Top 10 Best Ski Bindings Reviews For All Mountains 2020

Winter is here! With winter comes the great excitement for the number of activities which you can only do in this season. Therefore it is common that people are taking out their boots and skis from the garage and getting ready to hit the slopes. People planning for their seasonal trip, this is the time to go through all your equipment. If you want to replace or buy new equipment, this is time. Check out Top 10 Best Infrared Heater 2020 Reviews, to add to your equipment bag.

There are a million options available as the season approaches. If you are a regular skier, you always have to keep a number of equipment ready to go. One of them being your ski binding. You are a regular skier or planning to gear up your game, their bindings are a must on your list.  Ski bindings hold your boots in your ski. The right one can make your game.

These bindings can get you out of trouble in case you fall. These will release your boots from the ski and detach your foot from it to save you from that nasty fall. This is where all the control comes from as they also transfer all the inputs you make into your skies. This way, they act as more than just a safety device.

This article has all that you. need to know about Ski Bindings, from things to consider before purchasing, to our keenly curated top-10 list! Let’s get started.


Things To Consider Best Ski Bindings In 2020

  • The types of ski you own:

Your skis decide the kind of boots you will be wearing. This, in turn, decides the kind of ski bindings.

  • Compatible with boots:

This spec gives an indication of what size boots will fit into the bindings. Bindings with a large adjustment range will fit a wide range of boot sizes. Different skiers use different boots in accordance to their skiing style. You should always check if your boots will fit the skiing bind you are planning on buying.

  • Advanced or beginner:

This factor determines what king of DIN you are looking for. If you are a beginner, you will need a low Din binding. Some bindings are also designed to keep you more stable in case you are a beginner. Others are designed so that professionals can use them for their advanced games. The ease of usage and facilities included also change accordingly.

  • Release Settings (DIN):

Based on your DIN you need to find your pair of bindings. The basic properties of bindings need to be kept in mind for a better buy. The better and precise release will ensure your safety in case of a fall. If your binds do not release your boots or even pre-release them, you can be seriously injured.

  • Mountain types:

The type of mountain or ground you are planning your skiing trip also stands as a determining factor. Certain ski bindings cannot function properly on some slope. Some can even perform better on certain slops.

These bindings function differently on different slops. They absorb shock, or make your daring twists and turn a piece of cake. But for this, you need the exact bindings which will enable you to do those. This is always mentioned in the product description, so you don’t need to worry!

  • The size of the rider:

Size is always a matter when you are skiing. This determines your DIN as well. Also, bindings are designed to accommodate certain weighs of the rider. If you exceed the weight or even fall below the range it can accommodate, this will be an uncomfortable and unsteady ride for you.

Lightweight bindings can accommodate lighter people and are more suitable for teenagers or lighter women. Similarly, other bindings can accommodate a wide range of people with different weights.


Top 10 Ski Bindings For The Money

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Best Ski Bindings Reviews For Bad Knees

1) SALOMON Warden 11 Ski Bindings

SALOMON Warden 11 Ski Bindings

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This ski bind has a DIN scale of 3, 5-11 and a Height of 26.5. It has a lightweight construction, weighing around 4.1 pounds. .it fits alpine boots. It is built with a burly U Power Toe gives you precise steering. It also features an oversized platform that ensures maximum lateral power transmission with Progressive Transfer pads.

This has a wide toe piece along with a mounting pattern which makes it better than traditional bindings to drive wide skis. It is an easier step in making it a great choice for modern freeride skis. It is pretty strong and precise and a good choice for binding in a lower DIN. This bind also features an automatic toe wing adjustment along with a low stand height to make you feel closer to the ground and snow. It also has a Low profile Chassis.

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Overall, this product features ease of usage, and the ability to fit all sorts of people. If you are considering this one for a long weekend skiing trip, you choose wisely. This is because it is super lightweight and can be easily carried around!


  • This product is very Lightweight
  • It is designed for Easy step-in
  • It features a Low profile chassis
  • This is Good for low din range
  • It features burly U Power Toe
  • It features Progressive Transfer pads
  • This has automatic toe wing adjustments.
  • It features an oversized platform


  • It has Low DIN range
  • This cannot fit all boots.
  • It does not absorb as much shock


2) Marker Jester 16 ID Ski Binding 2016 – Black 90mm

Marker Jester 16 ID Ski Binding 2016 - Black 90mm

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This bind has a DIN range of 6-16 range which accommodates almost any style of skiing. It is compatible with both alpine and AT ski boot with lugged soles. The Magnesium parts of the bind withstand heavy use and abuse, making it pretty sturdy for harsher conditions.

