Top 10 Best Hunting Blinds For The Money 2020 Reviews

If you are a regular hunter, you must be aware that the most important aspect of a hunting trip is to keep yourself concealed. If you are able to cover yourself properly, it can increase your chances at a good shot. If you are not covered up properly you can ruin your chance at that one final crucial moment. For this, you need a good hunting blind.

These blinds look like a mini tent. Most hunting blinds are of camouflaged patterned which helps you to blend in properly with the forest background. Some others look like a bale of hay if you hunt in a field. Some blinds even cover up the human scent to provide you undetected covers. You also want to make sure that it not only provides you cover but also provides you certain comforts during your long wait.

Patience is one huge aspect of a hunter’s trap. You want to ensure that you are comfortable and warm enough throughout your trip. You can be confused with all the different kinds of hunting blinds available in the market. Before buying the best hunting blind to suit your taste, you need to keep certain things in mind.

How To Choose Best Hunting Blinds For The Money

  • Type:

You need to figure out what kind of blind you need. If you plan to set up a permanent shot, a permanent blind is a way to go. These are very sturdy but hard to carry around and takedown. If you want to explore in different parts, there are portable blinds available as well. You can set them up and carry around easily.  They are also easier to take down.

There are two types of portable blinds. Hub- styles which are a bit heavier to carry but easier to set up. Then there is the other type which is easier to carry around but a tad bit harder to set up. This style is called the pop-up blinds. You get back straps to carry them around easily.

  • Type of weapon:

If you use a gun, you can use a fairly small blind. You won’t need to stand up or stretch to take your aim and shoot. On the other hand, if you are a bowhunter, you will need some room to stand up while taking the shot. You will need the same to stretch your arm while taking your aim.

  • Size: 

You can use a small blind if you are hunting alone. However, while hunting with people you need a blind big enough to accommodate everyone comfortably. Your height and size is also a factor to determine your blind size.

  • Style:

most common blinds are designed in a camouflage pattern. This helps you to blend in with the forest background and is very effective if you are hunting in a forest.  On the other hand, if you are hunting in a field, a blind which look like a bale of hay may be more helpful.

You also want to check the window size and pattern of the blind. While it is true that you need good windows to fire your weapon, big windows can be a drawback. The animals might spot you through the wide window.

  • Weather resistance:

You need to check for a blind that has some weather resistance. When you are waiting for such long hours, you want to make sure that it at least stands slight rains or winds. It is always better to purchase a blind which at least has a waterproof exterior. Your blind also needs to be a bit sturdy to stand some winds. Hub style blinds are sturdier than the pop up types. Don’t shy away from the price if a product offers you at least these properties!

Top 10 Hunting Blinds For Archery & Hunting

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Best Hunting Blinds In The Market Reviews

#1 Primos Double Bull Deluxe Ground Blind, Truth Camo

Primos Double Bull Deluxe Ground Blind

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This is also a portable hub styled hunting blind. It has a dimension of 60 x 60 inches, with a height of 77 inches. It weighs around 27 lbs.  It has a double flap door, which is effective if you want to avoid noise. But it is also the source of winds entering the tent, which can be freezing.

It has a full 180 front view, which gives you a good sight of your hunt. It is equipped with a double Bull hub system and is easy to set up and takedown. It is also equipped with an adjustable mesh, through which you can shoot. It comes in the iconic camouflage design, which can keep you concealed in any part of the forest.

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It also provides you with a lifetime warranty. It is also made out of good material, and not any flimsy and cheap material. It can be a bit hard to set up at first. If you are a bowhunter, this can be a great help for your hunting experience.  While it is weather resistant to some extent, it might not sustain you in really bad weather.


  • The material is amazing
  • It has Double bull hub system
  • It supports a 180-degree view
  • It has adjustable mesh
  • It’s extremely sturdy
  • It has a Lifetime warranty


  • The product weighs on the heavier side
  • It is difficult to set up
  •  It can’t block out strong winds inside
  • Big size


#2 Primos Double Bull Deluxe Ground Blind

Primos Double Bull Surround View Blind 360

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This is another hunting blind with a double bull. It is constructed out of a one-way see-through wall. This means that you can see all around your surroundings, without someone seeing you. This is very handy as you will get a full view of your hunting range, while your prey will be oblivious of your presence.

This tent provides you with that excellent 360* view while keeping you concealed. Weighting at 60 in x 60 in x 70 in, it weighs 23 lbs with the carrier bag. It also features a one movable blackout wall, which can be removed and placed on any other wall you desire. It has a sturdy build.

