Top 10 Best Tactical Boots 2021 Reviews

If you spend more than half of your day in the work field then you probably know that the most strained part of the body is not only the brain but also the feet. Our feet literally have the entire body weight upon them and it is crucial to use footwear which not only makes you feel comfortable but also keeps your feet secure enough. Tactical boots do just that.

Designed for army men, security personnel and police initially, these boots have found their utility in other fields too. Construction workers, contractors, engineers, and site visitors, all of them require tactical boots to save themselves from various mishaps such as electric shocks or falling objects. 

Basically anybody who has a lot of running around and walking as a part of their duty definitely needs tactical boots. People can find these boots very handy in the rainy season as well to keep off the moisture. However, purchasing the right boots can be a challenge and nobody wants to land up with boots that they don’t like. Hence, here are a few things to consider before buying tactical boots.


Things to Consider Before Buying Best Tactical Boots

  • Coziness

The first and foremost requirement for any footwear is whether the user is comfortable or not. Boots can be annoying and uncomfortable until they break-in. Break-in is a process in which newly manufactured shoes adjust according to the feet of the user, hence providing comfort.

Boots with a shorter period of a break-in is preferred. Usually, this takes three days at the minimum and sometimes takes up to a week. It, however, depends much on the severity of work conditions that you expose the boots to.  Hence, coziness is an important criterion to be fulfilled.

  •  Breathability

Of Course, the boots should not excessively heat up during summers or even in hot conditions such as mines. This might become very irritating and can cause skin problems as well. Some boots also have small side holes in them to let out water in rainy seasons. Our feet naturally sweat too and enough breathability is necessary for evaporating sweat and keeping the feet clean and dry.

  •  Waterproofness

Boots should be as useful in wet conditions as they are in the dry seasons. Boots which let in water are really annoying and can make your feet swell. Moreover, muddy water can be a source of various infections as well. It is very important to look for damp proof property in your tactical boots. So make sure you get waterproof boots for sure.

  • Floor resistance

Slip resistance, oil resistance and snow resistance are a few properties to be kept in mind while buying the boots, especially if you need to work in extreme conditions. The sole of the boots should be well grooved and grippy. The sole should be strong and should not not wear out quickly as this will reduce the traction even more. Make sure to buy boots with grippy soles.

  • Price

Normally, tactical boots are not very expensive and usually lie in the affordable ranges. Be sure that the price of the boots are in accordance to the qualities they have. Also buy boots with durable parts such as the sole and laces because if they wear off quickly then replacing them with new ones will also add to the extra cost. So one must keep in mind the price of the product.

  • Longevity

The boots should last long. Nobody wants to buy a pair of boots every other month. Tactical boots should ideally last upto a year with good maintenance and regular use. Make sure to research properly and consult a few experienced friends for knowing the age of the boots you buy. 

  •  Ease of wearing and removing

Often people who use boots end up wasting a lot of time in tying and untying the laces. This is not only tedious but also annoying. Sometimes security personnel can be in an extreme hurry and might appreciate boots which are a breeze to put on and off.

Many branded boots have started making side zippers and velcro strips to be attached on the sides of the boots for easily slipping them on and off. If you hate the idea of tying laces, again and again, these side zipper boots are the ones for you. Many such boots are a part of the list below. 



Top 10 Tactical Boots For The Money


Best Tactical Boot Reviews

#1 Smith & Wesson Men’s Breach 2.0 Boot

Smith & Wesson Men's Breach 2.0 Tactical Size Zip Boots

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On top of this list for a reason, these boots seem to be possessing all the goodness in them. Starting off with their striking price, these boots are an ideal deal in terms of cost. The look itself is royal yet subtle. These are not at all heavy and hence make it much easier to move around quickly. Designed with a tiny velcro and zipper, these boots ensure minimum time required in putting them on and taking them off.

Overall construction is quite fair with durable stitching and good quality leather. Another good thing is that these are waterproof and will absolutely stick on to you even in wet and dripping weather conditions. The best part is that these won’t hurt your feet in any way and are gentle on the foot as well as the ankle. The shoe strings are sturdy and won’t break or wear off easily. Definitely, these boots deserve to be a part of your daily work footwear.

