Best Ozark Trail Tents For The Money In 2021 Reviews

Are you a new camper looking for cheaper versions of tents that do not compromise on quality? Or are you here to find out more about the Ozark trail tents in general? Or are you here to scrutinize them and find good reviews on them. Well, we will answer all your questions and provide you with reviews on the best tents by Ozark along with some pros and cons and why you should buy them. 

Ozark is a private brand that is owned by Walmart, which explains why you find so many Ozark tents in Walmart. They have a range of tents for everyone and every occasion and the best part is that they are really affordable, most of them fall under $200 and believe me they aren’t low on quality or anything like that. You will find out once you go through our article. 

It provides tents from 2 to 20 people and in many varieties like for camping, backpacking, free-standing, family tents, etc.  They have instant pitch models as well as the ones that are lightweight and portable for backpacking. 

These tents are the best fit for occasional campers and family camping experience so that you don’t have to invest in the pricier versions for such a meagre infrequent use. 

Our article consists of a review of the best Ozark tents in the market right now and amazingly these are also available on Amazon, along with their pros and cons, things to consider before buying, and their necessity. Don’t forget to read the frequently asked questions in the end to find some answers to your queries. Without further ado let’s dive into the reviews.

Top 10 Ozark Trail Tents In The Market

Best Ozark trail tents Reviews

1) OZARK TRAIL 8-Person Dome Tunnel Tent

Best Ozark Trail Tents For The Money In 2021 Reviews 31

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Spacious is the one word that comes to my mind when I see this tent. It’s large enough to fit two queen size beds and high enough to stand 6 feet person in it. Not only this, but it can accommodate 8 people in sleeping bags, enough for a party of people on camp or for music festivals. 

The tunnel also has a sewn-in divider in between for privacy and makes it ideal for couple use. It has a rain fly for water resistance and to keep you dry. It is a three-season tent. The rain fly can be removed to create a screen that is best for star gazing at night or for lighting in the morning. 

The tent has an ample number of small pockets to keep your tiny objects in place and keeps the tent clean. The rear room has windows and there are two entrances to the tent, giving all the ventilation needed in summer and fall. It comes with an attached mud mat that keeps that tent clean and e-port for convenient electrical cord access. It is the easiest to assemble with a pin and ring frame and folds down compactly for easy transport. The floor area is 117 sq feet and the weight of the product is 25.2 lbs. it comes with a one-year limited warranty. 

Best Ozark Trail Tents For The Money In 2021 Reviews 32


  • Cost-efficient 
  • Spacious 
  • Mesh wall and roof 
  • Many pockets 
  • Great ventilation
Best Ozark Trail Tents For The Money In 2021 Reviews 33


  • Set up required 2 people and 15 minutes

2) Ozark Trail 4-Person Instant Dome Tent

Best Ozark Trail Tents For The Money In 2021 Reviews 34

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The most admiring feature of this tent is the easy setup; it takes only one person 30 seconds to set it up, which is so amazing, isn’t it? It requires no assembly at all as the poles come pre-attached to the unit. It fits a queen size mattress or 4 sleeping bags. It has 2 windows and a door and a ground vent for maximum ventilation. It comes with a fly and everything to protect you even in the harshest weather. 

Another amazing feature is the cost; it is very affordable and yet provides so many advantageous features to campers. It has a free-standing frame so that if you want to move it around then you don’t need to bring it down and set up again. It also provides electrical cord access through a port for charging phones, laptops or any other device. At such a price this tent is best to buy for a father and son trip or for couples. 

Best Ozark Trail Tents For The Money In 2021 Reviews 32


  • Cheap, affordable
  • Good ventilation with ground vent
  • Electrical cord access
Best Ozark Trail Tents For The Money In 2021 Reviews 33


  • A little heavy for backpacking

3) Ozark Trail 4-Person Ultra light Backpacking Tent

Best Ozark Trail Tents For The Money In 2021 Reviews 37

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This tent is a bit expensive as compared the four person instant dome tent and the pricing is very fair, you will know soon. The extra-large vestibule with this tent is the most favorably feature, this vestibule can store gear, backpacks, and shoes and covers an area of 37 sq ft. The vestibule also comes with a rain fly and the whole tent is weatherproof three-season tent.

