Best Hunting Packs For Hauling Meat 2021 Reviews

When it comes to hunting and best hunting packs, we are often left with questions about where to store the meat when we have completed our mission and get ready to trek back home or our campsite and bask in the glorious meal with your own hands.

Hunters literally need to trek into remote areas with all their equipment to hunt and then, somehow manage to haul their hunted animal out of the wilderness.
Once we have our prey hunted, we need something comfortable and spacious to help us in packing the meat in.

Best hunting packs for hauling meat will save you from tirelessly having to carry the hunt back to the campsite and will take the weight off your hands with the help of the frames the backpacks come with.  For properly storing the meat inside the backpack, you should always consider carrying a good hunting knife so that is ready to be prepped for butchering and for storing once you’ve hauled it back to your basecamp or your house.

Good quality and comfortable hunting pack are one of the most important pieces of gear to a hunter to take it from the hunting to table ready food. If you are willing to purchase the best hunting packs for the money, but you do not have the time to do the research on the topic, we are here to help.

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The best backcountry hunting packs in the market have been assembled here in the article to help you find the best one as per your requirements.


How To Choose Best Hunting Packs For The Money Buyer’s Guide

Before moving directly to the purchasing section of a hunting backpack, you might need to consider some factors so that you choose the best hunting backpack as per your wishes. A good backpack must have some to do list pointers that need to be kept in the head for analyzing the best one out of hundreds of options in the market. They are as follows:

Weight Resistance

When the hunting is successful and you have to carry a lot of meat, the most important thing you need to make sure is that the hunting backpack is weight resistant. The quality of weight resistance will depend on the material the hunting backpack is made of.

The maximum capacity weight that the backpack can hold should be highest on the list. It will feel a lot better when you are able to finally haul it off back to your campsite or house to cut and portion the meat with effortless zeal.

To be sure that this is the case, take some time and invest in a backpack that is constructed from high-quality materials that can stretch, like nylon and KXO-32 fabric that are highly recommended by the experts. Not just this, you have to make sure that the backpack doesn’t weigh you down. So, be sure to purchase a model that is light in weight and comfortable to carry around for long miles.

Size of the Bag

After you have made sure about the weight capacity of the bag, it’s time to consider the size of the pack. When you are out on the trails and in the open land, you are in the animal’s territory and do not want anything on you weighing the body down in case of an emergency.

Having a backpack that ties you down, simply because it is too heavy for you is never a good idea. Therefore, before making a purchase, make sure that you take the size of the bag into deep consideration. Awareness can make win any game as long as you are alert in the game of survival.

If you want to succeed in bringing your pack of meat home, then it is wise to make sure your hunting backpack is portable and easy to lug around at all times.  Now that we have discussed the importance of the point, you should know that such packs come in all shapes and sizes ranging from 36.9 liters to 86 liters.


A good hunting backpack needs to have enough room to carry all of the new meat that you just killed while showing off your superb hunting skills. Apart from storing meat in it, your backpack should provide you with the necessary space for your gear and essentials.

It should have enough pockets and zippers to secure your gear and is, therefore, an important feature you must look out for. They are meant to give you ample space for carrying your hunting tools and gear.  Therefore, it is best that you opt for a backpack that has plenty of compartment space and pockets for storing your essentials.

The material of the Bag

You don’t want to see your bag ripping into pieces when you are across the wilderness trails and all your packed meat falls out of the poorly made hunting backpack. That is exactly why you should check the material of the bag before buying it.

Keeping hunters satisfied with good hunting backpacks is essential, especially when you are hauling meat back to the campsite. Hunting backpacks usually come light in weight, but after you pack up all of your gear and meat, it will take up a lot of weight. Therefore, make sure to invest in a backpack that has a waist strap, this will save you unwanted back pain during those long hauls.

Materials that can stretch and mold are strong and durable, like Nylon or KXO-32 fabric. They are recommended by various experts and should be on your checklist when buying a backpack.  

Design of the Bag

The design should always be into consideration before you begin to splurge on a hunting backpack. You should always try to avoid bright colors when it comes to picking a backpack as it can make you quite noticeable in the eyes of your prey, which we are pretty sure you wouldn’t want at any cost. Their instinct is strictly survival and if they sense fear, you are bound to miss your shot.