Top 10 Best Tactical Boots 2021 Reviews 11


  • They are in an affordable range
  • The boots are of standard size
  • They are lightweight
  • They are comfortable
  • The zipper makes it easy to put on and off boots
  • They are slip-resistant on water and grease 
  • These fit perfectly on the feet
  • These are good for long work hours
  • These are waterproof 
  • They have good stitching
  • The tongue has good padding
  •  They are quite gentle on the ankles 
Top 10 Best Tactical Boots 2021 Reviews 12


  • It might be difficult to run


#2 Under Armour Rts 1.5 Boot

Under Armour Men's Valsetz Rts 1.5 Military and Tactical Boot

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Under Armour is definitely not a new name and this company has constantly given out quality products and holds good customer feedback. Not any different from the rest of the pack this one is also an elegant-looking jet black tactical boot pair. Apart from the appearance, the utility of these boots is also diverse. Ideal for use in the workplace, construction sites, and greasy surfaces too due to the slip and oil resistant sole.

These are quite grippy and cause no restriction in any kind of movement. Be it summer or winter, these boots will not let the weather get to your feet as these are made of highly breathable material. These are also suitable for running and do not put any pressure on the toe or the ankle while doing so. All in all these boots can definitely help you a lot in your workplace but are not very suitable for heavy-duty tasks.

Top 10 Best Tactical Boots 2021 Reviews 11


  • These are quite good looking
  • The boots have a comfortable rubberized toe
  • These are oil and slip resistance sole
  • These are ideal for running
  • The toe cap is not uncomfortable on the inside
  • These do not heat up a lot
  • These are quite suitable for construction workers 
  • These are well manufactured
  • These are very light on the legs
  • These are quite lightweight
  • The boots are breathable
Top 10 Best Tactical Boots 2021 Reviews 12


  • These boots are not waterproof  
  • The lace strings are very thin


#3 Belleville TR105 Boot

Belleville Tactical Research Mens TR105 Mini-Mil Minimalist Combat Boot

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As Belleville’s tagline says “Arm your feet”, these boots are going to prove just that. However, to make it absolutely clear, these minimalist boots are not suitable for army personnel as they tend to wear out easily in such regular use. Following the trendy minimalism fashion, these boots do have a minimalist touch to it with it’s thin yet durable sole while enhancing your movement and gives you the feel of not actually wearing any heavy and uncomfortable boots.

The construction of these boots is quite exceptional as there is quite a lot of room for all your toes and have soft paddings for your toes. Other necessary qualities such as good traction, slip resistance, padding, flexibility are definitely present in these. These won’t hurt your feet in the course of time but might be painful in the first few days.

However, after the boots break in you will almost forget that you’re actually wearing tactical boots and not your regular sneakers. Maintenance of boots might be a pain sometimes, but these dry up quickly and are easy to clean. If you are fond of the minimalist boots trend and are used to them, this is the perfect pick.

Top 10 Best Tactical Boots 2021 Reviews 11


  • These are extremely lightweight
  • There is great traction of sole
  • These are made of ballistic nylon
  • The boots are slip-resistant
  • These have great padding for comfort
  • These boots break-in in not time
  • These have good quality laces
  • These boots have enough space to keep all your toes apart
  • They are easy to clean and dry
  • These are also ideal for running 
  • These are quite flexible
  • These have a good aesthetic look
Top 10 Best Tactical Boots 2021 Reviews 12


  • These can hurt the ankles in the first few days
  • The sole is very thin


#4 Danner Men’s Tachyon Boot

Danner Men's Tachyon 8 Inch Coyote Military and Tactical Boot

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Danner boots have been in the market for quite a long time and their expertise is significant in the construction of the Tachyon 8 inch boot. Highly suitable for military and special ops, these will stand the test of time and adverse weather conditions. Although they might let a little bit of the cold inside in the winter season that can definitely be lessened by extra paddings or socks.

