Top 10 Best Camping Mattress For Bad Back 2020 [Camping Bed]

Most of us when we go out camping we want a relaxing slumber to get rid of the tired body and wake up rejuvenated and ready for another day full of adventures. And spending leisure time outdoors can be an exceptionally good strategy for winding down and recovering from the humdrum and the business of daily life. It’s a holiday and a holiday’s got to be about recovery! And for people who have lower back pain has it harder.

It’s even painful to think about camping because of the pain. And I guess, everyone wants a comfortable bed to sleep in. but in most cases, while engaging in outdoor activities such as camping, not many people are well equipped to achieve their goals.  But you have no need to worry. We have got it covered for you. Just read through this guide and you will not only have answers to all of your questions but also by the end of it, you will have chosen your camp bed!

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Things To Consider Before Buying Best Camping Mattress For Bad Back

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While choosing a camping bed you should look for a few things:-


It is important that the bed you are carrying can be easily carried or else it will just become a burden and spoil your trip. It is necessary to assess your camping trip and choose a bed according to it. Now, sleeping bags tend to be highly portable but often they lack the support of air mattresses. On the other hand, air mattresses can be extremely comfortable but unfortunately, they are prone to deflation.

They also require access to an air pump which can be difficult to carry if you are camping alone. Cots are slightly bulky than sleeping pads but are generally not quite as intensive to set up like an air mattress. They are known to provide great support and many people prefer to sleep elevated off the ground due to bugs and insects. But the problem arises when the tent is not larger.

If the tent is smaller the cot won’t fit since it takes up a lot of room. At the end of the day, it all boils down to your choice and taste.

Ready beds and all-in-one Beds:

This kind of bed generally consists of a self-inflating or inflatable air mattress with an attached sleeping bag. Most of these are specifically designed for camping and thus, are easily portable. Some prefer sleeping bags that can be zipped away from the base. This is more popular with kids but in recent times it has been noted that an increasing number of adults are also buying it.

Double height Air Mattresses: double-height mattresses keep you well off the ground. This makes you feel as if you are getting into a real bed and as such can be a very good option if it has no mobility problems. As well as looking and feeling more like a real bed, double-height air mattresses are very comfortable.

Due to their size, they can take considerable time to inflate so a 12v or battery-powered pump should be bought alongside the bed. On a shocking note. Inflating with a foot pump takes approximately 17 years so yeah.

Folding camp beds:

This type of camp beds is frequently used by the military. This type of bed offers good levels of comfort. Stretched canvas is generally attached to a folding aluminum frame. To erect, typically the aluminum poles are placed at both end and slot into position to pull the canvas taut and keep the whole structure rigid.  


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Top 10 Best Camping Mattress For Couples


Top 10 Best Camping Beds For Bad Back Reviews

#1 Coleman Cot Twin Pack-away w/Side table

Coleman Cot Twin Pack

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This cot is ideal for sitting, reclining and sleeping. An extra design is that it provides ample resting room. It also comes with a convenient removable side table with a cup holder, where you can keep your drinks, books or any other personal items. The steel frame with which it’s made up of can support up to 300 pounds and is built to withstand a season of rugged use.

It’s also extremely portable with easy folding. This product also comes with a carry bag and it conveniently fits inside most car trunks. It can accommodate most people up to 6 feet 6 inches tall.  When the cot is folded it measures 80 x 44 x 17 inches. The weight of this product is 7 pounds. Unfolding and folding are extremely easy as many customers reported. This cot is so good there are no cons!


  • Ample resting room
  • Side table
  • Steel frame
  • Can support 300 Pounds
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Easy to setup


  • None


#2 Coleman Camping cot, Air mattress, and pump combo folding

Coleman Camping Cot, Air Mattress

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The cot is queen-sized and is ideal for camping. The mattress features Comfort Strong coil construction for support and comfort. It also has an airtight system prevents the mattress from leaking. Its sturdy steel cot supports up to 600 pounds and can accommodate most people up to 6 feet 2 inches in height. The product comes with a 4D battery-operated the pump.

