Best Tactical Headlamp 2021 Reviews

Ouch! Got hurt? Afraid of the dark? Now it’s time to solve the problem. Yes, we are talking about tactical headlamp. What are you wondering? You must be thinking why tactical headlamp when so many other alternatives are available? Let us tell you. Tactical headlamps help us to get light when we are doing a piece of work in the dark or going camping etc. without any worries where to hold the lamp. Headlamps were initially meant for carriages and vehicles. From there the idea of tactical headlamps arrived.

When you are out for hiking, fishing, camping with lots of things in your hands, the tactical headlamp comes to your rescue. The technological advancement has been a boon for the entire human race. Things had been easy for us. You must be confused about which tactical headlamp to buy, right? I hope at the end of this article you will perfectly know which is the headlamp, you actually want.

So, let’s take a tour at the nook and cranny of Tactical Headlamps for showing you the light in the darkness of night.


Things To Consider Before Buying Best Tactical Headlamps

Illuminating Power of Headlamp:

Please be sure about the power of illumination of the Headlamp or to be precise about its area coverage. Make sure you opt for a Tactical Headlamp which can cover a larger area without putting much stress to your eyes. The tactical headlamp should have a good diameter so that it can produce lights bright enough to serve your purpose.

Weight and size of the lamp:

You have to check the size of the Tactical headlamp along with its weight. You should always opt for the tactical headlamp with a moderate size and of course lightweight so that you can carry it on your head for a considerable amount of time. The tactical headlamp should never be the cause of your headache or seem to be a burden for the user.

Resistance to weather conditions:

You have to check whether your Tactical headlamp is strong enough to handle adverse weather conditions. Usually, the headlamps serving the purpose of camping or hiking are having a good amount to resistance to worst weather conditions. Most importantly it should be water-resistant because that is a very important factor to be considered. It can be used in rainy weather and it should be capable enough to serve you through the rain.

Ease of use:

You need to make sure that you can easily clean the machine and its parts are detachable. Cleaning is extremely important for maintaining the headlamp. Moreover, you need to check all its functions if they are user-friendly or not. You should be opting for a Tactical Headlamp which can be used with ease without much problem.

Type of battery:

You must have an idea about the type of battery that is incorporated into the Tactical headlamp. The battery can rechargeable or disposable. It’s up to you what you want to choose. Both the batteries can give good service. So, always look for the battery with long life and can serve for a long time at a stretch. Rest it is up to you which kind you prefer more.


The durability factor should be kept in mind because you cannot buy the same thing again and again. So, you need to take care of the quality of the product before buying it. Durability is the utmost importance for any device you are buying.

Some important features:

You are going to spend quite an amount for your Tactical Headlamp so make sure you consider the features and then move for buying it. One of the features you need to look for is the red light feature. It is preferable to buy Tactical Headlamp which can have a beam distance of 250+ meters. It should also be shockproof and needs to be comfortable. It should have a proper tilt facility in order to provide light in any position we are.

Customer Service and Warranty:

It is another important factor. Please do check the warranty period of your product and also if you get proper services. Things are always susceptible to damage. So, make sure you get proper facilities to repair your Tactical Headlamp as you are going to spend an amount on it. Hopefully, you won’t want to buy it again and again frequently.


Top 10 Tactical Headlamps On The Market Reviews


Best Tactical Headlamps Reviews


#1 PETZL – STRIX VL Headlamp with Headband

Best Tactical Headlamp 2021 Reviews 31

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This Tactical Headlamp is a very versatile Headlamp designed by PETZL. It has many options for carrying like on the vest or helmet or even on the head and around the neck. It is amazing and can be adjusted anywhere. The performance quotient is very strong and it automatically switches to the reserved mode once the battery continues to drain out.

There are two modes for the illuminating light. One of them is the colorings mode that gives three colors which are- red, blue, and green. The other mode is the white light mode which in turn is having three different modes which are the close range mode, movement mode, and the stealth mode.

The body and the head of the Tactical Headlamps have a duel rotation facility which makes it easier to be used. It has a tilt of 180 degrees in a horizontal way and 120 degrees in a vertical manner. It comes with a very comfortable headband. Its dimensions are 1 X 1 X 1 inches and it weighs just 4.8 ounces.

Best Tactical Headlamp 2021 Reviews 32


  • It has both vertical and horizontal rotating capabilities.
  • It has 4 coloring options for the light. 
  • It is easily cleanable.
  • It is comfortable to be worn in various places.
Best Tactical Headlamp 2021 Reviews 33


  • It does not provide very long distance lightening.
  • It is a little uncomfortable on the head for long durations.


