Top 10 Best Headlamps For Hunting & Fishing 2021 Reviews

The hunting seasons are approaching and you need to gear up for the game. It’s that time of the year when you start looking for all the gears and equipment in the garage and start taking them out. For the perfect game, you need the perfect equipment to aid you. Among all the hunting gears, what a true hunter needs in a headlamp for hunting. This equipment not only gives you the clear sight you need while hunting but also ensure your safety to some extent.

These lamps will provide you the sufficient light you need to hunt in the dark while keeping both your hands-free. You simply strap them around your head and they provide it just enough amount of light in your line of vision. You can freely use your weapon or other equipment without the worries of lighting.

Headlamps also provide you with red and green beams which are helpful when you are haunting as some animals cannot see these lights. These provide the hunter the night vision if you are hunting at night. However, before buying a headlamp to suit your hunting style, you need to keep certain things in mind. 


Things To Consider Before Buying Best Headlamps For Hunting & Fishing

  • Durability:

when you are out hunting, you cannot anticipate the weather you will be facing. Besides, night hunting cannot guarantee you a dry condition. This is the reason why every electronic gear you own should be waterproof. Similarly, when buying a headlamp for hunting, be sure that the product is fully waterproof. 

  • Beam range:

it is important to ensure that the headlight you are thinking of buying covers a certain range with light. Various headlamps have different beam range. The beam range determines the range that your headlamp will shower light on. 

  • Battery life:

This will determine the time your headlamp would last in the wilderness. You surely want to look for something that can last longer in terms of battery life as well.  If you have a headlamp that uses batteries similar to AA, you can simply change into new ones if you run out of power in the middle of your hunt. However, if you have rechargeable batteries, make sure you charge them in their own charger and avoid overcharging them. 

  • Battery type:

This is the element that will determine your battery life. There are different kinds of batteries headlamps use. There are a number of batteries available nowadays. Some use regular AA or AAA batteries. These do provide you a strong and bright light while the batteries are full.

However, the light starts to become dull and weak once the battery starts to run out. While others use more modern rechargeable ones. These are much longer-lasting and reusable. These ones last longer. 

  • Weight and size:

Although most of the headlamps come with an adjustable strap to help you to firmly secure them around your head, some don’t. Some are designed to be like a helmet. These are more secure but at the same time, heavier compared to the strapped ones. 

  • Extra features:

Some headlamps provide you with features such as SOS light or temperature regulators. Some even provide you with battery monitoring parts to keep a tab on your batteries. These features set the headlamp apart from its more basic counterpart.

  • Beam type:

Most headlamps include a red, blue, and green light mode. The red, green, or blue (RGB) modes will protect a hunter’s night vision when you are in the dark. RGB light is far less likely to alert big game animals while you are hunting in the same spot. The best headlamps also include adjustable beams that let them pierce through the darkness. It also drops the power to conserve battery. 

Top 10 Headlamps For Hunting & Fishing For The Money


Best Headlamps For Huntings Reviews

1) SureFire HS3-A-BK Maximus LED Headlamp

SureFire HS3-A-BK Maximus Rechargeable Variable-Output LED Headlamp

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This headlamp had virtually indestructible LED emitter. This regulates to maximize output and runtime for the user. It features a One-hand output adjustment from 1 to 1,000 lumens. It produces a wide and diffused beam which utilizes a high-performance LED and a custom reflector. This optimizes your natural field of vision. It also provides an impressive reach at its max output setting.

It is enough to illuminate your entire campsite. You can also tone it down to your desired brightness. You get a wide, smooth beam because of the Precision reflector. This optimizes your field of vision.  It features a large knurled dial which you to permits output control with one hand. Even if it’s gloved or numbed by cold, it is easy to use. The Light assembly rotates up and down 90 degrees and the one hand can also aim the light right where you want it.

If you sweat a lot, you don’t have to worry about that with this headlamp. This headband is a Comfortable no-chafe headband. It comes with a Breath-O-Prene forehead pad. It has a dimension of 3.9 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches and weighs around 5.1 ounces. This headlamp uses an integral rechargeable lithium-ion battery.  