The good traction of the sole helps in walking and running on all kinds of surfaces, even on sandy surfaces. Although not very affordable, they are definitely not that pricey as well. The material of the boots ensure breathability and prevent any heat up. Also, there is no fuss of buying larger or smaller sizes of boots as these are designed according to the sizes of normal sneakers. Quite strong, long-lasting and durable. These boots will definitely last for a long duration and you will come back to it again and again.

Top 10 Best Tactical Boots 2021 Reviews 11


  • These are absolutely comfortable and light
  • These are easy to run in
  • These work on sandy surface as well
  • These are well ventilated and prevent heat up
  • These are ideal for working in long shifts 
  • These are not very pricey
  • These are very durable
  • These are made up of breathable material
  • These are ideal for heavy-duty work
  • These are ideal for mountaineering and hiking too
  • These are of standard size
Top 10 Best Tactical Boots 2021 Reviews 12


  • These are not really waterproof
  • These are not suitable for  icy surface


#5 Merrell Work Moab Tactical Boot

Merrell Moab 2 8in Military-and-Tactical-Boots

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These Merrell work tactical boots have a unique flexible toe cap which provides utmost comfort to your feet while you stand and work for long hours. With the zippers these are extremely easy to wear and take off. These are robust and will last longer if there is no extremely heavy-duty work. These are also damp proof and will sustain quite a lot of weather changes. Maintenance is minimal as these do not easily get dirty and even if they do they are easy to clean and dry.

Suitable for all kinds of surfaces and have a good grip. If you have long hours of work and need the utmost comfort, these are the ones for you. The laces are also super strong and keep the boots in position. They might be uncomfortable in the first few days but after that they are absolutely gentle. You can definitely go for these if you do not have any extremely heavy work to do. Absolutely gentle on the feet.

Top 10 Best Tactical Boots 2021 Reviews 11


  • These are quite supportive of the heels
  • These are easy to maintain
  • These are waterproof
  • These have easy to slide zippers
  • These boots are well constructed 
  • These do not wear out quickly
  • These are quite strong
  • These also have small velcro straps for easy use
  • They work fine on all types of surfaces
  • These can be used for long durations as well
  • They are quite comfortable after they break in
  • They have sturdy laces
Top 10 Best Tactical Boots 2021 Reviews 12


  •   The sole is not very strong
  •   They are expensive


#6 11 Men’s ATAC Tactical Boot

5.11 Men's ATAC 2.0 8 Tactical Side Zip Military Boot

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5.11 is perhaps one of the most well known for producing classy and unique footwear, especially boots. The men’s ATAC is one of the finest for military purposes. With zippers and velcro for swift application, these boots will save you a lot of time. Quite waterproof and sturdy too. What’s unique and cool at the same time is a tiny pocket on each boot for keeping small knives or any other emergency equipment.

Laces are robust and quite long lasting and will keep the boots tight throughout your work trips. Other than this, these are also suitable for other adventures such as hiking and camping. These are very reasonably priced and deliver accordingly. Even if these boots are not very striking to look at, the unique small utility pocket is the show stealer. Keeping in mind the company’s reputation and various reviews from satisfied customers, these are definitely recommended.


Top 10 Best Tactical Boots 2021 Reviews 11


  • These also come with zippers with velcro
  • They have aesthetic appeal too
  • These are damp proof
  • These are comfortable for long duration
  • These have extra utility pocket for knives etc
  • These have good resistance for various types of floor
  • These are best for security personnels
  • These are not too pricey
  • They have good quality lace strings
  • These are also suitable for hiking 
Top 10 Best Tactical Boots 2021 Reviews 12


  • The toe is not very protective
  • It might be hard to run due to ankle pressure


#7 Rothco Gi Type Jungle Boot

Rothco Gi Type Jungle Boot, Black

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These jungle style boots definitely give justice to the name. Extremely fashionable, these are a jet black color and made up of leather mostly. They look strong and durable from the outside. What’s unique is there are a  few holes near the edge of the sole to remove any extra water which enters the boot at any time. This will ensure that your boots don’t get water logged which could cause harm to your feet.

The grippy sole provides enough traction to move around freely in water or on slippery surfaces. However, the shin support is not very strong and there are chances of twisting your ankle if proper care is not taken while walking. But these are also quite cheap and do serve the purpose for which they are made. All in all, these are pretty good jungle boots and will last for a good period of time.

