Top 10 Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviews

The modern age is an age of science. Science is the greatest boon to the modern world, mankind. Modern discoveries and innovations have increased man’s comfort. One such invention is the electric wall heaters which have proved to ease man’s life. 

Electric wall heaters are basically handy, portable, and compact devices that warm up any given area. These heaters function easily and evenly heat up a space providing maximum comfort to the users in harsh and extreme weather conditions.


Things To Consider Before Buying Best Electric Wall Heater

Before purchasing a wall heater, a buyer is expected to consider a number of aspects that are featured in the heaters to choose for themselves the perfect product. Some of the specifications that are of great significance and must be considered are as follows:-


Wall heaters are available in a range of modes, namely, convection, radiant, and fan type. One should consider what one actually requires before purchasing it. The convection heats the whole space whereas the radiant heats a small given area and fan blows out warm air. The requirement should influence the purchase.


While purchasing a heater, the most important aspect that must be considered is the safety concerns that the product features. There must be automatic switches to protect from overheating and in order to prevent accidents. Moreover, the grill should be made of materials that do not burn the skin and the heaters must have the cool touch technology. 


Wall heaters do make noise while operations. However, it is essential to consider the intensity of sound level in decibels to make sure that its operations do not cause a disturbance in performing any activity, like sleeping or working.


The heating capacity of an electric wall heater is of importance. It determines the amount of power that properly and evenly heats up any given space. For efficient functioning and quick heating, one must ensure that the heating capacity is effective for a given area. The buyer must consider this factor when purchasing the product.


One should ensure that the heater efficiently makes use of energy rather than wasting it. If too much energy consumption is allowed, the electricity bills and other maintenance costs would be high and would add on to the additional expenses. To avoid the extra expenses, every function must be carefully looked into. 

Thus, a proper analysis of these things would help one choose the best heater for themselves. 

In order to help our consumers make the right choice, we have laid out the best electric heaters and highlighted their features as follows enabling our customers to make the best purchase:-



Top 10 Electric Wall Heaters For The Money


Best Electric Wall Heater Reviews

#1 The Cadet CEC163TW HeaterTop 10 Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviews 11


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This Cadet Energy Plus 2 electric wall heater is designed efficiently for versatile use and to provide the utmost comfort to the consumers. This simple heater is allowed to work effectively with 120, 208, and 240 Voltage supplies. The heater features a power supply smart sensor which eases the task of installation of this heater. The heater operates at providing heating capacities with reference to the voltage supply. The heater has the provision of automatically adjusting the heater voltage to match the power supply.

This Cadet heater saves 30% energy than other wall heaters. The heater has a digital display equipped with it. This attachment displays the current temperature, it allows to change the settings to fan speed, temperature adjustment is also a function, night mode can be switched on, and lastly, it allows to set the maximum and minimum temperature lock. The motor operates quietly and adds to the benefit. The heater features a built-in thermostat. The heater is devoid of complex mechanisms.

It can be operated simply and installation is easy too. The fan speed allows auto adjustments too. With the help of the night mode, the temperature can be controlled by preset functions. This a simple, comfortable, and precisely designed heater. It comes in white color and weighs less than 10 pounds. The packaging includes the heater, a grill, the operator’s manual, the wall can, and a heater assembly with a digital thermostat. This electric wall heater is backed by a standard warranty period of 5 years.

Top 10 Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviews 12


  • The heater provides easy installation.
  • The product is simple to operate and easy to use. 
  • It is efficiently designed such that the voltage matches the power supply.
  • It heats up quickly and is lightweight, backed by a long warranty period. 
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  • It is expensive.


#2 The Stiebel Electron Heater

Top 10 Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviews 14

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This Stiebel Electron electric wall heater is efficient in heating any space quickly without consuming much time and energy. The grill of this heater is made out of steel. This white color electric heater weighs around 18 pounds. The heater is ideal for small areas. The well designed, the surface-mounted arrangement makes the heater flexible and helps in saving space which would be utilized otherwise. The unit is equipped with inbuilt overheat protection. Moreover, the product operates silently.