It features a fuel gauge on the headlamp which provides you battery charge status. It also features a long-running SOS beacon which provides an extra margin of safety. It is constructed of tough and lightweight magnesium.

Top 10 Best Headlamps For Hunting & Fishing 2021 Reviews 11


  • It features a forehead pad
  • It runs on rechargeable batteries
  • It features a fuel gauge
  • It features a long-running SOS beacon
  • It provides a powerful beam
Top 10 Best Headlamps For Hunting & Fishing 2021 Reviews 12


  • This unit gets very hot
  • It doesn’t last long
  • It is not comfortable enough
  • It doesn’t fit in right


2) Princeton Tec Tactical EOS LED Headlamp

Top 10 Best Headlamps For Hunting & Fishing 2021 Reviews 13

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This headlamp is available in three colors. This headlamp is the current choice for the US Military as well. It features Maxbright 1 watt L.E.D. for up to 60 lumens of output. It has an optimized lens/collimator which maximizes the beam by balancing long throw with floodlight.

It has a self-contained battery system that eliminated any sort of external wires. The EOS is equipped with three levels of brightness and a blinking signal mode. The Tactical EOS features an easy-to-change lens filter system for night activities.

These include red which is used for preserving night vision, blue which is used for blood tracking, and green, designed for the hunter’s safety. It is also waterproof to ensure that it sustains you in any weather condition. With a dimension of 7.8 x 3.4 x 2 inches, it weighs around 4.8 ounces.

Top 10 Best Headlamps For Hunting & Fishing 2021 Reviews 11


  • It is waterproof
Top 10 Best Headlamps For Hunting & Fishing 2021 Reviews 12


  • The button is hard to push
  • The brightest is not bright enough 
  • The red light is not very bright


3) Streamlight 14514 Sidewinder Compact Head Flashlight

Streamlight 14514 Sidewinder Compact II Military Model Angle Head Flashlight

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In the case of this headlamp, you have a number of colors to select from. It includes Sidewinder Compact II, helmet mount, head strap, and CR123A lithium battery. It is engineered to meet a number of h and s free tasks required for illumination. It features the usual White, Red, Blue lights. The IR LEDs have varying outputs and run times. It features a 185-Degree tilting body and belt or web clip which allows you to position the illumination source in the work area.

It5 has a 63m beam distance, 5mm IR LED: 25mW/sr (min) which radiant intensity. The White C4 LED has w/AA: 47 lumens; 1,000 candelas. It is a multi-source LED flashlight with C4LED technology. It operates from single CR123 lithium, AA Alkaline or AA Lithium battery.

It is constructed of tough nylon case which provides exceptional durability and weather resistance. All openings are O-ring sealed. The polycarbonate lenses are Unbreakable as they have a scratch-resistant coating. With a dimension of 3 x 1 x 2 inches, it weighs around 2.4 ounces. 

Top 10 Best Headlamps For Hunting & Fishing 2021 Reviews 11


  • It runs on multiple batteries
  • It is very lightweight
Top 10 Best Headlamps For Hunting & Fishing 2021 Reviews 12


  • It is not long-lasting
  • It has a poor MOLLE attachment
  • LED provides a lower output
  • It is not bright enough 
  • It doesn’t fit properly


4) Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

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This headlamp is available in two colors.  It has a 1 Quad Power LED and 1 Double Power white LED which emits up to 250 lumens when it is on max setting. If you need to momentarily increase illumination in distance and proximity, it does allow fast transition between full and dimmed power in order to do so. This is done with the Power Tap Technology.

The night vision modes have dimming and strobe settings. It also actives without cycling through the white mode. It features Red and Green Single Power LEDs. It runs on 4 AAA batteries. There is also a three-level power meter which shows the remaining battery life for 3 seconds after you switch on the headlamp.

This headlamp is fully dust and waterproof with a sealed housing and latch opening. Both the red and green has night vision modes. It is a good option for saltwater and extremely wet or dusty environments. It has a dimension of 2 x 2 x 2 inches and weights around 3.2 ounces.