We all know that blending in is vital to catching the meat that we want to eat, therefore, invest in a hunting backpack that helps you become more organized and less insight because that makes us become more strategic with our hunting and nature skills. A backpack that provides room for organization, offers plenty of pockets, zippers, and space, is the type of design you need to buy.

Choose a model that features a camouflage pattern that resembles that of the environment that you are in to secure your disguise as a hunter. However, this should not be an issue, as typically, most sellers offer a wide range of patterns that one can choose from.



List Of Top 10 Best Hunting Packs For Elk Hunt


Best Backcountry Hunting Packs Reviews

#1 ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Pack

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The Alps Outdoor Z Pursuit hunting backpack is a lightweight option available to the people who love to hunt and weighs only 4 pounds in total.  It has loads of organizational space, along with a padded waist belt that can be adjusted as per your height for ultimate comfort.

The waist belt also has two pockets and reinforced webbing to accommodate clip-style holsters giving you the added peace of hanging it around the body.

It is a perfect example of full comfort and is durable enough to keep you invested in it. There are a lot of pockets so you can stay organized in case of any camping emergency. The straps of the bag are quite strong and the pockets render useful when it comes to neatly organize all types of hunting gear and the most important, hauling the meat after a successful hunting trip.

This backpack also offers a rain cover, which can be used to keep you and your equipment dry on any rainy day you might face. This pack also offers a hydration pocket, in case, you need backup water to keep you hydrated all day long and all night long.

It also offers you a camouflage design, which helps you blend in and prevents your prey to spot you nearby, no matter what type of terrain you are in. The material it is built with provides an aluminium frame, which adds the extra extension when you strap on heavy loads making your stay comfortable and travel smart.

The price is affordable for the amount of quality that went into the making of this useful hunting product. This pack is ideal for day trips because the size will become an issue for a longer excursion.

The bag will keep your essentials close, with a drop-down rifle/bow holder pocket, quiver holders and also a port.

Best Hunting Packs For Hauling Meat 2021 Reviews 1


  • Lightweight
  • Includes a rain cover
  • Is also waterproof
  • Comes with a Hydration pocket
  • Camouflage design
Best Hunting Packs For Hauling Meat 2021 Reviews 2


  • Chest strap should be replaced with stronger material


#2 Eberlestock Team Elk Hunting Pack

Eberlestock Team Elk Pack

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Eberlestock always churns out a fantastic backpack, and this time they have come out with the M5 Elk Pack. This pack, as the name suggests, has been made specifically for the Elk hunters. It provides you with a strong build, a versatile nature, and top-notch functionality.

It comes with an array of pockets and compartments and can store you’re your gear, be it anything and it will find a room in the pack. It has measured dimensions of 23 inches by 11 inches by 9.5 inches, adding up to a carrying capacity of a whopping 3100 cubic inches at your disposal.

Both the access points place your gear within easy reach, enabling you to pull out whatever you need at a moment’s notice. The attached frame will take the weight of the pack and completely divert it from your shoulders, making your shoulders feel light and comfortable.

The Team Elk Pack allows you to keep your hands free when you will need them for tactical things. Its elaborate weapon carrying system will leave you tension free about carrying the weapon in your hands with its fold away scabbard. It can fit a full-scale rifle securely held while placed at a convenient position to allow you easy reach without having to remove the backpack.

You can also fit in a compatible hydration reservoir that you can fill up with water or attach a bladder and get a constant supply of water as you walk. The material of the backpack is made of a sturdy material that is highly impervious to scratches, keeping it durable in your hands. It can also endow the pack with a silent nature even as you jostle to get something out of its pockets or as you move along.

Best Hunting Packs For Hauling Meat 2021 Reviews 1


  • Quite spacious
  • Provides both front and top loading
  • Includes a hydration pocket
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Comes with a fold away rifle scabbard and a built-in bow carrier
Best Hunting Packs For Hauling Meat 2021 Reviews 2


  • Side pouches are quite small


#3 Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack

Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Pack and Meat Hauler - Bow, Rifle, and Pistol Compatible

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The Badlands 2200 Camouflage bag pack provides you with an ergonomics and physical comfort and the designed have kept that solely in mind with this edition. This backpack can carry extremely heavy loads, as the fabric is entirely durable and made of KXO-32 material, providing it the strength and sturdiness for a rogue hunting trip that you always wanted.

