Top 10 Best Survival belts 2020 Reviews [Paracord]

When you think of belts, not any possibilities actually come to mind. They are mostly used for holding up your trousers. Or that is probably what most people think. However, there are special belts out there which are designed to do much more than just holding up your trousers. If you are an outdoor person, you must have heard about survival bets.

These belts are designed to be much more functional than your average belt. These belts are more durable which can secure things tightly. If needed, you can even use them as a tool for self-defense. Further, you can make it act as a first-aid tool that can be slipped off and tied securely over a bleeding wound. You can even make makeshift splints to hold in any broken limbs in place.

They have inbuilt survival tools and features. However, there is a certain feature that makes the survival belt most attractive. You can secure a larger amount of things in terms of weight and carry them together. You can put the belt around a bundle of books, a bunch of firewood or any object and carry them easily. Additionally, you can use the belts as cordage for binding two objects together.

The best survival best must have the ability to carry some good load. However, with all the options available in the market how to choose a belt that will fulfill all your needs and requirements? Here is a list of things to keep in mind while buying a survival belt. 


How To Choose Best Paracord Survival Belts

  • Materials used:

It is really important to keep the material in check while buying a survival belt. There are a number of materials available in the market. You have to look out for the one which is the sturdiest of all. Basically, you want to kind of avoid a cotton belt. These tend to be more floppy than usual which means they are not a good option for heavy loads. Also, look out for a waterproof belt as these can be more useful.

  • Weight capacity:

When you are using a survival belt, the most common use of the belt will be to stack up things and carry them in a bundle. If your belt is not sturdy enough it won’t carry a good amount of weight. This way, you can’t carry much load when needed. Therefore make sure that you buy a belt that is good enough to carry around a bit of weight. 

  • Size:

Your survival belt is not your average belt. It is designed for much more, mainly to carry the load. Your belt needs to be big enough to wrap around an average-sized bundle. Also, keep in mind, that these belts can easily exceed the average industrial belt size. This means, if you order a size which you regularly wear, there are chances that they may not fit you accordingly. It may not even fit through the average belt loops. 

  • Sturdy:

If your survival belt is not sturdy enough, it can’t hold up for a longer period of time. It will also make it more difficult for you to function smoothly with a loose and floppy survival belt. 

  • Other features:

There are a number of belts that have tons of special features. From special designs to hidden compartments, you can have it all. You can even get extra tools inside the hidden compartments to aid your outing. You can simply buy a basic survival belt with a sturdy built and it can be more than enough for a regular outing.


Top 10 Survival Belts For Camping


Best Survival Belts For The Money Reviews

1) 5.11 Tactical Men’s 1.63-Inch Nylon Sierra Bravo Duty Belt, Water-Resistant Finish

5.11 Tactical Men's 1.63-Inch Nylon Sierra Bravo Duty Belt

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This adjustable survival belt is constructed out of 100% nylon which provides it with a sturdy built. The 1.63 inches belt uses ultra-strong 1680D nylon material which is designed for durability. The belt can assist you even in the most demanding situation.

The survival belt features a dual-belt configuration with Duraflex hardware. The belt design includes the main belt, inner belt, and four dual-retention keepers with hook and loop snap closure which supports a broad range of load. However, the belt itself is not uncomfortable for the wearer and provides a very clean look. It is reinforced with water and abrasion resistance.

It has a waterproof back coating that protects against rain and moisture. Additionally, it has MOLLE/5.11 Slick Stick compatibility. This belt is the perfect foundation for your tactical or duty wardrobe which gives you the adaptability and customizability you need. 


  • It is waterproof
  • It is adjustable
  • It is comfortable to wear
  • It had MOLLE/5.11 Slick Stick compatibility
  • It has a sturdy built
  • The buckle is very strong
  • It can hold a good amount of weight


  • The belt is way too big
  • The design can be better
  • The size of the belt is not as per industrial norms


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2) Elite Survival Systems Cobra Rigger’s Belt with D Ring Buckle (Black, Large)

Elite Survival Systems Cobra Rigger's Belt with D Ring Buckle (Black, Large)

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This belt is available in a number of sizes as well as colors. It is an AustriAlpin Cobra D Ring Buckle which is designed for quick-release.  The D-Ring COBRA Buckle has safety hardware that fuses AustriAlpin’s patented COBRA quick-release system with a rescue D-ring.

The buckle is rated at 4000 lbs (straight pull) whereas the D-ring is rated to 5000 lbs which exceed the standards for fall protection. The belt provides good tensile strength. It also has a structured internal spine to prevent twisting or binding and helps to support gear.