There are also two side tables with cup holders which can be used to keep drinks and other personal items.  This product has a one year warranty. The batteries for the battery-operated pump is sold separately. Product dimensions are 59 x 22 x78 inches and it weighs 48.8 pounds. A problem has been noted. The fabric of the cot and the vinyl air mattress are incredibly loud so with the lightest moving around the cot makes a loud noise.


  • Comfort Strong coil construction
  • Airtight system
  • Support up to 600 pounds
  • One year warranty
  • 4D Battery


  • Prone to making noise with the slightest movement

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#3 King Koil Queen Size Luxury Raised Air mattress

King Koil QUEEN SIZE Luxury Raised Air Mattress

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King Koil airbeds have enhanced coil technology which provides the support you and your guests need for a sound sleep. Air filled coils and internal layering naturally support the body keeping your spine in the correct posture. This product is so high quality it is punctual resistant material prevents normal wear and tear that can sink an area air mattress. The durable PVC combines with soft flickering create a waterproof; extremely durable airbed which can withstand anything for long periods of time. The King Koil beds also flocked on both top and sides with velvety soft material. The pump is high speed so that you can easily maintain adjust the blow-up bed’s firmness level. It also features separate inflation and deflation valves. It is so easy that you can inflate or deflate the queen size mattress in just two minutes!  Product dimensions are 76 x 38 x 20 inches. This cot has a weight limit of 350 pounds. Item weighs about 17 pounds.


  • Enhanced Coil technology
  • Air-filled coils and Internal Layering
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Inflation and deflation valves
  • Can carry up to 350 pounds
  • Built-in pump system


  • Slightly heavy to carry


#4 King camp Camping Cot XL Mattress

KingCamp Camping Cot XL Oversized Heavy Duty Folding Bed

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This product has washable 1200D Jacquard Oxford Fabric and comes with a carry bag. Product dimension is 82 x 29.5 x 15 inches. It weighs 13 pounds and has a weight capacity of 400 lbs. The cot has a high strength steel and aluminum tubes bracket and triangle structure which help it stand firmly on the ground.  This product is heavy duty. It’s highly portable and sets up quickly and easily.

You can sleep comfortably without the need for pillows because of the unique shape where the top flanges. There is also 3 in 1 pocket for your magazines, phone, drinks or snacks. This cot fits most people up to 6 ft 2 inches. It is very sturdy and extremely comfortable. However, the size of the cot is quite big and slightly difficult to pack.  


  • High Strength Steel
  • Aluminum Tubes bracket
  • Highly portable
  • Unique shape
  • Pockets
  • Sturdy


  • Size is quite big.


#5 World Outdoor Products Military Style Mattress

World Outdoor Products Military Style Aircraft Grade Anodized Aluminum Frame Camping Cot

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Military-style aircraft grade anodized aluminum frame camping cot is one of the most popular cots available. It has the quality standards that are demanded by the USA Military. The OD Green 600 D Polyester Fabric is washable. It is also water and mildew resistant. What else can one need?! It is not only perfect for camping and hunting but also for home uses. It can handle any kind of weather conditions.

The military styles cot stands 17 inches above the ground so it is easy to get into it or get out of it and plus, you can also store gear underneath it. It comes with a matching carry bag with shoulder strap. The cot has reinforced steel pipes inside legs for superior durability. When it is expanded the product’s dimensions are 77 x 25 x 17 inches. And when folded it becomes 38 x 6 x 4 inches. It has a weight capacity of 385 pounds and it weighs 13 pounds.


  • Durable
  • Steel pipes
  • Weight capacity of 385 pounds
  • Water and mildew resistant


  • None

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#6 TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camp Cot; Folding  Cot great For car camping

TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camp Cot

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The Outfitter has a quick and easy setup. It’s XXL so it has no size limit. It’s long and wide and you will have plenty of room to spread out and relax. The cot also folds up easily for storage purposes. The patented all steel S-leg design strengthens the cot. With the help of innovative rubber brushings, the outfitter absorbs shock and adds firm support.

