Top 10 Best Hammock Straps 2020 Reviews

Hammocks are gaining a lot of popularity in the market today not just in terms of camping but general outdoor activities or for fun. The nature of the loving community loves this product because they offer unparalleled relaxation and comfort. The best part about hanging out in hammocks is that they eliminate the need to sleep on the hard ground and offer you a portable bed to take a comfortable nap or spend the night and can be used out in the wild and even in your back yard for some family time.

The last thing you want after coming back from an excruciating hike is trying to set up camp while struggling to suspend your hammock to get the perfect hang and remember, not all hammocks come with a suspension system, so you might need to buy a good set of hammock straps. The hammocks which come with straps might not turn out to be the best quality-wise or in other words turn out to be weak or defective, which can turn your expedition to ashes.

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You should always prepare for the uncertain and invest in an extra pair of the suspension system to be on a safer side and can save you in case of an emergency and save your day supporting your hammock and other objects are off the ground.

These straps should possess excellent strength so as to strongly support the entire body weight of a person while being tied to two different points. Before moving to the list of some best-handpicked straps, there are some points that you should consider before buying them.

Top 10 Best Hammock Straps For The Money

Best Hammock Straps Reviews

#1 Nature’s Hangout Hang Tight Hammock Straps

HangTight Hammock Straps With Carabiners | Best Hammock Straps

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Nature’s Hangout has a reputation in the market to bring out some of the finest products and here, it brings us one of the strongest hammock straps in the market. These straps are very stable and can accommodate big, old-growth trees as well and should be in the list of camping gear for all those hardcore backpackers out there. The straps are made from polyester and do not stretch under the weight load or even when wet. They have straight and uniform stitching for even spacing throughout the strap.

The Daisy chained loop system offers ease in adjusting the hammock height quickly and easily for maximum comfort. Straps are triple reinforced with double power bar tacked stitches for the breaking point of 2,200 pounds in strength testing. There is no need to get tangled up learning complicated knots and safely suspend them by anchor points over twenty feet apart. The package includes carabiners that are ultralight and have no sharp edges and therefore will not snag your hammock or straps.

Because of the 1-inch flat design, you won’t have to worry about them ripping the bark off trees. To end the review, we would just like to include that these straps have complete ease of use, and overall dependability and do tend to outperform the competition.


  • Easy to install
  • Extra Long hammock straps provide versatility
  • Quality materials and construction
  • Reinforced double stitching
  • No complicated knots


  • Heavy for backpacking.

#2 MalloMe XL Hammock Straps

XL Hammock Straps - Hammock Tree Straps Set

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MalloMe XL Hammock Straps are very versatile and durable for using them practically anywhere. Each tree strap is 12 feet in length making them long enough to be used at various places, whether you’re at a boat dock, on the pier, in the mountains or in your back yard, these straps are compatible with multiple different suspension system components. They are easy to set up and use and can anchor around almost anything.

These straps are one inch wide to protect all the vulnerable trees and their bark from pressure cuts and abrasions. The straps have 40 attachment loops that let you get a strong and even tension on suspended hammock which will prevent sagging and uneven distribution of weight. The set of straps also includes a set of two carabiners and a convenient carrying bag for storage.

Each MalloMe XL Hammock Straps features looped no stretch power stitched polyester to make sure you are safe and can find anywhere to hang. This heavy-duty camping hammock strap that has a breaking weight capacity of 2,000+ lbs that will leave you to rest assured that you won’t fall off in the middle of the night. These straps have been triple-stitched to make them a cut above the rest and you get a full body rest with no problem.


  • Straps have a lot of loops so you can get your hammock tight
  • The material does not stretch out
  • Easy to set up
  • Wide enough that they don’t harm the trees
  • Lightweight


  • Quality of material can be improved
  • Loops are weak.

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#3 Wise Owl Outfitters XL Hammock Straps

Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock Straps Combined 20 Ft | Extra Long Hammock Straps

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The Wise Owl Outfitters hammock straps are very easy to use and you can have your hammock set up in under a minute and we are not kidding about the ease of setup as even your kids can do it. These straps are very strong and will not stretch out. The included carabiners can be attached to any one of the loops to attain the perfect height and comfort level.

Each strap is 10 feet long with 19 loops on each strap and they are tree friendly because they are 1 full inch wide by sitting flat on the tree so that they are not damaged. The straps hold fast without stretching and are dependable, and don’t sag. These advantages and more make them an excellent choice for every backpacker out there who don’t want to be disappointed. As advertised by the company, ‘these straps are an excellent choice for the no-nonsense camper’.


