Best Hiking Watches Under 100 Dollars in 2021 Reviews

If you are feeling like going for a hike in the mountains or in the wilderness, but at the same time you are scared of getting lost in the woods and as a result, you feel like planning the next trekking trip with perfection, you will definitely need an advanced technology to be at you side at such times. In this dynamic and ever-changing era of technology, there is always a solution for everyone.

In this case, you need a good and fully equipped hiking watch to be your partner in crime. It will not only let you know the time but also vivid features like checking the direction you are trying to reach, count your steps, altitude, location, and weather prediction, all these can be lifesaving at times.

A standard hiking watch likely comes with a compass, altimeter and a barometer. However, on the other hand, a fully-fledged watch has GPS functionality, heart-rate counter, preloaded maps, and much more to offer. As the demand for a watch, which can offer you all these vital functions is always in an upward trend in the market, the companies try to blend in each useful feature with a durable design for long-lasting watches.

As a consumer, all you want is a watch that can resist shock, water and can bear extreme weather conditions, so that it won’t get damaged during your outdoor adventures. Many high-end watches come with built-in GPS, but some prefer without a GPS due to longer battery life, lower price, and a plain vanilla user interface to interact with.

The best hiking watch under 100 dollars can help you in your endeavors while hiking, trekking as well as mountaineering, fishing, or cycling in the woods. That is why we have brought you a list of some of the best models available in the market and reviewed them so that you make a rational decision before actually purchasing them.


Top Hiking Watches Under 100 For Men



Best Hiking Watches Under 100 Reviews [For Men]

#1 Casio Men’s Quartz Black Watch

Casio Men's SGW-1000-2BCF Triple Sensor Digital Display Quartz Black Watch

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The Casio Men’s Quartz smartwatch is like a usual and a popular choice for people, because of its sturdier construction, reliable design, and durable batteries. Casio has been on the list of the oldest watch manufacturers around the world and has been providing quality products for a long time.

It is built with Mineral glass to provide protection against scratching. It comes with an LED backlight which turns on by just a press of a button and has a decent display glass which makes it easier to read the watch at night. This feature is not so common in these types of watches. It can handle up to 5 alarms whether it is a daily or one-time thing.

Also, the pre-programmed calendar feature in the watch is also very useful. It can also support 31 world time zones. It is a waterproof watch that will provide you all the basic functions of a barometer, altimeter, thermometer.
The bonus feature that the model offers here is it can handle the extremely low temperature of up to -10C/14F.

In addition to world time, stopwatch alarm, and other basic timekeeping functions, the watch also includes a direction sensor and temperature sensor.

The direction readings and time are indicated by large, easy-to-read figures for a better trekking experience. A large LCD is divided into three segments for a clear, easy-to-understand presentation of any kind of displayed data. This model can pack Triple Sensor and temperature and direction readings into a 100M water-resistant design that is perfect for sports, work, or other activities that involve water.

Best Hiking Watches Under 100 Dollars in 2021 Reviews 8


  • Good battery life
  • Water-resistant
  • Includes a direction sensor and temperature sensor
  • All-night visibility with luminosity button
Best Hiking Watches Under 100 Dollars in 2021 Reviews 9


  • The wristband may feel too small for people with big wrists.


#2 Casio Men’s GD100 Digital Sport Watch

Casio G-Shock Digital Black Dial Men's Watch - GD-100-1BDR (G310)

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The Casio GD100 sports watch is one of those options you just can’t overlook. This watch from G-Shock and Casio is a no-brainer, because of it’s tough built and design and the fact that it is the best affordable option out there in the market.

It comes with an LED backlight that turns on by just a press of a button and also has a decent display glass which makes it easier to read the watch at night. This feature is not so common in these types of watches. It can also handle up to 5 alarms, be it daily or a one-time thing.

Also, the pre-programmed calendar feature in the watch is very useful. The watch supports 4 cities multi-time feature. It is a 200m, waterproof sports watch that provides you with the basic functions of a barometer, altimeter, thermometer.