The buckle is designed so that it won’t come off under heavy load. This survival belt is stiffened to support more gear. This, in turn, can make it a bit uncomfortable to wear


  • It has a quick-release system
  • It has safety hardware
  • It has a good tensile strength
  • It can support more gear
  • It has good color choices
  • It won’t come off easily
  • It can carry heavy loads
  • The belt is very rugged


  • It is a bit uncomfortable to wear
  • It is a bit tricky to put on
  • It does not fit the standard belt hoop
  • The belt is too big


3) ROTHCO New Issue Marine Corps Style Quick Release Pistol Belts

Rothco New Issue Marine Corps Style Quick Release Pistol Belts

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This is a pistol belt. It is constructed with heavy-duty polyester yarn. This belt is also available in a number of colors and styles. The Military Gun Belt is designed with quick-release buckle closure makes it super easy to put on or take off. The belt is super useful in case you want to attach a firearm, canteen, tactical pouches, and other essential gear.

It is secured tightly to this marine gun belt via the grommet holes. The sizing claps allow you to adjust the size of the Tactical Belt according to the buyer’s size. Not only this, but the snap straps will hold the USMC belt in place after you are done adjusting the belt as per your needs. You have a number of sizes to choose from as well. 


  • It has a quick-release feature
  • It is easy to put on
  • It is fully adjustable
  • You can attach additional equipment
  • There are many sizes to choose from
  • There are many color options
  • It holds up the new adjusted size
  • It is not floppy


  • It is not per the standard size
  • The metal strap can be better
  • It is bigger for regular belt loops
  • The quick-release is made out of plastic
  • The overall quality could be better


4) RattlerStrap Preparedness Belt – 550 Paracord Survival Strap – Titanium Buckle

RattlerStrap Survival Belt

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In terms of a sturdy product, this belt is probably one of the toppers of our list. It has a capacity to Carry 80+ feet of 550 lb. this belt is diverse in many terms. You can use it in more than one way. It needed, you can even use it as a weapon. You can even attach a towline to secure a load, craft weapons, build a stretcher or even fasten a tourniquet to make a shelter.

The belt can last in any season thus providing it a longer life. This survival belt is constructed in a custom weave design which gives it just enough flexibility for a comfortable fit. Therefore, even if it is just a tag bit flexible to provide comfort for the wearer, it doesn’t compromise on the stiff structure which is needed for a survival belt.

You can adjust it however you want. The titanium buckle is allergen-free, durable and pretty strong. The best part is if in case you need to make the belt into a deploy cord, you can just send the buckle over to the company and they will make a belt out of it. 


  • It is fully adjustable
  • It has a unique weave 
  • It has multi-purpose
  • It is durable in any season
  • It has a long lifespan
  • It is comfortable yet stiff enough
  • The buckle is sturdy
  • It has a great weight capacity
  • You can attach other equipment to it


  • It is not available in any other design or color.


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5) UTG Heavy Duty Elite Law Enforcement Pistol Belt with Dual Mag Pouches

UTG Heavy Duty Elite Law Enforcement Pistol Belt with Dual Mag Pouches

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This survival belt is basically a pistol belt. This is not really available in any other design or color. This is basically meant for law enforcement personals. The belt has a modern design and it is sewn with reinforced threads and double-edge stitches. This provides extra durability and strength.

It features a quick-release buckle system which is important for an officer. It proves to be critical when you need fast access to your gun. The belt also provides two extra-large, horizontal magazine pouches with easy buckle snap closures.

This ensures that the belt is secured safely but it is also easy to put on and take off. it is 2 inches” wide and can fit a wrist up to 44 inches”. For this, the belt is designed in a flexible and adjustable manner to have a custom fit for the wearer


  • It is adjustable
  • It is a pistol belt
  • It can carry a weapon
  • It is pretty durable
  • It has a quick buckle system
  • It is flexible yet stiff
  • It has a buckle snap closures


  • It has limited fitting size
  • It needs wider hoops
  • It is not meant for heavy-duty
  • It is a bit floppy
  • The attachment opens horizontally mot vertically


6) Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Belt

Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Belt [31-001771]

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If any survival kit has the name Bear Grylls on it, you know it is the right deal. As proper a survival, it can do a number of things other than holding your pants in place. Survival Belt transforms into a practical survival tool, without impacting its everyday comfort. When needed, you can customize the buckle with your own small essentials. The nylon survival belt is basically a 2” inch webbing belt.

It may not be the best option to wear it on a daily basis. The look is too much to blend with everyday wear. This belt is equipped with a number of special features.  Inside the waterproof buckle housing, there are fishing tackle supplies and a snare line. With this, the user is ready to catch their food if needed. Next, hidden on the inside of the webbing there is a stealth zipper pocket that’ll hold matches.

You also have a Bear’s “Priorities of Survival” Pocket Guide to guide you out in dire consequences. Along with this, the buckle lid also hides removable screwdriver with flat, a signaling mirror and a small and Phillips head bits for field repairs. The belt itself is big enough to hold a broken snowshoe together. 


