Top 10 Best Folding Exercise Bike Reviews 2021

Cycling is perhaps the most fun and enjoyable activity during everybody’s childhood. It is quite amazing that many of us have cycled miles and miles without even knowing the innumerable advantages of doing so. Years later the very same activity has taken the form of a stationary exercise bike, which provides almost all those advantages at the comfort of your home or office and is designed to save both your money and time. In simpler words, exercise bikes are outdoor bikes for the busy grown-ups and the elderly who cannot go out often.

There are mainly two types of stationary bikes. Upright and recumbent. The upright bike is just like a normal outdoor cycling bike which is stationary. The body posture, leg muscles, and cardiac health greatly improves in case of using this type of bike. One the other hand recumbent bikes have their seats inclined at a comfortable angle to support your back and mainly focus on leg exercise. Whatever the type of bike it may be, these bikes will help you gain the benefits of cycling without even having to step out of your homes.

If you are considering buying a bike for home or office use it is very important to keep in mind a few factors to get the bike which actually suits your requirements. While some bike companies do have a return policy many companies don’t. Hence it becomes all the more crucial to know what to look for in an ideal exercise bike.


Things To Consider Before Buying Best Folding Excercise Bike

  • Seat

You are going to ideally spend a lot of time sitting on the bike. Often, sitting for too long can be uncomfortable if the seat is not bouncy and adjustable enough. Make sure the seat of the bike is broad enough to adjust your body weight. Not only this, but the height of the seat should also be movable and so that people with different heights can adapt to it.

  • Space saver 

Most likely you must be looking for an exercise bike to work out in your home or office. Exercise bikes should be compact to store and operate and should not take up too much of your floor space. Ideally, the size should be somewhere around 24” wide and 48” long. One must keep this factor in mind, especially if your room is not very spacious.

  • Accessibility

All the supportive components, like handlebars, pulse checking bars and the distance and time display screen button should be within your reach and visible while exercising. It is very important to keep track of your activity and to know whether you have reached your goal or not. Hence, one must keep in mind the accessibility of these components.

  • Brand

Good brands are not only what you hear or see they are also tried and tested. The below stated brands are used and evaluated by real users and have been in the market for a long time. They also provide you with a huge range of product equipment and technologies to choose your best fit. Also it is not always true that the most hyped brand in the market is always the best. It is always better to research 

  • Cost effectiveness

Obviously the cost of the bike cannot be ignored. Go for a bike which suits your requirements as well as your pocket. Usually these bikes cost much less than full fledged leg press or extension machines due to the light exercise they offer and also because of their compact size.

  • Ease of setup

Of course the setup of the machine should not be very time consuming. Neither should it blow your mind. One of the prominent issues in such assembly products is the ambiguity of the instruction manual. While it might be easier for experienced people to put the bike together, always check for the instruction manual as the construction of a few bikes might be complex.



Top 10 Folding Excercise Bikes For The Money


Best Folding Excercise Reviews

#1 Marcy Folding Excercise Bike

Marcy Foldable Upright Exercise Bike

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Marcy is perhaps the first name your mind goes to while looking for gym equipment. Just like that, this bike also tops the list for the best upright foldable bikes. It is a very basic yet sturdy bike, made with the intention for a full-fledged workout only. The pedals are the USP of this product as they are quite strong and slightly spiked for extra grip.

The straps for stability and so that your feet don’t slip out is also adjustable and suitable for every size. The 8 levelled resistance tool ensures that you get all degrees of exposure for your workout session. Noiseless operation, even at high speeds is rare and is offered by this great piece of equipment. The handlebars are easy to grip and do not wear away due to sweat or excessive use.

Moreover, the assembly of this bike is effortless and even a beginner can do it in less than an hour. This is definitely the perfect choice for your indoor exercise bike.

