Top 10 Best Kids Fishing Poles 2020 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Want to spend some quality time with your child? To do that fishing seems like a really good choice. Fishing is one of the fun and interesting outdoor activities you can do with your kids. But to do that you must ensure that the fishing pole you choose is the Best Kids Fishing Poles.

Choosing the proper fishing rod is one of the most important, yet often it is overlooked. It highly factors in having success out on the water. Being able to place your bait in a precise location, without scaring any fish, can have a huge impact on whether or not you are getting bites.

Use the wrong rod and you might not be able to cast as far or accurately as possible. Use the right rod and you can land a cast on a dime and work your bait the way it was intended, which will also produce you more bites, catches, and fun. Otherwise, it will be boring and your outing will be dissatisfactory. 

Before you scroll down to the reviews you must be aware of certain things you should for in a fishing pole. 

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Things to Consider Before Buying Best Kids Fishing Poles For The Money


Fishing rod length is the first identified when choosing a new piece of equipment. Rods can range on the tiny end from 4 feet to the gigantic end of 14 feet, but most bass fishing rods tend to run between 6 and 8 feet measured tip to end. The general rule of rod length selection is this: shorter rods cast shorter distances, and longer rods cast longer distances.

Why do you ask? The reason is simple.  Well, shorter rods are great for fishing in close combat, when you don’t need to cast a distance. The shorter body also allows less bend and stretch when you are fighting a fish, so some anglers hunting big fish prefer them. On the other hand, longer rods are for covering more water and casting a great distance.

They’re great for walking baits, deep diving crankbaits, and other power fishing reaction baits. Choose according to your need.


Most Rods are made from graphite, fiberglass, or a combination of both. The graphite rods are typically lighter and stiffer but tend to break more easily than their fiberglass counterparts. This brittle feel and lighter weight also make them more sensitive and are typically better at detecting light bites.

The heavier fiberglass rods have much more flexibility and some are virtually unbreakable. Rods are known to come in combinations of both materials, and for the angler who fishes in several different locations and conditions, the combination is the ideal rod.


Power is the amount of force one must use to bend the fishing rod. A rod with more power will bend easier. Light or ultralight rods are geared more at smaller species like trout and panfish as they have more bend and you can more easily detect a bite. For fishing. Rod with more power is the Best Fishing Poles for kids and recommended.


Action can best be described as the point on the rod where it bends. A “fast” action rod will bend closer to the tip, and a “slow” action rod will bend closer to the end. Lighter action also allows you to feel more in the fight, so ultralight tackle when chasing bigger species can produce a unique angling thrill.

Use faster action rods for baits with a single hook that requires stronger, harder hook sets. And use slower action rods for moving baits with treble hooks.


Most rods come with a handle made from either cork, foam, or some combination of both. Anglers choose the feel of their handle strictly by personal preference. You can also choose from longer or shorter handle depending on the distance you are hoping to cast.

A longer handle allows the angler to put both hands on the rod and rip it out there a mile. Shorter handles on your fishing rod are great for roll casting, casting with one hand, or looking for a precise cast at a shorter distance.

There are also some rods that come with a “pistol” or “split” grip for targeting a precise cast at a short distance and giving the rod an overall lighter weight.

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Top 10 Best Fishing Poles For Kids

Best Kids Fishing Poles For The Money Reviews

Now, let’s dive into the reviews of TOP 10 Best fishing poles for your children

#1  Shakespeare USYTHSP30CBO Youth Ugly Stik GX2-2-Piece Fishing rod and spinning reel combo

Shakespeare USYTHSP30CBO Youth Ugly Stik GX2 2-Piece Fishing Rod

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A combination of strong and durable Ugly Stick rods and reliable fishing reels gives you a perfect balance of strength, durability, and performance. This pole has a fiberglass and graphite construction which makes this fishing rod and reel the perfect weight without it compromising on quality.

A clear tip design of this pole makes the rod quite sensitive even to the slightest nibbles. The grip engineered is expendable when it comes to the level of comfort when it comes to handling by your kid’s small hands.   It’s aluminum spool also comes inbuilt with a ball bearing which makes the smooth operation possible.

The rod is lightweight adding to its ease of use.   

Some Stats:

  •   Item weight: 12 ounces
  •   Product Dimensions: 6 x 34 x 3.4 inches


  • Built to last even in the hands of a kid
  • Clear tip design increases sensitivity


  • Does not come with a carry bag
  • Better for light fishing.