It fits one queen mattress or 4 sleeping bags. It has two doors, one at the rear and a regular front door for maximum ventilation and easy to get in. the two windows have a mess to provide air circulation while keeping the bugs away. The removable rain fly exposes a mesh roof that is excellent for star gazing at night. Its dome has two pole crisscross design for a sturdy and strong structure.

It features an e-port for convenient cord access along with a removable hanging media pocket for hanging tablet and group viewing. It comes with a mud mat that keeps the tent neat and tidy. It is packed inside a convenient to carry duffle, and is also light weight and back packer friendly. The floor dimensions are 8 ft x 8 ft or the area is 64 sq ft. it weighs only 11.9 pounds. However, the setup and assembly require 15 minutes.

Best Ozark Trail Tents For The Money In 2021 Reviews 32


  • Large vestibule
  • Ultra light 
  • Sturdy dome structure
  • Mesh roof and windows
Best Ozark Trail Tents For The Money In 2021 Reviews 33


  • Set up is not easy

4) Ozark Trail Instant 2-Room Shower/Changing Shelter Outdoor


Best Ozark Trail Tents For The Money In 2021 Reviews 40


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This is taking your camping trip to another level, now you can take your shower with you and enjoy warm waters even in the wilderness. This shower is quick and easy to set up as of course, you wouldn’t want to waste your time in setting up an additional tent. The outdoor shower is made up of polyester/steel and can be used anywhere in any season, along with the rain fly it is safe and dry on the inside. It consists of 2 rooms, one for a shower and another for changing clothes and there is a door in between the two hence, privacy is maintained. The shower section has pockets for shampoo and toiletries and a towel pocket/holder. 

Enjoy water at your favourable temperature with the 5-gallon solar water heater. The mesh drain in the shower allows easy removal of water from the shower. This product is best for family camping as well as for couples and single hikers and campers if they are planning for longer trips in the wild. The structure is quite sturdy and can withstand heavy downpour as well as harsh winds.

Best Ozark Trail Tents For The Money In 2021 Reviews 32


  • Solar heater
  • Two-room
  • Mesh floor for quick water drain
  • Waterproof and windproof
Best Ozark Trail Tents For The Money In 2021 Reviews 33


  • Expensive

5) Ozark Trail 8 Person Dome ConnecTent

Best Ozark Trail Tents For The Money In 2021 Reviews 43


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The best part of this tent is that the tunnel and tents can be used together as well as separately, and at such a low price this can double up as two tents for 4 people or one larger part tent for 8 people. This tent comes with a tunnel that connects the two tents together. Four bonus folding chairs are also a part of this bundle. This is the most exciting tent for backyard lounging or car camping. The rain fly makes it, even more, weather-resistant and three-season tent. 

The ventilation system is excellent with 4 mesh windows and a mesh roof perfect for stargazing. The chairs come with built-in cup holders. They are made of polyester fabric the same as that of the tent suitable for outdoor use and they are foldable and easily portable too. Best tent for family and friends and for music festivals or long camping trips.

Best Ozark Trail Tents For The Money In 2021 Reviews 32


  • Tents can be used together or separately 
  • Comes with 4 chairs
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Cheap and affordable
  • 3 season
Best Ozark Trail Tents For The Money In 2021 Reviews 33


  • Set up requires some time

6) Ozark Trail 10-Person Dark Rest Instant Cabin Tent

Best Ozark Trail Tents For The Money In 2021 Reviews 46

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Yet another tent that looks complicated and stylish but actually is easy to set up as the poles are pre-attached to the tent and all you need to do is open and unwrap, it will be done in 2 minutes. The dark rest technology helps to prevent sunlight and keeps the tent cooler in the day and warmer at night, thus saving you from the harsh weather and giving an adequate amount of rest.