It is also water-resistant. You can use this for both guns and bows. It provides enough stretching space for bow users. While it is water-resistant, it can be a bit problematic in the blazing sun. You can find the sun right in your face with the 360* view.


  • The product has a double bull
  • It has 360*view
  • It is sturdy
  • It is water-resistant


  • It is costly
  • It is heavy
  • It is difficult to set up
  • It can get too sunny


#3 Barronett Pentagon Ground Hunting Blind, 4 Person Pop up Portable

Barronett Pentagon Ground Hunting Blind, 4 Person Pop Up Portable

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This is a portable hub styled hunting blind. Other than the camouflage design, it is available in two other colors. This ensures your coverage in any surrounding, as well as in any situation. With a dimension of 91 inch X 91 inch, it weights 20 lbs. it has 9 trapezoid windows and two 2 peek windows. The panoramic windows provide you with a good line of sight.

These are noise-free as well to ensure that you don’t scare off your prey. The tent is shaped in a pentagon design, which provides extra space to the hunters. It also includes replaceable mesh- camo windows and three gun ports for shooting guns. It is sturdy and good for weather resistance. It can accommodate a number of people as well. It can comfortably hold up four people. You can also easily carry them around in the oversized duffle bag provided with the blind. However, this tent is not waterproof.


  • Size
  • It is easily portable
  • It is easy to setup
  • It has removable mesh windows


  • The product is not waterproof.
  • The material is flimsy
  • It is heavy in weight


#4 Barronett Blinds Big Cat Pop Up Portable Hunting Blind

Barronett Blinds Big Cat Pop Up Portable Hunting Blind

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This portable blind is available in a number of patterns to suit your hunting ground. This hunting blind is designed in a pop-up style and is easy to carry around. It has good interior space. Weighting at 19 lbs, it has a footprint dimension of 70 X 70 inches. It stands at 80 inches. It features 6 trapezoid windows and 2 peek windows. It has zipperless windows for noiseless adjustments.

It is a tent that can be used by bow users. It gives you more than enough to stand and stretch. It comes with an oversized duffle bag to pack and carry it around in the forest. While it can keep you dry in certain weather conditions, it may not do so in harsher weather.  While you get a number of patterns to choose from, the design itself may not be enough to blend in completely with the forest. However, the material reflects a certain amount of light.


  • Size  of the blind
  • It is easily portable
  • It is lightweight
  • Number of windows
  • Number of patterns


  • The material is not good
  • The pattern is not good
  • Not fully waterproof
  • Not fully water-resistant


#5 Ameristep Care Taker Ground Blind

Ameristep Care Taker Ground Blind

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This ground blind has good weather resisting qualities. It is constructed out of Dura shell material. This has good water and UV resisting qualities. It is also matted so that it doesn’t reflect lights during your hunt and blow up your cover. It has a high tolerance for moisture and keeps you dry.

It has a footprint of 55″x55 inches with a height of 69 inches. Weighing around 16 lbs, it can comfortably accommodate two people.  It is equipped with a removable, shoot-through mesh window. It also has a shadow guard coating for eliminating shadows that can scare off your prey.

It provides enough space for almost all weapon users. Apart from being lightweight, it has a Rugged Spider Hub frame for easy set up as well. It has windows on three sides which gives you a great view as well. The fabric window is held by elastic loops, which could be loud when you are removing them. The zipper door can also prove to be very noisy.


  • The product is made up of good material
  • It is less costly
  •  It is spacious
  • It is water-resistant


  • The product has a poor build
  • It is not sturdy
  • It gets noisy


#6 Auscamotek Pop Up Ground Blind for Deer Duck Turkey Hunting Portable Quick Setup Lightweight Green/Brown/Dry Grass Ground Peg Included

Auscamotek Pop Up Ground Blind

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This hunting blind is super light and very easy to carry around. It can accommodate one to two people comfortably. Weighting at 6.2 lb, it has a dimension of 50 X 47 inches. It is constructed out of durable 300D camo net blind material and consists of see-through mesh.

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The camouflage design of this one is absolutely stunning. It has 3D leaves cut out at eye level too, which almost fades away with the background. It has a triangular shape, with one adjustable side. You can set up the three sides at any desirable angle.

It has shot through windows on each panel. You also get a camo bag with straps to carry it around. You can easily accommodate your other equipment through the three panels blind. As it is a three panel blind, it is easy to set up as well.  This structure is meant for you to hide behind and not be fully inside. Therefore, it is also not weather resistant.


  • The product is lightweight
  • The design is nice
  • The material is good
  • It is easy to set up
  • It has Adjustable setup angles.