Top 10 Best Folding Exercise Bike Reviews 2021 11


  • It comes in good packaging
  • It is compact even when it is unfolded
  • It assembles quickly
  • The tools to assemble are provided in the package
  • it is a well made and sturdy equipment
  • It has a wide seat for extra comfort
  • The pedals  have strong grips for stability
  • The pedals are also designed with straps
  • It has a 1-8 magnetic resistance level
  • The operation of the bike is smooth 
  • It does not create unpleasant noise
  • The handlebars have a soft grip
Top 10 Best Folding Exercise Bike Reviews 2021 12


  • Shorter people might face some problems in leg extension.


#2 Exerpeutic Gold Heavy Duty Excercise BikeExerpeutic Gold Heavy Duty Foldable Exercise Bike

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This bike is ideal for both beginners as well as for a little more vigorous workouts. A bit more on the expensive side, this bike delivers the looks and functions that you have been looking out for. The packaging in itself is wholesome with different parts marked, an easy to decode manual and additional tools for assembling. The LED display is small, yet visible and helps you keep track of your activity.

The knobs are well placed and the construction is quite good. A very attractive piece of equipment, this will definitely motivate you to work out and break your own records and will not interfere in the interior decoration of your house. This is definitely a good choice if you are an admirer of good looks as well as durable features. 

Top 10 Best Folding Exercise Bike Reviews 2021 11


  • It as a shiny exterior and a good look
  • The package includes tools for assembling
  • It saves a lot of time due to the easy setup
  • It is quite sturdy and stable
  • The seat is adjustable 
  • It comes with an easy to decipher instruction manual
  • It displays the time, calories, distance, speed, odometer, and pulses correctly
  • It has strong pedals to support and stabilize the feet
  • It has easily adjustable knobs for easy operation
  • It does not take up much space in the house
Top 10 Best Folding Exercise Bike Reviews 2021 12


  • The welding marks are visible and decrease the aesthetics of the bike
  • The pedal straps are light and weak


#3 Xspec Indoor Excercise Bike

Xspec Indoor Foldable Stationary Upright Exercise Cardio Workout Cycling Bike

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This foldable indoor bike provides you with a 16 levelled magnetic resistance and actually helps you build up your leg muscles. The Xspec Indoor Foldable Stationary Upright Exercise Cardio Workout Cycling Bike is the ideal choice for people who are at an intermediary level of bike cycling. Equipped with gripped pedals, progress checking monitors and adjustable seats, this bike is an all in one package.

Not only can it be stored easily in a corner, but it is also easily transportable from one place to another due to it’s transportation wheels. The comfortable handles will help you make an easier grip while exercising. This is a very unique exercise bike and offers greater challenges for your daily workout. The pedals are also an excellent feature of this bike due to their grip and stability. One can definitely opt for this bike  keeping the long list of advantages it offers in mind.

Top 10 Best Folding Exercise Bike Reviews 2021 11


  • It requires very less space for storage
  • It includes resistance bands for upper body exercise also
  • The seat provides quick height adjustments 
  • It has gripped pedals for extra support
  • It has 16 leveled resistance representing different terrains
  • It has a progress checking monitor
  • It is made from a long-lasting material
  • It is easily foldable and stored easily
  • It displays speed distance time and calories burnt
  • The pedals have adjustable foot straps
  • It has assembly tools included in the package 
  • It has a heavy-duty steel frame  
  • It also includes transportation wheels 
  • It has an anti-skid device handlebar to ensure your safety
  • It has adjustable cage foot straps
Top 10 Best Folding Exercise Bike Reviews 2021 12


  • It is a little uncomfortable at high speed
  • It has a hard seat 



#4 Exerpeutic Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike with Pulse

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Perhaps one of the most trusted brands for gym equipment and machines, Exerpeutic has yet again delivered a classic product at a very reasonable rate. Alongwith its aesthetic looks it comes well packaged and an easy to follow instruction manual, which is hard to find in most exercise bike packages. The best part about this bike is the support it provides to the feet while pedaling.

The pedals are larger and hence provide more grip which ensures uninterrupted workout. Moreover, it is also equipped with foot straps for extra support. The assembly is quite easy as different parts and bolts are distinctly packed and labelled respectively. For a beginner, this bike is a must. Also suitable for people who have to abstain from vigorous exercises.