It has a mesh screen for stargazing or interior illumination, as well as three hooks on the ceiling for hanging lanterns and lighting it up. 

It includes ground vents for improved ventilation, 4 pockets, and electrical port access. It is made up of 190T coated polyester, steel and fibreglass.  It comes with a carrying bag and a 6-month limited warranty. Additionally, it includes a typical rainfly making it a three-season tent. The inside is super spacious and can fit three queen size mattresses or accommodate 10 sleeping bags.

It comes with a room divider to keep privacy or use it as one large cabin tent.  A double D door in the front gives enough space for a comfortable entry. This dark rest technology tent comes in various sizes ranging from 4 to 10 or 12 people and all of them are quite affordable. The dark rest technology helps you to provide the much-needed rest and you will wake up fresh for another adventurous day. 

Best Ozark Trail Tents For The Money In 2021 Reviews 32


  • Dark rest technology
  • Spacious 
  • Double D door 
  • Various sizes available 
  • Cost efficient 
Best Ozark Trail Tents For The Money In 2021 Reviews 33


  • Poor quality stakes

7) Ozark Trail 10-Person 3-Room XL Family Cabin Tent


Best Ozark Trail Tents For The Money In 2021 Reviews 49

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This is not just a tent but a part of your house in the wild. It is spacious fun and interesting, it can accommodate 10 people, has three rooms with 6 windows for improved ventilation and a panoramic view. There are one main D entrance and two side entrances for privacy and easy entry and exit into the rooms. It can comfortably fit three queen size mattresses or 10 sleeping bags, great for large families or a large group of friends. The mesh roof is one of our favourite features also available in this tent. 

E-port for electrical cord access to charge your phones, laptops, tablets, etc, and a media pocket to make a small group viewing area, are another couple of great features of most of the Ozark tents. Storage pockets are available to stow small things and to keep the tent neat and tidy. The mud mat at the front also helps to keep the interior clean. A gear pocket for extra storage space is also present. The room dividers are removable so that you can customize the space according to your needs. 

The X frame makes the structure more sturdy and strong. It comes with a one-year limited warranty. It takes 2 people 18 minutes to set it up which is pretty average. 

Best Ozark Trail Tents For The Money In 2021 Reviews 32


  • Three doors
  • Spacious with room dividers
  • Gear pocket, E-port, media pocket and storage pockets
  • X frame
Best Ozark Trail Tents For The Money In 2021 Reviews 33


  • Set up takes time

8) Ozark Trail Base Camp 14-Person Cabin Tent

Best Ozark Trail Tents For The Money In 2021 Reviews 52

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No more crouching in this tent as it uses the straight walls to provide maximum room for comfort. This tent comes with room dividers that convert the tent to a two, three, or four-room tent for maximum privacy. It fits five queen size air mattresses or 14 sleeping bags, there is loads of space around for walking comfortably from one room to another. 

No more ducking in the entryway, this tent has a full door on the main entrance and 3 more D doors for private room entrances. Mesh roof makes it more interesting to sleep at night gazing at the stars and also improves ventilation. 12 windows with mesh keep bugs away and provide excellent cross ventilation. The floor area is 260 sq ft. 

Other facilities available are the E-port for cord access, gear loft that is clip in and removable to keep small things safe, organizer pockets, and a movable hanging media pocket for group viewing.  Removable rain fly with taped seams provide protection from rains and makes the tent 3 seasons friendly. The weight of the tent is 47.4 pounds which are quite heavy but obviously, this is not a backpacker tent hence can be carried around easily in a car. 

The set up and assembly is quite average, required two people 30 minutes to set it, and has 8 guy ropes to give a sturdy structural support. It has one year limited warranty. 