Dimensions (set up): 85 x 40 x 19 inch

Dimensions (stored): 42 x 12 x 7 inch

Weight: 26 pounds

Frame: Aluminum

Legs: steel

Weight capacity: 600 pounds

Due to the fact that the frame is made out of aluminum, it is lightweight and sturdy. It also has easy-attach connecting pins. Alongside the cot comes a sturdy oxford storage bag which makes transport and storage easy. A unique feature is the pivot arm revolution.

The pivot arm makes putting that last end bar in place easy and quick. This product also has a lifetime warranty. This cot is known for its comfort throughout the world. While few customers have complained about its size is a bit too large so difficult to carry but most have been thoroughly impressed with its comfort factor.


  • Easy setup
  • XXL
  • patented all steel S-leg design
  • Lightweight
  • Pivot Arm
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Size big for some


#7 Byer of Maine  Easy Cot, Ideal for Camping and Hunting, Indoor Guest Bed

Top 10 Best Camping Mattress For Bad Back 2020 [Camping Bed] 11

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Features an extremely easy setup and proved to be ideal for any weather conditions. The 600 Denier polyester fabric and steel legs hold up to 325 lbs. it is 78 inches long and 31 inches wide. This full sized cot accommodates people well over 6 feet tall. The cot already has legs attached to it so there’s no straining to fit ends in holes or keep track of loose parts. You have to just unfold it and it’s ready to go!

It is also very durable and strong due to its all-steel frame and welded hinges. It provides ample strength and support which makes it a perfect choice for frequent campers. Five reinforced panels increase the strength and durability of the fabric. This and the frame make it ideal when it comes to durability. This product comes with a carry bag with a heavy-duty strap to make transport convenient.

Its own weight is about 21 pounds while it can hold up to 250 lbs.  This cot is superior and is very stable and comfortable. The customer service is incredible and is always ready to answer all your questions. This product has no cons! It is also highly recommended.


  • 600 Denier polyester fabric
  • cot already has legs attached
  • all-steel frame and welded hinges
  • Five reinforced panels
  • Durable
  • Great Customer service


  • None


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#8 Coleman Comfort Smart Cot

Coleman Camping Cot with Sleeping Pad

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Comfort Smart coil suspension offers a bed-like feel. The mattress is foam covered and the frame is steel to provide comfort and stability. This product can support up to 300 pounds.

Dimensions: 80 x 30 x 15 inches

Weight: 19.62 pounds

It can fit people up to a height of 6 feet 6 inches. The cot is really big and it’s necessary to only buy it when you are sure that you have the right amount of space. The pad that comes on top has been reported to be really comfortable and the canvas portion of the cot has impressed many.


  • Bed-like feel
  • foam covered mattress
  • Comfortable
  • Durable


  • Quite big


#9 Coleman Air Mattress

Coleman Air Mattress

Check Price

This product offers an extra-high design which makes getting in and out of bed relatively easier and offers extra cushioning. Soft plush top with support lock reinforced constrictions adds to the cot’s stability. The cot is airtight and has a double lock valve which prevents leaks.

You can just fold, roll and store because of its Wrap N’ Roll built-in storage system. Comfort Strong coil system provides better support for all-night comfort. It is queen sized and can support up to 600 pounds.

Approximate inflated dimensions: 78 x 60 x 18 inches

Weight: 14.75 pounds

It has a one year warranty. This product is also known to be very comfortable with a sturdy structure and easy setup.


  • Extra high design
  • Soft plush top
  • Airtight
  • Double lock valve
  • Wrap n Roll built-in storage system
  • Comfort Strong coil


  • Some customers have reported sagging of the mattress after a few uses.

#10 Chinook 29250 Heavy Duty Padded Cot (33 inches)

Chinook Heavy Duty Padded Cot

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This cot has a quick hassle-free setup. You can just unfold it and it is ready to use. The backrest settings are adjustable. The sleeping surface is padded with a built-in pillow for superior comfort and warmth. This product is made out of a heavy-duty welded aluminum frame with a height adjustment system.