  • Easy to use and less hassle
  • Sets up fast and applies even tension
  • Wide straps
  • Sturdy and dependable
  • Keeps hammock suspended


  • Straps are heavier than advertised.
  • Strap built can be improved

#4 ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters – Atlas EXT Utility Straps

ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters - Atlas EXT Utility Straps | ultralight hammock straps

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The Atlas extension straps are very easy to install and attempts to provide peace of mind when camping in any unfamiliar territory. Not just the installation process is easy, but the setup and takedown take seconds, so you can get to relaxing ASAP. It can extend any ENO suspension system an extra 54 inches of length and works perfectly when you are in need a little more line, and can use the multipurpose webbing to hang your camp lantern, dry your clothes, or even to decorate your campsite.

Their low cost, weight capacity, and versatility make the ENO Atlas straps a great accessory to have in your camping gear. These straps are made from durable poly filament webbing which can support 200 lbs., for a combined weight capacity of 400 lbs. The company also attempts to reduce potential waste by using every bit of fabric available in production taking a green initiative. Overall, you should definitely check out the product as these are quite durable backups and can turn out to be a safe and smart choice.


  • Can hold the hammock firmly
  • The installation process is quite easy
  • Durable poly filament webbing
  • The company opts for a green initiative


  • The material is thin.

#5 Rallt Hammock Tree Straps

Rallt Hammock Tree Straps | Best Lightweight hammock straps

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The Rallt Hammock tree heavy-duty suspension is the reliable, long straps you have been looking for until now. They are versatile and dependable. Made with strong polyester tubular webbing, they are durable and resistant to tearing or unraveling. These strong straps can carry a considerable weight load so you don’t have to worry about falling off on the hard ground anytime and are tested to withstand up to 2,000 pounds.

The Rallt Hammock Tree Straps are compatible with all hammock brands including Rallt, Grand Trunk, Kammok, and Eagles Nest. The daisy chain loop system makes it easy to set up in one minute or less. The ultra-light polyester material keeps the straps lightweight enough to easily carry them in a backpack for hikers and backpackers and weighs just 11.7 ounces.

The combination of being light, easy to pack, and extremely strong make these adjustable hammock straps an acquired choice. You can hang the hammock in the backyard or take a risk for the perfect view, Rallt straps are one of the safest and most functional options.


  • Versatile for use on large rocks, trees, posts, docks, and other anchor objects
  • Fast to set up
  • Lightweight and dependable
  • Sturdy and strong built


  • No carabiners included

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#6 Kammok Python Straps

KAMMOK Python Straps

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The Kammok Python Straps area durable product that will provide you no discomfort when you have to go outdoors or remain indoors. They provide eighteen points of connection on each strap with a length of over 10 feet, providing ultimate adjustability for the perfect hammocking experience and maximizing your comfort with added adjustability. The Python Straps can safely suspend the user by anchor points that are over twenty feet apart, making for some of the longest hammock straps available in the market today.

Setting up a hammock with Kammok Python hammock hanging straps is very simple and will take less than one minute and even tear down is so easy, even your kids can do it with no complicated knots to learn. These nylon straps come in pairs of 2 and are packaged in their own water-resistant pouch. The reflective tracers are woven in the length of the straps so that they are very visible in low-light conditions, making camp easier than ever to navigate in the dark.

They are light in weight, length, and strong that are built for hammock camping that can hang virtually anywhere. They measure 0.75-inch in width with tubular webbing that displaces pressure on trees, making the straps a responsible choice while hammocking.


  • Tree-friendly
  • Comes with 18 daisy chain points on each strap
  • Provides a polyester tubular webbing
  • Reflective tracers for easy navigation in the dark


  • Some loops are weak.

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#7 ENO Eagles Nest Outfitters – Atlas Straps

ENO - Eagles Nest Outfitters Atlas Hammock Straps, Suspension System (FFP) |

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The Eagles’ Nest Outfitters suspension system is tested to be very much reliable for weight loads up to 400 pounds. The company has always given us reliable and trustworthy products and this product right here is one of the products in the list that can be trusted and should be on your list of camping gear if you are a big fan of the company and are a beginner in the camping field. The straps are made from nylon/polyester webbing that goes around the tree to minimize girdling and damage to the bark and cambium layer, which can cause wood tissue death.

These super-light materials used in the making are a perfect size and weight for hikers and backpackers. Each strap measures nine feet in length for a total of 18 feet. The big trees are no problem because there’s plenty of straps to go around them for secure suspension of your hammock. The strong Polyfilament webbing materials used and mentioned above are durable and tough for dependable support. The price may be a little steep, but the features are attractive for these Eagles Nest Outfitters.

