

Badlands Superday Camouflage Hunting Backpack - Bow, Rifle, and Pistol Compatible, Realtree Xtra

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The Badlands Superday Camouflage backpack has turned out to be a highly efficient daypack for your hunting pursuits. It is a great alternative when you need plenty of room for all of your essentials and your weapons of choice. The bag can be used to carry a bow, a rifle, or a pistol and many more weapons of your choice.

The Badlands option is a highly recommended choice since it comes with an ergonomically designed molded foam suspension that becomes more comfortable with the number of uses because it continues to conform to your unique shape and the camo design lets you blend in the outdoor environment, too.

The model is hydration compatible, which means that it is capable of holding a 2-liter water bladder safely and snugly so that you won’t become dehydrated on the way of your expedition. The main capacity of this backpack is 23.6 liters or 1440 cubic inches, and it comes with as many as seven pockets. It weighs in at 3 pounds and 15 ounces, not being as light in weight as one would think, also given the fact that you’ll fill it up with various things making it heavier.

The Superday packs all the gear for a day hunt with strategic features and pocket placement so you can focus without distraction. Badlands’ KXO-32 fabric is the strongest, quietest, most waterproof material in the hunting world because the company claims to have tried 31 different combos before they finally got it right. Its high-tech materials will bring you an ultra-stealthy pack that won’t give up your blind.

The Thermo-Mold suspension matches the contours of your body for added comfort and stability. Plus, it’s waterproof and resists mold, mildew, and other similar stuff to keep your gear dry all along the trip.


  • 3 back compression straps to give you lots of options for hauling gear
  • Super water-resistant material used
  • It is a 2L reservoir compatible
  • Can carry heavy loads with comfort


  • Expensive model.


#7 Huntvp 25L Military Backpack Rucksack

SUNVP Protector Plus Military Molle Backpack, 25L | Hunting Backpacks reviews

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The Huntvp Military Backpack was designed with long treks and hard roads in mind. The interior is designed to cradle all your valuables, keeping them safe and dry while you move through nearly any weather. The overall backpack is made from waterproof Desert Camo fabric that won’t fade in the sun or rot even after being soaked.

All the stitching and webbing are military-grade nylon material. The bag is not bladder compatible but the mesh sides will offer you a great place for keeping water bottles.

The best part is the MOLLE expansion system making the bag is compatible with MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) which are a series of expansions for your bag to add extra pockets, water bladders, weapon holders, and other accessories. It is a versatile bag that is suitable for fitness, outdoor travel, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

The bag also features a chest sliding adjustment system that can quickly adjust to their comfortable state to offer you more cozy feeling while carrying the bag around.


  • Versatile in nature
  • Molle external expansion system
  • Waterproof model
  • Military grade stitching


  • Not as durable as it should be
  • Quality of the material can still be improved


#8 Tenzing TX 14 Day Pack

Tenzing TZ 4000 Hunting Backpack

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The Tenzing TX 14-day pack is an ultra-lightweight yet roomy that will carry much more than your essentials. This uniquely designed Tenzing hunting pack features a spacious 20″x12″x6.5″the main compartment with an oversized, yellow-coded zipper for quick sighting when you need gear in a hurry.

The bag weighs under two pounds and provides you 1,600 cubic inches of storage space making it a good choice for your next trip. The face compartment has 7 organization pockets to keep the small valuables that you have to carry in an organized manner and not in a haphazard manner.
The extra-soft and quiet tricot fabric construction the bag features ensures a quiet movement.

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The bag also has an H2O-compatible design that lets you bring your hydration reservoir so that stay hydrated all the time. The TX 14 Day Pack also includes a channeled, air-cooled back pad, a padded shoulder harness with an adjustable sternum strap to offer unmatched comfort to keep you focused on the hunt.

It also comes with 4 lateral compression straps to secure the load and Hypalon reinforced stress points to provide the added comfort of carrying the bag for the long haul. Its low-profile design, specialized pockets and water reservoir compartment make it ideal for tree stand or day hunting.


  • Channeled, air-cooled back pad
  • H2O compatible bag
  • Four lateral compression straps to secure load
  • Ultra-soft and quiet tricot fabric
  • 7 compartments for storing items


  • Zippers are weak

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#9 Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack

Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Backpack | Hunting Backpacks with bow holder

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The Badlands 2200 Camouflage is one of the fine works of art. Nothing underscores the fact that the company provides its customers unlimited lifetime warranty, showing us how confident they are in their workmanship.