The heater has an extraordinary function of frost protection as well. The heater operates with the existing wall-mounted thermostat. The thermostat is built into work at temperature settings ranging from 41°F to 86°F. The thermostat features a single CNS-E which makes the product a perfect stand-alone heater. The temperature settings can be adjusted easily for maximum comfort and complete control to operate the product with convenience. The CNS-E heaters are equipped to work through natural convection, thus facilitating draft-free operations.

They have come as a flexible alternative to the baseboard heaters. The installation of these heaters can be initiated easily. The heater is efficient to integrate well with the already existing thermostat. The voltage supply is at the rate of 240 Volts for supply heat of 2400 Watts. The packaging consists of the heater, installation instructions, operator’s manual, and mounting brackets. This Stiebel Electron electric wall heater is backed by a warranty period of 3 years. 

Top 10 Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviews 12


  • The heater operates silently and has overheat and frosting protection. 
  • The heater is cost-effective. 
  • The heater is easy to operate and allows draft-free operations. 
Top 10 Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviews 13


  • This heater involves complicated installation techniques. 


#3 The Stiebel Electron Heater

Top 10 Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviews 17


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The Stiebel Electron CK 15E wall mounted electric fan heater proves to be a great innovation due to its highly efficient heating capacity. This electric fan heater weighs just 8 pounds approximately. It is a lightweight designed model. These fan heaters are elegantly styled and operate without making any noise. Since these are fan heaters, they blow out warm air from the bottom and hence must be placed off the floor at-least by 4-8 inches.

These heaters have a sleek surface mounted design. These heaters have a built-in thermostat which facilitates temperature adjustments easily. The heater provides for frost protection as well. The blower of this heater is made of galvanized steel. The temperature settings range from 41°F to 86° F. The downdraft design of this fan heater evenly heats any space providing comfort to the users. The heater has a booster timer to output heat for 60 minutes before finally reverting to the thermostat setting and maintaining the original setting to provide the utmost comfort.

The heater has a switch on the display that allows you to put it off when not in use without any other key or switch to be operated for the same. This heater has its voltage supplies at 120 Volts to provide heating power at the rate of 1500 Watts. This is a product that can ideally heat anyplace without consuming much time. The heater is backed by a warranty period of 3 years. 

Top 10 Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviews 12



  • This heater operates without much noise and quickly heats up any given area. 
  • This fan heater has frost protection and a downdraft operating system for evenly heating any space. 
  • This easy to use and operate heater has a long term warranty period providing longevity and durability. 
Top 10 Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviews 13


  • Ideal for smaller rooms only. 
  • Installation is complicated. 


#4 The Broan Wall Heater

Top 10 Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviews 20


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The Broan wall heater is considered to be the right choice for many due to its features and specifications that are tagged as being outstanding. This wall heater features energy-saving properties. The heater consists of a gauge steel construction and it is equipped with louvers. This facilitates the flow of heat downwards and evenly heats up any space. The thermostat provides complete control on the output of heat from the heater making it easily accessible and making it adjustable. The heating capacity of this heater can switch and convert easily according to one’s needs. 1500W of power operates at 120V or 240V while it can be converted to 750W of power at 120V. The heater features a color-coordinated knob for easier control. It is has a very precise and functional design. The heater has a lubricated motor, a high-efficiency blower, overload thermal protection. It proves to be trustworthy, reliable, and provides safety. The housing material is made out of steel. It comes in an off white color and weighs nearly 6 pounds. The model can be easily installed without any complications. The heater is backed by a warranty period of one year. 

Top 10 Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviews 12



  • It is lightweight, easy to operate. The heater is reliable and safe to use. 
  • This heater is cost-effective. 
  • The heater has energy-saving property, thermal overload protection, and facilitates easy installation.
Top 10 Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviews 13


  • The heater is ideal for small spaces only. 