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They also have been attributed as durable, no-nonsense, flexible, and more and can accommodate some of the hardiest trees around. Overall these straps account for all-around protection from making you fall hard on the ground in the middle of the night.


  • Light and small for packing
  • Good straps that don’t stretch
  • Easy to use and install
  • Longer length for reaching across big trees
  • Tree friendly


  • Better for beginners
  • Expensive.

#8 ENO Helios Hammock Straps

ENO - Eagles Nest Outfitters Helios Hammock Suspension System, Hammock Straps

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The ENO Helios hammock straps are an excellent choice for the minimalist campers because of their small size. They are also surprisingly strong for a lightweight hammock suspension system. This item is the ultimate choice in lightweight hammock straps and is very easy to pack and simple to set up. The suspension straps weigh only 4.1 ounces and are made from super-strong Dyneema line with a polyester blend tree sling. They are fully designed to support up to 300 lbs making them a dependable option for everyone.

They pair perfectly with any of the ENO Hammocks but not the best with any other brand of hammocks. They feature an easy-to-adjust bury splice tension system that helps prevent any form of slippage so that the napping process can begin with peace. They measure over 8 feet, allowing you to wrap them around big trees or wherever your way takes you. The package comes with a Sil Nylon compression stuff sack that compacts the straps down to the backpack-friendly size so that you can travel light and comfy.

This ENO product is made for the committed camper who wants to keep things simple and can shed a few extra dollars on the go they may prove to be a reliable accessory to have on hand.


  • Best for beginners and middle-level campers
  • Light in weight and strong built
  • Compatible with all ENO built hammocks
  • Easy to install and set up
  • Versatile in nature


  • Tricky to use sometimes
  • Not compatible with all branded hammocks

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#9 Soufull XL Hammock Straps

Soufull XL Hammock Straps | hammock straps 2019

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The Soulfull XL Hammock straps will offer you the comfort of extra length for hammock placement in more challenging areas. Dependable and sturdy, these straps won’t let you down and give wider and greater friction to be more tree-friendly. Every strap comes with 19 loops, 38 combined with a 700LBS breaking strength and that is also compatible with any hammock brand available in the market.

The straps are one inch in width which makes them tree-friendly as we said above and you won’t have to worry about your precious trees in the backyard or even when you are out with nature. The total length of all the two straps make for 20 feet, that also makes it easier to wrap them around large trees or rocks, docks, vehicles or any other solid object making them your ideal location by opening up more anchor point options.

They are made of 100% polyester webbing material that is a no-stretch material also preventing any dreaded sagging that can take you all the way to the ground. These straps are very easy to set up that it can be done even by a child and the simple setup process can be completed in just one minute or less with no frustrating knots to tie.

The daisy-chained loop system makes it easy to adjust the height of your hammock fast. But if you find any defect in the item that has been delivered to you, the company will give you a free replacement or a 100% money back guarantee so that the customers are satisfied in every term.


  • Dependable straps that are easy to wrap around big trees
  • Holds hammock in place without any dreadful sagging
  • Versatile in nature
  • The super-fast and easy setup process


  • The carabiners are a little weak

#10 XL Hammock Straps Set

Favofit Camping Hammock Straps Set

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The XL Hammock strap set will never let you fall down because of its non-stretching hammock straps built that come with its own set of carabiners that can safely support up to 1400 lbs to provide you with every comfort on your trip to nature or to your backyard. Though they are claimed to be non-stretchy, these still stretch to a certain extent that might not be very likely for some people, but otherwise will not create problems.

You can take these anywhere with the camping gear because they provide you the versatility to hang out for camping or hiking or being in the backyard of your house. The hammock tree straps weigh only 1 lbs like iceberg lettuce, best for camping and carrying around in your backpack.

The straps are easy to set up and take really less time for both setting the hammock up and taking them down and all ages can do it with no discomfort or problem. There are 40 loops in total that also makes it super easy to set the straps up with the adjustable hammock suspension kit.

They are a durable, tree-friendly product that you won’t regret after purchasing and a good option for all those who prefer light travel.


  • Strong and sturdy built
  • Super easy setup or takedown
  • Solid carabiners
  • Reasonable price
  • Dependable straps


  • Far too stretchy

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How To Choose Best Hammock Straps | Buyer’s Guide

The best hammock straps in the market are available to make hanging your hammock anywhere a breeze, ensure a safe and secure hang, and are durable enough to last for years. There has been an increasing trend these days where most hammocks are hung from special hammock straps that are designed to take the load without stretching. Therefore, there are some crucial factors to contemplate so that you buy the best hammock straps and have known all with everything.