Top 10 Best Folding Exercise Bike Reviews 2021 11


  • It has an attractive and shiny body
  • It comes with an easy instruction leaflet with drawings
  • The components are pre-marked for easy assembly
  • A wrench and screwdriver is included in the package
  • It has larger pedals for more grip
  • It has foot straps on pedals for extra support
  • It has distinct nuts and bolts for easy differentiation
  • It has a metal grip on handgrip for checking the pulse
  • The operation is very quiet
  • The screen shows distance, speed, pulse, time, calorie etc.
  • It is easily foldable
Top 10 Best Folding Exercise Bike Reviews 2021 12


  • The rubber straps are not durable
  • It is not suitable for intensive exercise.


#5 Exerpeutic ExerWorK 1000 Fully Adjustable Desk Folding Exercise Bike

Exerpeutic ExerWorK 1000 Fully Adjustable Desk Folding Exercise Bike

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The Exerpeutic ExerWorK 1000 Bike does not only sound cool but is also a great help in keeping you alert while you work on your laptop or tablet. The comfortable and reclined angle of the backrest is ideal for resting while taking a break from work and exercise. Like all good exercise bikes, this too has a 8 level resistance system to provide ample variability in the intensity of your workout.

It is a quiet machine and easy to shift and relocate when required. A real space saver, it also has an additional drawer to store essentials like vitamin tablets, ipods, earphones etc. Although the price is much on the higher end, it’s durability and sustainability is matchable to it’s price. It is a good light exercise bike and definitely worth your money.

Top 10 Best Folding Exercise Bike Reviews 2021 11


  • It comes with a 8 level magnetic resistance system
  • It has a totally adjustable desktop at different angles
  • It is not noisy even at high resistance
  • It is lightweight and movable
  • It has the qualities of both recumbent and upright bike
  • It has ample space to keep laptop, stationery and phone
  • The seat moved forwards and back and can be raised to different heights
  • It also has a drawer for storing essentials
  • It displays speed distance time calories pulse with mode change option
  • It can be compactly folded and rolled for storage
  • It has a pulse sensor near the seat for simple access.
Top 10 Best Folding Exercise Bike Reviews 2021 12


  • Sitting for long is uncomfortable and painful.


#6 Lanos Folding Exercise Bike

Lanos Folding Exercise Bike

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At an affordable price this company also ensures a refund if there is any damage during the delivery of this machine. This bike stands out not only due to its vibrant colours but also because of a 10 level magnetic resistance for a more intensive workout session. The backrest and seats are  commendable for the comfort they provide and one can sit on it casually as well.

The operation is smooth and your feet are tightly clasped to the pedals with strong straps. It has a LED display as well as a pulse tracker in the handlebars. It is ideal for a little heavy workout and can be considered as a good option.

Top 10 Best Folding Exercise Bike Reviews 2021 11


  • It has an elegant black body
  • It comes with an adjustable seat
  • It has a thick and comfortable backrest
  • It has a 10 level magnetic resistance 
  •  It is quite ideal for home gym
  • The peddling is smooth
  • It has good outer packaging
  • It has an easy assembly
  • It is value for money
  • It has the display for heart rate, distance, speed etc
Top 10 Best Folding Exercise Bike Reviews 2021 12


  • Although easy, the assembly is lengthy 
  • The machine is noisy at higher resistances


#7 Xspec Indoor Foldable Compact Workout Exercise Cycling Bike

Xspec Indoor Foldable Stationary Compact Upright Cardio Workout Exercise Cycling Bike

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This bike comes with all the necessary features of a good exercise bike and additionally has extra space for keeping your phone, books and earphones etc. while working out. It is an ideal fit for your home gym and comes at a reasonable rate. It is also a space saver and can be easily transferred from one place to another even in the backseat of your car.

