Top 10 Best Hammock Sleeping Pad 2020 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Hammocks are one of the best outdoor experiences you can opt for relaxing your body, mind and soul from the busy city life you lead every day. For major relaxing, you should have all the hammock accessories that are required for the best night sleep, to let loose your fatigue and tensions.

Hammocks provide a great way to get you off the cold, often wet ground and to provide you extra comfort we have brought you one of the accessories, namely, a hammock sleeping pad.

Many hikers struggle with getting good sleep in the wilderness, even when their bodies are completely exhausted. That’s one of the reasons why packing a top-notch sleeping pad is so important. These sleeping pads can provide extra comfort and stability while you are camping or backpacking. The best hammock sleeping pad are specifically designed to help hold and retain body heat so you can stay comfortable throughout the night.

But there’s more to it than just comfort. They are also critical for keeping your body warm and help insulate you from the cold ground, which makes them a very important tool for safety as well.

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Now that we have acknowledged the importance of a sleeping pad, we have also made sure to bring the best models of the same to your computer screens to provide more comfort and save your time and efforts. Not only will they make your hammock a little more comfortable, but they can also help you out in cold weather.

Before we go deep into the reviews, there are some points you need to consider before actually buying one.

How To Choose Best Hammock Sleeping Pad Buyer’s Guide

A buying guide is essential to save time, effort and money. Getting the right sleeping pad to meet your required needs is very crucial. It should not only fit your body, but it should also be the perfect fit as per your particular situation. As with most gear, it depends on how you plan to use it, and what your budget is and therefore It is up to you to determine what kind of qualities you want to pick for the best sleeping pad suited for your hammock. Here, you can check factors to bring home the sleeping bag that suits you the most.

Weight of the Pad

Let’s face it that sleeping pads can be a bit cumbersome to carry. It is often considered as one of the bulkiest items you will find in your backpack. Therefore, the weight becomes an important issue when choosing a sleeping pas. If you are planning on car camping with your friends and family and the weight of such items is not the main concern, you can definitely opt for a heavier version, if that model suits your requirements.

If you are backpacking, you may want to be careful with the weight and go with a lighter version, and with that you will be able to make room for other necessary things. The lighter your backpack, the more comfortable your hiking trips will be.

Warmth & Insulation

Your hammock sleeping pad can keep you warm when the temperature drops. Depending on the material, they can insulate and even reflect your body temperature helping you retain precious heat. Some hammock pads should only be used in the summer months, while others are designed for cooler fall and spring temperatures.  Now how do you ascertain the correct warmth unit of a sleeping bag?

You can ascertain the unit in terms of “R-value“. Higher R-values mean that the pad will insulate better. In general, sleeping pads with R-values of 0-2 will only be good for warm weather trips. R-values of 2-4 are good for most 3-season backpacking conditions. R-values of 4-6 are good when the temperature drops around or below freezing. And 5+ R-value pads are for winter backpacking trips where you’ll be sleeping on snow.

Therefore, depending on the weather conditions of the place you are going to, will you choose the right kind of a pad.

Material of the Pad

Most hammock pads you find in the market or online are either “air pads” or “foam pads.” Foam pads are a cheaper option, quicker to set up, but they are bulky, and they compress over time, so they’ll need to be replaced every so often and they don’t last as long as air pads. While air pads may be more expensive, but most backpackers find them to be much more comfortable, but they can puncture while you are traveling.

Therefore, if you are going to use an air pad for your trip. having a repair kit on hand is a must. Another aspect when looking for the material is the kind of specific textures or materials they are designed as to help keep them from slipping around in your hammock. Choosing a material that will minimize movement and does not slip in any form may be a good choice for you.

Shape of the Pad

The shape of the pad tells you the amount of space it will take in your tent or hammock while you sleep. If you are using a hammock pad instead of just setting the pad on the ground, you may want to look for a design that has wings or additional support in the unique pressure areas that sleeping in a hammock creates. They help keep the hammock pad in place and the specifically designed support pads will offer you extra comfort.

If we talk about the main shapes available in the market for a sleeping pad, they are mummy shaped or rectangular shaped. Most backpackers go for a mummy shaped pad that is cut out on the edges, as those sections generally go unused. These pads save on weight and still provide support where you need it the most.

Now there are some campers who prefer the larger, rectangular pad because it gives them some extra leg space to wriggle around, but they take more space and may weigh a little more than the mummy pads. Usually, the back sleepers tend to like the rectangular pads better.

