Top 10 Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2020 Reviews

A sport that is loved by so many in countries around the world, basketball is more like the art of putting a ball through a hoop. It was just a sport once, but after the National Basketball Association gained a massive fan following worldwide, it has now become a lifestyle to many. Basketball shoes are the most important accessories in the game. This is due to the fact that the sport exerts pressure on the players’ ankles, feet, and lower legs. Shoes with great traction absorb and direct the pressure appropriately.

A good basketball shoe will have the right features, supporting abilities, cushioning, flexibility, and perfect stability. Since the game has grown in popularity, there is a large variety of basketball shoes available in the market. They have even been categorized into male and female basketball shoes because different physical builds require differently designed shoes. Usually, people pick shoes with respect to the basketball player associated with them, instead of looking into the quality and features they come with.

The right basketball shoes can assist you with your game and result in better performance. So let us help you with research and give you the ten best traction shoes in the market right now that you can choose from. Hello to the next Michael Jordan!


Things to Consider Before Buying Best Traction Basketball Shoes

  • Cost

Buy shoes that fit your budget, do not get attracted to their brands and hype. Their aim is to improve your game and comfort level, not get you famous. 

  • Body Type and Size

The most important aspect to be considered is the size of the shoe and type of player in question. Some specific signature sneakers are made with respect to the player that they are associated to. They could cater to bigger players that require more support, smaller players that require more mobility or could work for all-rounder players. Those with wider feet are advised to buy a size bigger.

  • Skill Level

Most people are found purchasing sneakers depending on the NBA athlete they are associated with. The hype that surrounds it, the style statement it makes as well as its price is given more consideration. There is no need to buy a higher-priced pair of shoes designed for an elite player if you are irregular on the court. Boost your performance with the right pair of shoes, not the most expensive ones. 

  • Comfort

The cushion in basketball shoes contributes to the much-required comfort; hence it must be something that you must consider before making your purchase. The most preferred choices are foam cushions and air-based cushioning. Air-based cushioning is said to be more responsive on the court. However, foam cushions stay effective for a longer time period. 

  • Outsole

While everyone focuses on traction, people miss out on checking the outsoles of basketball shoes. Outsoles are usually made of rubber. You must check its thickness, softness, and pattern before making sure that it’s the best fit for you. Depending on the outsole, you can deem whether the shoes are better to be used on an indoor or outdoor court. Pick shoes with outsoles that cater to different kinds of courts and surfaces. 

  • Materials

Some shoes have plastic-based synthetics – which are highly durable yet painful to many. Raw materials like leather and suede are preferred by those with wider feet, however these stretch over time. So read on to find out which shoes have the most favored materials.

  • Durability

You would prefer a shoe that can withstand a lot of force exerted on it in regular intervals. You would not want your shoes to fall apart during a game, so make sure you choose shoes that have good reviews and are reliable; not too lightweight. As mentioned, look into the materials with which the shoes have been made. 

  • Style                                                                                                                     

Most players are worried about the shoes’ outward appearance as they prefer to make a style statement on the court. It’s always good to look into the design and color of the shoes, but also focus on the features and comfort level so that the shoes can serve you well during the game. 


Top 10 Traction Basketball Shoes For The Money


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Best Traction Basketball Shoes Reviews

#1 Adidas Men’s Crazy Explosive 2017 Primeknit Basketball Shoe


Top 10 Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2020 Reviews 11

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This Primeknit basketball shoe is made of an imported textile material that wearers will definitely find exquisite. The comfort levels are excellent. The shaft measures high top from the arch, approximately. These shoes are recommended for larger players who require reliable and adaptive support coupled with ultralight comfort. Although the rubber sole adds to the convenience, it is susceptible to quick damage. These shoes provide their best performance in outdoor courts.

‘Boost’ is a specifically designed cushioning provided by Adidas. It is extremely responsive in nature, thus it gives back all the force and energy you put into your hours on court. Be assured to feel 100% shock absorption because of ‘Boost’. The well-appreciated and unique anatomical lace system tightly holds your feet in place and relieves built-up pressure.

It promises an enhanced fit with the help of certain areas of the shoe that has been knitted to provide you with the highest levels of support. The price is quite reasonable for the style and comfort it provides, however, players with wider feet prefer shoes that are not this narrow towards the front. This has been designed for men and is available in a variety of sizes. 