#2 PETZL PIXA 3 Pro Headlamp

Best Tactical Headlamp 2021 Reviews 34

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The excellent Tactical headlamp has a multi-beam facility for any situation. It can provide light for proximity, for long-distance visualization, and also for the moving body. It can provide us with a constant lightning facility. It is actually waterproof up to a certain limit of one meter for a duration of 30 minutes.

It does not require maintenance even after that. It is a very versatile Tactical Headlamp. It even has the reserve mode to aid you to understand when the battery needs to be replaced.  It comes with comfortable headbands and its dimensions are 6.7 X 2.4 X 5.1 inches. It is lightweight and weighs just 5.6 ounces. A knob is being used in this device to switch between the modes.

Best Tactical Headlamp 2021 Reviews 32


  • It has multiple functioning modes.
  • It can produce constant lightning.
  • It is waterproof.
Best Tactical Headlamp 2021 Reviews 33


  • Its battery life is less.


#3 Princeton Tec Tactical Quad-LED Headlamp

Best Tactical Headlamp 2021 Reviews 37

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These Tactical Headlamps can be one of the best choices you can make. It has four white colored very bright LED lights for better lighting conditions. Its output is around seventy-eight lumens and has an effective burn time of 105 hours. It comes with three varied colored lenses which are red, green, and blue.

It is wonderful for camping and hiking. Very easy to carry and has color variations which can help reduce eye stress overall. Its dimensions are 5 X 5 X 5 inches and weigh about 1 pound. It is heavier than the others but is quite an effective headlamp. It is almost thirty percent brighter as compared to normal LEDs. It has 4 different ways of lighting too which adds to its varied features. 

Best Tactical Headlamp 2021 Reviews 32


  • It has a wonderful design and has 3 lenses of three different colors.
  • It has 4 different modes of lighting.
  • It is very user friendly and easy to use.
Best Tactical Headlamp 2021 Reviews 33


  • This product is a little heavy.
  • It lacks a few specifications.


#4 PETZL – TACTIKKA Tactical Headlamp

Best Tactical Headlamp 2021 Reviews 40


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This is a uniquely designed Tactical Headlamp for wonderful lighting features for close and long-range vision. It has brilliant lights or beams and can focus on lights for long-distance transmission. You can have a choice between the red light and the white light as per your requirement.

It has a very comfortable stature and is easy for us to use. It has a very long burning time of almost 260 hours at a stretch. It has a compatible rechargeable battery and is wonderful. Its dimensions are 5.12 X 0.39 X 4.72 inches and weigh only 3.04 ounces. It is extremely lightweight and does not need any extra effort. This can be a very good option for you.

Best Tactical Headlamp 2021 Reviews 32


  • Powerful and Enhanced design.
  • It is very much light in weight.
  • It has rechargeable batteries.
  • The device has an indicator.
Best Tactical Headlamp 2021 Reviews 33


  • The tactical headlamp is not water-resistant.
  • It is a little expensive.


#5 11 Tactical Unisex S + R H3 Tactical Headlamp

Best Tactical Headlamp 2021 Reviews 43


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The stunning design and features make this Tactical Headlamp one of the best you can have. It weighs just 11.2 ounces and its dimensions are- 9.9 X 9.81 X 3.2 inches. It is thus very lightweight and easy to carry. It is comfortable to carry and is very nice. It is made up of polymer and aluminum.

It consists of a Cree XP-g2 spot beam and also duels LED floodlights. It has two light modes- Low and High. The high flood mode gives 48 lumens per 20 hours and the spot high mode gives 286 lumens per eight hours and the spot low mode just provides 104 lumens per twenty-five hours.

The all light high mode has 338 lumens per 5.25 hours and the all light low mode gives 113 lumens per 19 hours. It offers a ninety-degree rotation in a vertical manner and is extremely helpful. It comes with a lockout switch and uses AA batteries. It can be a very good choice for you.

Best Tactical Headlamp 2021 Reviews 32


  • This is really durable.
  • It can support 900 rotations in a vertical manner.
  • It has a long battery life.
  • It has a mode for the floodlight. 
Best Tactical Headlamp 2021 Reviews 33


  • This product’s weight is a little higher.
  • It lacks certain technologies.


#6 POWER CAP LED Beanie Cap 35 Headlamp Hat

Best Tactical Headlamp 2021 Reviews 46


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This is a wonderful cap like a Tactical headlamp which fits your head nicely and can help you get a comfortable feeling. It has an ultra-bright double-action LED set up that gives brilliant beams of light in the dark. It is very lightweight and can be used easily.

The LED lights premium compression fleece. Moreover, there are 4 LEDs with an output of 48 lumens and it is really an ideal Tactical Headlamp which can be used for jogging, camping, hiking, fishing, etc. It has a visibility level of 72 feet which is quite a long length. It is easily washable and thus can be cleaned very easily.

