Top 10 Best Ceramic Heaters in 2021 Reviews

Heaters are one of the most bought appliances, especially in places that see low temperatures throughout the year. It is also gaining popularity over the years for it makes your home comfortable and cozy. You do not want to come home during winters and see it feels like Iceland. That is why heaters are available. These give you a feeling of comfort and a feeling of peace. Many homes used to have fireplaces but these days, using fireplaces to keep one warm are rare.

Yet with the progressive age and with new technology coming up, keeping yourself warm has become much easier. We can find smart and technologically advanced heaters all around. All you need to do is push a button and let the machine take care of the temperature indoors.

There are different types of heaters available and each has its own different interior mechanisms. Ceramic heaters are not that expensive but they are extremely energy efficient. They are designed with durable heating elements and are very safe to use hence, perfect for heating homes and offices; something that every customer wants.


Types Of Heaters:

Heaters can either be gas heaters or they can be electric heaters. The former burns natural gas or uses liquefied petroleum gas to work. They do not need to be plugged in and are not environment friendly. Electric heaters, on the other hand, are cheaper, energy-efficient and much more suitable. You will also get radiant heaters, quartz heaters, ceramic heaters, and the ones that are oil-filled. Oil-filled heaters are extremely popular and are mostly found in homes. The oil inside does not require to be replaced or refilled. They use a resistor to heat up the oil which in turn helps with the heating of the room.

Ceramic heaters are the heaters that can provide you with fast heating. They do not take time to heat up and you can be assured a speedy rise in the temperature of the room it is in. Ceramic heaters are of three types. These are tower heaters, compact ones, and wall heaters. A ceramic tower heater is taller and is also narrower; perfect for use in confined spaces.

Compact ceramic heaters are perfect when you wish to heat up smaller rooms. They are very lightweight and help you to take it from one room to the other. But they are not suited to heat up large rooms; they are mostly used as personal heaters. Wall heaters, on the other hand, are best suited to give your home the best heating experience because these are more powerful. Some of them can also be used in bathrooms. However, these are not very useful because they cannot trap the heat and so after it is shut off, the room again becomes cold. 

Some of the heaters these days come with thermostats so that the user can choose to adjust their temperatures. Timers are used so that you can go to sleep at night and not worry about waking up in the middle to switch off the heater. Many heaters need to be moved around from one room to the other and to help this; many heaters have wheels and handle on them. Anti-noise technology assures you that you will not be listening to the annoying whirring of the heater when it is in operation.


Necessity Of Ceramic Heaters: 

Ceramic heaters come with many benefits and one of them is that they provide you with a comfortable heating experience but will not get too hot or cause any kind of mishap. The heating element inside the heater is completely surrounded and protected by ceramic plates. If you are looking to heat up your home or even your office then this is naturally the best kind to go for. The newer models in the market come with adjustable thermostats and heat settings to choose from. They conserve energy and are thus, very affordable.

The danger of any kind of emergency especially like a fire is common. Most of these appliances are equipped with sensors with automatic cut-off technology. If your heater falls down or gets knocked over then the power supply is automatically cut-off. This is to prevent any kind of mishap or fires.

Most often the manual comes with precautions that everyone must follow. One is that this appliance must not have any obstruction in its periphery. It is a safety precaution. Objects if flammable must be kept far away from these heaters. The heaters should not be placed in any laundry rooms or in the bathroom.

This is to ensure that the heater does not get damaged. A few heaters have in-built fans and fanning systems that try and maintain stable temperatures. Also, some machines see to it that if the power supply fluctuates and the input voltage is not stable, the appliance will not work.

Using a timer is also beneficial because it helps the heater to switch off if you go off to sleep and forget to switch it off at night. This is to make sure that the machine itself does not get damaged. As the heater is a very sensitive machine, it also needs proper care and maintenance. This is why you must make sure it receives servicing from time to time.


Things To Consider Before Buying A Ceramic Heater:


The most important factor here is the size of the room you are looking to heat up. It also must be kept in mind how big you want the appliance itself to be. The heaters have different heating capacities so that must be noted.

Design and Portability-

A background check of the machine will tell you how it works and what features it includes. These are also very efficient as they consume less electricity and are very convenient to use. Some of them can be moved from one room to the other without much hassle.


The wattage rating of the heater is very significant because it will tell you exactly how much the heating output will be. If you want a large room to be heated that too in a short amount of time then you require a heater with a high wattage power.