Monitors with LCD continuously help you in tracking your progress and help you reach your fitness goals. The pedals are also an excellent feature of this bike due to their grip and stability. For a price which you will pay for this bike, the features are well justified and you can definitely try this bike as a part of your daily routine.

Top 10 Best Folding Exercise Bike Reviews 2021 11


  • It requires very less space for storage
  • The seat provides quick height adjustments 
  • It has gripped pedals for extra support
  • It has 8 levelled resistance representing different terrains
  • It has a progress checking monitor
  • It is easily foldable and stored easily
  • It displays speed distance time and calories burnt
  • The pedals have adjustable foot straps
  • It has assembly tools are included in the package
Top 10 Best Folding Exercise Bike Reviews 2021 12


  • It makes a noise at higher speed
  • The bolts and nuts are not of the perfect fit.


#8 Doufit Exercise Bike FoldableDoufit Exercise Bike Foldable for Home

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This exercise bike is the cheapest of the lot and surprisingly the strongest. First of all, the manufacturer and designer have provided an excellent outer look for the machine. You will really want to work out on it, once you are sitting on the bike. The seat is soft and comfortable and one can sit on it for quite a few hours without any pain. Like almost all bikes this also displays your heart rate, speed, distance and calories on the display.

However, this display is much bigger and clearer and won’t take much effort to read.  The function is smooth and noiseless and the magnetic resistance levels are distinct and effective. It is quite a user friendly and easily affordable. It has good packaging and one can consider this as an economical deal.

Top 10 Best Folding Exercise Bike Reviews 2021 11


  • It is super easy to use
  • It has a comfortable backrest 
  • The LED display of heart rate, distance etc. is large and clear
  • It has a very sporty look and colour
  • The tools for assembly are included in the package
  • It is quite heavy and sturdy
  • It is quite cheap
  • It has value for money
  • It is very compact and doesn’t take up much space.
Top 10 Best Folding Exercise Bike Reviews 2021 12


  • The computer readings of the machine are not accurate
  • The seat does not move forward or backwards.


#9 FitDesk Desk Exercise BikeFitDesk Folding Stationary Exercise Bike Desk

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A smart looking and effective bike, this one will suit your interior as well your busy schedule.  An upright bike with a comfortable seat and easily accessible pedals, it has detachable water bottle and phone holder parts which you can use as per your requirement.

It has an 8 level resistance and an easy height adjuster knob. It has a smooth and durable pedal but there are no straps. You need not worry about the angle of your laptop screen as there is an angle-adjusting feature for that also. All in all this bike is easy to deal with and operate.

Top 10 Best Folding Exercise Bike Reviews 2021 11


  • It has a classy exterior look
  • It does not require much effort for setup
  • It has special space to hold your laptop and other stationery items
  • It effectively supports your upper body as well
  • It is adaptable for everyone
  • It has  digital cycling meter for tracking your speed and distance
  • It is ideal for office as well as home use
  • Its floor area is less
  • It is stable and can sustain weight 
  • It folds up in no time.
Top 10 Best Folding Exercise Bike Reviews 2021 12


  • The desk is shaky at higher resistance
  • It can be noisy at higher magnetic resistance
  • It is time-consuming to adjust the height


#10 ShareVgo Excercise Bike

ShareVgo Bluetooth Smart Folding Semi Recumbent Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

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This bike is unique as it has a Bluetooth device and helps to connect with nearby devices and shows the scores of your peers. Other than that it is also dual purpose. One, to workout and two, to work on your laptop or tablet. Although there might be some Bluetooth connection issues at times, that is adjustable.

The price is comparatively higher than other bikes. It is compact and would not take much of your space. It is much more suitable for shorter people due to the compromised area for pedalling. Overall it is a cool looking bike which helps you keep track of your fitness goals.