Top 10 Best Tactical Boots 2021 Reviews 11


  • These are very elegant looks
  • These are very durable
  • They are quite easy to clean
  • These are ideal for expeditions and natural areas
  • These are completely made out of leather
  • The sole is grippy and provides traction
  • They are not costly
  • These have water drainage holes near the edges
  • They are most suitable for wet conditions
  • They have rubber soles
Top 10 Best Tactical Boots 2021 Reviews 12


  • These are a bit heavy
  • They are not very comfortable without extra padding


#8 Bates Men’s 8″ Tactical Boot

Bates Men's 8 Ultralite Tactical Sport Side Zip

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Extremely light with extra padding for comfort, these boots will take care of your feet for sure. Yes, these have side zippers and velcro attachment and are easy to slip on and off. The packaging is great too and ensures that there won’t be any accident and mishandling while the boots are in the box.

These are 8” boots and are highly suitable for winter and rainy seasons. Also suitable for trekking and expeditions. These are water-resistant as well. However, the stitches are not up to the mark and hence these should be handled with utmost care. Overall these boots are not very expensive and are appealing to the eyes too. Perfect choice for outdoor touring and harsh weather conditions. 

Top 10 Best Tactical Boots 2021 Reviews 11


  • These are lightweight
  • These have extra cushioning under the tongue for comfort
  • These have a velcro side zipper
  • The laces are very good and easy to tie
  • These are water-resistant
  • These are tall and provide extra coverage
  • These are long-lasting
  • These are very well packaged
  • The outsole is grippy
  • They are very easy to slip on and off
  • These break in very quickly
Top 10 Best Tactical Boots 2021 Reviews 12


  • The stitching is not very strong
  •  The zipper is not of very good quality


#9 Tactical Men’s Tactical Boots

5.11 Tactical Men's Union Waterproof 6-Inch Work Boots

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These 5.11 boots are easy to afford and definitely have more to offer than their price. Starting with the outer look, these boots are a heart winner. These are sturdy and have strong rubberized toes caps for extra protection. Best part about these boots is the foam insoles which make them so much more comfortable to wear. These are waterproof but as they are not very tall, water may enter into them from the top.

The sole is quite grippy and prevents slipping. Temperature changes are not an issue for these boots as they do not heat up a lot and are quite breathable. Ankle support is appreciable and these are stretchable as well. For the price you pay, these work out to be very durable, long-lasting boots with easy maintenance. Ideal for everyday work and regular use. However, unlike the others, these do not have side zips and if you are looking for side zips then there are many other options to explore as well.

Top 10 Best Tactical Boots 2021 Reviews 11


  • They are quite inexpensive
  • They are sturdy 
  • These are quite good looking
  • These have strong rubberised toes
  • These have a foam insole
  • These have a very good grip on all surfaces
  • These are quite stretchable
  • These do not heat up 
  • These are waterproof
  • These have a comfy ankle support 
  • These are compatible with all seasons
Top 10 Best Tactical Boots 2021 Reviews 12


  • The laces may need replacement soon
  • They get loose too quickly.


#10 Oakley Men’s Tactical Boots

Oakley Men's Light Assault Boot 2 Boots

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These boots will definitely woo you with their versatility in colors and good looks. These are the newer version of the previous Oakley light assault and are much better and light than them. Padded ankle supports are the best part of these boots as there will no longer be any rubbing or chafing with the boots, however tightly you wear them. These break in real quick and you don’t have to deal with the initial problems for long.

Uniquely, these have a thick sole which will last for a long time. However these boots are not really recommended if you’re undergoing any heavy duty work. These are definitely not waterproof and hence are good for running and other office work such as construction sites. All in all these boots do have a lot of qualities to offer and are quite affordable as well. They can be given a try for sure.

