Top 10 Best Tent Stakes For Sand & Camping 2020 Reviews

What Are Tent Stakes?

A tent stake (or tent peg) is a spike, usually with a hook or hole on the top end, that is typically made from wood, metal, plastic, or composite material. It is used to hold the waterproof tent at its place in the roughest of the weathers so that you are safe inside.

It is pushed into the ground for holding a tent firmly either directly by attaching the upper end of the stake to the tent’s material, or by connecting to ropes attached to the tent so that the tent maintains its intended shape and size. It comes in many forms and sizes depending on the kind of tent you want to set up.

How do these Stakes help?

These stakes are used to help the tent stand firmly on the ground while keeping you and your loved ones completely dry and safe. A tent stake will provide the highest holding ability when they are inserted into the ground with the point of attachment of the rope at the ground level. With the new improvised stakes being invented, they present a greater surface area to resist tension in guylines.

They help maintain the shape of the tent intact and in the manner, they are supposed to be to provide the best comfort to you.

Types of Tent Stakes

Without the best tent stakes for wind, you have no overhead accommodation as to any of your camping trips. They are like the pillars of your tent which holds it at its place erect and tall. Carrying heavy stakes would prove to be tiresome for you, so be careful in choosing the stake that is strong, efficient and yet light in weight.

It is therefore very crucial as to what types of tent stakes you should invest in before eloping to a far-away place with your loved ones to be in the wilderness.

The type of land you will be facing gives rise to another problem, i.e. the type of tent stake that will be best suited for the land type and therefore we have compiled the types of tent stakes that should be used for different patterned soils.

1. Stakes for Hard-Ground

For hard ground, metallic nail stakes are the better choice. But titanium and carbon fiber-built stakes are the best choices for rocky or hard soiled ground type. Though the titanium ones tend to be costlier than the metallic ones, you also get better quality with them, so don’t forget to plan the budget accordingly.

Aluminium stakes are light and strong but not the best option for hard rock soil. Aluminium alloy stakes are another option when you feel strongly connected with aluminium built products and cannot think of any other kind. They are cheaper than titanium stakes and a good alternative for the type of soil you are going backpacking for.

2. Stakes for Soft Ground [Sand]

Choosing stakes for soft soil land is probably the easiest thing to do. You have a variety of options to choose from and do not have to look so much into it. Aluminium built stakes are the best choice for such soil type as they are light in weight as well as strong. They are durable and gives you a good grip depending on the brand you choose.

They might also lack wide heads with pull cords, but that does not matter much because you don’t need a lot of extra support to get them out of the soil. They should be long enough to ensure that they have a firm enough shaft to drive into the ground for additional grip.

3. Stakes for all soil conditions

These stakes are made for almost all soil types; be it snowy, sandy, desert soil, rocky soil and more. They are mostly built in Y shaped body as they are light in weight with long shafts that penetrate easily into the ground with no added difficulty.

They do differ in structure and rest of the body type but they are multipurpose in nature and are strong and durable in the toughest of the weather conditions. They are built either from aluminium or from titanium.

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Top 10 Tent Stakes For Sand

Now you need the best stakes available in the market to make the trip count. We have brought you the 9 best tent stakes in 2019 and reviewed them for you so that make an informed decision before buying them.

They are listed below –


Best Tent Stakes Reviews

#1 MSR Groundhog Tent Stakes For Wind Kit

MSR Groundhog Tent Stake Kit

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This product comes with a 6 pack stakes kit that is lightweight, durable and promotes versatile camping and backpacking. These stakes do keep up with MSR’s strong reputation, are built strong that stay put and in turn keeps your tent safe and all at one place.

Its three-sided Y-beam design offers superior penetration of the ground and increased holding power in a variety of soil types. It comes in a mini size of 6-inch stakes and a regular size of 7.5-inch stakes. They are made of aluminum and therefore they are light, yet give you a rugged feel when used. They can hold the tent in good and strong winds.

They have a notch at the top to secure the guylines and an attached reflective pull loop allowing for easy removal of the tent material. These stakes are not available outside of the USA and APO/FPO addresses. We definitely think they are a solid investment, especially for backpackers who need light as well as a strong pair of stakes, or for anyone who wants a set of stakes that they can use just about anywhere.

#2 Coleman 10-in. Steel Nail Tent Pegs

2. Coleman 10-in. Steel Nail Tent Pegs

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This product comes in a 4 stakes kit that is a T shaped steel-plated stake having a versatile top with an easy, thread-through design for guylines and hook for stakeout points. It is best suited for car camping trips and those stony or hard-packed grounds.

