Merrell Moab 2 Tactical Shoe Review 2021

This article is brimming with information on the Merrell Moab 2 Tactical Shoe. These shoes are super comfortable, so much so that they can be worn for the whole day whether you are standing or walking, without any blisters. A lot of users of the Moab 2 Tactical shoe have been seen wearing them as work shoes, especially those who have to be on their feet constantly. 

Merrell has a lot of manufactured and launched a lot of shoes in the recent years. And, we understand that it can be a little intimidating to buy the perfect shoe online. The contrast between shoes is slight but it can make a world of difference, be it comfort, or breathability. You might find the shoe comfortable to wear and walk in when you are in the store but it might not be as great for longer usage. 

The Moab 2 Tactical Shoes will ensure you a luxurious serenity and your feet will not be swollen at the end of the day. With stability arms for security and a breathable mesh lining, these are great as work shoes or work-out shoes, your call! Let’s start with its performance and features.

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What is so unique about the Moab 2 Tactical Shoes?

Merrell has an expertise in creating high performance hiking boots. They have thereby used this knowledge to create tactical boots and shoes with agility, durability, and comfort in mind. The Moab 2 Tactical Shoes have also been made with special consideration of these features.

The Merrell Moab 2 Tactical Shoes are a reinvention of the original Moab hiking boots. The upgrade has brought with it, greater comfort for longer-lasting duty calls. They have been made with durable leather and ripstop upper and Vibram® TC5+ outsole which gives it extra strength and durability. The company is already very well-known for the unthinkable comfort their shoes come with which is why this shoe is also much raved about. 

Whether you are young or old, these stylish shoes will look pull your whole look together. They need to be bought true to size and not big. You can pair them with regular socks or loafer socks, whatever floats your boat. They are very durable but even if they do wear off, you will definitely crave more.

The price is quite reasonable considering the features they come with. You can buy these shoes at a full price of $110 or in three interest-free payments of just $37. The Moab 2 Tactical shoes are better than standard tactical boots and with the rubberized mesh collar, there is nothing else left to argue vis-à-vis support. They are especially great for long work shifts that require you to stand or if you are having a day of running errands. Aching feet or blisters is the last thing you will have to worry about!


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Features included in the Merrell Moab 2 Tactical Shoes

Even shoes come in all shapes and sizes (well, not so much in shapes). So many companies manufacture lots of different varieties of shoes. And surprisingly enough, they advertise this long list of features to attract you towards their product.  Many-a-times, the performance of the shoes is not as glamorous as its “list of features.” That is where we come to your rescue! We are also giving you a list of the amazing features of the Merrell Moab 2 Tactical Shoes but know, they are tried and tested by the best. Here goes:

  • non-metallic hardware
  • breathable mesh lining
  • weight- 21 pounds
  • strobel waterproof construction
  • waterproof PU coated leather and ripstop textile upper
  • bellows tongue keeps out debris
  • 5 mm lug depth
  • external lateral stability arms for security
  • Vibram® TC5+ outsole
  • KINETIC FIT® blended EVA contoured foot bed with added zonal arch and heel support
  • moulded nylon arch shank for mid foot support and flexibility
  • Merrell air cushion in the heel absorbs shock and adds stability
  • rubberized mesh collar for support and enhanced durability
  • protective and abrasion-resistant rubber toe cap

Let’s now discuss a few of these features in a little bit more detail.

Ease of Use

What’s great is that these shoes are equipped with a medial side zip, which is available on the 8″ boot for easy on and off (vis-à-vis wearing)! Additionally, the Vibram TC5+ outsole we talked about in the list above, delivers traction to any kind of surface.

Waterproof Leather

The Moab 2 Tactical Shoes are made with heavy-duty leather so as to make the shoes all-weather. They can easily withstand heavy rain and the toughest of weather. The rubber toe cap gives extra protection from water trying to penetrate from the front side. This rubber cap also provides security to your delicate toes. 

High-quality materials contribute to the longevity and durability of these shoes. Considering the price is not very cheap, we understand why you would want these shoes to not tear off in a few months. You can wear them without any worry for hours together, in all types of weather. The weatherproof leather and ripstop textile are built to stand up to the toughest jobs. 

Contoured footbed with added zonal arch

The middle section of the shoe is a little synched when compared with the rest of the shoe. This is known as the zonal arch of the shoe. It is essential to add support to the heel which a non-contoured shoe will not be able to provide. 

What a non-contoured shoe does is that the walls of the shoe near the middle section of our foot, which itself is curved, do not touch the skin. This way, when we are standing or walking or even running, our foot tries to look for support whilst dangling between the far-off (not that far!) shoe wall. And, when this happens, all the stress goes towards our heels which results in foot ache. 

In order to avoid all this, the Moab 2 Tactical shoes come prepared for all your foot needs and foot requirements. So, you just need to worry about walking/running/standing and nothing else. 

Air cushion in the heel

The middle section of the foot is not the only stress heels have. They have their own stresses too, you know? Whilst standing, most of the weight of our body is supported by the heels. This is the reason why there is cushioning required in the heel area of the shoe. Ever notice how your heels start to ache if you are standing on a flat surface of your home barefoot, for a long time? That is why home slippers are highly recommended by doctors.