The bag comes with dimensions of 19 inches by 17 inches by 19 inches, which leaves a large enough footprint to offer you the ability to carry all we need. With eight pockets that combine to give a total of 2250 cubic inches carrying capacity, the bag gives you a lot of space to carry all the things you will be needing on the trip. The array of pockets, straps, and compartments offers you no shortage of room for your hunting essentials.

There is an additional meat shelf for storing your meat load after the hunting session comes to an end. This pack has an internal T-6 aircraft aluminum frame that evenly distributes the weight on the pack and brings it to rest on your hips.  The bag is made up of KXO-32 fabric, inheriting the strength and durability of the material.

This fabric keeps the pack looking good, even in the face of harsh outdoor conditions, and gives the pack a silent quality which enables you to pray without the prey knowing your presence easily. The said material is also waterproof, allowing you peace of mind even when you are out in the rain. The pack can hold up to a 2-liter water reservoir.


  • Waterproof and soundproof material
  • Versatile in nature
  • T-6 Aircraft Aluminium Frame
  • 8 Organization pockets for storing maximum items for the go
  • Rifle and Bow Boot


  • Less number of larger pockets.


#10 Tenzing TZ 4000 Backcountry Hunting and Hiking Pack

Tenzing TZ 4000 Hunting Backpack, Kryptek Highlander

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The Tenzing Tz 4000 Pack is an ideal choice for the hunters and the hikers out there looking for a strong and durable option this season. The bag comes with an integral rain cover that is solid and a hundred percent waterproof and is big enough to cover the whole backpack and keep it and its contents dry during a heavy downpour.

One of the highlights of the TZ 4000 is its unique ability to be configured into 3 different sizes with very simple adjustments. The pack provides you with 2,500 cubic inches of space and if you ever need more space, you can easily open the pack’s expanding side compartments to get an additional 300 cubic inches of space.

The TZ 4000 comes with two fluted, rigid internal aluminum frame and adjustable suspension that are added to transfer the weight of the load in the pack to the wearer’s hips preventing the weight of the load from being carried solely by the wearer’s back and shoulders, which are not as strong as the hips. The channeled, air-cooled back pad allows air to travel between the back panel and wearer’s back in order to keep the place cool and the wearer free of perspiration.

The pack comes with an H20 reservoir pocket that can contain about 3 liters of to keep you hydrated. There is an expandable and breathable meat compartment, which allows you to conveniently and safely pack out as much meat as you can. It’s smart, foldout, gun and bow carrying boot that can securely and conveniently store your gun or bow.

The TZ 4000 has a total of four vertical compression straps and five horizontal compression straps to secure the load the pack carries, thereby preventing the much-dreaded backpack sway.


  • Lightweight and durable 
  • A versatile and multi-purpose bag
  • Hip belt pockets are very roomy. 
  • Spacious and well designed
  • Easily adjustable and very comfortable to wear


  • Water bottle pockets are not big enough
  • Not best suited for tall people.

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How To Choose The Best Bow Hunting Backpack | Buyer’s Guide

Before marching out there, you should know a few things about the Hunting Backpacks with bow holders so that you don’t make any rash decisions before buying one. Salespersons can be intimidating sometimes and you should know all the necessary details about the item you are going to purchase so that you don’t fall to their trick. Hence here are some pointers to consider before you buy a good quality backpack.

Size of the Bag

The size of the hunting backpack is a very crucial part of the journey because it not only refers to the amount of gear it can carry but also how well it fits your body type. It becomes important to make sure that the pack is comfortable and light to carry so that if you are to cover more grounds for hunting, you can save your energy. The backpack should fit the length of your torso to ensure maximum comfort, even on longer hikes.

If the backpack doesn’t fit your frame properly it can cause painful backaches causing you to end the trip before you set up camp.


Design of the Bag

Another aspect to consider is what kind of design you would want in your hunting backpack. From that, the question arises whether you want an external or internal frame?

If you are planning on carrying meat in the backpack, you will probably want the added support you get from an external frame. The frame can not only support heavier weights, but it also allows cool air to flow between your back and the backpack so that you stay comfortable on warmer days. You should also note that external frames can be a little unstable since it is held away from your back, and therefore a larger size might not be ideal in all situations.