Length and Width of the Pad

Choosing the right width and length for your sleeping pad is a critically important decision that will largely depend on your sleeping style. All the side sleepers do well with standard-sized pads while back sleepers may need some extra width to be comfortable enough for a good night’s sleep. The length and width of the pad can also vary based on your height. Your hips and shoulders are big pressure point areas while you sleep, so you generally want to be sure that your hammock pad will support those areas.

Full-length pads often offer the most comfortable and will keep you warmer as you sleep in the air, but they may not be practical for someone who is on a several-week hike. The additional weight of a wide/regular pad compared to a wide/long pad is usually only an ounce or two. Ultralight backpackers sometimes use short, torso-length pads to save weight while most casual backpackers prefer full-length pads that cushion their heels and keep their feet warm. Almost all the pads that are in the list, come in a wide size option.

Intended Use

You should think about how you want to use your pad and consider your must-have features based on its intended use. If you can find a pad that is versatile enough to fit all your needs, you can rest assured and not think any further with your choice. But if are unable to find such a pad, you may need to invest in a couple of options for various situations.  

If you plan to use your hammock pad for camping purposes, weight and dimensions may not be as important to you and, if you are going backpacking, weight is going to be crucial. Therefore, always think about the purpose you will be using it for and then choose the one best suited for the trip.

Noise from the Pad

One of the factors that matter only at certain points during your adventures is this one. It sometimes becomes a factor to consider if you are with a bunch of people who do not like to be disturbed with such noises, or you are at a place where extra noises can attract some unwanted animals during the night. For this purpose, find pads that are built from firm materials for stability to eliminate the squeaking and crinkling noise. Once you are sure about the amount of noise a pad creates, only then should you buy the one and go explore that nature.

List Top 10 Best Hammock Sleeping Pad

Best Hammock Sleeping Pad Reviews

#1 Klymit Insulated Static V Sleeping Pad

Klymit Insulated Static V Sleeping Pad, RECON, Coyote-Sand

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The Klymit Insulated V sleeping pad is a great choice for all four seasons and therefore this is rated as one of the top models in the list. It has a v-cell design and Klymalite synthetic insulation that will keep you warm in all kinds of weather. The setup is quite simple that allows for inflation in as few as 10 breaths, and opens wide for rapid and complete deflation.

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There is an Anti-Microbial laminate that inhibits the growth of microorganisms, including fungus and bacteria, that can cause odor and material damage. The Insulated Static V is specifically designed to limit air movement and decrease heat loss and is made of a durable 75D polyester material to prevent any punctures and abrasions.

Specially developed V-shaped design will deliver you superior support and comfort no matter on what side you decide to sleep. It has an R-value of 4.4, which works well for temperatures that are low in degrees. Its large size makes it a great option to tuck into a hammock or into a sleeping bag, with dimensions 72 x 23 x 2.5 inches.

The sleeping pad can create certain expansion zones that allow your bag to fully loft beneath you for improved thermal comfort. It also has side rails, which will help keep you from rolling out of your hammock or off the pad at night.

It is well insulated yet lightweight and that is the reason it is great for all seasons.


  • Side rails inhibit body movement
  • Expansion zones that allow the bag to fully loft for improved thermal comfort
  • Simple set up
  • Puncture and abrasion resistant material
  • Lightweight and compressible


  • Has a slow leak
  • Not the best option for tall people

#2 Therm-a-Rest Trail Pro Foam Camping Mattress

Therm-a-Rest Trail Pro Self-Inflating Foam Camping Mattress | Best hammock sleeping pad

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The Therm-a-Rest Trail Pro camping mattress is a self-inflating air mattress and is very highly rated in the camping market. It comes in several sizes, and it is versatile in nature, meaning you can use it for more than just hammock camping. A semi-rectangular shape offered to the mattress increases sleep surface area and offers a better gap-free mating of mattresses.

Its diagonal-cut foam provides extra warmth without adding unnecessary weight and the 2 inch of supportive loft provides added comfort. Even after the diagonal cut, this model can be a little bulkier than others because it includes 2 inches of supportive foam for the added comfort and therefore may not be the most ideal option for a backpacking trip.

Overall, the camping mattress may be a bit more expensive than other options, but the additional features that it provides may make it worth the extra cost.


  • Diagonal-cut foam increases warmth
  • Rectangular shape offers gapless coupling of mattresses
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Self-inflatable


  • A bit bulkier

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#3 Klymit Inflatable Sleeping Pad

Klymit 4012794 Static V2 Inflatable Sleeping Pad

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This Klymit sleeping pad is incredibly light in weight, just over one pound and does not compromise on quality. It also has a V-chamber design that has been created to limit air movement and increase insulation. It has an R-value of 1.3 and therefore this lighter pad works better for warmer adventures.