Heating options-

There are heaters that have a wide variety of heating options to choose from. You would want to go through these so as to know exactly what the appliance offers you. If you wish to change the temperature to suit your needs then that too must be kept in mind. There are many heaters that are very environment friendly and will consume less electricity. These can be very useful.


Price and Warranty-

This is obviously one of the most important factors to be looked at. Most models come with a variety of options but they might be expensive. If you do not need a very sophisticated heater for your home then the ones that are expensive can be struck off from your list. Smart heaters with new technology and intelligent heating are often costly; if you do not want so many additional features then you can go for a cheaper one. Warranty depends entirely on the model and the manufacturer. The operation life of the heater also depends on the usage by the user.

Maintenance issues-

The ceramic heaters do not require too much maintenance because of the way it has been designed. All that is needed is that you must keep clean the vents from time to time. This is to ensure that the dust present inside does not damage the heater and does not pollute the air of the room.


Top 10 Best Ceramic Heaters For The Money


Best Ceramic Heaters Reviews

#1 Aikoper Space Heater Ceramic Tower Heater

Top 10 Best Ceramic Heaters in 2021 Reviews 10

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The Aikoper ceramic space heater is black in color and is perfect for heating your room. It powerful and is rated at 1500 watts. It is also equipped with a special ECO mode. The ECO mode is such that it automatically switches on or off depending upon the temperature of the room. This is one of the most preferred heaters as it is perfect for the long winters. It is also extremely energy efficient as well as portable. It is lightweight and looks slim so it can be placed in any room easily; it has a carrying handle so that you can take it from room to the other.

It has an adjustable digital thermostat and a remote so that you can set the temperatures and choose from two heat settings remotely as and when needed. It will not get overheated and has an anti-tip design so that the heater shuts down if there is any supply fluctuation. The heater has a wide-angle oscillation which is very useful. The dimensions are 8.0 inches x 7.6 inches x 24.0 inches and it weighs 6.7 pounds. 


Top 10 Best Ceramic Heaters in 2021 Reviews 11


  1. Energy-efficient.
  2. Heats up the room quickly.
  3. No assembly needed.
  4. Automatically shuts down so no overheating.
Top 10 Best Ceramic Heaters in 2021 Reviews 12


  1.  No wheels to aid in moving it.
  2. It does not have a filter.


#2 Brighton 700W/1500W Ceramic Space Heater

Top 10 Best Ceramic Heaters in 2021 Reviews 13


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The Brighton ceramic space heater is rated at 700/1500 watts. It has dimensions of 7.0 inches x 6.2 inches x 9.2 inches. It weighs approximately 3.3 pounds. This portable mini heater has carrying handles too. The heater has two heat settings, an adjustable thermostat, and a fan setting so that you can also use it during summers. The heater maintains a constant temperature of your room and so will conserve energy. This particular heater is made from flame-resistant material and will prevent any kind of fire hazard.

It will not get overheated and has a tip-over switch so that the heater shuts down if there is any supply fluctuation or if it is not placed properly. It heats up the room in no time and does not require much maintenance and does not make a lot of noise during heating. It is extremely cost-efficient also. This type of heater is perfect for homes and offices.


Top 10 Best Ceramic Heaters in 2021 Reviews 11


  1. Lightweight.
  2. Energy-efficient.
  3. It comes with a fan setting.
  4. Silent during operation.
  5. Secure tip-over switch that shuts down the heater automatically.
Top 10 Best Ceramic Heaters in 2021 Reviews 12


  1. No wheels to help move it easily.
  2. It can get heated up.



#3 Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater 

Top 10 Best Ceramic Heaters in 2021 Reviews 16

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This is an elegant black colored, electric oscillating space ceramic heater. It has a fan circulation with seventy degrees oscillation and maintains a constant temperature when heating your room. It has an in-built safety switch so that if the heater tips over, it will be shut off immediately. It has a digital thermostat with an eight-hour timer to give you a comfortable experience. It is very energy efficient and has an ECO mode too. The heater is portable and lightweight.

It can be used to heat homes and offices also. The dimensions are 9.5 inches x 9.0 inches x 25.0 inches and it weighs around 7.35 pounds. It has a remote to control the modes and a large display. It is very durable and is rated at 1500 watts. It also does not have blinding lights when it is on. The fan stops running after the temperature is attained.