Due to its military-grade construction, it is resistant from dust as well as shocks, adding to your comfort during the trip. With an all-digital face, large size and wide face, the model not only gives a look of power and strength but also makes it extremely easy-to-read and use with the oversized buttons.

The final result is a super luminous display watch that’s a true reflection of G-Shock’s desire to keep improving time keeping.

Best Hiking Watches Under 100 Dollars in 2021 Reviews 8


  • Long lasting battery life
  • Waterproof
  • Abrasion Proof
  • LED backlight with a dedicated button
  • Best Hiking Watch Under 100 Dollars
Best Hiking Watches Under 100 Dollars in 2021 Reviews 9


  • Military grade material is costly

#3 Casio Men’s G7900-1 Digital Sport Watch

Casio Men's G7900-1 G-Shock Rescue Digital Sport Black Resin Watch

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The Casio Men’s G7900-1 sports watch is also a combination product from Casio and G-Shock, but this one is more affordable and reliable than other similar models. Its design is quite good and sturdy which makes it useful in daily life as well as while hiking or camping or trekking, etc.

It has a wide set of impressive features such as a big wrist band, illumination, shock resistant, moon and tide graphs, low temp LCD, auto EL backlight, flash alert, world time, daily alarm, 12/24 hr formats and many more. 

The watch also comes with an LED backlight which turns on by just a press of a button and has a decent display glass which makes it easier to read the watch at night. It too can handle up to 5 alarms whether they are set daily or one-time. Also, the pre-programmed calendar feature is very useful for convenient hauls.

It can also support 31 world time zones like the above Casio models. The model boasts a 50mm resin case and a mineral dial window. The bonus feature here is it can handle extremely cold temperatures and hardest of the shocks. The round sports watch also features four-point design protection with large buttons and a display format, to make your traveling plans easier to navigate.

This water-resistant watch (up to 200 m) will be a general, and suitable option for professional marine activity and serious surface water sports, but not scuba diving.

Best Hiking Watches Under 100 Dollars in 2021 Reviews 8


  • Affordable and reliable
  • Shock resistant
  • Comes with moon and tide graphs
  • Has an Led backlight for easy reading
Best Hiking Watches Under 100 Dollars in 2021 Reviews 9


  • Little uncomfortable because of larger than expected design.


#4 Timex Expedition Grid Shock Watch

Timex Grid Shock Digital Black Dial Men's Watch

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The Timex Expedition Grid shock watch is supposed to be one of the best camping watches in the market. It comes with backlight option, alarm and time zones and many other features it can boast about. Its square design makes it easier for you to watch the time and navigate through all other information that it provides without a problem.

It is more visible in nightlight because of its Indigo Backlight feature. The model grid shock watch can handle all your countdowns, alarms, and also offer you a hydration alert to keep you hydrated on your little expedition.

It comes with a resin case and a stainless-steel top plate, which is also scratch-resistant. Also, it is waterproof up to 30m under the water and has a 10-year-long battery life, enough to keep you on track forever. The chronograph functionality of the Timex Expedition Digital collection allows you to track your personal bests.

The watch is inspired by the much-loved WS4 design and is ready for anything that comes in its way. It has also got vibrating alarms and timers. It is your true adventure companion and is built to withstand whatever life throws its way. You can get off the grid and embark on an adventure carefree.

Best Hiking Watches Under 100 Dollars in 2021 Reviews 8


  • Sturdy and reliable construction
  • Comes with a resin case and stainless-steel top plate
  • Water and shockproof
  • Good visibility and display
Best Hiking Watches Under 100 Dollars in 2021 Reviews 9


  • Watch’s dial can sometimes be irritating because of design


#5 Garmin Forerunner 15 Hiking Watch

Garmin Forerunner 15 Large

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If there’s a device that can track practically everything for a superb experience while hiking, it is the Garmin Forerunner watch. It is basically a GPS watch, alongside a pace and calorie tracker and an option to choose heart rate monitor. You can track anything to everything with this tracking beast.