It also has 30D polyester material on top with 75D material elsewhere, which makes it tear and puncture resistant while keeping the overall weight to a minimum. Integrated into the patterned construction, the side rails give security by inhibiting air movement even when you toss and turn all night. This version even has loft pockets to fill in gaps while you sleep, which increases warmth and breathability of the pad, keeping condensation to a minimum.

The three major concerns when hammock camping are insects, temperature and backaches and this sleeping pad is an answered prayer to the same. The pad is quite easy to carry since it is unbelievably light and compact. This pad is very versatile in nature with anti-microbial laminate that works great for hammock camping, ground and cot as well.

This sleeping pad may be a bit pricey, but if you are an avid backpacker, it is a perfect choice for camping in luxury.


  • Compact and durable
  • Comfortable to sleep on
  • The side rail helps in keeping you on the pad.
  • Comes with a built-in repair kit.
  • Easy to set-up and repack


  • Does not have a ball-and-socket mechanism to lock the air in at every breath.
  • Deflating takes time and effort

#4 X-Lounger Ultralight Hammock Sleeping Pad

Ultralight Sleeping Pad with Innovation Buckle Design Built-in Pillow Inflatable Camping Pad

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The X-Lounger sleeping pad is a model that is easy to set up, and really versatile in nature. It is a very lightweight and space-saving option. It weighs only 18 oz, that is almost the 1/3 of foam sleeping pad weight, lighter than a bottle of water which even the kids can carry.

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X-lounger pads have an innovation buckle design U- shaped built-in pillow that is 4’’ in dimension, to relieve neck stress and comfort. You will definitely say goodbye to those annoying, slipping pillows and extra packs. The 2” thick inflatable sleeping pad has a high- quality 20D nylon with TPU coating that is waterproof, tear-resistant and also moisture proof that protects from any sort of fatal falls.

It can be inflated in a few breaths and deflates quickly so that you save your time and energy. It can be easily folded into the size of a book and into a carry bag or backpack and is therefore super convenient.

The X-Lounger is a multi-purpose sleeping bag that is suitable for sleeping bags, hammocks, and tents and even for a picnic blanket for various adventures like backpacking, camping and hiking travels. With this model, you can even connect two or three or even more of the sleeping pads for a larger space for your friends or family to use.

It can be used even at your home, where it can be a good place for kids to play and is also very easy to clean.


  • Extremely durable
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to use and comfortable
  • Unique buckle design, to connect more sleeping pads together for more people to use
  • Quick inflation and deflation


  • Slow Leak
  • The pad is thin.

#5 ECOTEK Hybern 8 Outdoors Sleeping Pad

ECOTEK Outdoors Hybern8 Ultralight Inflatable Sleeping Pad for Hiking Backpacking and Camping

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The Hybern8 Ultralight Sleeping Pad by EcoTek Outdoors is specifically engineered to keep you comfortable whether you’re in a tent or lounging in a hammock. The FlexCell construction in the pad utilizes self-isolating baffles that traps the air and provide you the needed support for all the pressure points and reducing convective heat loss from your body.

The isolated cell structure provides loft enhancing compartments for your sleeping bag insulation to increase warmth.  It is made of a premium 70D woven polyester blend with some pretty awesome features that will make you a fan of this pad. Feature such as no noise, slip as well as weather resistant with a soft and comfortable texture makes this a very good choice for you.

The easy to use one-way valve makes inflation and deflation quite simple and fast in just 10-15 blows, allowing you to set up and break camp in as little time as possible.

The sleeping pad can effortlessly contour to keep you as comfy as you want to be and prevent ambient temperatures from stealing valuable body heat. The hexagon engineered pattern will provide you with a supportive and balanced surface for optimal performance to keep you off the ground at all cost.

It is designed to fit under or inside your sleeping bag easily for increased warmth. The woven polyester material reduces slipping and noises that are quite common with many mattresses.


  • Makes negligible noise
  • Weather and slip resistant
  • Comfortable and keeps you off the ground
  • Rapid inflation/deflation


  • Does not stay inflated for long.

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#6 Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm Air Mattress

Therm-A-Rest NeoAir XTherm Lightweight Inflatable Backpacking Air Mattress, Large - 25 x 77-Inches

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The innovative design and materials of the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm air mattress make it usable in the summer as well, making it an all-season model. However, such design comes at a price, thereby making it one of the more expensive options on the market. This ultralight sleeping pad weighs less than a pound and becomes super compact at the time of travel.