  • There are secret compartments
  • There are hidden tools
  • It is comfortable
  • It is packed with special features
  • The belt is waterproof
  • You also have a survival guide
  • It is super sturdy
  • It is truly multipurpose


  • It is really long
  • The front container is made of plastic
  • It takes a bit of time to put on take-off
  • It takes time to loosen or tighten it
  • It can’t handle really heavyweight 


7) WONDAY Nylon Belt – Ratchet Belt for Men Women with Quick Release Automatic Buckle – No Holes Buckle Full Adjustable Web Belt Fit Pants Jeans

WONDAY Nylon Belt

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This Ratchet Belt is fully adjustable. The automatic buckle has a quick release by pressing the automatic buckle button. Simply slide in the strap to tighten and the belt will automatically lock in place. Since there are no holes in this nylon belt, you can adjust it however you want. The nylon construction not only makes it water-resistant but also makes it dry faster.

You can even use it as a daily wear as it is comfortable and provides good breathability. The belt’s buckle is made of premium Zinc alloy which is not only wear-resisting but also firm as well. The sturdy built of the belt makes it suitable to use for outdoor activities. To hide the tail of the belt, simply insert it into the inside through the buckle and fixed well. This survival belt is available in four different color choices. 


  • It is fully adjustable
  • It is waterproof
  • It dries faster
  • It has good breathability
  • You can use it for daily wear
  • The buckle is sturdy
  • There are other colors available
  • It can match regular hoop size


  • It is a bit expensive
  • It doesn’t have any additional features
  • It is not the best one for rough outdoors
  • It is not rugged enough


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8) Black Marine Corps Style Quick Release Pistol Belt – Extra Large

Black Marine Corp Style Quick Release Pistol Belt - Extra Large

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This survival belt is made out of 100% nylon. This is basically a pistol belt which can hold your canteen and other gears. The belt is stiff enough to hold its shape. It is unlike the floppy cotton canvas which is apt to hold on any other equipment. There are a number of sizes available with this belt. The basic quality of the belt is pretty sturdy.

The belt features a strong PVC composite buckle that opens just by squeezing the tab. It also prevents it from opening accidentally. The size is mostly as per regular industrial size. With the Alice clips, you can hoist up other equipment if you need to. 


  • It is water-resistant
  • It can hold minor equipment
  • It is not floppy
  • The belt is pretty sturdy
  • It has an easy-open system
  • It is more or less as per regular size


  • The belt actually might be a bit short
  • It might be a bit tricky to choose the right size


9) Condor Tactical Belt

Condor Tactical Belt

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This survival belt is made out of 100% rayon. This Condor Outdoor Tactical Belt is constructed in a high durable manner. It has a semi-rigid construction which provides the user with just enough flexibility. Even though the belt is adjustable, it can only fit people up to 44” inches. The buckle of this belt is a heavy-duty quick-release buckle. Additionally, it has 2x removable pistol magazine pouches.

To prevent movement during operations the inner belt lining maintains belt orientation. There are 4 adjustable loops that give you room for custom attachments and modifications. For best results, you can use it with a condor battle belt. If needed, you can customize and use the belt as per your needs and requirements. However, it is not the sturdiest product out there. 


  • It is adjustable
  • It has a semi-rigid construction
  • You can adjust and attach other things
  • It can be customized as per your needs
  • It has removable pouches


  • It is not for heavy use
  • The buckle is made of plastic
  • The belt keepers don’t function properly
  • It is not enough to support itself


Additional Information

When you think of safety tools for outdoors, survival belts are not the most equipment. However, in case of emergency, it can assist you in certain ways. These can become handy when you are indulging in some sort of outdoor activities. It is always better to be prepared for any situation when you are out. Even when you are participating in simple outings such as camping, these belts can prove to be really useful.

What makes survival belts even more interesting are the little secret compartments to hide different tools. It is not like all belts have the same quality and function. Some belts are more functional than others. These features are what make them more suitable for multiple uses. You can use them as a first-aid bandage, or even use it as a weapon if needed.

More features mean more bucks. If you are looking for a basic sturdy survival belt, you can also find that. However, if you are planning to take a trip in rough situations, it is better to go for a better survival belt.



Spoiler title
As we have seen, not all belts have secret compartments in them. There are a few which do have some. However, it is not like you will need all the features a survival belt has to offer for all trips. If you are going for basic trips, you will be fine with an ordinary and sturdy belt. 
Spoiler title
Arm force or military belts can be used as survival belts as well. They are more sturdy and useful than your average belts. However, they might not have as many special features like a proper survival belt. You can use it for simple getaways.


Final Verdict

Well, now you are slightly more equipped for your next adventure. Safety is always your top priority whenever you are planning outdoor activities. It is actually pretty amazing how simple things such as belts can be converted into safety equipment.  It is a part of your daily attire which just a powerful little twist. 

We really hope that your search for the next survival belt is over now. In this article, we have tried to put together a list with all sorts of price ranges in consideration. As far as survival belts are concerned, this article is jam packed with information on them. Read more such articles below.


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