It can track almost everything, you name it; from distance, pace, calories burned to your heart rate. You can even upload your daily data to Garmin Connect to see your runs on a map, get all the details of every mile and you can even share it with friends. With the inactivity indicator, you will stay motivated to move whenever you’ve been sitting for too long.

It provides many interactive features such as social media alerts, and is very comfortable while hiking and trekking, and doesn’t bother much. It comes with shock resistance and water immersion ability.

It will not break down inadvertently for sure and can also be attached to your shoe or ankle. It has up to 8 hours of battery life in training mode or 5 weeks in watch or activity tracking mode.

Best Hiking Watches Under 100 Dollars in 2021 Reviews 8


  • A wide number of features
  • Advanced technology
  • Good resistance and durability
  • User-friendly and comfortable design
Best Hiking Watches Under 100 Dollars in 2021 Reviews 9


  • Dial can sometimes be irritating because of design


#6 Lintelek Fitness Tracker Smart Watch

Lintelek Fitness Tracker

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The Lintelek Fitness Tracker smartwatch is an affordable and impressive watch with one of the most color options available than any other brand in the market. The watch comes with a chronograph, a thermometer, and a digital compass. It also has a thermometer, an altimeter, a barometer, a sea-level pressure graph, a digital compass, a calibration mode, and much more to create an impressive resume for you.

Apart from being an affordable watch at an impressive price, it comes with the ability to save battery life, therefore making it last longer than others. You can easily get a daily alarm, a timer, a calendar, a stopwatch, and much more in a single watch, making it multi-usable model.

It also comes with a Dual-Time mode, to manage different time zones effectively. The IP67 waterproof membrane allows you to even wash hands if you ever get caught in the rain. With 14 sports modes, it helps you better understand each sport where it includes 3 default exercise modes and additional 11 exercise modes that can be added.

It has a 24 real-time continuous heart rate monitor to help you know your health accurately. A full charge requires only about 1-2 hours and the standby time can be up to 5-7 days with full power.

Best Hiking Watches Under 100 Dollars in 2021 Reviews 8


  • Great tracking features to keep you on the right track
  • Power Saving Mode to saves battery
  • Comes with 14 sports modes
Best Hiking Watches Under 100 Dollars in 2021 Reviews 9


  • The durability and resistance not as claimed


#7 Lad Weather Outdoor Watch

Lad Weather German Sensor Weather Forecast Digital Compass Altimeter Barometer Men's Sports Watches

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The Lad Weather Outdoor watch features many things that you should get in a good hiking watch. The different modes of the watch include an altimeter, a barometer and a digital compass with the weather forecast, dual-time feature, as well as an EL backlight that increases readability in the dark. Some other features also include temperature, chronograph, stopwatch and alarm that the basic features that should be present in any watch.

During measurement, the sensor master displays an angle value and a direction indicator, which changes dynamically when the watch is moved. The very unique Weather prediction feature offered by the model is based on what are the changes in atmospheric pressure and then shows you the coming weather. It in turn helps you to organize your next move with precision.

The altimeter mode in the watch determines the altitude at your current location based on changes in atmospheric pressure, and stores up to 34 past hourly data including altitude and temperature. This function can measure relative altitude like it can measure the ascending or descending altitude between the starting point and the finish point of a trail.

The Compass feature of the model measures and displays the azimuth angle digitally. Therefore, watch is quite versatile in nature that is suitable for climbing, hiking, jogging, walking, camping, and cycling etc.