It provides the highest energy absorption as the soleplate is inclined by 5°. To reduce the risk of early release, the spring in the toe is inserted horizontally. This makes it a skier’s favourite product! With a dimension of 24.8 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches, it weighs 4.41 pounds. It has an Inter Pivot heel which makes it easy to step into. These binds can be used on both the front and backside of the mountain.

It has a versatile design that will withstand big hits and cushions big landings in back bowls with ease. It is Equipped with Marker’s Sole.ID technology. It is easy to step into. The Gliding AFD plate ensures a smooth and safe feel while you are going down the slopes. It has a warranty of three years.


  • This has a good DIN range
  • This would fit higher DINS.
  • This product accommodates any style of skiing.
  • It features inclined plates
  • This is compatible with AT ski boots.
  • This is equipped with sole id tech.
  • Easy to step in
  • It provides you a safe and steady ride


  • This would not fit lower DINS
  • High price


3) SALOMON L10 Ski Bindings

SALOMON L10 Ski Bindings

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This ski bind has an Automatic Wing Adjustment that adapts to the height and width of your boots. This keeps the release values consistent even if your boots are in pretty bad condition and almost worn out. It is very light weighting around 3.7 pounds. This is the perfect binding for the lightweight skier. The L10 does accommodate adult boot soles.

This is a good choice for teenagers and lightweight people or women. This can fit alpine and has a DIN scale of 3-10. This makes spinning on these bindings extremely easy. It also has a Low Profile Chassis. It displays an Elastic Pedal. It comes with a warranty of 2 years.


  • It is lightweight.
  • It has automatic wing adjustments.
  • It had good DIN scale
  • It has low chassis
  • It features an elastic pedal
  • This is god for lightweight skiers


  • The Price is high
  • It cannot accommodate heavier built people
  • It cannot accommodate very large size boots
  • It only accommodates alpine boots.

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4) Marker Griffon 13 ID Ski Bindings 2019

Marker Griffon 13 ID Ski Bindings 2019

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This ski binding is available in three colors, so you can show off your fancy equipment along with your fancy skiing skills!. Weighing at 4.4 pounds, it can hold skiers who are less than 120 pounds.  It has a DIN range of 4- 13. It has a Triple Pivot Elite 2 Toe System. It is constructed out of Stainless Steel which lasts longer. It also features a Height Adjustable AFD Gliding Plate which allows a precise release in spite of dirt, snow, and ice buildup.

The type of AFD ensures perfect functionality for racing to junior or even for alpine touring.  It can be used in all the mountains. It provides a greater adjustment range.  Therefore this functions equally well with both Alpine and Touring soles.

It provides high energy absorption as the soleplate is inclined by 5°. To reduce the risk of early release, the spring in the toe is inserted horizontally. The power is transmitted through the large supporting surface optimized for great stresses and strains absorption.


  • It gives you more Color choice to choose from
  • It features Triple Pivot Elite 2 Toe System
  • It is constructed of stainless steel
  • This has Height Adjustable AFD Gliding Plate
  • It Can be used in all mountains
  • This has Good adjustment range


  • It is Hard to step into
  • The price is higher
  • It cannot hold heavier people


5) LOOK SPX 12 Dual WTR Ski Bindings

LOOK SPX 12 Dual WTR Ski Bindings

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This ski binding has a DIN range of 3.5 – 12. It weighs around 4.8 pounds. It is compatible with Grip Walk, WTR, and ALPINE boot soles. This is a lighter binding, which is a good option for lightly built people. It features a 0.3* ramp and an Elastic Travel. This has a full 27 mm of vertical elasticity in the heel and 45 mm of lateral elasticity in the toe. It also features a Full Action Toe piece.

This ensures that the rider is not pre-released. It provides a good skiing platform with the energy transformation of the full drive toe. This gives you more power in terms of enhanced steering and control. It also features Oversize Heel Pivot design to increase coupling strength. It is also the agent for good shock absorption and reduced unwanted pre-release.

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This also provides efficient and powerful energy transmission to the edge of the ski.  It features a short mounting zone and semi-suspended heel. This enhances the ski flex for more control and precision. This ski binding has a 180* multi-directional release for upward release which functions independently from the heel.