The fabric is extremely abrasion-resistant and long-lasting, making it an ideal choice for outdoor activities. It also has a T-6 aircraft-grade-aluminum frame, offering incredible strength-to-weight ratio and also features a built-in meat shelf for packing out your success story. It has another great feature, that it is capable of holding a bow, rifle or even a pistol so you’re free to use your hands for whichever way you want.

Flexible, high-strength Hypalon and aramid threads are used in high-stress areas for over-the-top reinforcement of the model. It features a spotting-scope pocket that keeps your glass protected when traveling over any rough terrain.
This backpack is very versatile and can be used for big game hunting or as a meat hauler.

The company also offers a lifetime warranty, which proves this item is meant to be a high-quality type of build. The hip straps help offer your body more support when it comes to packing meat, keeping you balanced and ready to roll at the drop of a hat.

This backpack is meant to be adjusted with personalized and long-term comfort in mind, be it a small person or a tall person.  This pack is basically meant for those of you who hunt deer, bears, or elk, but can also be used for other purposes. Hauling meat will be as effective as you would want with this hunting backpack.

Best Hunting Packs For Hauling Meat 2021 Reviews 1


  • Built for comfort
  • Sturdy KXO-32 fabric used
  • Come with a lifetime warranty
  • Also includes hydration pack
  • One of the best hunting packs
Best Hunting Packs For Hauling Meat 2021 Reviews 2


  • There should be more main pockets
  • The rain cover is not included


#4 ALPS OutdoorZ Commander & Pack Bag

ALPS OutdoorZ Commander + Pack Bag

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The Alps Outdoor Z commander backpack is a hunting backpack that is made of nylon ripstop fabric, and is durable beyond belief. If you are going to a place with very low temperatures, this backpack has proven to be completely valuable.  The total weight of this item is at 7 pounds, 5 oz., which is not too heavy, but heavier than most on the list.

With a volume of 5,250 cubic inches, it has plenty of space for overnight backcountry hunts.  With tons of packing space and number of compartments that the pack offers, you can neatly organize all of your outdoor gear to help you wrap your head around as to where to put everything. This bag will also provide with a hydration pocket to store your water reservoir in case of the thirst beast that you might turn into on the hunt.

The only drawback we could find with the bag was that it is a little heavy than other brands, making it difficult to carry for longer hauls, but if you are used to carrying big bags, this backpack will certainly do well for you. Even after its own weight and the point that it might create a problem for first-timers, this is still ideally designed for long hunting trips.

The Commander bag also includes a rifle holder, a bag holder, and a freighter frame. You will also need extra spaces to put your flashlight, your binoculars, your knives, miscellaneous gear, and extra guns and ammo, and trust us, this bag fits it all. This pack is proven to cause zero chaffing when you are hiking miles upon miles to your end destination.

Best Hunting Packs For Hauling Meat 2021 Reviews 1


  • Made of durable nylon ripstop fabric
  • More Number of organizational pockets
  • Can even hold a week’s worth of food and supplies
  • Very spacious
Best Hunting Packs For Hauling Meat 2021 Reviews 2


  • The Bag is a bit too heavy.


#5 Sportsman’s Outdoor Products Horn Hunter Backpack

Sportsman's Outdoor Products Horn Hunter Full Curl System Backpack

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The Sportsman’s Outdoor Backpack by Horn Hunter comes with a full curl frame and the frame by itself is designed to haul out a complete deer in one trip, head, cape, and boned out meat. It comes off as a heavy backpack but is doable in the sense that you can carry it for longer hauls if you are a hardcore hunter and used to the weights. The day pack has multiple pouches and compartments to organize your gear with great comfort and style.

The pack is built around a tough tubular aluminium frame, with adjustable shoulder straps for various torso lengths to make you comfortable with it in every way possible. The frame also supports a hydration pouch and large hip-pockets for easily accessible gear and to store your water bottle to keep you hydrated all day long. You can easily secure and compress the load in seconds with the quick release buckles present in the backpack.