Best Hiking Watches Under 100 Dollars in 2021 Reviews 8


  • Versatile in nature
  • Great variety of features
  • Unique weather prediction feature
Best Hiking Watches Under 100 Dollars in 2021 Reviews 9


  • Quality of the watch can be improved


Top Hiking Watches Under 100 For Women


Best Hiking Watches Under 100 Reviews [For Women]

Fitness is not only for men, so we cannot leave women outside of our consideration. However, there are more choices for a universal watch, these are some of the specific ones designed to fit for women:


#1 Findtime Smart Hiking Watch For Women

GPS Fitness Tracker Altimeter Barometer Thermometer Heart Rate Monitor Swimming Waterproof Bluetooth Smart Watch

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The Find time smartwatch is one of the best watches with almost all the features and can be worn by anyone and not just by women, because of its universal design. The model offers you with good resistance to shocks, water, and dust, as these are the most important factor during a hike or expedition or any kind of a haul, which affects the usability of the watch.

This watch also offers multiple sports modes like swimming, snorkeling, climbing, cycling, running, etc.  and also has a pedometer, a calorie counter, a distance tracker and a good GPS and much more feature to offer you. It also helps in designing your fitness program, so that your trip is safe and enjoyable.

It is more of a smartwatch with features of a hiking watch. The model has a BT 4.0, compatible with iOS 8.0 and above and Android 4.3 and above and also provides alerts through vibrations and sound reminder.

The watch is IP68 certified which means it is waterproof as well as shockproof and dustproof, which comes in hefty during your rough trips in the woods or mountains.

Best Hiking Watches Under 100 Dollars in 2021 Reviews 8


  • Fast connectivity via Bluetooth and WIFI
  • Shock and Dust Proof
  • Well designed
Best Hiking Watches Under 100 Dollars in 2021 Reviews 9


  • Strap material is not good


#2 Women Adventurer F5 Smart Watch

Smart Watch,Sports Watch

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The Women Adventurer brings you with another affordable watch, the F5, with all the basic necessary features to help you easily accomplish the hiking goal. It is also one of the cheaper options out in the market. This watch also offers 8 activity modes which gives useful data while performing any activity that accurately records all-day activities like steps, distance, calories burned.

With 16 hours of real-time heart rate monitor, it can keep track of your regime. It can also measure the altitude, air pressure, and temperature to make your trip safe and well planned. The IP67 waterproof allows your washing hands, even if you get caught in the rain. A full charge in this watch requires only 1 hour and can provide you with a 30 days usage on standby.

It accurately and effectively does sleep quality analysis helping you adjust yourself for a healthier lifestyle. The built-in GPS can track your position and trajectory accurately, and create your unique activity route. The F5 can also measure the altitude/ air pressure and air temperature accurately to help you make a nice adventurer trip.

Best Hiking Watches Under 100 Dollars in 2021 Reviews 8


  • Better battery life and standby time
  • Quite affordable
  • Comes with a 16-hour-long heart rate monitor
  • Waterproof
Best Hiking Watches Under 100 Dollars in 2021 Reviews 9


  • A display is off during sunlight
  • Barometer & Altimeter are not fully accurate


#3 Lintelek Fitness Tracker For Women

Lintelek Fitness Tracker, Customized Activity Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

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The Lintelek Fitness Tracker smartwatch for women is one of those watches that has a lot of customization options and is also available in different color choices. It is one of the most affordable as well as a well-designed watch for women. It can help you in recording and keeping track of your fitness data and achievements of up to 14 sports activities that are listed as 3 on the watch and the rest 11 via the app.

Despite being one of the most affordable of the pack, this watch has an impressive GPS connectivity. It is an efficient way to keep tracking your path and contains an option to keep the feature always on ‘on mode’ to provide you with complete convenience.

It also comes with an IP67 waterproof rating which allows your watch to be washed in the rain and any wet surface with complete ease and no damage to the watch. It also has a standby time of 5-7 days on a full charge and only requires 1-2 hours to fully charge.

The Heart Rate Monitor will keep the record of your heart rate and will help in an effective exercise regime and it can also monitor your daily sleep pattern like if you in a deep sleep state or a light sleep state or an awake sleep state, so that you can adjust your sleep times accordingly.