It includes a 2.5-inch mattress that you can inflate in less than two minutes and the R-value of 5.7 makes this pad usable in temperatures below zero. You would be able to easily keep the portions of your body warm enough that are exposed to air on the underside of your hammock with this pad.

The mattress comes with a reflective ThermaCapture technology that traps the radiant heat while the Triangular Core Matrix baffled construction provides stability and minimizes the body’s heat loss. It has a textured design and 30D rip HT nylon, non-slip fabric that will keep you from falling out of your hammock too.

This pad has a wonderful warmth to weight ratio and a more durable bottom layer of fabric, making it clearly one of the best pads on the market. It is designed to fit under or inside your sleeping bag easily for increased warmth. The woven polyester material reduces slipping and noises that are quite common with many mattresses.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • All seasons mattress
  • Quick inflation process
  • Innovative design eliminates bulk
  • Includes stuff sack and a repair kit


  • Expensive
  • Slow Leaks

#7 Outdoorsman Lab Inflatable Hammock Sleeping Pad

Outdoorsman Lab Inflatable Sleeping Pad | best hammock sleeping pad

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If you are out, looking for a great pad that won’t burn a hole in your pockets, then the Outdoorsman Lab Ultralight sleeping pad is the one for you. This summertime sleeping pad having an R-value of 2.2 exudes extreme comfort and durability at an affordable price. It is made from 20D ripstop nylon, which is also used in down sleeping bags.

The pad is 2″ thick, ultralight, weighing just 16 ounces and uses interconnected smooth air cells that can self-adjust to your body shape for optimal comfort, support, and warmth.

This ultralight hammock pad also has TPU lamination, which makes it more durable and less susceptible to water or condensation or holes or tears or punctures. The portable air mattress pad is inflatable to 73″ x 21.6″ x 2.2″ in size and deflates to 8″ x 3″ x 3″ very quickly with the help of easy-to-use air valve.

It can fit quite easily in a backpack with a sack that is already included in the package, for great night sleep. The sleeping pad is very versatile in nature that can be paired with a sleeping bag, tents, straps, hammock, chair, camping mat and can also serve as an outdoor sleep gear for camping, traveling, hiking, fishing, kayaking, and backpacking.

The mattress provides convection for warmth without bulkiness, making it a great option for backpacking with your hammock.


  • Easy-to-use air valve for quick inflation and deflates
  • Strong, laminated TPU coating
  • Highly versatile
  • Waterproof and abrasion proof
  • Comfortable and durable


  • Does not hold air for longer periods
  • Not best in low temperatures

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#8 ENO Air Loft Hammock Sleeping Mattress

ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters - AirLoft Hammock Mattress

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This hammock Air loft mattress is specifically designed with the utmost comfort in mind, cushioning every contact point between your body and can also fit exclusively into your ENO hammock. This self-inflating ENO Air Loft even provides support and warmth for your shoulders and arms, that is not quite a feature shown in other brands.

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The mattress can also be used as a regular sleeping pad because it has removable insulation wings, so it’s as comfortable on the ground as it is in your hammock. The Air Loft’s unique design provides complete insulation from below to keep you warm all night long. It is made from a full 1-inch solid-core foam and covered with TPU coated nylon to increase the durability and keep it water and abrasion proof.

This hammock pad is pricey, but if you are a fan of Eno products and admire the quality and above that if you own an Eno hammock, it might be the best investment that you can make.

The mattress may be a little bulky for backpacking, but creates no problem during camping. Therefore, this foam core pad is a good option if you want to indulge in Eno products and is specifically designed for hammock sleeping.


  • Unique design provides complete insulation 
  • Removable insulation wings
  • TPU coated nylon body
  • Self-inflating mattress


  • May not be compatible with other brands

#9 Therm-a-Rest Trail Scout Camping Mat

therm-a-rest inflating foam camping mat

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The Therm-a-Rest Trail Scout camping mat is also a hammock pad that uses an expandable foam core to provide additional comfort to your body.
It is available in several sizes as per your body height and weighs about a pound and a half for the regular size, making it lightweight. It is built from a solid polyurethane foam core, with durable urethane fabric top and bottom to retain body heat and keep at ease all night.

The expanding foam core is lightweight and compressible for easy and light packing. The mat is self-inflating in nature to reduce your burden and energy in blowing air all the time before setting up camp. You can also blow air in the mat though, it comes as an additional feature, but that is an irrelevant case because the focus should be on the foam, which provides both warmth and support for a good night’s sleep.