  • This cannot accommodate heavier people.
  • This cannot function properly on wider mountain ranges
  • It is a lighter binding
  • This is a good option for lighter people
  • It features elastic travel
  • It features a 0.3* ramp
  • It features Oversize Heel Pivot
  • It has a 180* multi-directional release



  • The product weighs on the heavier side
  • It is difficult to set up
  •  It can’t block out strong winds inside
  • Big size


6) Tyrolia RX 12 Ski Bindings

Tyrolia RX 12 Ski Bindings

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This ski binding is also available in a number of colors. It has a DIN ranging from 3.5 to 13. This can cover a wide range of skiers, right from beginners to experts. It is additionally equipped with 110m brakes. It has a full diagonal release to make it safer for the rider. The diagonal binding features an innovative RX and updated kinematic properties for experienced skiers.

It is a good blend of tech for that beginner or intermediate skier. It features an RX Toe and TRP System Full Diagonal ABS – Anti Blocking System D-RX (Diagonal). This allows 30% more retention system but not at the cost of safety. It absorbs sharp impact while keeping the boots centered at all times.

This is dome with the help of 4 rollers at the toe, which remains flexible or spring-loaded. There is side by side swivel of the heel which allows you better performance and safer release. It let the spring on the heel hold the boot in place under lateral force.


  • This is available is many color choices.
  • It has a good Din range.
  • It is equipped with 110m brakes
  • It provides full diagonal release
  • It absorbs sharp impact


  • It cannot accommodate all boots
  • It is not easy to step in


7) Tyrolia Attack2 11GW Bindings

Tyrolia Attack2 11GW Bindings

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These findings are also available in three different colors. It has a Stand Height – of 21mm and Weight Range from 31 kg. It has a DIN range of 3-11. It has integrated stiff pads which guarantee precise release function of boot and binding. It can accommodate both alpine and grip walk boots. It features AFD Metal GW which is a secure 77mm metal Anti Friction Device.

This can be adjusted to both Alpine Boots and Grip Walk Boots. These ski bindings automatically adjust to grip walk or adult alpine boots.  It has a curved rubber sole which improves not only walking comfort but also improves natural rolls. It is safe and comfortable for both contemporary freeskiers and also for all-mountain skiers. It features a modified solid SX FR heel construction. It also reduced weight for optimal all-mountain performance. These bindings will not accommodate touring boot soles. If it is alpine oriented, it will work out just fine.


  • It provides an easy entry.
  • It provides you Color choices
  • It has integrated stiff pads
  • It features AFD Metal GW
  • It can be adjusted to both Alpine Boots and Grip Walk Boots
  • It has a curved rubber sole.
  • It can be used by all-mountain skiers.


  • It has a Low DIN setting
  • It cannot be used by professionals.
  • These cannot accommodate touring boot soles.
  • It is not very easy to step in

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8) Marker Squire 11 ID Ski Bindings 2019

Marker Squire 11 ID Ski Bindings 2019

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These ski bindings are also available in three different colors. It is a lightweight product weighing at 3.3 pounds. This binding can hold people weighing between 30 to 110kgs. It has a DIN range of 3-11. It is constructed out of stainless steel.  It features Triple Pivot Light toe with a stainless gliding AFD. This is compatible with every type of boot sole. It also features a height-adjustable AFD gliding plate.

It has a horizontally inserted spring in the toe. This along with the gliding plate integrates the sole of the rider to ensure precise release. This is never affected by dirt, snow, and ice buildups. It also gets additional support from the Alunumium Bridge on the top. However, this does not add any additional weight. The aluminum hollow axle maximizes the torsional stiffness.  It is suitable for all mountains. It has a warranty of three years.


  • It is a lightweight product
  • This is available in other colors
  • It can accommodate heavier people.
  • It is constructed of stainless steel
  • It features Triple Pivot Light toe
  • It is compatible with every boot sole
  • It features an aluminum Bridge for support
  • It provides you with a 3 Years


  • It has a low DIN range
  • Not very easy to step in


9) Look Pivot 14 GW Ski Bindings

Look Pivot 14 GW Ski Bindings

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This ski binding has a Din range of DIN: 5-14. It is also available in three colors. It is compatible with both Alpine and Grip Walk. It weighs around 2lb 7oz per binding. It has a 180A Multi-Directional Release which ensures your safety and provides you the consistency of release.