It is durable and made up of polypropylene top and steel body. The metal tang on the top of the stake is a nice addition to the body when pounding them to the ground, protecting the plastic top. You could keep wailing on this piece of beauty all day with a rock or a hammer and it would barely feel it.

They are weather-resistant, meaning they don’t come off and are sturdy even during heavy winds which is exactly what you need when going to a place with high-speed winds. The length of the stakes is quite good for holding them firmly in the ground.


  • Made of very light aluminum material
  • They are really strong and don’t tend to bent when pounding them in the ground
  • The shape of the stakes makes them stable
  • The attached loops are strong and reliable


  • The stakes blunt a little when they hit the underground hog
  • Notches on the top of stake are not hooked

#3 MSR Blizzard Tent Stakes For Sand Kit

3 MSR Blizzard Stake Kit

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This stake kit is designed with a broader surface and added length to protect your tent especially in the sand and consolidated snow lands. It has an aluminum built body with a concave design to deliver increased holding ability to the ground. It can also be buried as a Deadman Anchor.

They can be taken out easily in the morning when picking up your things with a gentle kick or providing with another stake and are better in any case than other brands that provide almost the same features. They are more expensive than the competing brands with almost the same quality as this one but they do provide better quality when it comes to durability and the metal used for preparation and some even call them indispensable.


  • Made of very light aluminum material
  • They are really strong and don’t tend to bent when pounding them in the ground
  • The shape of the stakes makes them stable
  • The attached loops are strong and reliable


  • The stakes blunt a little when they hit the underground hog
  • Notches on the top of stake are not hooked

#4 Eurmax Galvanized Non-Rust Camping Family Tent Stakes

4 Eurmax Galvanized Non-Rust Camping Family Tent

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This product comes in a set of 10 heavy-duty tent peg stakes that will definitely hold strong against heavy winds in different land terrains like dirt, sand, grass, and rocky soil, perfect for camping, beach day trips, sporting events, backyard sleepovers, picnics, and anywhere you need to secure overhead coverings. It is made with galvanized steel that helps in preventing corrosion of the body. It also has milled points for providing easily into all soil types.

They have dark and bright green colored stakes that increase your visibility and you don’t lose them here and there. They have a hard PVC top that doesn’t break easily, with hook & rope-stringing eyelets for securing anchoring versatility. These stakes are built strongly and are durable and are a multi-purpose item that can be used for various adventures you will undergo.


  • Made of very light aluminum material
  • They are really strong and don’t tend to bent when pounding them in the ground
  • The shape of the stakes makes them stable
  • The attached loops are strong and reliable


  • The stakes blunt a little when they hit the underground hog
  • Notches on the top of stake are not hooked

#5 Vargo Ti Shepherds Hook Tent Stake

5 Vargo Ti Shepherds Hook Stake

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This is a shepherd’s hook titanium-built stake with a narrow, needle-like diameter which makes it easier than some of the thicker stakes to drive into the hard-packed ground. It has an orange fluorescent coated head to increase the visibility to decrease the chances of any accidents. The coating might wear off with increased use but otherwise, these stakes are really a good choice to work with.

The Vargo Ti Shepherd hooks are extremely lightweight, strong, simple, durable, and versatile to work with and will serve you well if you are considering to set up camp on the hard soiled ground. They are thin and sturdy which makes them easy to penetrate the hard and even soft soil.

It comes in a pack of 6 stakes and is a multipurpose stake that can be used for a lot of adventures you embark upon. They also come with a strong shaft that won’t bend easily even with the heavy pounding.


  • Works best on hard soiled ground
  • Built from Titanium; a lightweight but strong material
  • Thin and sturdy with strong shafts
  • Fluorescent orange coated heads increase visibility


  • The Fluorescent coating wears off easily making the item less attractive

#6 TNH Outdoors 10X Aluminium Tri-Beam Best Tent Stakes and Bag

6 TNH Outdoors 10X Aluminum Tri-Beam Tent Stakes

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This is the best alternative stakes for the MSR groundhog stakes you can buy in the market. The company is in the camping business for over 10 years which gives you enough reason to trust the company. The re-designed heads have been engineered perfectly to reduce breakage or bending to the maximum extent with another great initiative to protect the environment and reduce the impact of hazardous material onto it.

Therefore the product has a low impact on the environment. If you want to go green, here is your choice. These stakes might not be suitable for areas having hard soils as they are a bit flimsy and can easily bend when hit hard.