Top 10 Best Headlamps For Hunting & Fishing 2021 Reviews 11


  • It is very bright
  • It has good battery life on a lower setting
  • It is waterproof
  • It is lightweight
  • It has a battery indicator
  • It has power tap technology
  • Good for harsher conditions
Top 10 Best Headlamps For Hunting & Fishing 2021 Reviews 12


  • It is uncomfortable for long use
  • The strap comes to become loose
  • Buttons are difficult to use


5) Tactical Quad Multicam Headlamp

Tactical Quad Multicam Headlamp

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This headlamp consists of four ultra-bright Nichia 5 mm LEDs. These are 30% brighter than standard LEDs. It has a Max Lumens of 78. It has a beam range of 37m. The current is constantly regulated for constant output. It features 4 output modes, high, medium and low.

It also features a safety flash. The low battery indicator light alerts you when you are running low on battery. It has a built-in red lens. This slides into place when you want to preserve your night vision. This turns on in low mode. It has a dimension of 1 x 1 x 1 inches and weighs around 3.4 ounces. It runs on 3 AAA batteries or lithium. It doesn’t have extra space to put extra light filters. 

Top 10 Best Headlamps For Hunting & Fishing 2021 Reviews 11


  • It is very bright
  • It is very lightweight
  • It includes Low battery indicator
  • Good light range
Top 10 Best Headlamps For Hunting & Fishing 2021 Reviews 12


  • It is pricy
  • the red and blue lenses are too opaque 
  • Very basic lamp without extra features. 
  • It does not include power trap technology


6) Nitecore HC30 1000 Lumens Rechargeable LED Headlamp

Nitecore HC30 1000 Lumens Rechargeable LED Headlamp with Battery and Charger

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This headlamp includes the newest Nit core HC30, the 1000 Lumen Headlamp, a high-capacity 18650 rechargeable battery, and a LumenTac single-channel charger. It is an angled headlamp and adjustable enough to provide you a wide angle of light. It features five rapidly switchable brightness levels from ultra-low to the turbo. It has three special modes of SOS, strobe, and search beacon.

This headlamp features Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology which keeps the light from overheating after long use. The ATR makes it safer and more comfortable to use. It is constructed fully out of metal which provides you the flexibility to use it. The nylon headband not only holds it in place but also fits you comfortably.

It is compact and very lightweight to carry around. It actually memorizes the perfect brightness for you. You can also remove the torch from the band and use it as a hand torch. With a dimension of 3.9 x 1 x 1 inches, it weighs around 1.44 ounces.

Top 10 Best Headlamps For Hunting & Fishing 2021 Reviews 11


  • It is super lightweight
  • The torch is detachable
  • It Features SOS, strobe, and search beacon 
  • It has an angled headlamp
  • It is bright
  • It has Adjustable lights
  • It has ATR technology
  • It memorizes brightness mode
Top 10 Best Headlamps For Hunting & Fishing 2021 Reviews 12


  • The battery takes a while to charge
  • The straps don’t hold on tightly


7) Cobiz Headlamp Flashlight USB Rechargeable

Cobiz Headlamp Flashlight USB Rechargeable

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This headlamp has it all. It has four modes in total. You can use the lowest, most focused setting or the wider or splashier on medium or high mode. You have bright emergency strobe lights as well. It is waterproof. The insides have a high-quality, leakage-resistant or waterproof wiring.

This makes sure your light stays on even in the soaking rain. It also has a waterproof switch. The head’s 90º swivel ability rotates to shine literally any direction you want. The headlamp will fit more or less any person, regardless of their size. It has three lights: red, green and a LED. It features a battery compartment to tell you the charging status.

Top 10 Best Headlamps For Hunting & Fishing 2021 Reviews 11


  • It is water-resistant
  • It has 90 º swivel ability
  • The fit is good
  • Battery compartment to view charging status
  • It has a flimsy top strap
Top 10 Best Headlamps For Hunting & Fishing 2021 Reviews 12


  • It overcharges easily
  • The build quality seems flimsy
  • There are no clasps or straps to ensure a tight water-resistant seal.


8) Petzl – TIKKA RXP Headlamp

Petzl - TIKKA RXP Headlamp 215 Lumens, Coral

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This is another great product. The headlamp is equipped with light sensors which can make the light output and beam pattern adapt instantly in accordance with the environment. It comes with two high power LEDs. It can be adjusted to wide, mixed, or focused beams according to the situation, from close range to distant vision.