Top 10 Best Ceramic Heaters in 2021 Reviews 11


  1. Fast heating.
  2. Digital thermostat.
  3. Automatic shut down if it tips over.
Top 10 Best Ceramic Heaters in 2021 Reviews 12


  1. No wheels present to help move it.
  2. Gets heated up if used for a long time.



#4 OPOLAR 1500W Ceramic Space HeaterTop 10 Best Ceramic Heaters in 2021 Reviews 19

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This ceramic space heater by Opolar is a powerful and portable heater that is perfect for use in small rooms and offices. It has smart technology that makes heating up the whole room faster and easier. It is powerful and very energy efficient. It has three heat settings that include a fan setting as well. It comes with an adjustable thermostat to help the user to choose the temperatures easily and maintain a constant temperature.

It has safety features such as a tip-over switch that switches off the heater automatically if it gets tipped over and will not let the appliance get overheated either. It is also very cost-effective for it saves energy. This heater does not make a lot of noise during operation. Its dimensions are 7.1 inches x 5.9 inches x 11.1 inches. It weighs around 3.5 pounds. This space heater is not to be kept in bathrooms and must not have any kind of obstruction in its periphery.

Top 10 Best Ceramic Heaters in 2021 Reviews 11


  1. Lightweight and small.
  2. It provides fast heating.
  3. Tip-over switch to shut down the heater automatically.
  4. It does not make a noise during use.
Top 10 Best Ceramic Heaters in 2021 Reviews 12


  1. Not to be used in bathrooms.
  2. It does not turn back on automatically after power failure.
  3. Wheels not present.



#5 Lasko 6462 Full-Circle Warmth Ceramic Heater 

Top 10 Best Ceramic Heaters in 2021 Reviews 22

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This ceramic heater by Lasko is perfect for use in homes. It has the oscillating design and comes with a remote control to adjust its temperatures. This helps heat up the room uniformly and efficiently. It also has an adjustable thermostat. This particular model sees that the heater has overheating protection and the outside does not get heated up. It is portable with handles to carry but does not have wheels.

The dimensions of this heater are 9.1 inches x 7.9 inches x 25.1 inches and it weighs approximately 9.8 pounds. It is not that big in size, it can be kept under tables and is narrow too. The heater has no anti-tip mechanism so it will not automatically switch off when it falls over. It does not have a timer to automatically switch it off.


Top 10 Best Ceramic Heaters in 2021 Reviews 11


  1. Fast heating.
  2. A full 360 degrees oscillation.
  3. Potable and lightweight.
  4. Not noisy during operation.

Top 10 Best Ceramic Heaters in 2021 Reviews 12


  1. No wheels to aid in moving it from one room to the other.
  2. No tip-over switch.
  3. No timer is available.



6 Pro Breeze 1500 W Space Heater

Top 10 Best Ceramic Heaters in 2021 Reviews 25

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This ceramic electric heater brought to you by Pro Breeze is rated at 750 watts which is the lower setting and 1500 watts the higher setting. The dimensions of this heater are 7.1 inches x 5.8 inches x 9.7 inches. It weighs only 2.87 pounds. This heater is small, compact, and portable making it a favorite among customers. The heater has three modes and an in-built adjustable thermostat to help you get the optimal heating.

It has been designed keeping in mind that it must include safety features such as overheating and tip-over protection. It is silent during its use and is good for heating up small rooms, offices, garages, and even bathrooms! It is extremely energy efficient. It even includes a fan setting. If you see a power outage, then the heater will automatically come on after the power is restored.

Top 10 Best Ceramic Heaters in 2021 Reviews 11


  1. Lightweight and portable.
  2. Fast heating.
  3. It makes no noise during operation.
  4. Protection against overheating and has an anti-tip switch.
  5. It can be used in the bathroom too.


Top 10 Best Ceramic Heaters in 2021 Reviews 12


  1. Cannot heat your entire home.
  2. No wheels present.



#7 Lasko 760000 Cyclonic Ceramic Heater

Top 10 Best Ceramic Heaters in 2021 Reviews 28

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The Cyclonic ceramic heater by Lasko is perfect for immediate heating and getting comfort.

The heater is available in two colors- black and silver and is rated at 750 watts and 1500 watts. Its dimensions are 6.5 inches x 17.3 inches x 24.9 inches. It weighs around 17.3 pounds. It comes with a multifunctional remote and an adjustable thermostat so that you can change the temperatures as and when needed. It is very cost-effective and will not be a burden on your bill. It also has a fresh air ionizer feature that is very significant.

The fan setting can also be used. It naturally has an automatic overheat protection setting so that the heater does not get heated up and get damaged. It is efficient in heating and is automatic to maintain a steady temperature. There is also a user-friendly control panel but no tip-over switch that automatically shuts down the appliance when it falls over.



Top 10 Best Ceramic Heaters in 2021 Reviews 11


  • Not noisy during operation.
  • Control panel to adjust temperature settings.
  • Overheat protection.
  • Fresh air ionizer feature present.