Its R-value is just 3.7 but has proven to be quite warm on cool nights. This is basically a three-season self-inflating foam sleeping pad for light backpacking, car camping, and summer camp comfort.


  • Self-inflating Mat
  • Comes in several sizes
  • Solid foam core to retain body heat
  • Compact and durable


  • Heavier for backpacking.

#10 Sea to Summit Sleeping Mat

Sea to Summit Comfort Light Insulated Mat Sleeping Pad with Inflation Pump, Green, Regular

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The Sea to Summit sleeping mat is durable and warm, but definitely a more expensive model than other options. This hammock pad provides excellent support because of its 331 air sprung cells and a hybrid matrix of offset cells in the torso for increased comfort and warmth, and a single layer of cells in the head and legs to reduce the weight.

It has an R-Value of 4.2, making it a great choice for cooler camping or backpacking trips. It also includes antimicrobial materials that virtually eliminate delamination and prevent internal mold growth.

Materials like Thermolite that is a very lightweight non-woven fabric having a thin metalized layer being applied to the surface and Exkin Platinum being a thermal technology that reflects radiant heat back to the user and both these materials are used to optimize heat retention of the body. The multi-function valve present in the mat allows simple inflation, deflation and the ability to easily fine tune your personal comfort level.

It also has a-1 high loft insulation that is a fiberfill constructed with a unique 3D crimp of hollow-core and solid fibers, which provides excellent lightweight warmth with superior durability. The Airstream Pump sack is an additional feature offered by Sea to Summit. The big volume mattress pump has been integrated into the stuff sack of every Air Sprung Cell mat.
The clever design opens at one end to stow the air mat and the other end unfolds to become the built-in pump.

The Airstream Pump sack can be inflated with a single breath and takes just two or three cycles to fill the mats which provide a minimal breath condensation entering the mat and thereby eliminating dizziness from blowing the mat up directly by mouth.


  • Durable and comfortable
  • HL-1 high loft insulation provides excellent warmth 
  • Air Sprung Cells prevent heat loss from the body
  • Multi-function valve for easy inflation and deflation
  • Comes with an airstream pump sack


  • Makes a lot of noise.

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#11 Klymit Hammock V Sleeping Pad [Bonus Product]

Klymit hammock v sleeping pads

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The Klymit Hammock V pad is the first air pad specifically designed for use in a hammock, giving the sleeper 180 degrees of insulation, significantly reducing the amount of lost body heat. The 20D polyester material construction provides solid tear, puncture and abrasion resistance for minimal weight. The deep welds create expansion zones on the pad that allow your bag to fully loft beneath you for improved thermal comfort.

The additional side rail wings provide ample room for movement and keeps the hammock out of your face and allow for movement while sleeping while providing extra support for your arms and hips. It is designed to keep you in place in your hammock while you sleep. Its R-value is 1.6 is low enough to understand that it will work best in the summer. It is also much heavier than pads specifically designed for backpacking.

The flat inflation and deflation valve allows for easy inflation and opens wide for rapid, complete deflation. It has an anti-microbial treatment permeating the inside laminate to inhibit the growth of microorganisms, including fungus and bacteria, that can cause odors and material damage.

The model has a V-shaped design that delivers superior support and comfort no matter how you sleep and whatever side you choose to sleep. It is an insulated, inflatable pad that is specifically built for hammock backpacking.


  • Additional side rail wings
  • Air pad designed especially for hammocks
  • Non-slip zones to hold hammock in place
  • Tear, puncture and abrasion resistant


  • Not the best option under low temperatures.


We have learned quite a few things about sleeping pads and hopefully, you are ready to make your purchase. Noting down all the requirements beforehand is a good practice and should be followed here as well to invest in a good sleeping pad. It should be able to provide you comfort and warmth and only then can it pass the test of a good sleeping pad.

All the hammock sleeping pad listed above are the best of the best chosen specifically for you and you cannot go wrong with any of them. You just need to narrow down your requirements and go for the best hammock sleeping pad suited as per your conditions

Top 10 Best Hammock Sleeping Pad 2020 Reviews & Buyer's Guide
Top 10 Best Hammock Sleeping Pad 2020 Reviews & Buyer's Guide 1

Many hikers struggle with getting good sleep in the wilderness, even when their bodies are completely exhausted. That’s one of the reasons why packing a top-notch sleeping pad is so important. These sleeping pads can provide extra comfort and stability while you are camping or backpacking. The best hammock sleeping pad are specifically designed to help hold and retain body heat so you can stay comfortable throughout the night.

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