#5 The King Electric Heater

Top 10 Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviews 23

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The King Electric wall heater in this model is considered to be one of the most efficient innovations due to the affordable range it comes in and the comfort it provides. This heater has a powerful and effective performance. The heater has a nickel-chrome open coil element that facilitates quick heating transfer with great convenience. The heater provides for a zonal heating system by which it consumes less energy and saves money.

The heater is equipped with an efficient aluminium impeller fan. The heater comes in white colour and weighs around 5 pounds. The heater accounts a Patented Smart Limit Protection. This function is extremely useful for it automatically switches off the power of the heater during a required event and can be reset to normal mode only automatically.

This heater operates at a 240V supply to produce heating power at the rate of 2000W. It provides for easy and quick installation. The heater has a warranty period of one year long. 

Top 10 Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviews 12


  • The zonal heating system saves energy and money.
  • Easy to install and operate. 
  • It is designed keeping in mind the safety concerns of the users. 
  • The heater is cost-effective. 
Top 10 Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviews 13


  • Short term warranty period.  


#6 Heat Storm Deluxe Wall Heater

Top 10 Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviews 26


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This heat storm deluxe mounted space infrared wall heater is the right choice for many due to the compact size yet the powerful performance it displays. The heaters have a grill that is made out of a material that does not burn the skin when touched. This makes these heaters safe. The size of this heater is compact. It can be used in and plugged over the I 110Volts outlet.

The heater mounts to the wall and thus uses minimal space. The heater has two modes, the red mode uses 1000W whereas the green mode makes use of 500W. The thermostat can be easily adjusted and the heater has a led display for temperature settings. The remote control that this heater consists of help in regulating temperature. The heater has a Patented Heat Exchanger that allows maximum heat from the infrared quartz bulb without much of it being wasted.  The heater features an anti trip technology as well. The heater is backed by a warranty period of 3 years. 

Top 10 Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviews 12


  • This heater is cost-effective. 
  • The heater has an anti trip, two heating modes and a safe to touch the grill. 
  • The heater is cost-effective and backed by a long term warranty period. 
  • The heater is ideal for small as well as large areas.
Top 10 Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviews 13


  • Installation is time-consuming and complicated.



#7 The VonHaus Wall Heater

Top 10 Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviews 29


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This model of the mounted electric wall heater is considered to be one of the best heaters. The heater is designed with elegance and is suited to have a paintable ceramic body that facilitates painting it in accordance with one’s interior. The heater is compact, Slimline low profile which has an ultra-fast heating capacity. This wall heater features safety concerns for it is equipped with overheat protection which automatically functions well.

The heater consists of 4 fastening bolts and rail fittings which makes it easily mounted to the wall. The heater does not have any complexity in operations. A simple plug and a switch make it turn off and on easily. The heater is easy to use. The heater has a maximum wattage near to 450 which is very low but this proves helpful for it rapidly heats up space. This way this heater proves to be economically beneficial. The heater weighs less than 15 pounds. The heater has a warranty for 2 years.

Top 10 Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviews 12


  • Easy to install and simple to operate. 
  • Heats up quickly and has an overheat protection technology. 
  • The heater is cost-effective. 
  • Sleek, compact, and precisely designed.
Top 10 Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviews 13


  • Not suitable for bathrooms or small areas. 



#8 The Cadet CEC163TW Heater

Top 10 Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviews 32


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This Cadet multi watt wall heater is designed with efficiency to provide the utmost comfort to the consumers. This model consists of a built-in thermostat. The model is not suited to wall thermostats. The heater should be placed and aligned at a vertical angle. The heater is extremely lightweight, weighing somewhat near to 9 pounds. The heater has no complicated programming and functioning. It is simple to operate. The require to be cleaned every six months for longevity and reliable performance.

These heaters are extremely easy to install. The heater has 1600W at 240V, 1500W at 208V, and 1000W at 120V. Being compatible and flexible to be used at any voltage supplies, these heaters can replace many existing wall units. The heater has a fan that is equipped with auto adjustable settings. This heater uses 30% less energy when in operation due to the conveniently designed control settings and the auto-adjusting fan. The efficient use of energy saves money.

