Reasons You Should Not Buy HoverBoards | Must Read Before Buying One

Hoverboards are the new in-thing for kids all over. The craze of Hoverboard has been catching up really quickly and every kid needs to own a Hoverboard. They look cool as is and they also make you look cool, so why would you not want to buy it? Well, the answer is in this article. Let’s start with the basics. So, basically, what is a Hoverboard all about? Let us discover further.

Reasons You Should Not Buy HoverBoards

What Is Hoverboard?

A Hoverboard is an electric-operated, self-balancing scooter type rides that allow the person a hands-free operation. This vehicle-device can be termed as a toy and it has a rather futuristic appearance. The hoverboard looks like something out of a sci-fi movie but it hardly ‘hovers’ above the floor. This board on two wheels requires the rider to stand on it, balance while using their own weight to move forward, spin and reverse. This product has become infamous due to the raging game Subway Surfers. 

The Hoverboard has a speed range of 6mph to 15 mph depending upon the brand. These are used as a means of transport, where the kids can travel through a certain distance. The Hoverboards are cool to be at and lots of kids are using this to move about in the University campus, neighborhood, etc. College students can be easily spotted using them all around the campus, thinking they look so cool. To be honest, they do! But we still recommend you avoid hover boards’ usage. 

However, despite their popularity, these are not exactly the best to have and own. Let us find out why?

Reasons You Should Not Buy HoverBoards

Reasons You Should Not Buy HoverBoards

  • Catching Fire

There has been an alarmingly large number of cases where the Hoverboards have caught fire. The various cases of such accidents have caused various online sites to in fact to discontinue the sales of this product. The cases of accidents are so abrupt that it could occur while you are charging the toy.

There have been many speculations, as to why the incidents occur. Some propose that it could be because of the Lithium-ion batteries. It is also advisable to stay away from combustible items and keep a fire extinguisher close by when dealing with the charging process.

Because they are super popular among students, this sort of awareness needs to be created all the more. It can be quite dangerous to use, especially around thousands of other students in a place where safety often does not relate to being cool.

  • Hoverboards Are Expensive

They might look sleek and compact, but there is a lot of work that has gone into the making of the Hoverboard. So, it is expensive. However, since the working and the construction are so full of risks, it is hardly an investment like that of a bike. You might like to purchase a hoverboard from a reputed brand and it is not exactly cheap, only to have it explode and catch fire.

With their popularity, the number of features and their prices are ever increasing. New models are hover boards are coming each new day, at sky rocketing prices. Yet, they are nowhere near to becoming a necessity, which minimises their chances of gaining popularity among adults.

  • Accident Prone

Riding a Hoverboard requires you to wear the proper safety gear. You need to put on proper helmet, elbow and knee pads, as this help break a fall. However, your kid might know the rules, but his friend from the neighborhood might not. There is a fat chance that the kid might hop on the Hoverboard without the safety gear and suffer from an accident. So, your Hoverboard is not exactly a ‘casual’ toy as it requires precise supervision.

This is something youngsters fail to understand. Wearing helmet whilst riding bike, or wearing a seat belt whilst in a car is common, but putting on safety gear (aforementioned) whilst on a hover board is very rare. The gravity of this kind of situation is yet to be understood.

  • The Age Factor

Most brands require the user to be of age 13 and above; however, most parents hardly follow this rule. Your kid might still be too young to use a hoverboard but will insist on you buying one for him, only to have you worry about their control management and safety.

Even parents confuse this product with a kids’ toy and thereby give in to kids’ requests of getting a hover board. Its usage demanding tilting forward in order move ahead opens doors for opportunities of falling down. No-one wants that.

  • These are Not Exactly Safe

As mentioned earlier, Hoverboards are accident prone in more than one way. They require you to be under supervision when charging as there is a huge chance that it might explode. In fact, there are incidents of explosion for no apparent reason at all.

As for the users, you could suffer a bad fall resulting in massive injuries and fractures. It requires you to wear the right kind of protective gear whenever using. Also, it is not exactly user-friendly like the good old bike, where you can simply hop-on the ride away carefreely.

Like we mentioned above, you need to be tilting forward a little in order to move ahead. If kids are using this, they might not understand when to stop tilting, which can result in them falling down.

  • Only On Smooth Surfaces

The hoverboards are best on smooth surfaces. These are not compatible with the uneven roads, rough surfaces or just any other floor. The surface you are using the Hoverboard on must be smooth, for it to glide easily or you might face an accident.

So, before you actually decide on getting yourself a Hoverboard, be sure to analyze the kind of neighborhood you reside on. It is important that the roads and the floors around your home need to be smooth and suitable for riding a Hoverboard.

  • They Have Limited Run Time

Hoverboards might seem to be exciting and cool to buy, but they do not last forever. Not many people know that Hoverboards can only run for a limited run time of about 115 minutes or 6 hours at maximum. So, if you are planning on an outing on a Hoverboard, you need to check out the time span of your journey well before hand.

You also might want to check out on the battery life and charge beforehand. Also, you will need to check if you are going to be riding during the day or the night times and ensure yourself the required safety measures.

  • Lights 

As the Hoverboards are small and sleek and hardly oblivious to the passerby, you better be visible if it is dusk. Not all Hoverboards are equipped with lights, so either wears the right kind of clothing to be able to be identified easily.

Again, there are options of hover boards with lights readily available in the market. But, they are too costly to even be considered over such drawbacks.

  • No Physical Exercises

While riding a hoverboard might be an outdoor activity, however, they hardly require you to indulge in any form of physical activity. While bike riding is a nice form of physical exertion, your hoverboard is not exactly the same. There is no exercise going on or any form of skill. You do need to understand balancing, but it hardly offers you a fitness option.


So, as you can see, Hoverboards might be cool and ‘in’ but they hardly are your regular mode of transport. They are expensive, require the perfect balancing-act, but they are not exactly safe. There are various factors that you need to consider such as your own weight, practice balancing well in advance, the charging aspect of the toy and its maintenance as well.

The Hoverboard is not safe for very young children, in fact, it might not be considered safe for kids in general unless well-trained.

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