Top 10 Best Folding Exercise Bike Reviews 2021 11


  • It has a laptop holder and space to keep your stuff
  • It has pulse sensors
  • It has a Bluetooth smart LED monitor
  • It has an 8 level magnetic resistance for adjusting the speed
  • The seat is cosy and sizeable
  • It has a backrest with handlebars
  • It provides healthy peer pressure
  • The components are easy to put together
  • It has a compact design
Top 10 Best Folding Exercise Bike Reviews 2021 12


  • It is not  ideal for tall persons (height above 6 feet)
  • The Bluetooth functioning is not very effective and doesn’t connect sometimes
  • It is heavy.



Advantages of a Foldable Exercise Bike

There are many advantages of purchasing a foldable exercise bike and have been briefed below

  • Health benefits

Health is definitely on top of the list. Stationary biking is a lighter exercise than your general gym exercises but is beneficial in regulating blood pressure, building calf and thigh muscles and increases cardiovascular fitness as well. Biking will automatically put you in a lighter mood and relieve some of your stress for sure. It also lessens some of the body fat and improves body posture.  

  • Good for beginners

As stated earlier, this is a light weight exercise and does not require much pre requisite knowledge. Almost everyone had used a bike cycle when they were young and this exercise comes normally to you. People who are planning to join a gym or are preparing for muscle enhancement can also start their journey with this bike.

  • Good for homemakers and people with work from home job

It is difficult for parents with young children to go out and sweat in a gym for hours. These bikes are a perfect addition to your home gym or home equipements. Young and lactating mothers who are not supposed to do any rigorous exercises can do their bit of light exercise while keeping an eye on their babies.

Moreover, people who work from home can also use this bike as a combined work cabinet as well as a fitness machine. Many bikes which were briefed above had laptop and tablet panels embedded in the bike system. You can do your work while you cycle away.

  • Compact and space saver

A cluttered home is nobody’s choice and exercise equipment are a necessity. These bikes do not take much of your carpet area and can be folded and kept out of the sight. These can even be stored in the balcony or a cupboard. 

  • Low on price comparatively

Compared to other heavy duty machines for exercising, these bikes are much cheaper and affordable. These are also easy to set up and hence do not require any additional cost for setup. 

  • Doesn’t require expert guidance to exercise

You don’t need any gym instructor to guide you about this exercise bike. All you have to do is find the speed which suits you the most without causing any fatigue and slowly increase your workout. 



Who should avoid exercising on a stationary bike?
There is no restriction on the usage of this bike to any age group (except children) provided there is some specified prohibition from your doctor. Still, if you’re training yourself for professional biking or any marathon, this is not ideal for you. It’s better to go out in the open and practice on an outdoor bike.
What cycle speed is suitable for beginners?
The magnetic resistance of the exercise bike varies from 1 to a maximum of 10. It varies from brand to brand and bike to bike. So it is better to get accustomed to your bike and check which speed suits you. However on general observation a speed of 5 is suitable for beginners.
Is bike exercise harmful for the knees?
No it is not. If your bike is properly constructed and adjusted to your measurements, there should be no such issue. Also you must take care not to overwork yourself. Excessive exercise can definitely affect not only your knees but also your muscles. Other than that this bike exercise is very light and won’t cause any serious fatigue.
Is this type of cycling better than outdoor cycling?
For a work from home employee, a homemaker with small children and elderly people who cannot go out a lot, this is definitely the better option. But it also has its cons. You will not get fresh air and your body might heat up a lot without any space for heat dissipation. Both types of exercises have their own advantages and are not fairly comparable.
After how long can considerable effect be observed after bike exercising?
Changes in the body function after this exercise can be observed within a week or two. The feeling of working out itself will make you feel better instantaneously. Your muscles will start showing development within a few weeks. While your heart rate and blood pressure will improve within a week itself.  



Exercising effectively at home can be a challenge but thanks to machines like these foldable bikes, which give you the means to do so without even taking much of your floor space. Exercising is both easy and fun with such equipements.

A healthy heart and mind are crucial in ones life and also hard to maintain in this world of constant tension and stress. Exercise bikes give you the opportunity to save time and utilise it wisely while keeping yourself free from any physical or mental fatigue. We hope this buying guide helps you in developing a hearty exercise routine.

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