Best Ozark Trail Tents For The Money In 2021 Reviews 32


  • Huge and spacious with removable room dividers
  • Lots of pockets, organizer and a gear loft
  • 12 windows, 4 doors and a mesh roof for excellent ventilation
Best Ozark Trail Tents For The Money In 2021 Reviews 33


  • Set up takes quite some time

9) Ozark Trail 12-Person Instant Cabin Tent


Best Ozark Trail Tents For The Money In 2021 Reviews 55

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A screen room and easy set up are the most favourable features of this tent. The set up requires no assembly only unfold and extend that will take only 2 to 5 minutes. The screen room with mesh or rolled back mesh can provide an excellent view of keeping the bugs at bay. There are 3 doors for easy entry and exit into different parts of the tent. Ten windows fully closable for privacy provide an amazing panoramic view of nature. The weight of the tent is about 56.5 pounds, which is quite heavy and not suitable to move around with. 

This tent easily fits three queen size beds or 12 sleeping bags. It comes with 2 detachable room dividers. It has fully taped factory-sealed seams to prevent water dripping inside the tent and keep it dry and leak-proof in all weathers. The screening room can be used as a third bedroom or a front porch.

 It has the E-port for convenient electrical cord access, rainfly, and a carry bag. It comes with 6 gear pockets to keep everything organized. The best part is the multiple ground vents that keep the tent cool and well ventilated. It comes with 6 months limited warranty. 

Best Ozark Trail Tents For The Money In 2021 Reviews 32


  • Easy setup and no assembly
  • Removable rain fly and room separators
  • Screen room, mesh windows, three doors and ground vents for excellent air circulation
  • Multiple gear pockets
Best Ozark Trail Tents For The Money In 2021 Reviews 33


  • Heavy, weighs around 56.5 pounds

10) Ozark Trail 8-Person Instant Cabin Tent

Best Ozark Trail Tents For The Money In 2021 Reviews 58


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Another tent with 2 minutes set up and no assembly, simply love these tents as they are no time waste, and straight-up easy to use, just unfold and expand and there you go, no need to be an expert at this. This roomy tent has a 6 foot 6-inch centre height which means you can stand upright and walk around. It is spacious and can comfortably fit 2 queen size beds or 8 campers in sleeping bags on the floor. Though is an 8 person tent it can be used comfortably as a 4 person tent with some extra space for added cosiness.

The mud mat at the entrance keeps the tent clean. The double D entrance is for easy duck free entry.  It includes two gear pockets and two gear organizers for easy storage. The tub floor makes the tent waterproof and dry at all times along with the rain fly with factory sealed taped seams. 

Four windows and ground vents are available for air circulation and help those who feel claustrophobic in small spaces. 

Best Ozark Trail Tents For The Money In 2021 Reviews 32


  • Easy set up with pre-attached poles and no assembly 
  • Height 6 foot and 6 inches 
  • Double D door
  • 4 windows and ground vent for air circulation
  • Tub floor makes it dry and waterproof
Best Ozark Trail Tents For The Money In 2021 Reviews 33


  • Costly 


Things to consider before buying a tent

For beginners, buying a tent is like picking a needle in a haystack, there are literally so many options to choose from and so many features to be a check on that you may not feel confident to pick one for sure. This buyer’s guide or things to consider before buying will definitely help you out and give some good suggestions too. 