A hammock strap must be versatile enough to use both indoor and outdoor activities. They should be mold and mildew resistant for outdoor use in humid or moist weather. The materials should also be resistant to the fading and damaging effects of UV rains when left in bright sunlight. The straps should be designed to fit with objects that are both smaller and larger in diameter so that when you are about to tie the hammock you don’t have to worry about the width of the trees or poles etc.

Your hammock straps should have the ability to hook up to a variety of objects, whether they be a wall, trees, or anything else that you can use to hang up a hammock.

The major thing you need to determine is whether your strap is compatible with your hammock or not. Just confirm that the strap that you pick is versatile and can be connected to every kind of hammocks. Not only do you require hammocks for forested areas; they are adaptable and portable fittings that can be utilized at your location for relaxing as well. Make sure that the strap can be used to attach to the wall or pole easily.

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Durability is one of the most important factors and should be strong and durable. You should look for a hammock suspension system that will hold up to heavy abuse so that you don’t fall off in the middle of the night just because your hammock strap couldn’t bear the extreme side of nature. The important feature in terms of durability is the kind of stitching that is featured, either a double or triple stitch construction for the seams.
This will, in turn, prevent unraveling and tearing when in use. 

In this matter Polyester webbing is the most suitable and popular material used as it is resistant to tearing or stretching and it is supposedly quite easy to manufacture polyester straps with virtually zero stretch capacity and still get a strong weave. There are brands that do not take special care in building the straps to the utmost quality and they end up tearing or stretching, so you have to be careful to before buying them.

Length of the Strap

While choosing the best hammock straps you should always consider its length. Hammock straps come in various lengths and you should always check the length of the straps before marching to your destination because there is no way of knowing how much distance will be between the anchor points of your hammock unless you have already been there. The longer the hammock straps, more the versatility and flexibility they provide.

You should opt for straps that are long enough to reach objects that are far apart so choose them from a length of 10-14 feet long. You can also choose shorter ones if there are lots of trees to choose from at the destination.

Weight of the Straps

You should always consider the weight of the entire suspension system, as lesser the room it takes up in your pack, more the space for other essentials would be cleared. A high-quality strap will always be made of lightweight materials that are also durable and strong. Ideally, the total weight of your hammock straps should be two pounds or less or should abide by the recommended weight limit.

These lightweight straps are essential if you plan to hike, backpack, snowshoe, or ski with your hammock and therefore you should carefully look for the weight before buying them.

While you are out for camping, weight, and space are two essentials things to look out for, prior to your purchase. There are a variety of straps available that weigh extremely light yet offer an outrageous hold. While picking the strap you should consider the weight and this is particularly imperative in case, you’re enjoying nature, backpacking, or hiking.

Additionally, you would not want to have a strap that will miss the mark or a strap excessively long that will cause slack in the hammock.

Hence, to be on the more secure side we prescribe you to pick a strap that has at any rate 10 feet on every side

FAQs About Best Hammock Straps

Does the strap hurt the tress?

Most of the tress are composed with tree-accommodating constituents and they are delicate on the trees. The straps for the most part have one-inch breadth that forestalls harming the tree by putting least strain on them.

What is the suitable length for the straps?

There is no exact measurement for an appropriate strap. Although, we recommend you to purchase a strap that is at least 10 feet long on each side. You don’t exactly have the idea as to how distant or how extensive the trees are. On the contrary, having a 20 feet long strap will offer you the max level flexibility, even in the situations when the trees are at a faraway distance.

it is not recommended to keep it outside permanently. The weather will ruin it faster. The stand will rust faster if it is soaking in the rain. This will not last you a hammock stand for long. It is important to take care of your hammock stand if you want to ensure that it lasts long.


The hammock you choose will only be as sturdy as the straps that are used to anchor it in place and without them, a hammock is as good as nothing. Choosing the right straps for the job is very important, but paying attention to the weight and length and the material used is also important.

We have made an effort to put some of the best online companies that provide some fine choices all in one convenient place to save you the time and effort it takes to go through a number of products available in the market today. Go ahead and choose the best hammock straps and your loved ones.

Top 10 Best Hammock Straps 2020 Reviews
Top 10 Best Hammock Straps 2020 Reviews 11

The best hammock straps in the market are available to make hanging your hammock anywhere a breeze, ensure a safe and secure hang, and are durable enough to last for years. There has been an increasing trend these days where most hammocks are hung from special hammock straps that are designed to take the load without stretching. Therefore, there are some crucial factors to contemplate so that you buy the best hammock straps and have known all with everything.

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