Top 10 Best Tactical Boots 2021 Reviews 11


  • They are pretty good looking
  • These are very lightweight 
  • These have padded ankle support
  • These have a thick sole
  • They have a short break-in period
  • These are ideal as running shoes 
  • These are gentle on the feet 
  • These are quite flexible
  • These are available in multiple colours
  • These have enough space for insoles
Top 10 Best Tactical Boots 2021 Reviews 12


  • These do not provide traction in all surfaces
  • These aren’t waterproof  



What are the uses of Tactical boots?
There can be fairly many uses for tactical boots. As the name suggests, these are specifically designed to endure harsh conditions and still serve their purpose for a long time. These are mostly used by security personnel, special operations teams, policemen, military, and army as they have to live in all kinds of conditions. Apart from them, public workers such as building construction laborers, electricians, engineers, all of them need such boots as there are a fair number of dangerous possibilities of accidents occurring at such sites.

These can also be used while going camping, hiking, mountaineering, or any other kind of adventure. In such cases, people need stronger than usual footwear to sustain all sorts of problems, like mud, rain, heat, and cold. Tactical boots are different from your daily footwear and hence it’s important to know what different purposes it serves.

Which is better, a 6” boot or an 8” boot?
It literally depends on what work you are using the boot for. Each type of boot has its speciality and is more suitable than the other in different cases. An 8” boot is definitely higher than a 6” and is therefore much more suitable in largely vegetated areas and places where it’s better to cover the maximum part of your legs such as concrete mixing plants, construction sites, etc.

High boots have lesser space for air ventilation and support the heels less and hence in warm places, 8” boots are unsuitable. While people in the corporate world and employees in a city should opt more for 6” boots. For the military, it is advisable to use 8” boots in winters and rainy seasons and  6” boots during summer. It is also a lot more about personal choice and comfort.

How long should an ideal boot last?
If your boots last you for more than a year with continuous use, consider yourself lucky to have chosen a good brand. It also depends on the maintenance which is done by the user. Usually, boots will last for more than 6 months to up to a year. 
Are there any disadvantages of zippers in tactical boots?
Zippers might be presented as an advantage but only if they are of good quality and won’t break off within a week of use. Zippers can also get damaged easily and the zip might not effectively slide up and down making it useless and destroying the look of the boots as well. Zippers might also rust due to excessive contact with moisture so one must carefully dry the zippers before storing them away.

What are the ways to maintain your boots?
There are just a few things to keep in mind when you buy boots. First of all take care that you buy the best boots which you can afford. After that make sure to clean it on a regular basis. Polish the leather and separately wash the laces as well.

If your boots have zippers make sure to always keep them dry as there is a chance of them getting rusted. Last but not the least do not unnecessarily keep testing the boots by experimenting on them, use them for your usual purposes. 


What to avoid when purchasing Best Tactical Boots?

  • Unbreathable material

Always make sure that the material of the boot is breathable. If it is not so, there will be no air circulation and the inside of the boots will heat up a lot causing discomfort and restriction in duty. Naturally, feet will sweat and it can be very uncomfortable if this sweat does not evaporate. This might also cause skin issues. Hence, always avoid such types of boots.

  •  Too tight at the ankle

Tall boots (mostly 8”) tend to be too tightly packed as they reach up to the shin and are tied or zipped up to a height. Often there is enough space for the ankle and some padding too, but some boots are poorly made and seldom have any space for the ankle to move freely. This will cause discomfort after a short period of time and might even cause chafing due to rubbing. One must avoid boots that are too tight at the ankle.

  • Thick leather at the toe

The area around the toe definitely should be hard and sturdy to provide protection to the toes. However, toe caps should be made of rubber or plastic, and just thickening the leather near the toes is not a very good idea. Such construction will make the boots stiff and will cause problems while running. Also in such construction, there is a high chance that there will be a crack near the toe area, which looks rather ugly. Always avoid such toe caps.

  • Very thin sole

Minimalist shoes usually have thin soles to experience the terrain that one walks on. While this might be a beautiful feeling, it is not very practical as thin soles will wear out rapidly causing you to replace them again and again. It is advisable to avoid very thin soles for longevity.

  •  Thin laces

Thin laces won’t be able to bear the tension when they will be taut on big boots. They will eventually give away soon and you will be left with no choice but to replace them. While thin laces may look dainty but they are not long-lasting. 


Who Should Buy A Tactical Boot?

