Laura Ashley Mattress Review 2021

This article is brimming with information regarding the Laura Ashley Mattress. It is a super-soft mattress and comes in such beautiful colors. Its micro-fiber polyester fabric brings out its best qualities. Let’s get started with its performance and features. 

With so many manufacturers in the market and little differences in each of them, it can be difficult to choose the perfect mattress for you. Basic differences are easy to decipher-softness, material, etc. You are probably thinking that you know what you are looking for in your next mattress, but trust us, there is a lot more into what goes into the making of mattresses and there are a lot more features. Mattresses can decide the make or break of your day, so choose wisely. Check out our article for Best Back Support Belt For Lower Back Pain 2021 Reviews if you do end up with a bad back.

This Laura Ashley mattress will ensure you a luxurious sleep with its thick, soft material and new technology (yes, technology!). Let’s now break it down piece-by-piece.


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What does the Laura Ashley Mattress Do?

The Laura Ashley Mattress comes with a hypo-allergenic cover and easily cleanable technology that is bound to wake you up to fresh and with a happy back. It comes in great designs that are super appealing. The perfect amount of firmness is what we always expect from our chosen mattress so that you get a good night’s sleep. It resists allergens and thereby contributes to its eco-friendliness. 

The best part is that its manufacturing company guarantees an 80-90% good sleep. It also has an extra-plush sybaritic pad which ensures enough support towards the edges. It has a multi-layered foam, all separate from each other. The trust of the company it is manufactured by is a great cherry on top. 

This is a little expensive mattress but it is definitely worth every penny you spend. It is also really good for your body and in the long run, your back will thank you (metaphorically!). It is so easy to clean; the spots just rinse right off! With great quality materials, the polyester fabric is super soft to touch and it will feel as though you were sleeping on a feather! If you are experiencing joint pain or back pain, its memory foam mattresses are highly recommended. 

Laura Ashley Mattress Review


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Features in the Laura Ashley Mattress

Foam layer structure

The Laura Ashley Mattress is made from four separate high-quality foams:

  • 2-inch reactive foam
  • 2-inch memory foam
  • 2-inch transition foam
  • 4-inch density support foam

In total, the mattress is about 10 inches, which does seem a lot but you wanted to sleep on a feather, right?

Let’s now talk about these layers in a little more detail.

  • Top layer: This is a 2-inch reactive layer. It is great at holding its shape and then when no one is sitting on the mattress, it quickly and easily goes back to its original shape. It also gives off a cooling effect without letting you feel suffocated. It weighs around 3 pounds per cubic foot. The weight of the body is well managed by this layer of the mattress. It is a great top layer considering its A-1 comfort. 
  • Second-layer: This is the 2-inch memory foam layer. It weighs 4 pounds per cubic foot. It is a great second layer mainly because it overcomes the sensitivity of the top-most layer and helps provide support to the person sitting/sleeping on top. You can have those pillow fights without having to worry about damaging your mattress.
  • Third-layer: This is the 2-inch transition foam layer. Along with contributing to the strength and comfort of the mattress, this layer provides support and holds the upper two layers firmly, not letting the mattress sink in completely. The sinking of the mattress stops at the second layer. 
  • Base-layer: This is the 4-inch density support foam layer. This is the layer responsible for the overall stability and shape of the mattress. The density of this layer is about 1.8 pounds per ft. It is the perfect bedrock (metaphorical) for this mattress, providing the perfect structure and stability to it. 



The Laura Ashley Mattresses come in a lot of sizes and the prices differ accordingly but overall, the features that the company provides, we feel this is a great deal. The mattresses are full-sized. As we mentioned above, they are a little on the expensive side but the top class quality and technology (!) make it worthy. 

Smart Technology

The micro-fiber polyester fabric, hypoallergenic cover, and great designs contribute to the smart technology this Laura Ashley Mattress is made from. This technology also aids in letting the mattress pull of its modern-ness. This smart technology makes it eco-friendly and gives it that firm yet bouncy feel. There is more to this technology, as discussed below.

Improved and New Sleep Tracking Technology

You can connect your smartphone to this up and coming technology which helps you monitor the soundness of your sleep. It tells you how deep you slept, how many times you turned, breathed, rolled over, and so on. This is great for you if you are thinking of getting serious about a good and healthy sleep at night.

The newer generation of adults is highly thinking of investing in this technology mainly because of the busy schedules that have crept up in our lives. There is comfort in knowing that you are at least relaxing at the end of the day without any stress or worries. A good night’s sleep ensures that you stay productive for the whole day and also scraps any frustrations or irritating tantrums that might be on their way.

Sturdy Mattress

A lot of people find sinking into the bed at night comfortable. If that sounds like you, then sorry to say but this is not the right mattress for you. Like we mentioned above, the third foam layer of the Laura Ashley Mattress provides great integrity and structure to the whole unit. This is definitely a soft piece but it will not completely sink in or let you bounce that much. It is bouncy only to an extent. Like we said, it only sinks in till the second layer, which might not be enough for you. 

Deep pockets

The biggest task of the day has to be straightening your bedsheets in the morning (no judgments if you don’t believe in taking out the creases!). Whoever invented fitted sheets need to be declared god! Anyway, this mattress is equipped with a fitted-style elastic skirt that ensures that your bedsheet will stay secure and will not move too much. 