The stakes come with a bright red color to increase visibility and avoid any accidents of losing the stakes. With its Tri-Beam design for the stakes, the company ensures that it holds great in all soil types and the highly reflective paracords also ensure their easy removal.

It comes in a 10 stakes kit which is a good sign if you lose 1-2 stakes here and there and has its own functional pouch that goes straight into your camping kit so that you don’t have to waste any further time looking for them all around.


  • Made of very light aluminum material
  • They are really strong and don’t tend to bent when pounding them in the ground
  • The shape of the stakes makes them stable
  • The attached loops are strong and reliable


  • The stakes blunt a little when they hit the underground hog
  • Notches on the top of stake are not hooked

#7 SE 9NRC10 Heavy Duty Metal Tent Stakes Set

7 SE 9NRC10 Heavy Duty Metal Tent Pegs Stake

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This product is made of galvanized Steel that is listed as a long-lasting and effective alternative to the standard hook pegs supplied with most tents, claiming that they provide a strong anchor even in high winds. It comes in a 10 stakes kit with the shape of a hook that is best suited for one person or a two-person tent.

The galvanized steel built makes the stakes exceptionally resistant to corrosion, while their 10-inch length offers great holding power. The dark and bright green color of the plastic hook provides maximum visibility and offers two different options for securing your guide ropes, that are- wind them under the hook or through the rope-stringing eyelet.

Their milled points are made for easy penetration through hard soil with the PVC stoppers on top of the stakes that provide a wide target for your camping hammer. These stakes provide you multiple options in which they can be used like anchoring tents, canopies, patio/garden structures, landscape trim and more.

#8 SE 910NRC10 10-1/2″ Metal Tent Peg with Glow-in-the-Dark Stopper

8 Metal Tent Peg with Glow-in-the-Dark Stopper

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One of the best features of these stakes is that they come with large stopper head and sharp pointed tips which allows easy penetration into the hard-rocky ground or soft soiled or sandy grounds. Also, a special feature of the stakes is that they glow in the dark.

That would never allow you to move your eyes anywhere else and gives a 110% visibility which will make sure that you never lose any of the stakes and get home will nil accidents. The built of these stakes provides resistant against high and strong winds.

To ensure that these stakes perform their functions in a better mode, they provide you with the stinging eyelets on the stopper which offers a good position for hooks, ropes, and other anchoring options. The glow in the dark pegs are weak and break easily when pounded with force but overall, they offer you great features to make it a buy worth your time and money.


  • Large stopper heads
  • Glow in the dark stoppers
  • Pack of 10 stakes that can set up a big sized tent
  • Square shaped pointed tips that allow good penetration
  • Stinging eyelets that offer 2-way securing options


  • Stopper heads do not glow that bright
  • Stopper heads are prone to breakage

#9 VILIGHT Camping Best Tent Stakes

9 Vilight Tent Stakes 7075 Ultralight Aluminum Pegs for Camping 8.3 3 Guy Points

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The VLight camping stakes are made from high-quality aluminum that gives it the desired quality and meets all international standards. These stakes go through a rigorous testing process where it was found that these can withstand a force of 110N/mm2 and a torsional strength 1000Nm to ensure high strength and durability, offering lasting performance without being heavy in weight.

The extra-long ‘8*8.3’ stakes give a more reassuring grip in the ground, compatible with most ground types.  The Y-Beam tent peg design provides easy penetration into the ground that holds firmly in hard or soft soil lands. These stakes come with a reflective pull cord that enables easy attachment and increased visibility.

It provides a great after-sales service, as it provides a lifetime guarantee on all its products so that the customer never goes unsatisfied with the product.


  • Built from light and strong 7075 series aluminum
  • Extra-long length for superior holding ability
  • Y-Beam stakes that can withstand any soil type
  • Pull cords allow increased night visibility
  • Lifetime guaranty for the product


  • Cannot be used in desert soil
  • Still bends with high force

#10 Cosmos® Pack of 6 Orange Colour Aluminium Tent Stakes

10 Cosmos® Pack of 6 Orange Color Aluminum Tent Stakes

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These tent stakes are specially designed for camping in soft lands like sand or snow.  The “U” style design with a wider and longer area makes the stake stronger than the normal ones. They come in 6-piece stakes kit that ensures that you don’t fall short of them while setting up camp.

They have a good ground grip because of the broader design the company has provided and talking about the design, the company has also offered 6 holes on the shafts that allow a variety of rigging options. These stakes have tapered tip and flatter heads for mallet drive and are lightweight enough to be carried around with no added weight in your camping gear.