The additional feature of silent alarm wakes you up without disturbing others. Overall, this watch is a must for all women out there who want to enjoy and have a fun and safe trip outdoors.

Best Hiking Watches Under 100 Dollars in 2021 Reviews 8


  • Water resistance
  • Improved GPS
  • Multi-sport tracking features
  • Affordable option
Best Hiking Watches Under 100 Dollars in 2021 Reviews 9


  • Battery life not good



Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Hiking Watch For The Money

As there as many options available in the market, and provided the added functionality is always different in each watch, choosing the right one for you can be a tricky business. So, here is something to be kept in mind while choosing the right watch for you:


This option is an important one to consider before buying a hiking watch. The barometer helps in detecting the atmospheric pressure changes and thus helps in predicting the weather. If the pressure drops rapidly, it means a storm is rising and it is going to rain, whereas a rise in the pressure suggests more sun and good weather. Some watches come with an alarm feature for rapid air pressure shifts.


Another thing to consider is the altimeter in the watch. It helps in identifying how high above sea level are you based on GPS data or barometric pressure. GPS altimeter is more precise than the barometric one. This feature comes in handy if you are up for hiking or trekking as it helps in navigating easily.


It shows you the four cardinal directions (North, East, West, South) which help in knowing your way and navigating through the mountains or in forest-covered areas. So, it becomes quite an important feature to look for in case you don’t want to be completely lost in the woods at any point of the trip.


It is one of the basic features of a watch that should be present, as it helps in measuring temperature. Always keep in mind, the watch should be placed right to get an accurate temperature. Look for this feature because it might come in handy at unexpected times.


It is one of the main factors which decide the price of a hiking watch, as a watch without a GPS has longer battery life, simple UI, and a cheaper price tag. However, having GPS comes in handy when you want accurate positions and directions. It also provides information about the speed and the distance from the destination, which is very nifty.

Heart Rate Monitor

Most sophisticated hiking watches feature wrist-band heart rate monitors as it allows them to maintain a steady pace throughout the hike and avoid over-extenuating. It should also be considered that this is a costly affair as most watches with a heart rate monitor cost more than a one without it.


A sturdy hiking watch comes with highly durable straps and some of them also come with Sapphire glass compared to ordinary glass lenses to provide more resistance against shocks. Nowadays, more options are available that provide good durability when compared to other cheaper alternatives.

Wi-fi Connectivity

What can be better than being able to connect your hiking watch with your laptop or smartphone? It has its own perks, as it allows you to transfer the data. It is also possible to update the software and the GPS of the watch.


One of the most important features to look for if there’s going to be rain, river-crossing or any kind of water involved. Some of the watches are not fully waterproof, some of them may be sweat or splash proof to cut some costs, but if you are not going to be near water while hiking then the sweat or splash-proof might do the job easily.


Some Buying Factors Before Buying Best Hiking Watches under $100

Almost everyone likes to go for outings in mountainous regions and relish the scenic beauty of nature. This allows a person to relax and feel free after a lot of workloads, hustle-bustle of a regular day, and drudgeries of tiring life.

Surely anyone would love to go on a hiking or camping trip. Exploring the charms of mountains and the freshness of such regions refreshes one. However, if you are a keen hiker or camper, then you might be planning your next vacation, anytime soon. Needless to say, a lot of equipment has to be carried along, such as a compass, GPS, and altimeter. The major drawback that comes along here is, the additional weight of all these stuff that lowers down your energy on the tracks.

But, why should one be stressed for the same? In the present-day era, hiking watches under 100$ are being designed. It is one of the brilliant solutions for all the avid hikers; for now, they can effortlessly carry all of these stuff on their wrist. With this comes the responsibility of choosing an ideal watch for your trip. Don’t you worry, we have got you! Let’s go through the following pointers to learn about all the factors that you must look after before making your purchase of a hiking watch.