The 600 Denier nylon fabrics are known for their lasting performance. The cot also folds up compactly for easy storage and transportation.

Dimensions (open): 80 x 33 x 20 inches

Weight: 17.45 pounds

Some have complained that the leg adjustments were slightly light-duty other than that this cot has not received any complaints.


  • Easy setup
  • Heavy-duty Aluminum frame
  • 600 Denier Nylon fabric


  • leg adjustments were slightly light duty

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Buying Guide about Best Camping Mattress

When you are on the camping venture, it is very essential to carry all the necessary things with you. In case you miss out on any important thing, it can turn out to be a spoiler for your camping excursion. Apart from all the equipment’s and gear; a comfortable mattress is very significant. The entire time that you will spend by relishing the nature and scenic beauty of the surroundings will totally exhaust you by the end of the day. At such point you would not trade your sleep and peace over an uncomfortable mattress. To relax and sleep comfortably at the campsite, you will have to look after an ideal mattress that would be adaptable and accommodating as per your requirements.

Let’s quickly go through the following pointers that talk about the factors that you have to consider before purchasing an ideal camping mattress:

  • Material

The composition entirely matters. We recommend you to go with a mattress that is composed of high quality and comforting materials. Apart from being agreeable, the material must be water-resistant and tear-resistant. The quality of the material highly determines the durability and sturdiness of the mattress.

  • Insulation R-value

A high R-value mattress will offer you enhanced insulation and warmness. This is typically ideal for outdoor camping excursions.

  • Inflation and deflation

This is one of the fundamental things to remember as a sleeping mattress won’t be very useful in the event that it doesn’t blow up (inflate) and empty (deflate) effectively when required. A self-inflating sleeping mattress is extremely useful as it doesn’t require any manual impelling to blow up it.

  • Shape and size

Needless to say, camping mattresses are accessible in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. However, the straight mattress is the topmost preferred mattress. These sorts of mattresses offer sufficient space to sleep or relax comfortably. On the contrary, a tapered mattress will somehow diminish the space utilized in the tent.

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FAQ About Best Camping Mattress for Bad Back

Which of them is best air mattress for daily use?
If you are looking to use one of these beds as a daily sleeper, then there are a few things to consider. Firstly, an air mattress will slowly lose inflation, no matter how well constructed it is. That means that periodic filings will be necessary to keep it at full inflation.

For this reason, camping cots are a popular solution for everyday use, because once you set them up, they remain quite sturdy and will not lose any support over the night. However these cots are more firm than their inflated counterparts, so a camping pad might be necessary to place on top of the cot.

Fortunately, most camping cot manufacturers make pads that are designed specifically for their products. 

What bed has the best weight limit?
From what we could tell, no other bed on our list had as great a weight limit as the ACTIVE ERA QUEEN SIZE AIR MATTRESS. At 550 pounds, the rating is high enough for two people and then some. This is a particularly good thing for an air mattress, where usually if you even approach the weight limit you might start to experience air leakage.

However, most camping cots have a pretty good weight limit, considering that they are only built for one person. Usually, this number is around 300 pounds, which should be more than enough for the adventurer.

Which of them are easier to clean?

Generally speaking, a camping pad will be easier to clean than an air mattress, simply because most camping pads have a removable cover that allows the surface area to be cleaned without exposing the internal foam to water damage.

If you are leaning towards an air mattress, then no need to worry. Air-inflated camp beds are almost always built to traditional sizing metrics, meaning that no matter what size you go with, you should be able to find a corresponding set of sheets to go along with it.

Seeing as how these kinds of beds are usually used around the house, this provides an easy way to keep your mattress looking great year after year.

Does the sleeping pad go inside the sleeping bag?
It goes inside the sleeping bag. Inflatable pads are filled with air, and that air maintains a higher temperature being inside the sleeping bag. In theory, when it’s outside the bag, it has more surface area exposed to the ambient temperature, therefore losing a little heat.
What are some extra features one should check out?
One of the most important features you can get in any camping mattress, but especially one that is designed to reduce back pain is a textured base.