It is even good for hunting purposes. It can be used in cold regions too. It can be quite handy and helpful. Its dimensions are 10 X 9 X 1 inches and weigh just 0.32 ounces. This is really very lightweight and can be an extremely user-friendly Headlamp.

Best Tactical Headlamp 2021 Reviews 32


  • This has an LED light setting for serving two different purposes.
  • The tactical headlamp fits exactly into the head and is comfortable.
  • The headlamp has a considerable amount of battery life.
  • It is user-friendly.
Best Tactical Headlamp 2021 Reviews 33


  • It doesn’t have water resistance facilities.
  • It is not good to be used in harsh weather conditions.


#7  PETZL STRIX IR Tactical Headlamp

Best Tactical Headlamp 2021 Reviews 49

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This Tactical headlamp is wonderful and very easy to carry due to its extreme lightweight. Its dimensions are 4.3 X 0.4 X 4.3 inches. It weighs just 3.52 ounces and has a plastic body frame. It is having a rotation facility of 180 degrees and helps us to get a wide range of lights.

It consists of the very useful reserve function for reducing power consumption thus indicating the user to replace the battery. You can usually wear them in many different ways. It can have various orientations of light helping us to get enough light in the dark. It is really very comfortable and easy to be used by people. It does not cause any sorts of eye stress. So, it can be a very good choice for anyone who is looking for a very comfortable one.

Best Tactical Headlamp 2021 Reviews 32


  • It is lightweight.
  • It is inexpensive.
  • It has lots of ways to be worn.
  • This has a reserve mode for saving power and long duration lighting.
Best Tactical Headlamp 2021 Reviews 33


  • It has some problems with switching.
  • Lacks rechargeable battery facility.


#8 Zebralight H52 Cool Headlamp

Best Tactical Headlamp 2021 Reviews 52

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You can easily rely on this machine fully and it gives you perfect experience and lighting. It is waterproof (IPX7) that is it can withstand submersion of 2 meters for 30 minutes. That’s an amazing feature. It is regulated by the current and has various brightness levels and has easy access to beacon strobes.

It is very durable and has a good battery life which is rechargeable. It has high, medium, and low brightness levels. Its high level produces 300 lumens per 0.9 hours. Its dimensions are 4.7 X 4.3 X 1.2 inches and weigh just 1 pound but it is a little bulkier than others. It has tempered optical graded glass. It is an amazing choice for people opting for various illuminating options.

Best Tactical Headlamp 2021 Reviews 32


  • The product has quite a good amount of battery life.
  • The product is quite durable.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • The product can produce various lighting modes.
Best Tactical Headlamp 2021 Reviews 33


  • The product lacks some automatic functions.
  • This product is a little heavyweight.


#9 Nitecore HC60 1000 Lumen USB Rechargeable LED Headlamp

Best Tactical Headlamp 2021 Reviews 55

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It is a type of Tactical headlamp that uses 1000 lumen LED lights that come with five modes of brightness level. It is extremely bright but can be a little stressful at times for people using it due to t its extreme brightness. It has a hundred-degree beam and the distance of the beam ranges to 128 yards. It can have a rotation in a vertical manner up to 90 degrees. Its dimensions are 2 X 7.5 X 10 inches and weigh 8.8 ounces.

It is very convenient to use and has a 3400 mAh battery with excellent life. It can give service for 680 hours in its ultralow mode. That is an exceptionally good feature. It has a turbo mode which gives 1000 lumens per hour and high mode gives 420 lumens per 2.5 hours almost. It is a little expensive but it is very hardy and is durable too.

Best Tactical Headlamp 2021 Reviews 32


  • It has an indicator for battery life. 
  • It is easy to clean.
  • You can avail a thousand angles for illuminating.
  • Durable and safe to use.
Best Tactical Headlamp 2021 Reviews 33


  • It consumes a lot of power.
  • Not suitable for people who suffer from eye stress because it is extremely bright.


#10 LE LED Headlamp Flashlight

Best Tactical Headlamp 2021 Reviews 58

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This amazing Headlamp has 4 modes of lighting which include 3 levels for white light brightness which are two, ten, and eighteen LEDs and a red light mode to reduce stress. Its dimensions are 5 X 3.4 X 2.8 inches. It weighs just 3.2 ounces which is very less and can be carried very easily. Its unique switching characteristics can be a good choice for you. It has various other features. It has 90 degrees tilting capability for enhanced lightning. 