  • Price

The range for a hiking watch varies from $100 for an essential non-GPS model to over $600 for a GPS watch that is stuffed to the edge with great highlights. A modest watch might not have the broadness of highlights found in their better-quality partners; however, it is easy to utilize and is effectively replaceable on the off chance that they break. But when we have a budget-oriented plan we have to look according to that.

In such a case, there are hiking watches available under 100$ that are water-resistant up to 100 meters. This will allow you to carry it while swimming as well. Make sure you pick one that accompanies features like- ABC sensors, multiple global navigation arrangement, heart rate monitor, altimeter, and so on.

  • Ease of use

You will always have to ponder upon the fact if your watch is a touch screen or uses buttons. A touch-screen design interface is way more interesting particularly if you have a habit of working on a smartphone or tablet. However, while you are wearing gloves or your hands are not dry, then you won’t be able to physically work on your watch screen. In such situations, buttons offer you this plus point. They are way simpler to function. Likewise, on the contrary; this might as well be a bit tough as you have to consistently keep pressing specific buttons.

  • Battery life

This is the most crucial factor that needs to be taken into consideration. For a moment just think, what if your watch is dead; will you be able to work any further? Here comes the essential role-play of a beneficial battery, which is designed with enhanced life and back-up. Obviously, an avid hiker demands a watch that goes on for long distances and won’t give up prior to charge again. In case, that battery is your major concern, then you must go with a non-GPS model as in some models; GPS usage is truncated in exchange of extended battery life.

  • Wristband and weight

Wristbands are typically composed of a delicate and stretchable material like silicon. For the most part, they frequently comprise of vents that offer the provision of airflow. This would avoid any sort of sweat build-up between your wrist and band. Some watches have bands that can be replaced, so you can expel them if they break or whatsoever further issues.

The weight of the watch is another essential factor to keep in mind while making a purchase. You need to focus on approx. 50 grams or less. Any weightier and you will feel the heaviness on your wrist. At the point when you get up to 70 or 80 grams, you need to choose if the additional highlights merit the abundance weight or not.



Now you must be having some queries crossing your mind right now. We can’t answer all the answers, but tried to answer some of the most frequent ones:

How to know whether the watch is resistant to water and shocks?
A waterproof watch will come with IPF rating and a shock-resistant watch will come with an ISO standard approbation.
What is the importance of GPS in a watch?
It is very useful when you are hiking or trekking a new place or a place where the path is confusing. It will help you track your position and even the distance from a particular place.
Do these watches need regular maintenance?
These are not that maintenance and repair heavy watches, these are just basic watches with added functionality. But they should be kept clean and a visit to a watch technician once a year may be helpful.
Do I need to configure these watches before using them?
The manual provided with the watch will help you understand better about each and every watch as every watch is from different manufacturers. Some might require configuration, while others can be ready to use.
What are some of the common features available in hiking watch?

Some of the features of hiking watch include:

  • Navigation system (GPS signal for tracing and orienteering in real-time while hiking)
  • Altimeter (to keep a check on the altitude as you climb)
  • Barometer (to measure fluctuations in air pressure)
  • Compass (digital compass to have a usual sense of direction)

Do one need to look after the style and design of the watch as well?

Yes, of course. You must have to look for a design that is accommodating and handy.  Many hiking watches have a tough structure that looks best in the forested areas. They regularly are cumbersome and don’t offer the style you would need for an outing. Some have replaceable watch bands that can help dress them up. That is an interesting point in the event that you need to have the option to wear your watch when you’re not hiking.




So, are you ready to start your adventure? These are some of the best hiking watches under 100 available in the market, and we have reviewed them for you to help to make the right choice. In the end, we would suggest you look for Resistance, GPS, and compass in your watch, as these are the most important feature in any good quality hiking watch. Not just these, the additional feature will enhance your search and get you a better hiking watch than just an ordinary one.

Going on a hike won’t be a tough job from now on, as you will have one of these pieces of art alongside you to accompany you in your adventures. You won’t be disappointed!

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