It comes with a comfortable headband that can be easily adjusted. It has two-part construction at the back of the head. This makes the product excellent for dynamic activities. The size of the lamp is big but it is still lightweight.

Top 10 Best Headlamps For Hunting & Fishing 2021 Reviews 11


  • The product comes with light sensors
  • The product can easily adjust itself according to a situation 
  • It can be adjusted to a wide, mixed or focused beam and “reactive lighting” does work fairly well.
  • It has a comfortable and adjustable headband.
Top 10 Best Headlamps For Hunting & Fishing 2021 Reviews 12


  • The headlamp fails to remember your chosen mode.
  • The settings and buttons can be confusing 
  • It is also pretty susceptible to water damage.
  • The on/off button is poorly designed. 


9) NITECORE NU32 550 Lumen LED Rechargeable Headlamp

NITECORE NU32 550 Lumen LED Rechargeable Headlamp

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This is a high-performance headlamp equipped with a CREE XP-G3 S3 LED. It has a white LED which can emit a bright 550 lumens for distances up to 136 yards on Turbo mode. The brightness can be adjusted from 1 to 550 lumens. It has additional high CRI LEDs that act as auxiliary and can be used to do close up tasks that need additional light.

It also provides the option of using the red auxiliary LED for nighttime reading purposes and protecting the reader’s night vision. It is very lightweight and comfortable weighing only about 3.5 ounces. Thus it is great for outdoor campaigning, night run, and home repairs.

It also has a long battery life with a maximum runtime of 330 hours at a lower setting. The package includes the Nitecore NU32 headlamp, an adjustable headband, LumenTac Adapter and Nitecore USB charging cable

Top 10 Best Headlamps For Hunting & Fishing 2021 Reviews 11


  • The product has high performance and it gives off a very bright light.
  • It is pretty lightweight.
  • It is very portable.
  • It has a good battery life
Top 10 Best Headlamps For Hunting & Fishing 2021 Reviews 12


  • The buttons are sometimes hard to find without looking
  • Turbo mode can’t be sustained for a very long time.


10) Kohree CREE 80000 LUX LED Coyote Hog Coon Hunting Light

Kohree CREE 80000 LUX LED Coyote Hog Coon Hunting Light

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This headlamp is a bit different from the rest. This lamp is fitted inside a cap and you can easily install it inside any other cap as well if it is designed for it. It features a multi-color white beam. It has had a green and red beam. It features the latest Cree XPL LED, with a 275-yard range.

It also has a 5 Position Band Rotary Switch. This enables you to select which LED you to want to use while allowing you to choose the brightness of the light. The main light beam starts from low and goes higher. This headlamp has a robust aluminum head which is rainproof.

It runs on a Rechargeable Lithium battery pack and comes with a home charger and a wall charger. However, it can only use its own charger. Any other charger can result in a short circuit. This also displays the charging status of your gear. It includes a two-year warranty. It weight around 19.5 ounces. 

Top 10 Best Headlamps For Hunting & Fishing 2021 Reviews 11


  • It has a long battery life
  • It is easy to wear
  • It is super bright
  • It needs battery mounting
Top 10 Best Headlamps For Hunting & Fishing 2021 Reviews 12


  • It has poor design features
  • There are no instructions included. 
  • It is not very fire resistant
  • It is not properly waterproofed 



Buying Guide About Best  Headlamps for Hunting

A headlamp is one of the perfect accessories to have. Needless to say, headlamps are absolutely versatile and adaptable. They enable one to do everything; beginning from the household chores to trekking throughout the caves. Not only can you do daily basis work; you can even involve in hunting and fishing. They permit you to extend your time through the water and lake sites to early morning till the late nights. The same goes for hunting; it isn’t that tough to do at night as it is thought to be. It is always based on the sort of equipment and gear that you will utilize in the process. These gears and equipment are highly helpful and carry utmost significance as they help you during the daylight and as well as during the dark evening; where you can hardly see at times.