It also acts as an additional compression panel, designed to secure the load as the pack tightens down to the frame. The two gear grippers and a drop-down pouch, allow for bow or rifle transport on the hunting trip. With the addition of the removable large bag, it is enough room for extra gear. It is a top load style bag, with a side entry panel to provide easy access to the extra gear you want to store in it.

There is also heavy duty, washable, breathable, canvas meat bag that will snap indirectly to the frame by simply extending the day pack away from the frame, and buckle the meat bag to the frame. One of the best features of the bag is its versatility. You can either add a 1400-c.i. day pack that attaches directly to the frame.

For longer trips, you can attach a 3000-c.i. main bag and then piggyback the day pack on it. You can also put in a large meat bag against the frame, which has attached buckles for piggybacking the other bags off of it.

Best Hunting Packs For Hauling Meat 2021 Reviews 1


  • Drop down hydration pocket
  • Collapsible shelf pocket
  • Adjustable torso system
  • Versatile and comfortable
Best Hunting Packs For Hauling Meat 2021 Reviews 2


  • Quality isn’t up to the mark



#6 Eberlestock Just One Pack Hunting Backpack

Eberlestock Just One Pack

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The Eberlestock one pack is a camouflaged designed bag to let you completely blend in with the nature on the next hunting trip. It has a vertically adjustable torso length that can expand with the person’s height and weight. The One Pack can also expand up to 4,600 cu., with an approximate weight of 7 lbs. and 8 oz.  in seconds to let you store all the personal gear that will be required on the trip.

The interior is so stylish and spacious that it is a plus for those who want to go on a 3-day hunt or a multi-hunt expedition. It also has the ability to shape into the contour of a body’s frame when carrying it on the back making it more comfortable to carry around in the woods. The backpack comes in various Como patterns and has many more features that make this bag an ideal choice. One of the benefits this bag offers is that it’s easy to carry while you climb or go uphill.

The comfort level is evenly balanced between the shoulders and the head without any pressure on the spine or waist especially if you have a heavy load. It is compact in nature when needed, but also expandable enough when you’re ready to pack the meat to haul back to the campsite. You just need to open it up from the middle and pack it to start hauling it from campsite to the table.

This meat hauling backpacks are great for those long miles of hiking through the wilderness making it quite an ideal option for those needing a best hunting pack for hauling meat around until you get back to your base camp after you go hunting.

Best Hunting Packs For Hauling Meat 2021 Reviews 1


  • Very versatile in nature
  • Compact and also expandable when needed
  • Comes with a movable harness
  • Waterproof zippers
Best Hunting Packs For Hauling Meat 2021 Reviews 2


  • Little heavy for some people


#7 Badlands Superday Camouflage Hunting Backpack

Badlands Superday Camouflage Hunting pack - | best hunting pack

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The camouflaged hunting backpack by Badlands Superday is a compact, yet a little bulky pack that you can find in an affordable range and is perfect for bowhunting. The Superday can pack all the necessary gear you require for a day hunt and then also offers you with strategic features and smart pocket placement so you can focus on the hunting part without any distraction. The backpack can shift as per the contours of the body weight and height.

It also has the ability and the capacity to hold down many hunting gears and tools for a multi-day hunting trip in the woods or wilderness. It can carry a bow, rifle, and also has a built-in firearm holster on the side. Another great feature and a major benefit are the capability to hold or haul a 2-liter water bladder snugly and safely for long durations to keep you hydrated during the entire trip.

The bag is made entirely of foam which is in the inside of the exterior of the pack, keeping it ergonomically correct for the hunter who intends to carry it. This model can also be regarded as one of the top-selling hunting backpacks in the list. This daypack also includes load lifters to transport lots of gear with ease.

It is made from the KXO-32 fabric that is considered the strongest, quietest, most waterproof material in the hunting world, making this one of the strongest packs in the list. This pack is also backed by Badlands unconditional lifetime guarantee so that the customer can never go complaining.