Top 10 Best Ceramic Heaters in 2021 Reviews 12


  • Heavy.
  • No wheels present to help move the appliance.
  • No tip-over switch.




#8 ISILER Space Heater, 1500W Portable Indoor Heater

Top 10 Best Ceramic Heaters in 2021 Reviews 31

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This ceramic space heater from Isiler is a heater perfect for heating up homes and offices.

This heater is yellow in color and has the dimensions of 7.0 inches x 6.7 inches x 6.0 inches. It weighs around 2.6 pounds. The heater has a temperature range of 41 degrees Fahrenheit to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. It consumes energy too. The heater can heat up to 108 square feet area and is rated at 1500 watts thus providing a great heating experience. The heater is not noisy and does not have any annoying light emitting from it during its use.

You can control the temperature settings with the help of an adjustable thermostat. It comes with overheating protection so that the heater does not get damaged but automatically switches off. It has a triangular design so it will not tip over that easily, but it is not equipped with an anti-tip switch. 



Top 10 Best Ceramic Heaters in 2021 Reviews 11



  • Lightweight.
  • It makes no noise during operation.
  • It provides fast heating.
  • Long cable length.
  • Control temperatures with the adjustable thermostat.
Top 10 Best Ceramic Heaters in 2021 Reviews 12


  • Not to be used in the bathroom.
  • No tip-over switch to automatically shut it if it falls.



#9 Honeywell HCE323V Black Digital Ceramic Heater

Top 10 Best Ceramic Heaters in 2021 Reviews 34

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This black colored digital ceramic heater from Honeywell is perfect heating up your home. Its sleek and slim design makes it a favorite among many. Its dimensions include 8.7 inches x 6.7 inches x 23.1 inches and this heater weighs only 4.54 pounds. It is lightweight, portable, and extremely cost-efficient. The heater has been designed with dual motors and also oscillates thus, giving you an even better heating experience.

This heater has a programmable thermostat and has two heat settings along with a fan setting. There is also a timer option so that it can automatically switch off without you worrying about waking up in the night to turn it off. The digital controls present on the top make it easier to operate the appliance.

The heater is equipped with overheat protection and an anti-tip switch. There is also a dust filter to keep the appliance protected against dust. This particular heater has an intelligent motion sensor that will automatically switch off the heater if it senses any obstruction within six inches of its periphery.

Top 10 Best Ceramic Heaters in 2021 Reviews 11


  • Dust protection filter present.
  • Conserves energy and is cost-efficient.
  • Motion sensor present.
Top 10 Best Ceramic Heaters in 2021 Reviews 12


  • No wheels present.
  • Cannot use only the fan setting.




How long will it take to heat my room?

Heating time varies from machine to machine, especially when you choose the different modes. These heaters are known for fast heating and they do not require any kind of fuel to help generate the heat.

What are some of the additional advantages?

These heaters are very efficient and also conserve energy. They are able to heat up your room very fast because of the heating element present inside.

Is it cost-efficient in the long run?

You can rest assured that in the long run, this type of investment is the most feasible. These heaters are not that expensive and will last you for a good number of years too.

What are the maintenance issues?

These ceramic heaters will last you for years but it also depends on the user. Taking proper care is very important and so regular servicing is recommended. Even storage of the heater must be done properly else it can get damaged



Best Ceramic Heater Buying Guide

When going to buy a ceramic heater, the following must be kept in mind:

  1. The kind of heater you require and how big your space is that needs heating. 
  2. The amount of energy and electricity it would need every time it is used. If it is economical or not.
  3. The amount of space you have at home to keep the machine. Be sure to check the dimensions of the machine before buying it.
  4. Whether you wish for a portable one or a heater that will be fixed in place such as wall-mounted heaters.
  5. If you should require the heater to be moved from one room to the other, then the portability must also be noted.
  6. The convenience of the heater must be kept in mind; the ease with which you will be able to operate it.
  7. How often would the heater require servicing and if it is easy to maintain or not?



It is seen that although ceramic heaters are efficient and user-friendly, many factors come into play when choosing the one that would suit a person and his household the most. These are cost-efficient and very economical. These heaters can be handled with ease! They can be used in the bedroom, the hall, and even in your garage! Some of them are also suitable for heating up your bathrooms.

They are convenient for getting your room warmed up in no time. But these must be handled carefully like any other appliance. We hope that with these nine products we were able to help you browse for the perfect ceramic heater that will tend to all your needs and give you the perfect room heating experience.

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