On the other hand, internal frames might not be designed to haul heavier loads, but it does have the advantage of comfort and smaller size. The frame is designed to form to your body giving more stability. It is your best choice if you aren’t planning on carrying a lot of meat or gear. Additional straps can also be used to keep gear firmly in place, which can also help with you keep your balance since the load isn’t shifting every time you move.


Backpack Type

When you are looking for a best bow hunting backpack that you have to carry out in the wild, there are only two you need to look upon. Firstly, there are single day packs that are smaller in design as well as in size and are also easier to carry. Most of them come with 3,000 cubic inches of interior space so that you can store enough gear for one day. But if you are going for a longer period of time you will definitely need a larger backpack and you have multi-day backpacks.

These typically have 4,500 cubic inches of storage space and some can even measure up to 7,000 cubic inches so that you can carry larger stuff for the extended journey.

These packs can be awkward and heavy to carry, and hence you also have to see the distance and terrain that you will be using them. You want them to be large and spacious enough to carry enough gear for one day or longer, while still being light enough to easily carry up to a tree stand. These hunting backpacks also come with a convenient strap so you can hang it from a nearby branch and also keeping the pack close by and off the wet ground.


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The material of the Bag

Hunting Backpacks with bow holders that are water-resistant are more common nowadays and aren’t as expensive as they used to be. When choosing the right backpack, the quality of the material will tell you whether the backpacks will be durable or not. The right built backpacks can also be endowed with a water-resistant ability when exposed to wetness, for instance; unexpected downpours.

Many manufacturers use a combination of materials in order to improve durability. A combination of materials like Hypalon and Aramid allows the backpacks to retain a higher quality even under massive loads of weight. Therefore, choose the correct material backpack before actually purchasing one.


Comfort Level

The comfort of the backpack will determine how much load you will be able to carry with the least discomfort. Daypacks are better for shorter trips and lighter loads. With daypacks, be sure to look for compression straps and waist belts for increased comfort as they help distribute the weight of the load you are carrying for superior comfort.

They also have padding on the back, shoulder straps, and waist belt to enhance comfort. An additional feature of compression straps may also be present. These, when fastened, will push the load higher and ease the burden of carrying such heft.


Meat Hauling Pockets

If you are a good hunter and thinking about getting super lucky on the hunting trip, you’ll be carrying, perhaps, a huge load of meat on your way back. For that, you need a best bow hunting backpack that will provide enough space for the meat. It should have a dedicated meat pocket which should provide proper aeration so your meat doesn’t spoil on the journey back.

Some bags may even have pockets that fold away from sight and can be easily unleashed when needed make it convenient to use these kinds of packs and also increases their carrying capacity when unfolded.


A backpack that offers a short warranty shows the amount of confidence the creators have in their product. The shorter the warranty the less confidence the manufacturers have in the backpack’s construction. While the companies offering genuine products will offer lifetime or unlimited warranties meaning that whatever happens to your backpack that isn’t your fault, they will quickly come to your aid.

This can also mean that such backpacks that are wonderfully built and won’t show any signs of defects no matter how long you use them. Therefore, you should definitely look out for such backpacks.

Buying Guide About Best Bow Hunting Backpack

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A good Hunting Backpack with bow holder can help you carry and keep your gear organized, and some are even designed to hold your bow or firearm. Such a bag cuts down on the number of different bags you might have to bring, as you can fit all of your hunting equipment into a single bag. The best indicator of a genuine product is the warranty, but there are always other features to count upon for a decent bag to carry around.

Our list above contains the best bow hunting backpack reviews you can find in the market. Depending on your taste and preferences, you can choose any of the products listed above and then you can make a smart purchasing decision and pick the right backpack for your next hunting trip.

Top 10 Best Bow Hunting Backpack 2020 Reviews | Buyer's Guide
Top 10 Best Bow Hunting Backpack 2020 Reviews | Buyer's Guide 11

Best bow hunting backpack can be found in various sizes, designs, different ranges of prices, for different terrains, and as per different hunting opportunities. If we look at it in a different way, a backpack might not be a necessary item to go hunting, but it can definitely make the trip easier by storing all your hunting gear in one convenient place, resulting in a successful hunting trip.

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