It uses 12 warm, natural colors that can blend into a variety of habitats through fall, winter, and early spring, while also giving you a lot of colors to choose from. This hunting pack for hauling meat is an excellent backpack for the ultimate hunt.

Best Hunting Packs For Hauling Meat 2021 Reviews 1


  • Can hold a 2-liter water bladder easily
  • Can carry huge loads
  • Strong and sturdy built
  • Waterproof material
  • Unconditional lifetime warranty
Best Hunting Packs For Hauling Meat 2021 Reviews 2


  • No airflow between the pack and your back
  • Not as water resistant as the company claims


#8 ALPS OutdoorZ Pathfinder Hunting Pack

ALPS OutdoorZ Pathfinder Hunting Pack

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The Alps Outdoor Z Pathfinder hunting pack is a different than the similar ones on the list, because of its unusual design of a fanny pack and again a backpack wrapped into one.

There are adjustable shoulder harnesses and straps, with a waist belt that is padded so that you can comfortably carry large loads of meat and weight not just on your back, but on around the circumference of your body to properly balance the weight across the entire body.

With this pack, you will have more stamina, because the weight won’t solely be concentrated on your back. It can be considered as one of the most versatile packs from the company. When you’re scouting or going to your stand, the fanny pack mode is great to haul along the essentials from one place to another.

When you are in need of more space for your camping essentials, you can simply unroll the daypack mode out from the fanny pack and you will have an additional 1100 cubic inches of space.

The daypack mode gives you the option to use the Pathfinder in a hauling mode or bow-carrying mode, as per your convenience. The hauling mode has extra fabric and straps that create additional space, to either carry out meat or extra gear.

There is an additional bow pocket that fits a wide variety of compound bows, and once strapped in by the lash straps, your bow will be safe and secure, while your hands can be free for other tactical operations.

It also has an H2O pack that is another essential to keep you hydrated during the hunting expedition. The extra straps attached to the bag ensure tight security.

Best Hunting Packs For Hauling Meat 2021 Reviews 1


  • A Fanny-pack style hunting backpack
  • Versatile and durable
  • Additional bow pocket
  • Can easily convert into a daypack
  • Spacious and dependable
Best Hunting Packs For Hauling Meat 2021 Reviews 2


  • The material stitching isn’t 100% durable.


#9 Timber Hawk Killshot Backpack

Timber Hawk Killshot Backpack, 56.2-Liter Storage | best hunting pack

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The Timber Hawk Killshot backpack is made with a sense of durability, a rain cover, and comes with a 2-liter hydration pack. The pack is quite roomy, comfortable, and full of storage options. It is crafted with polyester brushed tricot with PVC backing, that makes it a quiet-cloth backpack and also includes a pull-out orange blaze rain cover to protect and provide visibility when needed.

Basically, the Timber Hawk Killshot is ideal for both day hunts and multi-day backcountry adventures. If you are planning several nights out in the wilderness then this pack should be your choice. It is small enough to quietly navigate thick timber, but the main compartment has enough capacity to hold several nights’ worth of gear and even pack out meat afterward.

It also comes with a two-liter hydration bladder with an insulated hose, and can also carry a rifle or bow in several different ways. The inclusion of raptor compression straps shrinks the pack for load stability, while right and left hip belt accessory pockets can give you fast access to your essential camping gear.

Some of the best features of the pack also includes the Hawk-Eye binocular strap system, silent stalk quick-ejection clips for dropping the pack in a hurry, bottom and top lashing points for external storage, a drop-down scabbard for secure rifle storage, an internal spotting scope sleeve, and dual shoulder strap pockets for radios, phones and GPS.

The adjustable waist belt can help you navigate the weight of the bag as per your height and weight. Therefore, after analyzing all the points out of the pack, it is an option that can offer you with utmost efficiency with the hunt and kill kind of a haul.

If something unexpected happens to your new hunting backpack, you are insured as the lifetime warranty is surely on your side.