The Laura Ashley Mattress is made with 400T cotton which means the stains will be easy to clean and you will be able to finish a whole tub of ice cream all by yourself in bed! Additionally, sweat and dirt will not damage this beautiful and high-quality mattress. Even if you accidentally sleep with your makeup on, you don’t have to worry one bit! 


Because of its hypoallergenic nature and technology provides a good amount of cooling when enjoying a good night’s sleep, not to mention a great amount of comfort. Its cotton material ensures that you don’t get hot during the night. 

Easy to maintain

Care can be provided to this mattress by washing it on the cold gentle cycle and drying it on tumble low. 

Laura Ashley Mattress Review

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Laura Ashley Mattress Buyer’s Guide 

The easiest way to check a mattress is to just lie down on it, right in the shop. This pandemic has brought some restrictions, so here is what you should check for, instead. 

  • You obviously know the definition of comfort that you must have defined for yourself. There are three basic types of mattresses- innerspring, memory foam, and latex mattress. Each type has its unique characteristics (springy, huggy, and floaty, respectively). Determine what your comfort space is and accordingly choose from these three categories. Mattresses that are a combination of these categories are also available in the market. Each is suited for a different pattern. Mix and match of these mattress materials contribute to a customised mattress, which essentially lets you sleep more soundly.


  • A lot of body repair happens at night which is why it is essential to choose the right mattress. If you experience back pain or if you are motion-sensitive, you will have different mattress preferences. Innerspring mattresses are great for joints and the back. Memory foam mattresses, on the other hand, offer great individualized sleep experience. You will not be able to realize that the one sleeping beside you rolled over. Mattresses that sink in are preferred when one is sleeping with a roller (yes, we are talking about a person!). Latex mattresses are sustainable, eco-friendly mattresses. Like we mentioned above, there are hybrid options available in the market as well. 


  • Your sleep style is also a big factor to be considered before mattress shopping. Some people sleep on their backs, and science says that those people actually prefer a firm mattress. We also have our very common side sleepers, which, as per science, prefer a softer mattress. This is primarily because side sleepers exert pressure on smaller surface areas (their hand, mostly) and thereby require softer pressure points.Back sleepers, on the other hand, have a large surface area that they sleep on. This way, they find the most amount of comfort on firm mattresses. The reason behind this is the uneven distribution of weight in our body. And, if you are a stomach sleeper (first of all, well done, you are on the right path!) a firm mattress is scientifically recommended. That way, you get to sleep much more comfortably. Who likes their stomachs sinking inside their mattress?


  • You have probably heard of the term “lumbar support.” It is nothing but the support provided to our lumbar region (spine). Naturally, our spinal cord is curved as therefore requires the right shape of support. If not provided with enough support, the lumbar region can cause the hips to dip down, pulling the lumbar region out of alignment. This is why it is suggested that the middle third region of any mattress should be firm, regardless of the material of the whole mattress. Even if you are getting a soft mattress, a good quality mattress will have the middle region firmer than the rest of it.


  • Breathability is one of the most important things to look for in a mattress. Denser mattresses like the one made from memory foam are mostly too hot whereas if you choose an innerspring mattress, which has springs coiled on its inside, air can easily and conveniently flow, thus creating a cooling effect. Memory foam mattresses do have a cooling gel coating or some other cooling technology to overcome this drawback. A breathable material minimises any sweat or dust that might otherwise get trapped.


  • Measure your bed size and choose a mattress accordingly. This is extremely important. A perfectly sized mattress also significantly contributes to a comfortable sleep. If the bed is too large, a lot of people even go for two mattresses instead of the traditional, one. This truly depends on the personal choice of the buyer. College dorms have a different bed size, teenagers have different sized beds, and so do toddlers. You will have to invest your time in this task so as to sleep tight! Know what you are looking for.


  • Last but not the least, you can embellish the comfort and your sleeping experience by adding a mattress pad on top of your (hopefully, by now) perfect mattress. A mattress pad is a thin protective layer that contributes to the firmness of your mattress. They add this soft layer above your mattress. Often times, dorm room students keep a mattress pad on top of the college-provided mattress to make the bed feel homely and welcoming. The soft layer is comfortable to sit on and it weaves itself into the mattress’s overall integrity. You will not sink into the bed if you keep a mattress pad on top.



How to make a memory foam mattress cooler?
Most of the memory foam mattresses usually come with a cooling gel or some other technology that keeps you cool considering that memory foam mattresses are quite dense and essentially trap the heat inside. You can put a mattress pad on top to cut the hotness from the mattress or you can use cotton sheets that are cooler on our skin.
Which type of mattress is the best?
This totally depends on the type of sleeper you are. We have given a detailed explanation of how you choose the perfect mattress for yourself in our buyer’s guide. But, to give a brief discussion of it all, a combination of any two types of mattresses will give the best results. That way you will be able to enjoy the benefits of both. 
How long should I use the same mattress?
This is decided by the type of utility you have of the mattress. On average, 7 years is enough for a mattress to last. Of course, this number is only good and true for good-quality mattresses. A wrong type of mattress can severely affect your spine which is why we want you to conceal your miser side and wholeheartedly invest in a happy sleep. The three types of mattresses (innerspring, foam, latex) also have different lifespans. 



The thought of sleeping at night gives butterflies to some. By investing in the Laura Ashley Mattress, you are investing in healthy sleep and durable freshness. With such great features and super easy maintenance requirements, this mattress is worthwhile spending. It is a stepping stone towards a more flexible body. Determine what you are looking for to the t, and choose wisely. Happy sleeping!

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