It comes with Brake Width of 75mm, 95mm, 115mm, 130mm. Seven points of boot-binding contact give you strength with increased lateral energy transmission. This sends more power to the edge of the ski, providing you better control. The 28mm of elastic travel gives you more shock absorption and reduces pre-release.

The 8mm of elasticity in the heel also reduced the chances of unwanted pre-release. The turntable heel provides you lateral security. The shortened mounting pattern lets the ski flex freely. It comes with a one year guarantee.


10) Rottefella BC-Auto Back Automatic Step-in Ski Bindings

Rottefella BC-Auto Back Automatic Step-in Ski Bingings

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These ski bindings can Accommodates all boots with Rottefella soles. However, these will not accept NNN touring or race soles. It has a DIN range of 4- 12. The strong binding can withstand rigorous backcountry skiing, making it one of the rare backcountry system binding. The binding is comparatively wider than regular binding because of the added underfoot support.

It is easy to step in with the step-in design that closes with an audible click and release. This happens with the help of ski pole pressure. It also features integrated steering ridges underfoot to allow maximum control. The heel plate is flat to ensure stability. It is a good choice for skiers who desire the convenience on a step in bindings as it has a light and low profile Rottefella NNN-BC Auto binding.

The BC binding provides added strength for mixing and off-trail difficult skiing conditions. These are where durability and control count the most. The wide blinding plates and sturdy closing mechanism provides a better optimal combination for performance, durability, and comfort for more demanding and long trips.


  • It is Low priced
  • It Can accommodate all soles
  • It is good for rough country skiing
  • It is comparatively wider than regular bindings
  •  It features integrated steering ridges underfoot
  • It is easy to step in


  • It does not accept NNN Touring soles
  • It is not easy for lightweight people.
  • It is not meant for lower DIN
  • It has low DIN range.

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Additional Information

There are some very important things that you will not, normally, find on the internet. Some things, not even professionals will tell you about. But these are essential stuff that you should definitely be aware of. They have been discussed below, for your convenience.

Firstly, you should never try to adjust your binding settings by yourself. Have a professional do it. These are the safety equipment that will ensure your safety while you are going down the slopes. Any hitch in the setting will not release your boots at the right time or even pre-release you. They are present for your safety, and thereby should not be played with unless and until you fully know about all the settings.

This can be seriously dangerous for you and the people skiing around you. Some ski bindings have Integrated Bindings. These are designed for a specific pair of skis. They are packaged as a system. These are primarily available on all-mountain wide skis and can be used on all mountains. They are more flexible naturally as the facilities’ better edge holds for easy turnings. Therefore, these are more in demand, especially among professional skiers.

If you are able to take good care of your ski bindings, these can last a long time. Use your ski poles to tap off the excess snow on your boots. This will reduce uneven slides. One question you should ask yourself before every skiing trip, without fail is, “has it inspected by an expert technician before new seasons?” This is nothing but validation for your precautionary measures. Over time, these inspections also help in your ability to understanding your ski binding better.

These are the only time they can be adjusted and released from your skies. Keep your AFD clean at all times. These ensure a smooth ride. Replace them immediately if they are damaged. You should not try to clean you binding yourself by cleaning them. This will remove the natural factory lube. Again, get it done by a professional. You also have to store them in a dry place when they are not in use or during off-seasons.

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How to find my DIN size?
Your DIN size is determined by a number of factors. These include your height, weight and the level of skier you are. To have a clear idea, you can consult an expert or look up a DIN chart online.
Are plates with an angle better than the flat ones?
It totally depends on how you ski. The ones with a certain angle shift your forcer toward the middle of your body. These can be advantageous for some riders, while others can do without it.
How do I know that my boot will fit the binding?
You simply have to check the kind of boots you have. When you know your module, check if the binding you want to buy has the capacity to accommodate your boots. Some bindings can accommodate any and all boot models. Others can fit all models except for a few, while some others can accommodate only one model.
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Final Verdict

Choosing the perfect ski bindings can be a confusing task. This is why we made this buyers’ guide, with our best top-10 list, just for you!

One other things we would recommend you is to consult some experts. Sort out your list of things you need to keep in mind and you will be good to go. As far as deciding which one to purchase is concerned, we hope this article came handy. Happy skiing!


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