The shape and build of the stakes have no sharp edges that could cause any kind of injuries anywhere, but you will have to handle them with caution so that they don’t pose any health threat to you or your family. These stakes have tapered tip and flatter heads for mallet drive and are lightweight enough to be carried around with no added weight in your camping gear.

The shape and build of the stakes have no sharp edges that could cause any kind of injuries anywhere, but you will have to handle them with caution so that they don’t pose any health threat to you or your family.


  • Each stake weighs 0.7 ounces making them extremely lightweight
  • They have 6 holes in each stake for extra anchoring points
  • Aluminum used in the stakes enables better cleaning
  • Improved built to drive them easily into sand or snow land


  • Stakes are weak and can break when huge force is applied
  • Do not work well on hard rock land

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Things to Consider Before Buying Best Tent Stakes | Tent Staking Guide

Those who purchase tents frequently know about the fact that tents usually accompany a couple of stakes to lock them to the surface. These stakes are typically fragile yet offer great constancy. However, this makes it tough for one to depend on them in outdoor situations specifically in harsh circumstances. Hence, it is very essential to have that set of stakes that guarantees you great stability and all-time protection. In order to locate the ideal set of stakes, one must need to know a couple of things. Nowadays, markets offer a wide variety of these stakes and it is not a really simple thing to choose among all distinct varieties.

There are a lot of things to be kept in mind when it comes to buying the Best tent stakes as the final structure of the tent is decided by them. They could mean the difference between a comfortable night’s sleep and a rude awakening if your tent collapses when the stakes come

out of the ground. Though such stakes are available with the tent itself, there have been many incidents of that kind of stakes being weak and not supportive.
Precaution is always better than cure and you should be extra careful when it comes to safety. There is nothing wrong with carrying an extra pair of stakes with your camping gear in case your tent package comes with some weak ones.
Therefore while buying Best Tent Stakes always keep these pointers in mind to make the right choice.

Types of stakes:

There are many shapes of stakes in the market that are used for maintaining a longer grip on the tent. Some of them are:

  1. Shepherd’s hook: -Classic best tent stakes and can be quite strong
  2. J-Stakes or V-Stakes: -Lightweight, similar to Y shaped stakes but weaker than them
  3. Y-Stakes: – Shaped like ‘Y’ giving a lot of surface area increasing their ability to grip the soil
  4. Nail pegs: – Nail like shape that you drive into the ground and have a pull cord to bring them out of the earth
  5. Others: – Spirals to screws to fabric to sand/snow, there are dozens of other varieties of stakes available.

All these stakes have some characteristics that make them one of a kind and provide the tent with a stronger grip.

Intended use:

Depending on the use of the tent stake should you look for them? If you are planning to go on a hike or travel or Camping far away from the ease of your home, then you should search for those stakes that light in weight and don’t add an extra burden to your camping gear. If you intend to use it for other recreational purposes, then look for some sturdy ones.

The material of the stakes:

Most stakes are made either of steel or aluminum or titanium or carbon fiber. While the most common material used for best tent stakes, especially in the backpacking world is aluminum because it offers a lightweight solution, is relatively inexpensive and strong enough if used correctly. On the other hand, Steel is the material of choice for most of the car camping tent stakes because they are relatively heavier, but they are some of the strongest stakes available in the market.

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When it comes to Titanium/Carbon Fibre, they are relatively new on the market for building tent stakes and gives some extremely light and strong tent stakes. There are also other materials used for like plastic, wood, etc. but they are rarely used by people.

Terrain type:

The kind of terrain you will be facing while going for the trip matters a lot while setting up camp. Snow, sand, soft soil, hard or rocky soil, etc. every terrain has different stories of stakes that have to be used because the gripping or holding strength of the ground matters while choosing the type of stake and that stake should have the perfectability of penetrating the ground so as to hold the tent firmly.

Holding strength:

Best tent stakes for sand should be strong enough to bear a strong force when you pound it into the ground with camping mallet and does not break or bend while doing that. This is probably the most ideal step in the process of buying a tent stake. Make sure that whatever stakes you buy are more than strong enough to withstand any weather conditions you may encounter on your trip.

Reflection and Pull cords:

When camping at a site you need to be sure as to how many stakes you are attaching to your tent so that it stands firmly on the ground while protecting you from the harsh weather conditions outside. Visibility is very important at the campsite and you should always make sure that your stakes are clearly visible, even during heavy snowstorms.

Therefore, make sure to have a reflective head or a pull cord on the stake that will make it eye-catching when setting it into the ground. This will also reduce any chances of accidents in case you trip over them at night.