In case you are planning to purchase one, you know that it is not simple to just randomly buy one; the entire procedure needs research and trail-testing of everything. Hey, don’t worry; we have got your covered! There are certain factors that you have to look out for before purchasing an ideal headlamp. We have prepared a guide for the same, to ease you with the research work. Happy shopping 🙂

  • Light output

This one is the most prominent trait that you have to look out for. Without this, the gear is least effective. You would obviously want to have a lamp that is sufficiently bright to ease you through your way to hunting or fishing. This feature is typically based on what is usually called as flux or lumens. The greater the trait is, the wider the beam is. The purpose of your task will highly determine the power of your lumen.

  • Beam distance

This generally implies to the fact, how far the device can go. This determines the range of the device. Certain factors such as output, climatic conditions, etc. play a very major role in what will come to your sight. The distance of your beam will decide what can you see and till how far can you see. To sum that up; the brighter the device is, the greater distance it will cover.

  • Durability

While you are consistently in an open situation and specifically fishing and hunting; place your gear or tools to a significant test. A product composed of top-notch constituents stands out from the poor-quality products. This actually finds out the answer as to how much they can take. Weather and temperature of your outdoor surroundings can anytime pose challenges on your gear. Make sure that you pick a model that is durable and sufficiently sturdy to endure the harsh weather situations and manage itself in ranging temperatures.

  • Price

If you pick an expensive or pricey model, doesn’t mean that it is prominent or top-notch or vice-versa. If you know sufficiently about these gears and all the features they must incorporate, then you can easily decide on a gear that is competent. Never make the rule fundamental that clearly says, “an expensive product is an ideal product.” You can spend a bit from your pocket and still purchase a great product. Just make sure to pick a model that is handy and accommodating to utilize.

Additional Information

Different hunter chooses different surroundings and environments to hunt. At all costs, you need to keep in mind not to scare off your target. Your gear needs to allow you to quickly adjust to your settings. If your headlamp fails to do the same, your game will be ruined. You need to quickly change your beam’s brightness or even pull it to full use as per your requirement.

A good headlamp with not hinder your game. Remember, if it is not waterproofed properly, not only it will hamper your game but also give you a nasty electric shock. This can result from your own sweat. This is also important when you are underwater. Everything from the lenses to the buttons to the internal wiring needs to be waterproof. As for underwater adventures, some headlights can last you to a specific depth. 

You strap needs to fit you properly and sit securely. If that is not so, it will simply be slid down your face. Remember never to overcharge your batteries as it can prove dangerous. If it is heating up too fast, you need to either rest it out a bit or replace it with something else. This device will not only light your path while you are hunting but also ensure your safety. 



Spoiler title
The red light provides you night vision. It also helps your eyes to get adjusted in the dark. Red light is invisible to most preys so it is easier for the hunter.
Spoiler title
Rechargeable headlamps are reusable and better for the environment. You can simply charge it for your next trip.  These provide you will stable lighting throughout your trip. On the other hand, the one which uses batteries such as AA tends to become dim as the battery depletes. However, if your gear has multi battery use quality, you can have some option or the other.  You can carry around batteries and simply change into new ones once it runs out.
Spoiler title
Caps are certainly more comfortable to wear for longer. They don’t slide down your face if they don’t fit perfectly. You also don’t feel much heat while wearing it.  However, caps come off easily when you are moving through dense forests. Straps also give you a better light angle.
Does a good headlamp needs to be water-resistant?
For outdoor enthusiasts, headlamps are very essential. On such ventures, one must carry the gears that can withstand fluctuating weather conditions. In such a case, your gear must be water-resistant. This is specifically significant for electronic gadgets like headlamps. This is highly due to the fact that such gadgets could damage beyond fixing.
What is the procedure of changing a headlamp battery?

This procedure is just a piece of cake. Just follow these steps and you are good to go:

  • View the rear of your headlamp, and search for a slot to get to the battery.
  • Discover something that fits into that opening.
  • Turn it and open up it.
  • Expel lifeless batteries.
  • Supplant them with new ones.
  • Set the cover back on.

And yes, it is done. See how incredibly easy it is. Just a few simple steps and you can change the battery of your gear without any issues.

Final Verdict

Whether you are in the forest or down in the rivers fishing at night, this is a gear that ensures your vision for the night. Keep the quality and the basic features in mind and you will be good to go. Choose wisely before making a decision and it will last you longer. Good luck out there!

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