  • It is not weather resistant
  • It is not sturdy enough
  • It is smaller in comparison
  • Triangular shape provides less space


#7 Tangkula Hunting Tent Portable Hunting Blind Pop Up Ground Blind 2-3 People Camo Waterproof with Backpack Hunting Enclosure

Tangkula Hunting Tent Portable Hunting Blind

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This is a dual-purpose tent. You can use it as a regular tent during summer and springtime, and as a hunting blind during hunting seasons it is super easy to pack and set up. It is constructed out of blind is made of 150D oxford and PU coating.

This ensures that the tent is waterproof and has weather resistance. It has a dimension of 61″L x59″W x63″H and measures around 9 pounds. It has a 360* visibility with one wide zipper door and two other small windows. It also has a shadow guard coating, which doesn’t scare your prey off.

The windows re shoot-through mesh camo windows. The tent can easily accommodate two people inside. However, the camouflage design itself is not enough to give you the concealment you require. It is more like a camping tent than a hunting blind.


  • The product is easy to set up and packs
  • It is quite spacious
  • It has a shadow guard
  • It is waterproof
  • It is weather resistance


  • The product has a noisy zipper
  • The design is not good


#8 Guide Gear Silent Adrenaline Hunting Blind

Guide Gear Silent Adrenaline Hunting Blind

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This hunting blind is designed in a pop-up style. It is constructed out of 150D polyester. The material itself makes it water-resistant. It has a full-size flip-up door and oversized zipped windows. It makes the tent a bit noisy. It has oversized zippered windows with removable split-screen panels, which you can remove and customize as per your needs.  It has a dimension of 57″ x 57″ x 65″ inches and weighs 12.5 pounds.

You can fairly stretch around as per your needs. It is one of the few scent coated blinds. This quality covers up your body smell, to which some animals are very sensitive. This gives you a better chance on your hunting trip. It has 4 individual shoot-through removable or replaceable mesh panels. Other features include internal mesh storage pockets to store your essentials.


  • The product has quite a lot of internal storage space
  • It is easy to carry
  • It is water-resistant
  • It is scent coated


  • The product has a camo design
  • It is not sturdy in heavy weather conditions.
  • It has a noisy zippers.


#9 Guide Gear Super Magnum 6-Panel Spring Steel Hunting Blind

Guide Gear Super Magnum 6-Panel Spring Steel Hunting Blind

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This is also an easy to set up spring framed tent. It has a dimension of 84″ x 72″ x72” inches and weighs around 11 lbs. it features a fiberglass roof and accommodates 3-4 people. It provides enough space for you to stretch out and shoot if necessary. It has large zipper windows on all sides and provides you with great visibility.

It also provides a 150-denier shell for a scented coating. The painted black interior also provides a shadow coating to conceal shadow movements. It has six panels with zippers to allow you to shoot from any sides. It is also flame retardant, which does not, catches fire easily. It also features screened shooting ports for guns and bows.


  • The product has a good size
  • It is lightweight
  • It is scent coated
  • It is shadow coated
  • It is water-resistant
  • It is easy to set up
  • It is flame retardant


  • It has a bad camouflage design
  • It has a noisy zipper
  • It is not sturdy


#10 ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Deception Hunting Blind, Mossy Oak Obsession

ALPS OutdoorZ NWTF Deception Hunting Blind

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This is one of the few hunting blinds in the market with a four hub design which makes it extremely easy to set it up. It uses flexible fiberglass in its frame and is made up of durable polyester fabric. It even has stakes and ties downs for extra protection against wind. The dimensions of the product are Base Size: 48″ L x 44″ W and Center Height: 46″. Its Shooting Width is 56″ and weighs about 8 lbs.

Special feature includes its lager door with an oversized no.10 zipper which makes it easy to carry the gears in and out of the blind. The product also features a 270-degree silent trace window system for effortless positioning and stealthy tracking of the prey.

It also has an ample legroom and shooting width. The exterior is nonshiny with perfect camouflage color combination and the interior is fully black for maximum concealment. It also has two interior gear pockets. The lightweight and sturdy shoulder straps make the product highly portable.


  • The product is lightweight and portable
  • It is easy to set up with the 4 hub design
  • It has a large door for effortless movement
  • It has extra protection against wind
  • Supports effortless positioning and stealthy tracking of the game


  • The material is not sturdy and can tear easily
  • The  zippers can make noise

Buying Guide About Best Hunting Blinds for Archery

If you are an avid hunter, you will obviously require a hunting blind. This is one of the supreme bits of gear that you will need on your venture when the hunting time will be near. Without one, you might be just randomly roaming in a weird attire, beating the drums to fright off the animals. Hunting blinds have been in trend since hunting has been a passion for people. In the present-day time, we build the blind ourselves to protect ourselves from the prey unlike the early hunters.