Best Hunting Packs For Hauling Meat 2021 Reviews 1


  • Can accommodate a 2-liter hydration pack
  • Comes with lifetime warranty
  • Quite spacious
  • Durable
  • Comes with rain cover
Best Hunting Packs For Hauling Meat 2021 Reviews 2


  • A bit too heavy to carry all day long


#10 Sportsman’s Outdoor Products Horn Hunter Backpack

Sportsman's Outdoor Products Horn Hunter Full Curl Combo Pack (New Mossy Oak Breakup)

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The Horn Hunter is known for its hydration compatibility and has a reputation for being a secure and comfortable option with lots of compartment space and a large number of straps the bag supports. This hunting backpack has an HH13 Hybrid full cult frame, along with an HH11 full curl pack, and an H3 tubular frame structure.

It has plenty of pockets and compartment space, helping you to move through the rough terrain with complete organization and security. This pack can fit any size of the torso, as it is adjustable and easily accessible.

It will also ensure that you are able to carry loads of meat back to the campsite with the help of additional straps making it easier to carry a load of weight after a hunt. The overall design of the pack can make it seem a little heavy and the additional gear that you are going to pack can increase the overall weight too.

Therefore, try to make as much use of this bag as you can on a day trip which will not require a lot of gear.

Best Hunting Packs For Hauling Meat 2021 Reviews 1


  • Plenty of organizational pockets
  • Adjustable waist belt
  • Ideal fit to most body types
Best Hunting Packs For Hauling Meat 2021 Reviews 2


  • The waistband is a bit flimsy.


Buying Guide

Some of the people out there, love hunting the most. Be that as it may, while returning to your underlying roots and acquiring your own food is a rush, putting away the meat and then hauling it back to your campground might be an impressive errand. You would likewise not have any desire to leave a trail of butchery for different predators to locate. Once you have gathered your meat after killing the prey, you would require a protected method to move it back in great condition to eat. The most ideal approach to do this is to put your food into a hunting pack to haul meat.

There are a few factors that you need to look after before making your purchase of a hunting pack. To ease you with them, we have prepared a guide. Let’s have a look at the considerable factors cited below:

  • Adequate space

Make sure that the pack you choose has adequate spacing so that you can easily haul your meat back to your campsite. And obviously, who wouldn’t want to have a pack that is large incapacity to store additional meat?

  • Water-resistant quality

You would always want to protect your food from any kind of exterior constituents like water, rain, or dust. While making your decision, be wise enough to locate a pack that is constructed with waterproof qualities. In this way, you would be able to protect your meet in awkward environmental conditions.

  • Weight of the bag when empty

The bag must be light in weight so that your shoulders are not burdened badly. The bag should feel weightless when it is empty; eventually when you’ll pack your meet to haul it back the bag would gain weight by them due to the food procured. So, to ease yourself throughout your camping; pick a bag that is lightweight yet durable and robust.

  • Quality of the materials used

When you will try to choose a perfect hunting pack, you’ll consider its construct and design. It does not only mean its style and form, but it as well requires consideration in the light of the fact of the materials used for the build-up. The fabric and materials must be of great quality and can withstand under circumstances where you’ll have to carry something heavy. Make sure that the fabric is soft and deafening for stealthy predators. You can likewise select a pack that comes with adjustable cushioned shoulder straps and waist belts. Such sort of packs are well-balanced and offer you the max level comfort.

Spoiler title

You’re going to need to spend money into some eminent and finely structured base layers, gloves, caps, and much more. You may need to utilize your light or mid-weight hunting shirts and pants for layering. This will guarantee protection at your camping site. In any case, with respect to your external layers go, you can attempt to purchase coat, pants, caps, gloves, shoes and so on.

What all should you put in your hunting pack?

There are certain essential things that you have to carry in your hunting pack:

  • First aid kit
  • Rain gear
  • Water
  • Food
  • Rubber gloves
  • Survival blanket
  • Flashlight
  • Hunting license



When it comes to finding the best hunting packs for hauling meat, there is a wide range of features and choices that you must look for. Of course, the choice is up to you, and it all depends on your preference and comfortability level with the backpack that you select.  A good quality hunting backpack has to be one of the survival gear every hunter needs.

All the hunting backpacks in the list are the best we could find for you and you cannot go wrong with any of them. It all just depends on your requirements. We have just tried to narrow down the choices available so that you don’t have to waste any more of your time and energy in selecting the best options.

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