  • Imported textile
  • The unique anatomical lace system
  • Ultralight comfort
  • Responsive cushioning


  • Narrow towards the front
  • Sole is susceptible to quick damage


#2 Under Armour Men’s Curry 3 Basketball Shoe

Top 10 Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2020 Reviews 12

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Your inner Steph Curry can be fired up with a pair of these brilliant Under Armour SC shoes. These provide both the flexibility as well as the protection that you have been yearning for on the court. There is a reinforced mesh; thread bore upper that is lightweight, supportive, and breathable all at once. It allows for more ventilation which is important for players.

The heel counter is adjustable and molded to provide you with extreme levels of comfort. The midsole cushion is charged to help you feel at ease when you are at your best game. It is of utmost importance to ensure quick cuts, acceleration, comfort, and energy. They come with stylish meta wing plates that have been specialized to stabilize your feet.

The material is antifoam and it has adjustable lace-up closure – it delivers the perfect fit. The special anti-microbial Otrholite shock liner shapes the foot in a very comfortable manner. An important feature of the outsole is the detailed traction to increase your grip over the floor. Thus these shoes are apt for both indoor and outdoor courts.



  • Thread-borne upper
  • Molded heel counter
  • Charged cushion midsole
  • Meta wing plate


  • Difficult to lace
  • Sizes can run smaller than displayed


#3 NIKE Men’s Lebron 16 Basketball Shoes

Top 10 Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2020 Reviews 13

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These shoes are a representative of King James himself. They are dynamic, swift, strong, and able enough to sharpen your best skills. It is a combination of flexibility and strength for the best aggressive and versatile players on the court. It comes with a large number of features such as the perfectly cushiony and comfortable outsole. The outsole is made of rubber and has a modified herringbone traction pattern.

It has a full-length Max Airbag with embedded Zoom Air units. This contributes to its immediate responsive nature, easy execution, and flexible mobility. The tongue is adjustable for making your fit reliable and customizable. It’s extremely lightweight, maximizing your flight on the court. It is made of high tenacity yarns which is a strong durable material. Other notable features include Battleknit 2.0, integrated Flywire cables, internal Achilles support among others.


  • Rubber outsole
  • Combination of Max airbag and Zoom air units
  • High tenacity yarns
  • Integrated Flywire cables


  • Very similar to Lebron 15s


#4 Adidas Men’s Dame 5

Top 10 Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2020 Reviews 14

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Be sure to receive a load of compliments while sporting Adidas’ Dame 5. This set is made of premium quality synthetic imported material. They have a very soft and suede upper. They come with internal pods along the midfoot and under the tongue which ensures extreme comfort. While the rubber sole itself is comfortable and convenient, the Bounce midsole provides an additional cushioning.

The midfoot banking barrier assists with extra stability as well as flexibility while changing directions. The fit is regular and has been specifically built for players that share Damian Lillard’s techniques. The outsole comes with a herringbone pattern that offers the perfect traction you’ve been looking for. The shoes are said to run longer than they have been advertised, so it is advised to purchase a size smaller. 



  • Internal pod system
  • Bounce midsole
  • Midfoot banking barrier
  • Herringbone outsole
  • Indoor
  • Size runs longer than mentioned
  • padded webbing covering the inside of the shoe makes it feel premium


  • Size runs longer than mentioned
  • Preferred to be used indoors


#5 Adidas Originals Men’s Pro Bounce 2018 Basketball Shoe

Top 10 Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2020 Reviews 15


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These Adidas shoes are made of an imported synthetic material that is of great quality. Although advertised as a regular fit, many buyers tend to feel that these shoes fit too snug. The upper is made of mesh, allowing for extreme ventilation and comfort. The upper features also come with forge fibers which increase the life of the shoes. These fibers are heat pressed and TPU coated, aiming to provide you with the support and durability you are looking for.

The sole is synthetic and strong and the outsole is extremely responsive. It comes with a premium cable lacing system coupled with webbed eyelets. It is extremely lightweight, which helps you increase both lateral support as well as a lockdown. The Geo-fit construction is the reason behind the anatomical fit.

Apart from all these benefits, these shoes have padded collars that provide you with Achilles and ankle support, keeping you safe and at your best game at all times. These shoes promise a pain-free experience, so go get them as soon as you can!