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The perfect hunting blinds are absolutely primeval, yet so modern in their construction and structure. In order to purchase one, you have to take certain factors into consideration to ensure if the product is useful for you or not. We are going to go over certain factors so you can pick the best possible model.


Location is everything that has to be considered. You have to ensure that you are set-up n a perfect location. Nonetheless, ensuring that your cover coordinates the territory and greenery around you is basic.

Go through the tips to guarantee that your blind blends well:

  • Match camo examples to the region you’re in.
  • Utilize a blind with outside connections for common camo like branches and grasses.
  • Set up with vegetation and flora blocking portions of the perspective on your blind from outside


Make sure to carry a water-resistant blind on your hunting excursion, in case you ever sit out in the harsh weather situations. They are comparatively costly and set up a lot like the usual tents. A supreme-quality silnylon fabric avoids any sort of water contact, keeping you entirely dry.

Important note: UV exposure is specifically extremely harsh on waterproof materials and has the tendency to subvert them at a very fast pace.

Number of people

You have to additionally careful with the size as it will only determine the number of people that can be adjusted within it. As a rule, you’ll most likely need around 10 square feet of floor space per tracker.

However, in the situation you’re taking your child along just to watch, they needn’t bother with much space to sit and move. You can cut back accordingly.

On the off chance that more than one of you will hunt at the same time expand space. So, this factor will essentially determine the size of your blind.


The entire weight of the blind is highly based on the poles, drapery, netting, and equipment. Somewhere close to 10 to 30 pounds is truly normal relying upon how large of a tent you’re going with.

On the off chance that you intend to set up a week ahead of time and leave the blind set up through the season weight most likely doesn’t make a difference. In the situation that you need to carry the tent any distance without a truck or ATV, in any case, you might need to consider remaining light.

FAQ’s About Best Hunting Blinds

Can I leave hunting blind at the same spot?
You can leave a permanent blind. There are sturdy enough to sustain almost all weather conditions. Also, animals out there won’t harm them. What you have to keep in mind is the fact if the land in public land or not.
How long does a hunting blind last?
Different blinds can last up to a certain period of time. As most of these are portable ones, these will eventually fall apart. Strong and sturdy ones can last you a number of seasons. While a flimsy and bad one can come apart in a few weeks. A good one will last you the entire hunting season.
Why are sturdier hunting blinds heavier?
Some blinds are heavier than the other. It is simply because the materials used in them are a lot stronger, and these are what give them a sturdy structure. Accordingly, the lighter hunting blinds contain lighter materials such as light poles and stakes.
Do bowhunters and gun hunters need different hunting blinds?
It depends on the model. While some hunting blinds can accommodate to both, some are not designed for the same. If you are a bowhunter, you might need that extra space to stand and stretch. If the tent is too small, you won’t be able to do that.
How can one locate waterproof hunting blind?

Needless to say, not every blind is waterproof. Truth be told, even blinds produced using waterproof constituents such as polyurethane or silnylon can at the present break.

All things considered, if producers cut corners and attempt to set aside money, they may not seal the creases. That implies any place sewing machines fasten the fabric together, the little openings made by the needle may spill water.

Hence, search for a blind produced using water-resistant constituents that explicitly states it has been crease fixed to be certain you get a waterproof exposure.

Additional Information

When you are planning on buying hunting blind, you need to be mindful of your needs. If you are hunting alone or have a group to go with, it can determine a lot. This will surely determine the size of your blind. If you are hunting close to the forest or going for deeper parts also determine the type which will suit you.

If you are planning on staying close to the edge, you can go for a heavier and sturdier blind. If you are planning on going in the deeper parts, you need something lighter to carry as thicker jungles can make it a lot harder to move around with a bulky object.

Also, if your blind is not made out of waterproof materials, you can spray a coating of the same. Check your blind in the backyard by setting it up fully before you use it for the real game. It won’t hurt to even put a coat on the waterproof ones for extra protection.

A shadow and scent coating on your blind is always helpful as it will give you a stronger cover. Deer and some other animals can smell humans from miles. If they sense any presence, they will certainly not linger around. Lastly, if you are having trouble setting up your blind, search on the net for the tutorial; videos. This will help a lot.


Final Verdict

When you are buying a hunting blind, you cannot go for the one which is cheaper. Good things come at a price. And for the better catch, you need those extra bucks to secure that game.

You surely don’t want to spend those extra bucks on the replacement you need after a cheap failed product. Keep your requirements and the basic quality in mind, and you are good to go!

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