#2  Zebco Splash Boy’s 402 Spin Cast Reel, Blue

Zebco Splash Boy's 402 Spin Cast Reel, Blue

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It has a solid core made out of Z-Glass construction which makes it sturdy and durable. Perfectly sized spinning reel to bring in your catch quite conveniently. The EVA handle which this rod is designed with makes it easy to hold. It comes pre-spooled with a 6lb line with a length of 135 yards at full capacity the fishing pole is unique as it is inbuilt with ball bearing drive which ensures smooth operation.


  •   Item weight: 0.025 pounds


  • Changeable left/right hand
  • Compact sized


  • The line twists and breaks easily as seen in numerous cases.

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#3 Lanaak Kids Fishing Pole and Tackle Box

Lanaak Kids Fishing Pole and Tackle Box

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This Lanark fishing kit comes with everything a beginner needs to begin their adventure with angling. It is also designed to be simple and easy to use for kids that are just starting out. It is a light action telescopic fishing rod. It is 65 inches long at full length.

But the fishing pole can be easily collapsed to only 17 inches depending on your preferences proving its compatibility.  It comes pre-spooled with up to 200ft of test line that which is lightweight enough for an amateur angler. Another feature noteworthy is its push button which makes quite easy for someone just learning the roped.

This product also comes with a portable box which includes bait nets and minnows that will keep your little one entertained. The tackle box also contains hooks, sinkers, plastic worm, crankbait lure and so on. On top of that, a bait net is also provided. It is no doubt one of the best products out there in the market.

Some Stats:

  •   Item weight: 1.76 pounds


  • Inexpensive!
  • Comes with a carry bag which makes storage quite easy.
  • Durable
  • High quality


  • Being light means it takes longer for the line to sink.


#4 Kid Casters Jimmy Houston Fishing Kits


Kid Casters Jimmy Houston Fishing Kits

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This is a fishing rod that is highly adaptable to youth especially because of its design.   It comes with a practice casting plug and a safe plastic hook. This makes it ideal for practicing. The handle has been specifically designed to conform to your little one’s hands.

It’s only 30 inches in length and is very portable. With this fishing pole comes three sponge fish training lures that will transform into full sponges after they are cast into the water. It also comes with an 8 compartment tackle box for storing gear.

Some Stats:

  •   Item weight: 14.4 ounces
  •   Product dimensions: 29.5 x 3 x 3 inches


  • Practice casting plug
  • Safe plastic hook
  • 3 sponge fishes


  • The fish hook is made out of plastic. This can be a problem towards its longevity.
  • Some have also found this product to be slightly less portable.


#5 YONGZHI Kids Fishing Pole with Spinning Reels

YONGZHI Kids Fishing Pole

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  It is a Telescopic Fishing rod with a shoulder pocket. This fishing pole has spinning reels, fishing lures, fishing line, and other necessary fishing tackles. This product is famous because it is highly suitable for fishing beginners. It comes with a Fishing starter Guide which has clear explanations for basic fishing skills, simple diagrams for rigging option and a few tips and tricks for fishing.

The length of the rod is 60 inches. It is portable and has travel-ready fishing set up. You can easily fit everything in the shoulder bag that comes with the product thus adding to its compatibility.  The spinning reel has a changeable right or left handle. It has 2 + 1 ball bearings. When you pack the fishing pole it becomes only 14 inches in length.

Some stats:  

  •   Gear ratio: 5:2:1
  •   Product dimensions: 14.8 x 5 x 3.2 inches
  •   Item weight: 1.36 pounds


  • Spinning reels, lures
  • Fishing Guide
  • Portable


  • The material with which the reels are made out of is plastic. Prone to easy breaking.

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#6 IEBIYO Fishing Pole and Reel Combos Includes Telescopic Fishing pole

IEBIYO Fishing Pole and Reel Combos Includes Telescopic Fishing Pole

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This fishing pole is made out of fiberglass construction combined with soft silicone and plastic. This makes the product highly durable. Even though the product is sturdy it is extremely lightweight. Thus easy to use. Adding to the ease of use is a plastic handle that makes it convenient to hold. The rod comes with a spinning closed fishing reel which also features a strong plastic handle with rubber hand knobs.

Undoubtedly, it is perfect for a beginner. This fishing rod features a collapsible design which makes it just portable enough to carry along with you. A bag also makes it easy to carry the pole and all the other accessories and protects it from getting damaged. The fishing bag is made up of 600D Oxford material making it waterproof. This fishing pole has a total of 6 adjustable sections making it really convenient to use.