Tactical boots have a lot of utilities. Army men, security personnel, police, and special agents have many duties which might lead them into adverse situations, and having durable and strong boots is most important for them. They even have prescribed colors for boots as a part of their uniform. Hence, they are the first ones who should buy these. Next are the workers and engineers who work on various sites such as construction sites and are in constant danger of any site mishap.

They definitely need protection for their feet and should buy tactical boots. It is also mandatory to wear them before entering any site.  Finally, these are ideal for campers, hikers, and mountaineers too. People who love to explore and are often traveling should buy these boots as well. Lastly, anybody who likes boots can buy them, some boots are very classy and can be parts of various attires. 

Advantages of Tactical Boots

  • Adequate comfort to the feet 

Tactical boots are designed to provide extra comfort to the feet so that the person faces least problems due to them. These boots are so cozy that one might actually forget it’s presence on the feet. Good brands often design boots keeping the anatomy of the legs and feet in mind and hence provide enough comfort.

  • Ease in working

As already said, tactical boots are quite comfortable and hence one does not constantly get pestered by uneasiness in the feet while working. This ensures efficient working too. These boots indeed play a major role in the day to day work of people. Even if you are using these boots to go hiking or any such expeditions, these boots will make your trip a lot less painful and a lot more enjoyable.  

  • Water resistance

Nobody wants soaking feet while working in wet conditions. Isn’t it? These boots are often coated with water-resistant materials and keep your feet absolutely dry. This is a great relief if you work in wet conditions or your job is such that you may face adverse weather conditions. This is a very important feature in boots nowadays. People who do not have this kind of job can opt for normal tactical boots too.

  • Greater resistance on the floor

The sole of these boots is carefully designed for extra traction and will provide you enough grip on all kinds of surfaces. Some boots are even suitable for sandy and snowy areas. Quite a few boots have rubberized and grooved soles for extra grip and they are the best. You just need to find the exact requirement and there will for sure be the perfect boot for you.

  •   Tougher construction

Tactical boots are made of high-quality leather or nylon which are often imported as well. The sole and the lug are made quite sturdy for durability and the sole is also quite sturdy. The toe cap is often enhanced with extra rubber or plastic. The inside of the toe often has a steel cap to protect the toes from any sudden mishaps.

  • Lasts longer

These are definitely long-lasting if purchased from a good company and maintained well. Often the toe cap is also strengthened by using plastic or rubber or steel. Due to their tough construction also they work up to even a year when used daily.

  • Multi-purpose

There can be many different job fields that demand the usage of tactical boots. Security forces, army, police are definitely first and foremost but these are also used in construction sites, underground work, mining, etc. Moreover, people fond of exploring often need these while on a trip to face sudden weather changes.

  • Affordable price range

Even with a big list of qualities and high utility, these boots will not attack your pockets. Many reputed brands sell good boots at very reasonable prices, and the cost is not a thing to worry about in this case.

  • Safety

The main purpose of these boots is to keep the feet safe and secure even in dense forests. These boots make sure that no insects or snakes are able to penetrate through them. They also keep the feet safe from uneven surfaces. Potholes, dirty rainwater, and many more things. These boots are responsible for providing safety.


Disadvantages of Tactical Boots

  • High maintenance

Boots may be made of leather, nylon, or any other material. Different materials require different types of handling and care and many times it’s quite difficult to regularly clean and polish the boots. Moreover, it is necessary to wash and dry the laces and zippers every once in a while and keep them moisture-free at all times.

This type of maintenance may be time-consuming and even after taking much care, the boots will surely deteriorate slowly. Hence these boots demand more care than normal shoes. 

  • Can be uncomfortable

Usually, boots are uncomfortable till they break in but a few boots can be painful even after a long time. People can get rashes and chafed ankles which can be annoying.    



The people who protect and make the country secure deserve each of the best equipment to accomplish their task as well as keep them comfortable. The feet are the biggest asset, especially for security personnel and it’s of utmost importance to take care of the feet as well as wear footwear which does not restrict them in any way.

With hundreds of brands in the market and their vague descriptions, it can be a tough decision to select the perfect pair of boots. This article is a guide to do so. Hope you find your ideal pair of boots. 

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