It is IP44 Water-resistant and thus it can withstand splashes of water. But remember it cannot withstand submersion. It is amazing for cycling, camping, and various other purposes. It is quite durable and has long battery life. It is very handy and can be used in any situation. It is really inexpensive and can be bought by anyone. It has vivid uses and can be a good choice for anyone.

Best Tactical Headlamp 2021 Reviews 32


  • The machine is very versatile.
  • It is quite lightweight.
  • It is inexpensive and water-resistant.
Best Tactical Headlamp 2021 Reviews 33


  • It lacks certain rotating facilities.


Best Tactical Headlamps Buying Guide:

  • Before buying a Tactical Headlamp make sure you have checked through the points mentioned in the things to consider before buying.
  • You need to think about your budget and consider the features you can get the best in that amount.
  • You have to be very clear about the purpose for which you are going to use the Headlamp.
  • There are various types of Tactical Headlamps available in the market.  Don’t get confused. Think about the specification important to you like: durability, weather resistance, ease of use, automation, etc.
  • Be careful about battery life.
  • Check for the weight so that it is easy for you to carry.
  • Before jumping into any decision jot down the point you are looking for in your Tactical Headlamps. Then check for the best you can afford. Rest the best 10 Tactical Headlamps are already reviewed for your help.


Different Types of Tactical Headlamps:

Let’s take a look at the variety of Indoor Grills available:

  • Cap Headlamps: These types of headlamps are lightweight and handy to use. And comes in the shape of a cap and can be used for daily use. The lights are installed in the caps and are very user-friendly. 
  • Headband headlamps: It is one of the best kinds of Tactical headlamps. They come with bands to be worn in the heads like bands and are usually of various shapes and sizes. They can even sometimes be adjusted on waist and shoulder etc. They are more effective and are mostly available kinds.
  • Floodlight type: This is a type of light that is considered a friend to the environment. It can generate good amounts of light even in the daytime. It produces very little heat and is very useful.
  • Spotlight type: These types of Headlamps have very low voltage consumption and control the wide spectra of light. It has a sharp focus and is wonderfully designed to serve several purposes. It saves a lot of power. 
  • Red light type: This type of Tactical Headlamp reduces enormous eye stress produced by the bright white lights. They are extremely helpful in very dark situations.  It won’t disturb anybody around.


Why Tactical Headlamp is necessary?

Tactical Headlamps are very necessary for various purposes. Let’s take a look at some situations. Think about a situation when your car engine fails at the stroke of midnight in the middle of a dark road. How are you going to repair it without sufficient light? It is not possible to hold the light in your hands and repair all at the same time. Tactical headlamps serve this purpose for you. You can easily wear the headlamp and repair. Moreover, think of a long camping or hiking trip.

Suppose you are traveling amidst a forest and you are definitely having a lot of luggage. It grows dark and you need to reach the destination fast. What are you supposed to do? You have only two hands. So, Tactical headlamps again come to your rescue to help you out in such weird situations. Consider any such situation where carrying the light in your hand is difficult, Tactical Headlamps help you in all such situations. Tactical headlamps are thus very necessary for people.



Is it necessary to maintain the headlamps?

Of course, it is necessary. You would be using the equipment through tough weather conditions and in any troublesome situations, so it is obviously necessary for you to look after that equipment. It may get damaged if you fail to look after the gadget properly. Everything in the world is prone to damage unless taken care of properly.

Why tactical headlamps are more user-friendly?

If you ask us then we would say you that of course, they are more user-friendly. This is because they can be carried easily and does not cause extra trouble in our hands. They help us illuminate our paths in the dark.

Should we use a tactical headlamp with rechargeable battery or disposable battery?

That is a tough choice as it’s not about the battery but about its durability and longevity that mattes. If you do not want to bear the labor of changing the battery again and again then use the rechargeable one else you are free to use anyone which suits your purpose.

Are they good for camping?

The answer is it is just amazing for camping. You can easily go for camping with these headlamps. They can help you throughout.

What is the difference between tactical flashlight and headlamp?

The difference lies in the way of carrying. Tactical flashlights are quite efficient but they need to be carried in hand. On the other hand, Tactical Headlamps are worn in the head and keep our hands free from carrying a light and we can use our hands to serve a different purpose in the dark.



I hope you got a vivid idea about the Tactical headlamps you want to buy. Before buying it remember the points discussed above. Only high prices cannot buy the best item, it’s also the wise decision that matters. Make sure you buy the best suited Tactical headlamp for yourself and do not have any regrets in the future.

Rest the decision lies upon you. This time you won’t be afraid to go out in the dark to do some important work. Things would be so full of light now. So, no more getting hurt in the dark. Have a great camping and hiking experience. Kill the darkness and have a wonderful experience. Let’s switch on and illuminate!\

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