Some Stats:

  •   Total length: 55.12 inches
  •   Collapsed length: 13.78 inches
  •   Weight: 1.19 pounds
  •   Product dimensions: 19.7 x 5.5 x 2 inches


  • No chaos cord
  • Full fishing set, perfect for kids


  • There were complaints about the pole’s flimsy design.

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#7 Kids Fishing Pole, Light and Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Kids Fishing Pole,Light and Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod

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PlUSINNO gives a lot of things along with the light portable fishing pole such as lures, floats and a plethora of other fishing items for your kid to enjoy.  The rod has a comfortable grip which makes it easy to handle. This product ensures high durability.

This product’s design is perfect for transport because of its ability to retract. It is also lightweight. Fishing Lure Tackle includes 1 crankbait, 2 float bobbers, 2 sinkers, 3 stoppers, 4 Jig Heads, 5 Red Soft Lures, 5 Green soft lures, 5 rolling Barrel Fishing Swivels, 10 Fishing Beads, and a tackle box.

Some Stats:

  •   Item weight: 2.67 oz.
  •   Open length: 150 cm
  •   Closed length: 37 cm


  • Has a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.
  • Retractable for easier storage.


  • It’s made for children aged four and over, so it might become obsolete after a while.


#8 Kids Fishing Pole and Reel Combo Kit

Kids Fishing Pole and Reel Combo Kit

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The fishing pole is made out of fiberglass construction which not only looks great but also resists any kind of wear and tear. The fishing pole is 13.8 inches when folded and when extended it becomes 55 inches. It comes with a tackle box which allows you to keep everything secure and safe. The gear is spin-cast which allows easy spinning of the fishing line. It ensures a nice comfortable hand grip due to its smart size which allows your child to enjoy the fishing experience.

Some stats:

  •   Item weight: 11.7 ounces
  •   Product dimensions: 14.8 x 5.2 x 3.1 inches


  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Easily portable
  • Good warranty service
  • Retractable for easy storage 


  • None.

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#9 Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod

Ugly Stik GX2 Casting Rod

Check Price

 The fishing rod is constructed of graphite and fiberglass. This fishing rod comes along with dependable fishing reel helping your child to master the art of fishing quickly.   For extra response and strength, there is a clear tip design integrated.

The machined aluminum spool and ball bearing ensure a smooth operation. The EVA grips that are implemented are lightweight and works really well for small hands. Because of this, your little one will be comfortable throughout the experience. It is durable, strong and lightweight.

The rod is known for its portability. With its two-piece, the product is really easy when it comes to keeping it compact. This product has the best combination of durability and usability which makes it one of the best fishing rods available in the market. 

Some stats:

  •   Item weight: 2.75 pounds
  •   Product dimensions: 80 x 5 x 5 inches


  • Designed with a machined aluminum spool
  • Features one-piece stainless steel guides
  • Not only it a fishing rod but also a reel/ great combo!


  • Does not come equipped with a fishing line.


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#10 Shakespeare Youth Fishing kits

Top 10 Best Kids Fishing Poles 2020 Reviews & Buyer's Guide 11

Check Price

This product flaunts a unique combination of fishing rod and reel. It is 2 foot and 6 inches in length specially made for children. To make it more suitable for the use of children it features a round knob which helps your child to hold the fishing pole easily.

This product has taken every step to make it easier to use. For example, a thumb button extension for easy casting and finger guard to help encourage proper hand placement. Plus, what’s exciting is that there has been included a practice casting plug is also included so as to make your little one learn fishing.

An interesting feature that adds to the easy handling is an On/Off instant anti-reverse bearing. And lastly, it is machined ported and double anodized braid ready aluminum spool.

Some stats:

  •   Product Dimensions: 34 x 5 x 2.2 inches
  •   Item weight: 10.4 ounces


  • Lightweight
  • Practice casting plug
  • Perfect for kid’s use


  • Included hooks would be nice.