A textured base will keep the mattress from slipping and sliding all night long, which in turn will help you to get the support you need. The valves for inflation and deflation should have large, easy-to-use seals as well.

How can you determine what kind of mattress you will you require?

You can determine the type of mattress you require if you know for what purpose you will be purchasing it. Are you car camping? Are you tent camping? What time of the year are you planning to go for camping? Plus, where are you camping? Once you know the exact purpose of your mattress, it will ultimately enable you to make a wise decision. In this way, you can identify and locate the most accommodating and adaptable mattress.

What are the different types of camping mattresses?

A great variety of camping mattresses are accessible out there. A few of them are cited in the following pointers:

  • Air mattresses (The name typically suggests, and air mattresses are completely jam-packed with air. Anyhow they weigh less than other mattresses.)
  • Closed-cell froth (These mattresses are composed of closed-cell foam. They do not demand any kind of inflating to assemble.)
  • Self-inflating mattresses (These mattresses are composed by the means of open-cell foam. They offer you a cushy feel and thus are highly recommended for outdoor camping excursions.)


To conclude this guide, we will give you some pointers or advice so that you can easily choose your favorite camp bed.

We have mentioned earlier about a type of fabric – 600 denier polyester fabric, this is basically a polyester fabric with a polyurethane back coating and highly durable water repellent finish. It makes the camp bed more durable. This type of fabric is usually super thick, durable, and sturdy. So what you get is a pretty comfortable and supportive sleeping surface.

Some more things to look for while making your choice for the best camping mattress for a bad back:

There are varying factors responsible for back pain, but sleeping on a bad bed or mattress can trigger your back pain to the maximum. For this reason, choosing the best camping bed for back problems is highly advisable and logical.

When it comes to choosing the best camping bed, comfort should be the first thing to look for along with finding a bed that minimizes pressure points like your back and shoulders. Generally, the bed should achieve a balance between support and comfort.

If you’re looking specifically for the best camping cot for a bad back, ensure that the frame is sturdy and comfortable and durable at the same time. This applies to the foam mattresses as well.

Another important factor to consider is the firmness of the camping bed mattress. Something you should remember is that a firm camping bed is not always better than a softer mattress. Many people must have told you firm mattresses are better for back pain.

But according to Neel Anand, M.D., a professor of orthopedic surgery and director of spine trauma at Cedars-Sinai Spine Center in Los Angeles, this guidance is pretty much outdated and has for a long time been overruled.

In reality, firm mattresses may actually be a reason for more back pain because there is not enough “give” near pressure points like your shoulders and hips. There are all sorts of camping beds to choose from, but try to avoid those which feature firm mattresses if you wish to have a painless camping adventure.

The design of the mattress matters too. There are beds that come with innerspring or coils and these are known to offer excellent support to your back. There are also those mattresses that offer some extra padding for additional support and comfort.

Popular camping beds like Airbeds, as mentioned earlier are also designed with comfort and support in mind.

One more thing to keep in mind is easy wrapping up. If it is difficult to wrap up it will give you unnecessary stress and increase your back pain for the worst.

Lucky for you, you have no need to endure long hours of scouring through online stores for the right camping beds for back pain. Our top 10 picks of the best camp beds for bad backs will have you choose the most suitable camping bed for pain-free camping.

To be honest, when you have back pain, everything you do can become tedious. Just the idea of camping can make your back hurt. 

If you happen to be adventurous and want to enjoy the call of the wild, you should be just as comfortable as everyone else.  You should never let your bad backstop you from these wonderful experiences.

Make sure you have a great camping pad that offers you the comfort and support you need throughout your trip. Be sure to look for something thick, light, and make sure that if you decide to go for air over foam, it offers enough firmness and support for you.  

Our top 10 best camping mattresses for the bad back will ensure comfort and durability and alleviate the likelihood of developing back pain.

Choose smartly and invest in a high-quality camping bed that will serve you for many years to come. We wish you the best of luck and hope you have a great time out in nature with your new camping bed.

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