The heater has a smart sensor for accurate settings. This heater works without making much noise. The heater has a backlit display that allows various other settings such as night mode. The heater comes in white color. The packaging includes the model along with a wall can and a grill with the nickel-chrome finish.  The heater is versatile, durable, and comfortable. This heater is backed by a standard warranty period of 5 years. 

Top 10 Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviews 12


  • Easy to use and operate. It is simple to install
  • The heater is durable and reliable. 
  • The heater can switch to different Watts in accordance to the various range of voltage supply. 

Top 10 Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviews 13


  • This heater is extremely expensive. 


#9 The EconoHome Heater

Top 10 Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviews 35


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The EconoHome Wall Mount space heater panel bags the title of being one of the best and most efficient heaters due to the outstanding specifications it features. These electric heaters use less energy and save a lot of money that would otherwise be incurred on electricity bills. The heater is a convection type. The convection currents that rise behind the panel produce even heating of any given space.

The heater operates at 400W on 120V. The heater has an adjustable easy to plug-in the thermostat. The heater also has an overheat protection function and a heat reflector as well. The temperature settings range from 41°F to 86°F. The heater is sleek and precisely designed. The exterior of the heater can be painted to fit into the interior of the place. The heater can be easily mounted on any wall thus making the installation exclusive of any complications.

The air of this heater does not dry out causing dust particles in the room making the area free from dust and allergies. The efficiency of this heater ensures a consistent temperature setting making its functioning too effective. The heater provides triple insulation for increased safety and security of the users. The heater operates without much noise. The cord length of this heater is 1.8 meters. The heater weighs nearly 18 pounds. The heater has a warranty period of 3 years. 

Top 10 Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviews 12


  • Easy to install and saves energy and money. 
  • Precisely designed with overheat protection, triple insulation, and heat reflector. 
  • Consistent and even heating. 
  • The heater is not noisy. 

Top 10 Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviews 13


  • This heater is extremely expensive. 


#10 The Fahrenheat Heater

Top 10 Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviews 38


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This wall heater proves to be an ideal choice for many because of the fact that it is suited for any place, be it washroom, bedrooms, or workplace. This heater conveniently and easily provides even heating and warmth to any given space. This heater works with great efficiency and provides comfort on a large scale. The heater has a built-in thermostat. Moreover, the built-in thermostat features an option to set a different temperature range for weekdays and weekends.

The fan remains switched off until the heating element acquires a proper normal temperature. This ensures longevity and durability of the heating element. The temperature settings range from 40°F to 99°F. This heater has a remote control for convenient settings. The heater an easy-to-use LED touch screen that displays settings and features making programming and functioning easy. This heater can be easily installed without any complexities.

This grey color heater operates at 2000W. The fan speed of this heater automatically operates to adjust the heat output thereby providing powerful performance and comfortable conditions. The heater weighs less than 20 pounds. The heating element has a warranty of 5 years whereas the other parts are ensured a warranty period of one year. 

Top 10 Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviews 12


  • This heater evenly heats any space. It is durable, reliable, and versatile. 
  • The heater has a long term warranty. 
  • Most of the functions that the heater has been automatically functional making its programming easy and simple.
  • The installation of the product does not involve complex mechanisms.

Top 10 Best Electric Wall Heaters Reviews 13


  • The heater is expensive. 
  • The heater makes a noise at times. 




Best Electric Wall Heaters Buying Guide

Before purchasing an electric wall heater, one should work out on examining and researching a number of guidelines that are deemed as helpful and essential in the process. Some of these guides are as follows:-


Power consumption indirectly determines the maintenance cost of the heater. The higher will be the power consumed by the heater, more will the electricity bill thus incurring high expenses. One should consider the power consumption and energy usage by heating before choosing a heater.


One should consider that installation programming is not too complicated. The wall heaters should be designed in such a way that they can be easily installed by oneself without any difficulties by just looking into the instructions manual.