To recap there are a few things one must keep in mind while making the purchase for best kids fishing poles

Fishing isn’t always an occupation of working people; sometimes it is a hobby. Not everybody goes for fishing for a specific purpose, some are highly inclined to this activity just because they like to spend their leisure time doing this. The professional fishermen usually take care of all the equipment utilized in this activity. Hence, they gather all their equipment’s and tools cautiously. However, the assembling and gathering of tools and equipment is not a fundamental duty for the professional fishermen; the rule applies same for all those who are involved in fishing. Sometimes, kids are also involved in fishing. They are not very well aware of all these things; but if their parents are helping them out in locating the equipment, then they must cautiously select the appropriate ones. The most crucial tool is the fishing pole. Needless to say, in the absence of a fishing pole; the fishing activity cannot be accomplished.

In case you are planning to purchase a fishing pole for your children and are confused regarding what all you need to look into before your purchase; then don’t worry, we have got you covered. We have prepared a helping guide for the same. The following pointers will help you out in locating an ideal fishing pole for your kids.


Of course, a lot about this review comes down to how old your children are and how experienced they are at fishing and whether they have had a small amount of fishing in the past or just doing it for the first time. Here we have a mixture of entry-level poles as well as rods which are a little more sophisticated.

There are also a mixture of weights too and you want to ensure that it’s not going to be easy for your child to handle as obviously handling a rod is a lot more than the ability to be able to lift it up, you need to be able to cast if confidently into the water with one hand and have enough control of it to do it without training your arms.

Trying to find this point with children is obviously difficult because you don’t know precisely how strong they are but getting a rod that is too heavy not only adds to the danger level as they won’t be able to cast the lure correctly but it is also much more likely to put them off and decrease their enjoyment levels, so it’s best to put your importance more on the side of caution.


this is probably one of the most important factors you will have to look for in a fishing rod. In this guide, there are several sized fishing rods reviewed. You have to choose the best length among the varied sizes. Length naturally links in with weight as a lot of the same principles apply in that if you get it wrong then the child will find fishing a lot more difficult and the safety levels will start to decrease as well if they start finding it harder to cast the line.

Some of these poles are very short in length which is obviously not ideal when it comes to fishing in the most effective way but it might be the best thing for your child at this stage of their development. As they get older and more experienced they will be able to move up on to better and bigger rods.

Also with length is the factor of how telescopic the rod is. Fishing rods are notoriously difficult to handle at their full size so being able to reduce that is important. Some do this a lot better than others though as some of these products have vast distances between their full length and their retracted one. One that retracts back to a smaller size will be easier to handle for your child.

Ease of Use

This is another really important detail you should look for. There are a few aspects of a rod and reel that can take adults a long time to master, so inexperienced kids need to have it a bit easier when they are starting out. The engineering of a rod is a wonderful thing but children are a lot less likely to care or understand exactly how they work so the moving parts of a child’s rod are kept down to a minimum.

One of the key features to look for in a rod that has a line that is unlikely to get tangled when you are trying to fish. This is something that adult anglers can struggle with and it can be frustrating so having a more simple system is a good way to avoid this.

We see other key features being used too such as having a one-button push reel which strips back the mechanics of a reel down to their basics. While some children will be more interested than others, the likelihood is that your child is just interested in getting a fish at the end of their line and don’t care much about anything else.

In this list, we have a range of rods that are all in various stages of expertise and you’ll know which one your child will be able to figure out as the rods become harder to use as they get more advanced. It’s always important to point out though that anyone, and not just children, get turned off something quickly if they find it too difficult. So, you must choose wisely.


Next comes to handle. Your kid must comfortably use the fishing rod or else the fishing experience will be no fun. In reality, unfortunately, The importance of the handle is one of the most underestimated parts of a rod as you can take it for granted how important it is to how comfortable the rod is and how easy it is to hold. Not only does a child’s fishing rod need to be designed for smaller hands but it also needs to not hurt their hands after a small amount of use.

One of the best ways to ensure this is to have an EVA foam handle as this is a substance that is soft to touch but is very strong so it’s not going to break easily. Other options can be good too such as a rubber handle as this will be easier to touch as well.

The importance of a handle grows with the length of the rod. A shorter rod will be much easier to use so there will be fewer demands on your hands whereas a longer rod will add a lot more stress so if you’re looking to get a rod of any decent length then you need to make sure that the handle is very comfortable to use.


Durability is at the heart of the reasons to buy or not buy a product and you want to ensure that it’s well-made. Children, of course, can be quite heavy-handed so rods can easily be broken if they are not a high enough quality. The poles that we have mentioned here have a range of various levels but the more advanced ones are the type that simply has to be well-made.