  • Mesh upper
  • Very responsive cushioning
  • Cabe lacing system with webbed eyelets
  • Padded collars


  • Snug fit
  • Wears out quickly


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#6 Under Armour Men’s Spawn Low Basketball Shoe

Top 10 Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2020 Reviews 16


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These Under Armour shoes are made of imported synthetic textile material which is of great quality. Many buyers tend to feel that these shoes fit too tight and the size could run smaller than what has been advertised. It comes with interwoven layers of TPU films and PU coated mesh within an anatomical design that can be credited for offering constant support.

There are specifically designed reinforcements in the forefoot and heel to promise everlasting durability. The mesh areas are exposed in a way to provide you with flexibility and breathability. Your comfort needs will be fulfilled with the additional padding near the tongue and collar. Die-cut EVA sock liner gives you immediate responsive cushioning and complete support. The midsole consists of Micro G foam that helps with easy landings to brilliant takeoffs.

The internal midfoot shank also offers additional support, so don’t expect your foot to roll over when you’re wearing these shoes! The outsole is made of an adaptive traction pattern that helps you with your starting and stopping motion. Overall, this is a brilliant pair of shoes that’ll start off your NBA career with a blast!



  • Interwoven layers of TPU films and PU coated mesh
  • Additional padding around tongue and collar
  • Die-cut EVA sock liner
  • Internal midfoot shank


  • Size runs smaller than advertised
  • Could be too tight-fitting


#7 Nike Men’s PG 3 Multicolor/Black Synthetic Basketball Shoes 13 M US.

Top 10 Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2020 Reviews 17


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Nike hits the ball out of the park with these brilliant synthetic basketball shoes. It is a representative of Paul George and his flight on the court. The outsole seems to be as strong as moon craters, with its sensational traction and highly responsive Zoom Air cushioning. Be the hero at both offense and defense with these stylish and effective shoes. The material is of high durable quality.

It has been conveniently priced very low making it affordable to the masses. The lateral support and the heel lockdown are features enjoyed by every player to wear these shoes. It is highly ventilated and breathable. However, they are not the most appropriate shoes for outdoor matches. 


  • Zoom Air cushioning
  • Responsive outsole
  • Low price
  • Lateral support


  • Advised for indoor use
  • Wears out easily


#8 Nike Jordan Men’s Jumpman Pro White/Black/University Blue/Metallic Silver Leather Basketball Shoes 9.5 M US

Top 10 Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2020 Reviews 18

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If you are familiar with Air Jordans, these shoes will definitely be a favorite. The Jumpman Pro has a full-grain leather upper, ultimately responsive Zoom Air cushioning, a highly supportive midfoot shank among other features. It is one of Jordan’s classic shoes, representing the MVP in all possible aspects. It’s top metal lace eyelet and heel pull tab are additional features that wearers enjoy, as it adds to the comforting experience.

Ventilation and breathability are ensured with the help of the all-mesh tongue. The midsole is made up of EVA foam coupled with Zoom Air units in the heel. The midfoot shank also allows for torsional rigidity, a must for every strong player. The outsole is made up of rubber, along with the herringbone pattern that increases traction on whatever surface you choose to play on. Every lover of Jordan’s game will, in turn, love these shoes, do not miss out on the legacy of the Jumpman. 



  • Herringbone patterned outsole
  • Zoom Air cushioning
  • Mesh’s tongue
  • Midfoot shank 


  • Similar to Air Jordan 12


#9 Nike Men’s Zoom Rev II Basketball Shoe Black/White Size 9.5 M US

Top 10 Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2020 Reviews 19


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These shoes have rubber soles and have an intricate lace-up closure. Nike’s Zoom Rev II shoes may not be celebrated for its traction, but is known for its extremely comfortable and responsive cushioning. The energy you put into your game reverberates back in the strongest and more efficient way with these shoes. This feature can be credited to the Zoom air units within the shoe.

It comes with ½ bootie which allows for convenient on and off situations. The outsole is of rubber material and it provides decent traction as it wraps up the midsole wholly. The shoes are versatile, comfortable, and great with supporting the wearers. It is also priced conveniently to be easily affordable. This is mostly advised for larger players who are less mobile. 