The thermostat must be of such a type that it easily gets along in extreme temperature conditions. This determines the efficiency of the thermostat. It enables its effective functioning. A thermostat must allow easy regulation of temperatures. The buyer must look into this feature before purchase.


One should consider buying a heater only if its safe for being used. It should have an automatic setting and adjustments to function when required during abnormal or emergency events. The heater must-have “cool to touch” parts and grill. 


An Electric wall heater must have a display for changing modes, it must have light indicators for ensuring the working. The display of the heater must have all features and specifications that permit easy control and operation of the product. 


After setting a budget, one must ponder on the types, features, functions, and specifications of various models of heaters. The reviews must be researched well and looked into. After analysis, one should consider if the product with all its pros and cons is suited to the budget and thereby make the final decision. 


Things To Avoid While Purchasing Best Electric Wall Heaters For The Money

Just like various things must be taken into consideration for buying any product, there are various aspects that must be avoided during a purchase. Some of these insignificant aspects that can be easily avoided when buying an electric wall heater are as follows:-


In order to suit the interior and decor of one’s household and workplace, many people consider color as extremely important. However, the color of a heater can be avoided as long as it is efficient in doing the work it was designed for. 


Many people consider choosing longer cord lengths since wall heaters have short ones. However, the length is designed in accordance with the model and therefore this aspect must be avoided. People must refrain from considering the cord length during the purchase.


The buyer must refrain from considering if the heater is portable or not since it’s a wall heater that the buyer is looking for. Portability is therefore in this case not considered important and this feature can be held back when one is making their choice. 


Who Should Buy An Electric Heater For Wall

Electric wall heaters are not everyone’s choice. It is preferred by only a set of people. These people might be those staying in extreme weather conditions that have extremely cold winters. For such people, heaters become essential and the efficiency of wall heaters makes these people purchase the product. 

Moreover, various houses are constructed out of wood and have glass too. The material plays an important role in determining whether heat would be needed to keep the place warm or not. For such reasons, this category of people usually buys an electric wall heater for maximizing their comfort and thereby living with utmost convenience.


It is obvious to assume that everything has its own set of assets and liabilities. The same stands for a range of products as well. We have laid out certain advantages and disadvantages that are a part and parcel of purchasing electric wall heaters. Some of these are as follows:- 


  • Electric wall heaters have the capacity to quickly heat any given space. Changing the temperature of a given space to heat it is not a time-consuming task for these wall heaters. 
  • These heaters are designed with safety measures. They have the capacity to prevent combustion. 
  • These heaters are easy to operate and devoid of complicated switches and regulators. These are flexible and take very little space, conveniently adjusting with the temperature. 
  • These heaters are easy to install and provide a long-term warranty thereby ensuring durability. 
  • These heaters are noiseless and affordable 


  • Although the electric wall heaters are affordable initially, in the long run, their maintenance cost is extremely high.
  • The heaters do not account for high energy efficiency. These heaters waste a lot of electrical energy when the generation of heat and transmission processes continue.
  • The electric heaters have short cords. 
  • They are ideal for heating small spaces only. For large spaces, a lot of time is consumed. 
  • The electric wall heaters have a limited power capacity. This makes them useful for certain areas only. 


Various of our customers have expressed their doubts and made their inquiries. A few important questions that would pose help to all our customers are as follows:- 

Do these electric wall heaters produce noise?

Most of the wall heaters operate silent and are devoid of releasing high levels of noise when being used.

Can the cord be exchanged for a longer one?

No. The products are designed and accompanied by cords most suitable. These cannot be replaced for longer ones.

Spoiler title

This depends from brand to brand. Various brands have introduced a technology where heaters can be operated by mobile phones. However, not all heaters are able to function this way.

Can the warranty period of the heater be extended?

No, the warranty period of any model of wall heaters cannot be extended beyond the manufactured date.



These wall electric heaters are a big-time purchase. One should carefully look into various aspects and choose a perfect model that fits into their criteria of selecting an electric wall heater.

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