The Moab 2 Tactical Shoes come with Merrell air cushions which are high-quality cushions, with the ability to absorb shock. They also provide stability and contribute towards you having a comfortable experience. 


These boots are made for walking, and running, and hiking, and climbing mountains, or just sitting around, really. Merrell fits a wide variety of people, for a wide variety of adventures.


Because the Moab 2 Tactical Shoes are made for almost all weathers, their ability to withstand regular dust and dirt is pretty good. Yet, to highlight their stylish looks and experience some head turns, you need to keep them clean. 

There are no special maintenance tools suggested by the company but of course, if you already own a shoe-cleaning kit, go ahead and put it to use. On the other hand, time-to-time washing of the shoes with soap water will help them last longer and retain their shine more. 


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Merrell Moab 2 Tactical Shoe Review Buyer’s Guide

The easiest way to check a pair of shoes is to just wear them and walk a little bit, right in the shop. But, this pandemic has brought in some restrictions, so here is what you can look for instead:


  • The prime rule of buying shoes is to get a perfect size. As mentioned above the Moab 2 Tactical shoes are made true to size which is what you should go for. On a much broader and general note, you should choose a shoe that has about half a centimeter of space towards the front which is the space that gets occupied by the push when we walk. The heel area, on the other hand, should be perfectly fitting. Like we said above, heels should be very firmly supported for comfort reasons. A good quality shoe impacts the strength of your knees and lower back as well. An overarching trend recommends that you should not wear shoes for running, if they are not made for running! This is something a lot of people miss. But, don’t worry, since Moab 2 Tactical Shoes are made for running.


  • If you are getting leather shoes, always be in a hunt for soft leather. They provide adequate space to the feet in all four directions. Additionally, they should not rub on your skin, not even on the first try. Phrases like, “they will widen overtime” or “they will wear in” are mere hoaxes. Perfectly fitting shoes should fit perfectly from the first moment. Soft leather also gives the feet space to breath. That way, even after long hours of usage, your shoes would not let your feet swell up. This is a common problem that people face. 


  • A lot of companies do not fully line their shoes or conceal their stitches on the inside of the shoes in order to cut down on costs. This may cause a little discomfort as the unlined portion might be in the form of a bulge or hardened. This can lead to blisters and shoe bites. Fully analyze the worthiness of the shoe and especially look for any uncomfortable areas. Over time, shoe bites and blisters can lead to longer lasting corns. We highly urge you avoid them as much as possible.


  • The bend test is an important factor to consider before finalizing your shoe purchase. What you have to do in a bend test is bend the heel and the toe area towards each other. If the sole takes a V form, then it can be safely said that the shoes have exemplary flexibility. This means that you will be able to accomplish all types of physical activities with guaranteed comfort.


  • The size and shape of the feet are changeable, fun fact! During the hot weather, swelling of feet is very common. It is recommended to buy shoes in the evening time and also do a little bit of a physical activity involving the feet, like jogging, beforehand, in order to reach a working temperature. Your feet will be swollen by this time and adequate space will be provided by the shoe you buy, at all times. This type of swelling is not that significant. But, on the whole, purchasing shoes when feet are swollen does contribute to a more comfortable fit and leads to longer lasting product.


  • Feet sweat! Yes, they do. This is the reason why we recommend you to get good quality and breathable shoes. The cushion and sole inside the shoe should be airy and one which does not trap air or air bubbles at any cost. These result in good moisture-absorbing shoes which will further result in a more comfortable utility. Just like we said above, shoes with leather lining or made with microfiber soles are the ones to go for, without a doubt. More space equals to happier feet, that is science!


  • One important thing to keep in mind is the type of usage you have of the shoes. There are different types of shoes for all the different purposes there are. There are running shoes that come with a firm grip, there are fancy shoes, then there are gym shoes and a lot more categories. Determine what type of utility you are going to have vis-à-vis the shoes and buy accordingly. This also dictates what size you should go for. Some activities require slightly bugger shoes for convenience. 



How safe is it to buy shoes online without first trying them?
It is quite safe to buy shoes online without trying them first. This is primarily because most shoe companies follow a standard sizing chart which allows for standard products. Hence, you can buy shoes online, you just need to know the correct size you are looking for. Additionally, read the description of the shoes you are buying and check whether it is recommended to get a true size or slightly bigger, based on the type of shoe. 
How often should I change my shoes?
This depends on what you are using your shoes for and how often you use them. But, on an average, you should buy new shoes every 400 miles or so. This is especially true for running. Shoes meant for walking can be used for a little bit longer. 
Does the type of surface on have any relation with the tearing of my shoes?
Yes, it does. Rocky surfaces will affect your shoes negatively more than flat terrain. This is because rocky surfaces demand more feet dangling inside the shoes and thereby put more stress on the walls. This leads to breaking and cracking, but only sometimes. 
Why is the same shoe from the same manufacturer fitting differently?
It is possible. The reason behind this is the lack of quality control, mostly. Other times, it could be that the shoe pairs were manufactured at different places. It is rather difficult to make exactly the same shoes.



Shoes, in general, are super comfortable. The majority of the people in this world prefer wearing shoes at workplaces. A lot of these people also prefer the Merrell Moab 2 Tactical Shoes. This is because it is hard to feel that you are wearing shoes even after a whole day! Hope this helps. Happy shoe shopping!

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