  • Responsive cushioning
  • Zoom air units
  • 1/2 bootie
  • Supportive


  • Wears off easily


#10 Nike Men’s KD Trey 5 VI Basketball Shoe Black/Metallic Gold/White Size 7.5 M US

Top 10 Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2020 Reviews 20


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Kevin Durant’s Basketball shoes have beautiful outsoles with a wavy herringbone pattern that offers enhanced traction and brilliant grip on the court. The mesh upper adds to comfort, ventilation, and breathability. The thick laces on the lateral sides of the shoe help with consistent lockdown, an important need for every jumper. The comfort quota is fulfilled by the additional padding on the shoe collar.

The midsole consists of an outrigger that is credited with preventing ankle injuries. Even the internal heel counter helps with preventing unnecessary slippage on the court. The main advantage to be considered is the addition of phylon and Zoom technology to ensure the best responsiveness, making these shoes apt for point guards in particular. Go ahead and buy these budget-friendly shoes with all the features you could think of. However, remember that the durability aspect has not been promised by many wearers of these shoes. 


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  • Herringbone patterned outsoles
  • Mesh upper
  • Internal heel counter
  • Combination of Phylon and minimal Zoom technology


  • Wears out easily


Types of Traction Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes are commonly categorized as low tops, mid-tops, and high top shoes. Players that play different positions are known to prefer a specific type of shoe based on how those shoes help serve the player’s purpose. However, this is a common generalization, and players can choose whichever shoes that meet their satisfaction depending on the comfort and traction that the shoes offer. 

  • Low Tops 

These shoes resemble standard athletic shoes that can be used for running. Thus these shoes are recommended for point guards, who are expected to run and make sharp cuts on the court. They provide negligible ankle support and tend to focus more on enabling mobility and increasing flexibility. Thus these are for more agile players. They are extremely lightweight which adds to the speed quotient of the shoes. 

  • Mid Tops

These shoes also work for a player that is required to be fast on the court, yet they are found to support players that rebound and shoot on a regular basis. Mid tops offer great support as well as flexibility, two things of the dire need for small forwards as well as shooting guards. They also help with protection against minor foot injuries and provide spectacular ankle support. These are also a must for all-round players as well as players unsure of what position works best for them. 

  • High Tops

The larger players are often seen sporting high top basketball shoes. Therefore, these are most appropriately worn by centers and power forwards. They provide the much-needed support and leverage required by players that need to jump and dominate on the court. The ankle support offered by these shoes is unmatched. Thus they offer additional lower leg support and come with heavy comfortable and shock absorbing padding. However, this leads to making the shoes heavier than preferred by wearers. Support and stability are the main benefits offered by high tops. 



Why is traction important in basketball shoes?

Super efficient traction helps with better positioning, improved defense, increased performance, and flexible mobility. Traction is required to improve one’s grip on court, during intense games. Good traction also assists players in pivoting properly in dribble-drive situations.

Which type of basketball shoe should I purchase?

If you are looking for a net that you wish to take to places during the vacations then the ease of dismantling the net and then putting it up where you get space is important. The net might also be put up in your driveway and then taken down after the game. Most of the nets found are portable and are very easy to operate.

What is Zoom Air cushioning?

Nike introduced Zoom Air technology in its newer pairs of basketball shoes. These shoes have padded cushioning that greatly improves responsiveness. It adds to the speed quotient and is thus greatly enjoyed by fast players that are required to constantly run on the court. It helps with sharper cuts and easy change in directions. It absorbs the force that the players give and gives a little of it back too!

What is the difference between running shoes and basketball shoes?

Runners are advised to use minimalist or lightweight running shoes. Basketball shoes are heavier in nature and may cause quick fatigue and tiredness. If basketball players wear running shoes on the court, the lack of support and comfort could lead to enormous pain and extreme ankle injuries. Hence, runners are to wear specifically designed running shoes and basketball players are advised to buy basketball shoes that have been made catering to the position they play. 

Can I use basketball shoes as casual wear?

Some basketball shoes can be more expensive than regular shoes that are worn on a daily basis. They also tend to be heavier than casual wear shoes. However, they are very stylish and can definitely be used as casual wear if required. 




As you have seen by now, choosing the right basketball shoes can be the deciding factor on whether you will win or lose your games. If you properly consider the aforementioned factors and do thorough research on the shoes you have taken a liking towards, it is highly likely that you have found the perfect pair that will impact your performance greatly and make you the most valuable player!

So what are you waiting for? Get your game face ready and purchase one of these shoes to put on the greatest show for your teammates and fans! I hope we have helped answer all your doubts about the shoes and hope you pick out the one that best enhances your capabilities. 

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