  • Space: The more the number of people, the more space and more privacy is needed. In case you all want to live in one huge tent then Ozark trail tents have some of the best four-person, eight-person, ten-person, twelve-person and fourteen person tents with room dividers and a separate door for maximum privacy. Another option is to buy separate tents for each or couples and for that also we have some of the most amazing 4 person tents, the one that tops the list is the Ozark 4 person instant dome tent and another one is the Ozark 4 person ultralight backpacking tent. Both of them are different with respect to backpacking or car camping while the former is best for car camping the latter can be used for both. Families with kids and pets can always opt for extra spacious tends to have more room to play and run around.
  • Setup and assembly: If you are an expert in setting up the tent then there is no problem but for beginners and layman Ozark has many of the pre assembles and pre-attached pole tents that are easy to set up. These tents are labelled as instant tents so whenever you buy to make sure to ask for an instant setup. 
  • Weight: If you are a hiker or trekker and you want to carry your backpack tent all along then the weight obviously matters. Some of the Ozark tents are extra light and easy to carry such as the Ozark 4 person ultralight backpacking tent which provides more space in less weight. If you are planning for car camping then all tents can be used irrespective of the weight. 
  • Storage: Well this is one thing that you don’t need to worry about as all of the Ozark tents have extra storage space in the name of gear pockets, organizers, and media pockets or vestibule. Hence, always opt for Ozark for more space and comfort.
  • Ventilation and windows: The more the number of windows the more ventilated it will be, additionally, the ground vents will also keep the tent airier though most of the Ozark tents are very spacious and don’t retain heat many still come with ht ground vents and loads of windows and multiple doors. The rooftop with mesh is the best feature for star gazing and sleeping in the cool wind at night. The screen room not available in many again keeps the tent cool and provides an excellent scenic view of the outside, it is best for claustrophobic people to give them the illusion of an open place.


The necessity of Ozark trail tents

As mentioned previously Ozark is the best private brand for finding all sorts of tents for all occasions hence this is the one-stop destination for all sporty and adventurous people. Ozark tents have few most fascinating features that are not available in all other brands simultaneously. One of them is the space; almost all the tents have a good centre height and ample amount of space.

They are not some crappy suffocating sleeping tents, but they are the kind in which you can spend all your day reading a book, watching a movie, or simply lying down and staring at the sky. Along with space, there are many storage organizers and pockets that will help to keep the tent from looking dirty and clumsy and keep your little things nice, safe, and organized. The moving media pocket is another loved feature that makes a good group viewing space. 

The second feature is the ventilation; though all the Ozark tents are spacious, they still have a lot of room for vents in the ground and a lot of windows with mesh to keep insects and bugs away. The windows can be completely zipped for privacy or rolled up for fresh air and sunlight. The roof is also most of the time, mesh one for stargazing. 

The third characteristic feature of the Ozark tent is the cost, they are extremely low-range tents but don’t be tricked into thinking that they might be low in quality too. On the bright side, they provide almost everything even at a low price point making them worth buying. Most of the costliest tents in Ozark are also under $200 to $300. Hence, it is a safe and best option for most campers running low on budget and for beginners who don’t want to invest a lot.

Keeping these in mind Ozark trail tents is the best option to look for tents for all occasion in the budget. 



Which is the best Ozark trail tent in the market?

There are many that are good and are specific for specific occasions but the winner of all is the Ozark trail 4 person instant dome tent. This dome tent is pre-assembled hence takes no time to set up and is extremely spacious and well ventilated all on a low budget. This tent has two windows and lots of storage spaces and an electrical cord access port for ease of charging or using a fan or light. All these features at a low and affordable price make it a winner. 

Does Ozark have a backpacking tent that is lightweight?

Yes, absolutely Ozark 4 person ultralight backpacking tent is the best one for trekking and hiking. This tent has all great features like good ventilation, cosy and spacious, extra storage, and more at an affordable price and a low weight. It comes in a bag pack that is convenient to carry around.

Spoiler title

Though low on price, Ozark tents are absolutely rainproof and weather-resistant as they are all made up of polyester and steel construction along with a rain fly with factory sealed taped seams to keep the tent dry at all times and in all seasons. These tents are 3 season tents, can withstand strong winds due to the X frame and sturdy structure. 


In conclusion, you can always look for Ozark for a variety of tents like the ones for backpacking or car camping, dome tent or cabin tent, large or small, with or without vestibule, and a lot more. Ozark is one stop for all campers and will serve to give the best features at low prices at all times. You can reach your local Walmart store or buy it on amazon whichever is convenient.

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