Then it comes to fishing rods, fiberglass and graphite are commonly used materials due to their level of strength and durability with carbon fiber being the next level up in terms of quality. If you want your children’s rod to last for a long time then you want to ensure that it’s being made out of the best materials you can possibly get. After all, if the rod breaks easily after a few times, what is the point of buying this product!


Getting a monster fish is an enormous achievement for any kid. All things considered; it makes gloating rights in the play area for ages. Yet, catching this huge fish requires having the correct apparatus, which can endure the battle the fish sets up, just as the sheer weight of the animal. Along these lines, outfitting a youngster with the correct tools provides them considerably more of an opportunity to land their own special ‘monster’. Also, the power factor is only that – the sheer quality of the pole when battling and lifting a fish from the water.

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When plotting for such species, kids should be furnished with a pole that is any longer and all the more remarkable, so as to take the battle to the fish. Poles that extend from 4 to 5 feet are undeniably increasingly reasonable and offer the kids a superior possibility at wrestling in their own one of a kind ‘monsters’.

Push-button poles or spin casters

These kinds of poles are exclusively utilized by children with great ease. The genuine intrigue behind a push-button pole is that a handler would only need to press an essential button so as to discharge the line from the reel. As one may have the option to figure, this variation is likely the best fishing reel for kids. They can simply push a button and let their line free to begin getting a charge out of a similar sport that their parents and grandpa usually do.

Just as a side note; there are two other variants of fishing poles. They are spinning poles and baitcasting poles. These two variants are generally utilized by novices and professionals. These are exclusively structured for sport fishing and thus not appropriate for kids.


Having a fishing rod that is easy to carry is also important as fishing rods can be notoriously difficult to handle so having one which can fold down to a small size is ideal and also one that comes with a carry case can be useful as well. Just pack it into your backpack and nothing more to worry about. You do not want a product that is going to be too difficult to transport otherwise this could take away from the fun that your children are meant to be having.

Finally. You are now aware of all the things to look for in a fishing rod and you also a list of the top 10 best fishing rod for your kids. Make a wise choice. We hope we helped you make the finest choice!  



What Is The Difference Between Rod and Pole?
Not a lot and a lot of people use the term interchangeably as I have done here but there is a technical difference between the two. A pole is essentially fishing with a fixed amount of line that is at the end of a pole.

This term comes from those days of just tying a line to the end of a bamboo stick and throwing it into the water. A rod is a more sophisticated option but these days a pole can just refer to something that is just a simplified version of a rod. As both terms are used loosely, it’s nothing to be too bothered about.

Do kids need a fishing license?
Children under 16 years of age do not need a fishing license. Children have their own bag limits and are expected to follow the same fishing regulations (e.g., length, bag, and season limits) that licensed anglers are required to follow. Children do not need to be accompanied by a licensed adult to fish
Are Kids Fishing Poles Safe for Use?
As you have seen here there is a wide range of options available for a wide range of different abilities. These different options aren’t just for different levels of ability but they also offer different levels of safety as well.

You’re the best judge of how your child can be trusted with a more complex reel or lures but all the products we have reviewed here are all quality products and as safe as can be.

Fishing, as with any activity, comes with its dangers so you always need to be vigilant to safety, but these rods will give you all the safety that you need.

Can you fix a broken tip?
Yes, you can fix a broken tip. If you are lucky enough that the damage is to the tip alone, you can merge replace the top with a brand-new one. However, if the damage is in fact to the rod blank at the tip a little more work will be necessary.

To begin, you need to remove the old tip by cutting it as close to the end as you can, when doing it try to avoid exposing the tip to too much heat as this could lead to damage.

From there, you will need a tip gauge to measure the size of the new tip top you will need. Once you have determined this and received your tip-top, you will need to glue it to the rod tip.

What is the significant difference between a rod and a pole?

There is an extremely essential difference between a fishing rod and a fishing pole. A rod is a setup that incorporates a reel, line guides, and a handle with a reel seat. Rods are then outfitted with reels, which can work in an assortment of styles, however baitcasting, spinning, and push-button are the most utilized models.

In actuality, a pole is just a straightforward bit of material that is without line guides or a reel. The fundamental setup is progressively crude, and once in a while utilized in present-day societies.

The more basic entry models that we have reviewed here won’t have quite the same level of strength but this isn’t required as they won’t be catching fish of any significant size. All the products that we have reviewed here are more than strong enough to be safe and solid when they are in your child’s hands so you don’t have to worry about them breaking.[/su_spoiler]

These are the best kids fishing poles available in the market right now.

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