The weight of tent pegs:

You need to pack light when going for a backpacking trip and for that the weight of the tent hardware to carry should be minimal. As it goes without saying that ‘For backpackers, weight is crucial’, the tent stakes should be strong but also lightweight so that you can save your energy for other things. You also need to buy appropriate stakes so that they fit inside the backpack you intend to carry.


It is the foremost thing to take care of. Since the tent stakes are composed of a variety of materials; it is important to ensure that you choose one that offers you everything you need and demand. Metal and plastic are extremely ordinary. A stake’s material and build up highly determines its weight, sturdiness, and visibility at times. Outdoor camping tent stakes are as well composed of:

  • Metal alloy
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Carbon
  • Titanium
  • Length and size

The length and size of the tent stakes regulate its capability to go deep into the surface for anchorage. An enormous stake ensures a more grounded grapple point since it gets an ideal hold as the stake goes deeper into the ground, guaranteeing solid dependability. The weight of the stake is additionally influenced by its size as well. A bigger size will weigh more and be hefty to convey in your bag. In any case, longer stakes are perfect for sandy and delicate grounds, infiltrating further for reliable underground assistance. On the contrary, shorter stakes are reasonable in places that get almost no breezy conditions.


Every stake is not structured and designed with the ability to offer numerous uses. They are typically designed for particular needs and requirements, such as anchoring a pop-up tent; however, others offer consistent assistance for huge tents and awnings. A stake that is consistently firm in the desert will not perfect greatly on delicate ground, like a sandy surface. Thus, you have to be added cautious while purchasing these stakes to prevent further issues and undesirable mood spoilers. A stake that offers overall use is most idyllic in case you are uncertain about your requirements.

Ease of use

Anything that entails power and pressure to operate can be inspiring to utilize, likewise with tent stakes. A few models are difficult to drive into the ground as a result of their structure, build-up, requiring exorbitant power and quality, which is draining. You must always purchase stakes with a basic structure that permits easy establishment. A sharp-pointed end will infiltrate the ground more effectively in comparison to a round-shaped end. Additionally, a more extensive head configuration will upgrade your setup, without twisting or breaking.

FAQs About Best Tent Stakes

Spoiler title

Tent stakes usually come in a variety of types and styles on the basis of various purposes. The known and major types of tents stakes are as follows:

  • Shepherd hook stakes (It is typically strong and simple penetrates into the ground.)
  • V-stakes (The structure guarantees they drive straight into the ground.)
  • Y-stakes (Incorporates a three-sided design which is unusual.)
  • Hook stakes (This variety resembles a hook style that is simple to work with.)
  • Snow stakes (These are an ideal alternative for avid campers who camps around in snowy regions.)
Spoiler title

Yes, of course. However, freestanding tents don’t highly depend on stakes to remain stable; still you can choose stakes that are suitable for such designs and build-up. These stakes are typically lightweight as they offer nominal assistance.

Proper Way to set up Best Tent Stakes

The purpose of a tent stake is to hold securely, no matter what the terrain is. You need to be really careful while setting up your tent stakes as any wrong move will leave you in a condition where you will be left will absolutely no stake because you would have broken or bent them all. Never ever use a large rock or wood logs to drive the stakes into the ground otherwise you might end up breaking them.

The right way to set up the best tent stakes is as follows-

  1. Place your stake in a 45° tilted position away from your tent.
  2. Holding your stake at the same position, use a plastic mallet or the toe of your boot or shoe to hit the top of your stake gently. The stake should sink to almost three-quarters of its total height.
  3. If upon examining you find that the stake is not sinking into the ground, try moving a little sideways or further away from the tent. You may have hit a rock or a root and you need to reposition your tent.
  4. When done camping, use a pull cord to remove the tent stakes. Avoid using logs or rocks to hit them sideways for them to loosen up. Instead, try pulling them harder with full force.

If you plan on camping in more challenging conditions, it’s a good idea to replace your tent stakes with better quality ones. After reading the article you must have become the master of tent stakes up until now and probably are going to order the best-suited stake for your next camping trip.

The 10 best tent stakes reviewed are among the best brands in the market today and we want only the best stuff for you all year long so that every moment you spend on your trip turns out to be the best.

Our reviews have been tailor-made as per the needs of our readers, providing them with the maximum benefit and gathering all the public reviews over all the products to help you make an informed and an intelligent decision.

What are you waiting for? Choose the best tent stakes you think is the most appropriate for your camping needs and go shopping for them ASAP.

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